Friday, April 01, 2005


Guess what?????
I was right about that pregnant girl living under the stairways at the Soup Kitchen.
A reader of my blog was right beside me while I touched her belly! She’s closing in on five months of pregnancy and no one from the Government are asking any questions!
Come one!!! GIVE ME A BREAK!!!!
I feel bad because as I said in the past, I’m a pretty good judgement of Character!
So therefore In New Brunswick? Family Services don’t protect the unborn???
I am really going to be pushing this issue in talk shows, blogs and with those politicians! Excuse me? But don’t anyone care anymore? Please let me know!!!!



1999-31,001 MEALS

2004- 85,271 MEALS

Someone is supposed to send me the charts from the year 1990-2004 during the next few day! Enjoy your hot home cook meals during the weekend!!!

This morning I made a little prayer for the Pope and I hope that you did the same action.
The grammar yesterday was better than the day before but FOR you new readers must understand that I write like I talk.


I am Acadian!!! I am not going to take a print out and go over the fine details. I know for some people it’s very difficult to read but I’m trying my best to put a little pride in my blogs! Lets not also forget that I write often with anger so therefore my five ADHD brains are working overtime.

It’s raining outside and it’s cold so therefore go get a coffee or beer and lay back and enjoy!

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This is from a chap who also loves to share his views with the public and no one knows his name and he likes it that way! Hey? At least you know it’s a male!

I saw a sad sight a few minutes ago. The area close to the PlayHouse in the Capital, The City crews cut down all the huge trees in that area! That’s a shame because it was a nice area to relax during the hot summer months.

Yesterday, I met a woman who’s child have been force to take not Ritalin but the other drug! Cancerta!!!!

It’s the same as Ritalin! Drug is Drug! Anyway, she was very concern once I told her how the Government treats people with ADHD!

You see? These are orders from those racist Members of the New Brunswick Human Rights Commission that adults with ADHD should be ignore at any cost!

I guess the Irving Management have begun their witch-hunt against people who they believe have ADHD!

I phoned Jeannoit Volpe < Minister of Finance > last night on an open line Television talk show and I felt bad for the guy because he received many angry phone calls from the public.

Myself? I once again told the Minister that he don’t listen too good because I told him if he wishes to save money? He should eliminate those racist members of the New Brunswick Human Rights Commission!

You don’t believe me? The show will be replayed all weekend on Rogers. I believe the time are 8:00pm tonight, Saturday and Sunday afternoon at 3:00pm! I was direct and straight forward!

I also thanked the minister for the huge hick rate for the people on Social assistant! < 2% > I offer the Minister to trade places for him for a one week period. He can live in my little room and I’ll live in his huge house! Another female caller offered Mr.Volpe the same proposal!

At the end of the show, a caller told the audience that people must get off their butts and go to school just like she did! Another caller told the Minister that people on welfare drink beer all day!

Excuse me? I wish that was the case!!! My God? $264.00 an month and drink beer all day? Please let me know where that cheap beer is located???

I wouldn’t stay sober for weeks at the time!!…

I understand their way of thinking because I had the same way of thinking when I was working at the Shipyard and making good money!

I forgot to add that the minister isn’t a bad guy! I chatted with Mr.Volpe on many occasions and he has never ignored moi!!!

What’s really bad here is those kids who are force to take Ritalin are labelled by the Government so in future years, they will become the Social Outcast and it’s up to the Government to take care of them for the rest of their miserable lives!

The LNG plant was again in the news last evening because the Mayor of Saint John held a little town hall meeting and I might add that Carl White didn’t show up! < I wonder why? > He just better stay at Pete’s Pub for his safety!…

Anyway, 200 people showed up and they were very angry of the way a tax deal was reach with the Irvings!

Lately? It’s been all Irvings Irvings Irvings!!!! The Government turns around and tell the working poor that they have to pay more money at power rates, beers, property taxes, etc etc etc!

This Government looks at the poor and say - Let them eat Cake!!!

You know what?

If this kind of action or attitude happened 200 years ago????

There would be a huge revolution! All these leaders and Billionaires would be executed and they would begin anew!

But this is Canada!!!! We don’t do these actions but how much longer can we continue to live in a so call civilizes matter???

But really? Think about it?

The Irving Final Solution is all in play! They have control of the Capital with all their Irving bureaucrats! They control all the newspapers in this Province! They are training future Journalists to follow the Irving way!!!! Etc etc etc….

As I wrote in the past and I pray that it doesn’t happen but it’s only a matter of time till someone cracks up and crosses that thin line!

It’s happening all around the world all the time! How much longer can New Brunswickers remain passive? That’s the emotional question?

It sure won’t be done by a loud mouth individual like myself but the quiet type who keeps everything inside in little frustrated mind!

As a P.C. Bureaucrat told me a few days ago. We have a good budget, there’s no protests outside the Legislature so therefore everyone is happy!

I just wonder how happy New Brunswickers are?

Of course we’re not allowed to write critical letters of the Evil Irving Empire which reminds moi???

My column about the poor hasn’t been printed?

I must once again phone the Editor! Maybe the Irvings are denying the poor the right to speak out? Who knows? But this will be good for me to tell the Senate on April 21st in Moncton!


I got much more to write about!!!! It will have to wait till the morning! Have a good weekend and excuse the style and grammar of this update because I just write the darn thing and send it along the information Highway! Bye bye!!

Fredericton's Poor

This will be a continually updated post to allow Charles to address the issues that constantly face and persist for Fredericton's Poor.

Fredericton Community Kitchen

Limited Seating in the Fredericton Community Soup Kitchen

Above is an image of the seating at the Fredericton Community Kitchen. The kitchen seats about 40 at a time and with the average visitors double that amount, it is most often tight quarters for dinner time. Below are three graphs illustrating the trends over the course of nearly 10 years in Fredericton with the users of the Community Kitchen. Thanks goes out to the Community Kitchens administration for use of these numbers.

All graphics created by the WCIE


Cumulative meals served at the Fredericton Community Kitchen Since 1982


Average number of Meals Served Daily at the Fredericton Community Soup Kitchen between 1996 and 2005.


Meals served annually at the Fredericton Community Soup Kitchen.

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  • STU Video on the Homeless in Fredericton

  • Written Text

    **This text is from the STU Video on Homeless**

    A blustering wind blows into the square beside the emergency shelter which joins the local community kitchen, a soup kitchen and food bank for the poor. One after another, men come out of the building and stick a cigarette between their lips. They lean on the iron bar, looking down to avoid the snow falling in their faces.

    Looking around further, the board of rental housing aims right at us. Fredericton is becoming an increasingly expensive place to live. Upper-class apartment buildings are being built up and seeking people who can afford to reside live there.

    Meanwhile, there are people struggling to find a place to live, and moving into the emergency shelter. High housing costs are forcing people on little social assistance into there. The emergency shelter is currently housing more than forty people.

    Brian Justason moved from St. John a couple of months ago, and is now living in the emergency shelter.

    Housing is too much money, says Justason. We can't afford it. That's why we are living in a place like this homeless home.

    According to Article 25 of the Universal Declaration of Human Rights, Everyone has the right to a standard of living adequate for the health and well-being of himself and of his family, including food, clothing, housing and medical care and necessary social service.

    However, there are doubts that social assistance actually helps people without a job and a home.

    The New Brunswick Common Front for Social Justice reports that a single person in NB receives $3,383 of annual social assistance - the lowest in the country.

    Kirk Jonah has been living in the emergency shelter for three months.

    I'm pretty lucky to have a shelter,says Jonah.You can't rent a room with your social assistance. You need a shelter because you can't get a room. A lot of people need more social assistance to get a room as it goes now. With 260 dollars a month of social assistance, you can't rent a room.

    I don't think housing is more expensive than other cities as far as affordable housing goes, says Eric Price, a licensed realtor of Chippin¡√ás Limited in downtown Fredericton. Applicable apartments are available ln downtown. They range anywhere from 450 to 650 dollars a month. That's heated.

    However, he has recognized that living in Fredericton has become more expensive because of high taxation and high utilities. He owns a building with four units and pays $6,000 a year for property tax.

    Rentals have been increasing because tax is phenomenally high, says Price. Rental units in New Brunswick are the highest than any other province in Canada. Therefore, landlords are forced to charge more money for apartments in

    Some of them are actively looking for jobs together to move to more conformable places.

    Ree Cooney moved from Calgary, Alberta, living in the emergency shelter. He finds less job opportunities than back home.

    More rooms are affordable than Calgary, says Cooney. But, wages are lower. There are more jobs in Alberta as well. In Alberta, you can start working with 10 or 12 dollars an hour even without experience oreducation backgrounds.

    I think that it is important to get a job first now, says Peter Davin from the States. I need money to maintain a room. But there are no jobs in Fredericton.

    Haruka Kudo