Wednesday, January 26, 2005


Meals served at the Fredericton Soup Kitchen on Tuesday-
Noon – 150 mealsSupper- 79 meals
Enjoy your nice meal at home!!!
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Ok…I received this note yesterday-
Charles;Please take me off your mailing list. It appears that you are not questioning what your contacts send you and you are just posting them in you e-mails. I do not know TJ Burke personnaly but I have had and still do have questions about our less than glorious Premier, Bernard Lord. I know first hand how he mistreats the citizens of New Brunswick and in particular myself. One of you notes relates to T. J. Burke and his honesty. Where do get the right to put a note on your mailings without looking into the matter. As for Mr. Burke, I cannot say that he hid his native origin before the election but it appeared in many newspapers during the campaign. Perhaps if he had used his native orgin on his billboard then the opposition what have rediculed him for it. Any idiot that would state that T.J. was afraid of his origin would sure be in the same brainless category as our Premier, Bernard Lord.I have written proof of how ignorant of how Premier Lord and Justice Minister Brad Green are if you wish to see them someday. It has to relate to how they screwed a provincial employee. If you are really interested in helping this province please help get that idiot, Premier Lord, out of office before he ruins our province.I would suggest that you get your head out of the clouds for a bit and look things over.
Now? Lets get one thing straight right now!!!! I write my updates and send it along on the information Highway! It got so bad that the Government tried to blocked me last summer but I straighten everything out once I suggested to the Government that I would go at their office and chat with them for over one hour about the issue of Ritalin! They had a frighten look on their face and they would soon find out it’s better to delete me than to listen to me every day! What I’m saying is this - I write my views on different issues and I can’t take the time to comment on every email I received in my mailbox! MY GOD???? That would take forever! I’m a very busy person…lol… Of course many would disagree with my views and I pasted them with my updates! I’m sorry that this individual wanted to be removed from my list but that’s ok because two new people were added a few minutes ago! I have three young people from the Country of Japan in there! They were very concern of the Irvings???? So my job is to educate the public on different issues and that’s good! There’s another website that a person can leave comments and the person who runs the website don’t comment on every view that pasted in that website. The site is The same goes with my updates!!! You send a comment and I’ll remove your name! I don’t usually give my views on every email that is send to me!!! Hey? Hats off to the Daily Gleaner <> They put a comment I wrote about the Irvings! I’ll look for it on the net in the morning and share it with the readers. Ok..Many asked me this question? Charles? WHAT’S A BLOGGER???? Lets say there was a convention somewhere on a certain issue. Lets choose the Gay issue for an example! <> Anyway? Issues comes out on the floor and the public has to wait till the media do their work therefore it would take hours for the public to received the information. A Blogger writes every details and send it on the information Highway therefore Millions of people around the Globe can follow the Convention. The Blog comes out every 2 minutes! This is just another way to share information on the Information Highway! Take a look at Tim Smith with his protest about VLT’S??? You readers first learned of this protest with my updates and you have read many personal stories that wasn’t in the media because I was very close with this protester and my updates goes to every bureaucrat and politicians in the City!!! Of course, I just started with this new Blog and no one really knows about me!!! The website again is
The issue of Ritalin must be address by the Lord Government but they still believe if the doctor prescribe the Medication then it must be ok!!! I’ll write more about this issue in the morning. The doctors in this province are like Legal drug dealers and just take a look at the Pain Killer pills in this Province. I warned the Government 5 years ago about this issue but they ignored me! Just look at the huge mess we’re in now??? But then again they must be going by the verdict of those racist members of the New Brunswick Human Rights Commission? Charles is close to mental retardation because he has ADHD and should be ignored at any cost!!! Charles LeBlanc doesn’t know what he’s talking about! Thank god for this Keyboard because a person such as myself usually go to a Psychiatrist when he or she has a problem but my Psychiatrist is the keyboard but there’s only one problemo???? I share my views with thousands of people so therefore it’s not private but do I care? Of course not! I forward my views and people can delete it or read it but from what I’ve been hearing on the streets? A lot of people are reading my BS!!!..LOL.. My god?? I did it again!!! CLOSE TO 1,000 WORDS ALREADY!!! Excuse the style and grammar of this column because I just write the darn thing and send it along on the information Highway!!! Send this to all your friends on your list so they can continue reading the going on within the Capital!!!! Here’s some comments I received during the last 24 hours! Don’t be afraid to send me yours!!!
1- <> Good morning charles - went for meeting this morning and I am very happy to let you know that SHEANA and I are now reunited , things are going well! I’ve been talking to a music teacher in your area and she has been working on a project that I believe will bring a huge helping hand to the VLT cause. She has written a couple of songs on the subject & a local Radio Station has agreed to produce them for her. I’ve heard a sample of these and am quite pleased with her work. I am very pleased that such a diverse group of individuals feel the same way about this issue at hand. which I believe reinforces the point that VLT,S effect a large part of our population and or communities. I have once again reminded the government that they truly have the opportunity to be the first governing power in the country to change regulation on VLT,S And to lead with the voices of the people for an equal solution ( To govern is to lead for a Better tomorrow for ALL not part.) Lets show the rest of CANADA how People & Government Can make a difference.
2- Is it not ironic that we have the riches billionaires that live in SaintJohn NB, THE IRVINGS, and we have the poorest people living in Saint Johnfor all of Canada. Is this the fate that they have for their ownneighbours. This alone should tell the government to stop giving our moneyfor breaks for these billionaires and start taking care of the homeless,hungry and addicted. I do not think that it says much for the Irving orthe government for the way that they run things around here. I just wantedto say this because I know that this goes all over the world and it reallygets under my nails.
3- There was a good letter to the editor in last nights paper here in SaintJohn. It was from a man who complimented Tim Smith for what he did and hitthe nail on the head for what he thought of the government. It also saidhow much they made on those dreadful machines and the amount grossed meout. You should try to locate it because its good reading.

4- Looks like a great place for you to post your blog Charles-
5-From: "Anonymous" <> Add to Address Book
To: oldmaison@yahoo.comSubject: [Charles LeBlanc ADHD Activist] 1/25/2005 04:46:06 PMDate: Tue, 25 Jan 2005 12:46:22 -0800 (PST)
Is it possible that Irvings are keeping an eye on you by providing this blog site.
NB Human Rights Commission is useless. There used to be a woman by the name of Janet Cullinan who was definitely a racist. She was always determined to protect the government and offender of human rights than the complainant. She was racist of worst kind. Not sure if she is still around. Then of course that guy in Saint John is an Uncle Tom also of worst kind.
If anyone wants to really get screwed then complain to N.B. Human Rights Commission. If you have any chance of surviving the Commission will sure put an end to it.
6- I would really like to see that report on gambling when it's done. But I suppose if it turns out negative to the government we will never ever hear about it again.
7- If you want to see my opinion of our Premier go to for your e-mails. They were interesting.
8-Ouaip! Je suis marqué pour la vie! ;-)
9-I think I am misunderstanding you Charles. My name ought to be on your "list" in order that Imay continue to receive your excellent postings. I don't really give a shit, metaphorically speaking,what T.J. Burke thinks. The past 20 years I have lived on the Tobique IndianReserve I recall seeing T.J. slink on and off onlyvery rarely, and I don't believe he has ever livedthere, having been born and raised in Los Angeles. I believe he quietly duped Maliseets on the Northsidethis past election. Burke's future is about to hit rough waters, as they say.
10-Yes, no doubt like any other small community. Kids here also sell their ritalin. Now, my nephew, who shall remain nameless of course, told his mom a few years ago that ritalin was doing nothing for him. So, he stopped taking it. Unlike other kids who keep the prescriptions going, he stopped. He is now able to control himself. I guess with maturity some things "calm" down eh...I dunno...Ritalin is not the only drug here, there is marijuana, cocaine, LSD, heroin amongst others. Anyways, my maiden name is ??????. My husband is ??????. He is French-Acadien, I am maliseet from Kingsclear First Nation.