Saturday, February 19, 2005


This is an email that was sent to me last year from the Department of Education! I wonder if they are still following these orders?

From: Phillips, Deanna (ED) On Behalf Of
McInerney, Terry (ED)
Sent: Thursday, January 29, 2004 1:29 PM
To: (ED) Superintendents (Eng.)
Cc: (ED) Directors of Ed (Eng.)
Subject: Medications - Ritalin

Recent stories in the Telegraph Journal and other media have heightened the public's awareness of the drug Ritalin, a drug which is generally used to assist in the treatment of ADD/ADHD among children of school age and adults. While educators
have a definite role to play in the referral process for children who are
displaying characteristics associated with Attention Deficit Hyperactivity
Disorder, and in assisting the medical and psychological profession diagnoses
of this disorder,
Teachers are to refrain from suggesting to parents that prescription
medication of any sort should be used in the management of students'
The diagnoses and prescription of medication for disorders that impact on a classroom's Positive Learning Environment remains the responsibility of the medical profession.
Principals are asked to remind teachers that the Department of Education recognizes that teachers have an important role to play in the referral process.
Suggesting to parents that they may want to consider discussing their child's attention difficulties with their family doctor comes as a result of a collaborative process involving the school-based student services team who have considered in- depth the child's strengths and needs. Teachers are encouraged to
share their observations with the school-based student services teams, and
with physicians.
Teachers can also serve as an important source of information in the monitoring by
the physician of appropriate dosage of medication.
Please share this information with principals, who will share with their staff.


I am just going through my old updates and I wrote this update last year on January 19th from last year! I guess the homeless problem hasn't change that much since then....

Date: Mon, 19 Jan 2004 08:06:29 -0800 (PST)

Personally, I never heard much of the
homelessness issue in the past. While protesting in
my tent in front of the Legislature, I seen first hand
this serious problem.
On July 2nd, I seen a guy in the Dumpster at
Officer’s Square collecting empties from the big party
the evening before. Late at night, I would see many of
them collecting empties from the garbage bins on the
streets. I might add that they didn’t leave a mess on
the ground.

Many of them would walk by the Legislature
looking for butts that the staff left in the ashtrays
outside. These people are not loud. They’re very
polite and quiet. Once I got to know them? They’re a
nice bunch!
For many people in this City; They would be known
to be the menace of the society and the forgotten but
if you took the time to chat with them? You would be
surprise to find out that they are human. These
people live on $264.00 a month and thank god for the
fine support of people like George Pierce at the Soup
Kitchen. They have all the food they can eat but after
walking around the City for 3 to 4 weeks?
The need to release and yes, they do get drunk!
Don’t forget? They’re human just like me and you. I’m
no Saint and yes after preaching to the citizens about
ADD/ADHD for 30 days under the hot sun. Yes! I did go
out and enjoyed a few. We’re all human.
The problem is that after they spend 60 bucks on
booze and other addiction. At the end, they don’t have
money for the rent.
The public will say - Go at the shelter! Have you
ever tried sleeping in one big room with 50 beds?
There’s no privacy in that area and many homeless
people don’t like the atmosphere. I sure wouldn’t.
Many citizens during the summer months seen the
guy with the long beard sleeping on the City Bench. I
haven’t seen this individual for months. Do the public
care? The are called – the forgotten! A guy like that
could disappear from the face of the Earth and no one
would noticed.
The fall came and I was beginning to get my
little home ready for the cold months ahead. The
evenings were cold but I did manage.
One day, I was at the soup kitchen and someone
asked me if I was still in the tent? I proudly said-
YES! I’M STILL THERE!!! One guy sitting beside me
said- What’s the big deal anyway? A bunch of us sleeps
in the parking garage. All you need is a cardboard and
you’re fine. I heard stories that they slept in the
parking garage and the grand stand at the exhibition.
Myself, I visited the parking garage on a cold
evening and there was a girl sleeping in the stairway.
Her name is Sharon and she walks around with a
shopping cart. She’s a very nice girl and I might add
that she’s very clean.
One evening, I noticed her around the
Legislature and since I seen her set up for sleeping.
I invited her in my tent and she found it very
comfortable. She was in paradise.
One other homeless guy that I met during the
protest is –Marc! You people will know him from the
guy who sleeps under the Westmorland Bridge. He’s the
quiet type and has addictions. I tried to help the guy
but he won’t take that extra step and look for help.
One morning, I showed up in his sleeping quarters and
it was –40 with wind chill. He was there and I touch
inside his jacket and he was still warm. Someone gave
me a white Goose feather blanket during my protest.
It’s worth around $500.00. I gave it to Marc and maybe
this little toy will help him.
On October 4, many kids gathered at Officer’s
square for a 24 hours protest. They had cardboard
boxes, duct tape and plastic. They wanted to have the
feeling of living in the cold for 24 hours. I was also
there collecting names for my petition. At around
1:00am, the rain came down very hard and everybody ran
home. Did they did get the feeling of how it feels to
be homeless? Of course not! They went home to their
nice shelter while the true homeless people were still
out there in the wet weather.
In the fall, many would come to me and say-
Charles? Aren’t you cold? I always answered- You
selfish people! Isn’t that nice? What about the real
homeless? Compare to their homes? I live in the
Holiday Inn!
The Province cannot ignore this problem. Of
course many of these less fortunate do not want help.
If you have a guilty conscience? When you see a
homeless person? Drop them a coupon for a free coffee.
They sure could use the hot coffee to warm their
bodies. Have a great day!


This is a letter or update I wrote on June 8th from last year! With all the talk about drug companies pushing their products? Well? Read this story!!!!

Poor Charlie……He just can’t seem to let go. I’m
the type who says he’s going to do something? I
usually do it!
The same goes for my updates.
Any issues that I write about? I’ll say it
I guess this was proven just around one hour ago.
It’s a beautiful day in the Capital and I just
left the Centennial building. While walking on the
sidewalk? Guess who I seen coming walking towards

The Lawyer of the Human Rights Commission with
his suitcase in tack - Chris Whallen and Carl White.
I don’t really mind Chris Whallen but the other
guy Carl White?
I’m sorry I can’t stand that guy and he’s the one
who took my case to the Human Rights Commission. He’s
the only worker in the Southern Part of the Province
so therefore I had no choice.
What did he told the Commission about the racial
slurs by the Irving Management? What did he say or
heard in the Irving Office. What exactly did he tell
the Commission about ADHD???
You know the story…so anyway…I turn my head
towards these two guys and said- What? They allowed
Racists in this City?? F@ck!!!
Do I feel guilty in saying this especially it’s a
beautiful day outside???
Afterwards, I seen a couple of Ministers and told
them what has just happen. I was upset and I told them
I better find work in the near future because things
are getting out of hand.
Hey??? I’m am I wrong??? The Commission agreed
with the Irvings-

1- no niggers or frogs should be allowed to work
within the Empire.

2-When Mr.LeBlanc was interviewed by Gulf Operators
he informed us he had ADHD and was taking Ritalin
were medical limitations placed on Mr.LeBlanc. We
accommodated Mr.LeBlanc disability by ensuring that he
was given jobs and duties that complied with his
medical limitations.

Sherry Mersereau < Irving Human Resources with no
Doctor’s paper! > Supported by the racist members of
Human Rights Commission of New Brunswick >

In my opinion? We may have the courts to decide
this very racist verdict by the Commission.
How much longer can this go?
I remember on March 21st in the year 2003. I was
at a meeting in Saint John and it was sponsored by
P.R.U.D.E.! At the end of the meeting, I took the
front stage from Idee < who now works for the
Environment Department > and told the 60 people
present that we must investigate those people at the
Human Rights Commission.
This was all done before my protest so you can
imagine the hate in my blood.
What a way to begin this beautiful sunny day in
the Capital!
Anyway? Never mind that!!!
I wanted to write of a different story that
happened to me this morning before I came across these
two guys!
Last evening, I had a message on my phone to
phone a toll free number. The number is 1-800-363-8883
and I asked for a J.Lamay.
I phone the number and guess who it was?
It was Novartis the maker of Ritalin. The guy was
friendly and he was bilingual. I was surprised that he
called me because I left a message and my phone number
on their web site in the past but they never return my
call or email.
But this time around it was the real stuff. I had
a person from the maker of Ritalin on the other line.
He was bilingual and he spoke the Quebec French.
I told the guy that I was Acadian and I spoke le chiac
- You know- Je vos au store me chercher un packais de
I believe that at that moment we had a break down
in communication because he asked me if I wanted to
locate some Ritalin?
Well? I didn’t really want some Ritalin but then
again many people would pray that I take a barrel full
to calm down!!!!
I asked the guy if he could tell me the amount of
Ritalin that’s being prescribed in this Province???
He seems confuse and one again asked me if I
wanted some Ritalin????
I told the guy that I protested in a tent for 6
months and collected 10,000 signatures that read - I
agree that Ritalin is over prescribed in this
I went on to tell him that a doctor told his
co-worker that he practiced in the U.S.A., Canada and
he never prescribed so many Ritalin than here in New
Why is that now????
At that moment, the guy from the Novartis
Pharmaceutical Company told me – THIS IS A PRIVATE
After that? The conversation quickly came to a
close. Too bad so sad…c’est la vie!
We have a education and Health Standing Committee
in place but the Government don’t care if the kids as
young as 4 years old are force to take Ritalin and
lets not forget the Cudmore Case?
I don’t know what’s the hold up on their verdict!
They know that I’m waiting for the racist
outcome. If they handle the Cudmore case like they
handle mine? The racism and discrimination against
people with ADHD will continue in this Province.
Racism? Yes? When you force a child with ADHD to
be deported from this Province? That’s racism! I was
the blunt of Racist remarks by the Irvings and the
Human Rights Commission agreed with the Irvings!
OK…Here’s a few comments from the last 24 hours
that received. Excuse the grammar and style of this
letter because I just write the darn thing and send it
along to you people on the information Highway. Send
it along to all your friends on your list so they can
continue reading the going on in this Province and of