Tuesday, March 22, 2005


Ok...last evening, I met up with two young cute girls from Saint Thomas University. They wanted to interview me. I guess their class are debating the
issue of Ritalin.
Half of the class has to tell the rest of the students why Ritalin is needed and the other half will explain the reason that Ritalin is over prescribed!

Now? Which side do you believe that I would be on????...lol....
The girls picked me up and we did our interview via video at Boston Pizza! My God? They make good pizza at that place.
What I really found interesting is that after the interview, the girls asked the young workers at the pizza place - Is Ritalin over prescribed?
You should have seen the look at the young people faces!
It reminded of my protest! Today’s youths knows and understand there’s a problem
with prescription drug and that’s exactly what they told the girls!
They also told the girls that in one case at the Oromocto Elementary school. A teacher walks around with a plastic bag and inside are many little bags
full of ritalin for the students! She said that they give the kids their Ritalin at noon! Mind you? I did hear in the past that Ritalin was really over prescribed in that school! I wonder why? Is it because these kids are from Military parents? No discipline so they drugged them!
But the Lord Government don’t care so I guess that the drugging and killing of our young children will continue till the next provincial election!
The girls did asked me some darn good questions and I was rusty because I haven’t talked about it for a while in front of a video camera but they did tell
me they learned a few things about Ritalin from our debate!
Hey? To educate the public on this emotional issue is my goal in life and I will not stop until the issue is address by those bureaucrats!
They are going to make a presentation this week to the school class and I pray that the professor in that class would invite me over to witness these kids make their presentations? It sure would be interesting to listen to both side of the issue! I am going to send that professor an email asking him for permission to sit down behind the class and listen!!!
Speaking of big mouth???I heard a good one over the weekend. There I was yakking away with two individuals and one of them told the other - My God? I
wish that Ritalin would come in a spray bottle!!!!...lol...lol....lol...
Yes? That would be a good thing for the citizens of the Capital!
Every instance those bureaucrats or politicians would see Charles coming? They would spray Charles therefore changing Charles into a Zombie!!!!
My God? We mustn’t give those drug Compagnies any ideas!!!...lol..
Yes, I’m ceratin that I would be sprayed on around 50 times a day!!!...lol...
Hey? I had my second Internet interview with Eric Allaby! I’ll paste it on this site today!!!!
I heard another good story! Did you know that Howard Hughes < Billionaire > down the States bought all the newspapers in his area! The reason? He didn’t
want any newspapers to write any bad stuff about him!
Doesn’t this sound like the action of another Billionaire? The Irvings are really pushing their agenda through New Brunswickers!
Look what happen last Saturday? The Moncton Transcript < Irving Own > has a
column call- Sleuth! This is a section of the paper that the Irvings will crucify anyone who dares to stand in their way and the public are not allowed to
fight back!
Read what they printed on Saturday-

Saint John residents are all in a lather over city
council's decision to offer Irving Oil a tax cap on
its proposed $750-million liquefied natural gas
project. But while Port City denizens argue the
pros and cons, leave it to Fredericton's colourful
mayor, Brad Woodside, to wade in where he
doesn't belong. Battlin' Brad thinks it would be a
"mistake" for the province to change legislation
to allow Saint John to offer the tax cap. "Once you
start picking and choosing who you are going
to give the tax breaks to, well, I can just imagine
what kind of hornet's nest that is going to
create," the mayor told The Daily Gleaner this week.
Just how long has Woodside been living in
New Brunswick? How many big business projects have
been launched here without some type of
tax or grant help? This would be the same mayor who
was also upset when Moncton landed the
new Molson Brewery with government help. His is the
city that also tried to lure the hugely
successful World Wine Festival away from Moncton.
Sleuth has a proposal for Mayor Brad. We'll
keep the Wine Festival, but you can start a whole new
festival of your own. Let's call it the World
Whine Festival!

See what I mean Jelly bean???? Ottawa must come down to this area and do a study of the way the Irvings have control of the media!
Which reminds me? I haven’t had my column printed in the Daily Gleaner since Peter Huggert took over that paper! I must phone the Editor and asked him where is my letter? Personally, I like the guy and he always printed my letters but this all change since Peter Huggert who dedicated his life and soul to the Evil Irving Empire! I believe that I will have to once again make a complain to the Atlantic Press Council on this issue!
Ok...I wrote enough and excuse the style and grammar of this column because I just write the darn thing and send it along the information Highway! Don’t be afraid to send this blogsite to all your friends on your email list so the message can continue to be spread among the people of New Brunswick!!!
Bye bye


This blog site didn't last long!!!!

Hi ya Charlie
As your site, and Recall Bernard Lord, gave me a great idea to express my thoughts about political life I thought that I would let you know that I am planning on shutting down Bernardlordsucks within the next day or two. I do feel bad about it as it has been getting a lot of hits for the short time that I have had a counter and between your site and mine we covered a lot of items.

First of all, there is no political pressure on me to do this as I have never heard a word about it from any member of any party.

A couple of factors come into the reasoning. One is that there are four people that I have involved in my site and the majority think that we have made people aware of what was going on. The second is that there are a lot of Liberal supporters that can start their own site if they had the courage. Third, is that I truly think that Woodstock's MLA, David Alward, believes (and I do not agree with him) that the Waterville site is the best. And fourth, the big reason is that if the Liberal party can not win the next election on what we have said in our blog sites then they do not deserve to be in government. They should have buried the government by now.

So friend, I am sorry to leave you alone in your fight but I wish you the best of luck and will still be visiting your site often. I still hope to meet you at the Legislature some day soon.


Bev Stack