Wednesday, April 20, 2005


This is a sweetheart name Sylvie! She always put a smile on everyone faces once she walks in the Soup Kitchen! There are many young people giving their time at this needy place. I guess Sylvie has been giving her time and affort for the last three years!

Charles 04_07_05 107

and another

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I am a little sad today so therefore I don’t really feel like writing a update.

I received a email this morning from WCIE!!!

He told me he wanted to meet me at Reid’s News Stand at 10:30am.

Once there, he told me that he had a little present for me and it was a brand new computer.

My thanks goes all to the people who sent WCIE the money for this to be possible. < You know who you are!!! >

We went over my place and it sure looks good!

Afterwards, we droved around and went for Lunch. Of course, we took some more pictures around the area. < I got some good ones. >

WCIE dropped me off out front of the Legislature and it might be the final time that I will ever see him again.

I’m not the huggy type but I get give him a little hug for all the help he gave me since the beginning of the year. After he left, I felt sad because I lost a good new friend.

WCIE is heading towards Western Canada but all is not lost because we have the internet to connect with each other.

He’s a nice guy and he’ll be miss by a few people around this area.

My prayers goes out to him for a safe trip!!!

I received some bad news this morning. The guy who was supposed to drive me to Moncton couldn’t make it. So I guess that I’ll have to hitch a ride to Moncton in the morning.

Hey? I don’t care and it’s nice for me to escape from the Capital for a while but I don’t believe that I can make my little meeting for the kids with ADHD Friday morning.

It’s only a presentation for 15 minutes I guess. This has nothing to do with the issue of Ritalin so lets see what’s going to happen?

Anyone going to Moncton in the morning? Send me an email!

Ok..someone wrote that I shouldn’t write any Anti-Irving column against the Irvings in the River Valley News because the Irvings might buy the paper and get rid of my column.

Here's the paper-

Charles 04_07_05 026

Well? I wrote many columns against the Irvings in that bi-weekly paper.

As a matter of Fact?

The story on my front website about J.K. views on sex? Go and read it? It was printed in my column.

I wrote a series- The Good < The Irvings> The bad < Irving Management > and the ugly < me >

It was in this Column-

Charles 04_07_05 027

Ok…I don’t really feel like writing but don’t forget if you’re going to Moncton in the morning? Send me an email! Now? I have a computer at home, I can check my emails anytime and I can also blog more often!

Please excuse the grammar of this Blog because I just write the darn thing and send it along the information Highway! Bye bye!