Wednesday, June 08, 2005


I am not one to blog jokes but an Amercian sent me this one!
Charles 04_07_05 070

A guy was traveling through the United States on vacation when, behold,he lost his wallet and all identification. Cutting his trip short,he attempts to make his way home but is stopped by Customs at the border.

"May I see your identification, please ?" asks the agent.

"I'm sorry, but I lost my wallet," replies the guy.

"Sure, buddy, I hear that every day. "No ID, no crossing the border",says the agent.

"But I can prove that I'm a Canadian!" he said. "I have a picture of Brian Mulroney tattooed on one butt cheek and a picture of Jean Chretien on the other. "This I gotta see" said the agent.

With that, the guy drops his pants and bends over in front of the agent. "By golly, you're right!" exclaims the agent.

Go on home to New Brunswick.

" Thanks!" he says. "But how did you know I was from New Brunswick?"

The agent replies, "I recognized the picture of Bernard Lord in the middle."
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Busy busy busy…running here running there. My God? If I stay in Saint John?

That Tim Smith is going to kill me. I always believe that I walk fast?
do do
do do
We are taking a lot of pictures and are driving some people nutso! After we leave a certain building? They must say- Who the hell was that?

This morning, we landed in the Mayor’s office and I notice the secretary had a radio on the desk behind her.

She was listening to Talk of the Town on CFBC. So? This means the Office are indeed listening to the callers concerns.

Charles 04_07_05 078

Hey? We need talk shows. Melanson Live with Dennis Melanson was good and it’s a darn shame he didn’t have a last show to say good bye!

Rick Mantle is keeping the pressure on the Mayor’s office to change the LNG deal.

Picture of Rick Mantle and Charles!


There’s a meeting tonight at Harbour View High School on Douglas Avenue at 7:30pm!!!

I will be there with my little camera of course. Lol….

A few days ago while walking past the Irving Golden Ball building in Saint John,

I noticed someone walking in the Irving Headquarters.

At first, I believed it was Kenneth Irving so I shouted at the guy but after a closer look? I made a Boo Boo!

It was Arthur Irving Junior!!!!!


Hey? Too late to go back now???

I only met the guy once < was introduced by his Father Arthur >

Anyway, I told the young Billionaire that I was the guy who was protesting a few years ago in front of the Headquarters. < Protesting against Racism >

I added that I always had respect his brother Kenneth and Father.

Tim Smith was watching and he noticed many Irving employees glancing from the windows of the building.

I am very surprised that the Irving Gestapo didn’t rush from the building to rescue Mr.Irving.

I knew that the Billionaire wasn’t comfortable with me, who can blame him?

I asked the Billionaire to have his picture taken with me but Mr.Irving denied my request.

But he did ask me the reason that I wanted a photo?

I explained to Mr.Irving that I was a blogger and I’m certain that he didn’t truly understand so I ended the conversation by saying- Tell your old man that I said hi and also your brother.

I would have love to be a fly on the wall once Arthur Irving Jr walked into the building. He must have been asked a few questions of the goings on outside of the building?…lol

A person must love living in New Brunswick!

A Billionaire walking around freely with no bodyguards around or even our Premier Bernard Lord goes shopping with his family with no security present.

Yes….It’s great.

Hey? Some good news from Saint John!!!

paul zed

I guess Paul Zed’s office sent a Canadian Flag to Randy Nelson from the Leisure Department for Fort Latour.

Saint John June 04-05 009

Sure is nice to have elected officials move on certain issues! Good for Paul Zed!

I want to congratulate Tim on his first blog. It sure received a lot of comments on the blog site and also on the streets of the Loyalist City.

It’s amazing how word of mouth can get around.

Hey anyway to spread the word.

Ok…just rambling here….please excuse the style of this update because I just write the darn thing and send it along the information Highway! Please don’t be afraid to leave a comment because this is what makes this blog a place to debate the issues in the Province of New Brunswick!!!

Bye bye!!!