Sunday, November 13, 2005





I wrote in my column in the River Valley News that if Bernard Lord wins the bi-election on Monday night! This blog will shut down for 2 weeks!!!! If you people from outside of Saint John wish to know the results of the bi-election in Saint John on Monday Night? I will be bloggling the results from the Liberal Headquarters begining at 8:00pm!!!


People are campaigning in their own little ways in Saint John Harbour!!!!




Note - The picture on the upper left corner is the same individual.


I would like you to take a good hard look at this material and tell me beyond a shadow of doubt that this is not TOTAL EXPLOITATION OF THIS MAN'S CONDITION and tell me WITH absolute conviction on a MORAL level as we as human beings are to be taught that all life should and will be respected at ALL LEVELS.

This man not only appears on the first brochure of TOP QUALITY as working and living in the Saint John Harbour Riding and looking prim and proud BUT no story of abuse was attached to this Brochure roughly 10 days ago.

Then he is used and ((((I MEAN USED)))) & ((((EXPLOITED)))) on a second pamphlet to advertise a coffee and donut event on November 5th and still NO STORY on his abuses.

Now for the third and FINAL time today November 12th Two days before a by-election of approximately 11,000 citizens of the CITY of Saint John N.B. And according to THE CONSERVATIVE PARTY OF NEW BRUNSWICK (WHICH THE VERY PARTY NAME NOW SHAMES ME TO THE VERY CORE TO SAY) Has said is worth at least 50 MILLION DOLLARS
And could also make or break their POLITICAL CARREERS has only NOW chosen to put out a pamphlet to tell us of this man’s abuses and his peril life.

These pamphlets were taped to park benches in the uptown King Sq. as well as taped to the garbage can tops, also in the uptown King Sq, to ensure the regular down on their luck persons that are in the park most of the day would see them.

These pamphlets were also put all through the Brunswick Square Mall as well as Market Sq. and from one end of Brunswick square to the other end of Market Sq. these were taped to garbage cans to the seats on all three levels of the first mall Bruns.Sq. To any surface such as escalators from top to bottom in between the up one and the down one they were on every ledge that would hold them throughout the catwalks that connect the malls.

They also appeared in South End variety stores as well as on the ground around most of the south end area Mostly the lower end of South End.

I have yet to see if they were put all around over north end or Westside as of yet.

But the message is VERY CLEAR that the Conservative Party made sure and went MORE than out of their way to see that these pamphlets made it to the poor residents with an unbelievable amount of effort.

To me the evidence presents itself in a ladder effect that led up to TOTAL EXPLOITATION of this individual for personal gain by the New Brunswick Conservative Party.

With less than two years of their term to go.

To come out this close to a by-election and make an announcement with an obvious intent to put this man’s story out to the poor ((which are considered to be a majority of the undecided votes that could make or break this by-election between the Conservatives and the Liberals)) which didn’t seem to be an important enough story to tell in the last two weeks of knowing .

And also to go on and tell the poor that they will change the laws to protect boarders and roomers from abusive landlords of rooming houses which at this time there is NOT ONE PIECE of legislation written in their favor to this very day that would help them in a court of law within the Province of New Brunswick without them paying for a lawyer only to lose their case is an unacceptable statement to make at all.

During a tight by-election as small as this riding is, with no more than 11,000 citizens. And as the rentals man’s office told myself and Charlie in the City of Fredericton when we went with concerns of the rooming house the Charlie himself lived in and I quote "Don’t get mad at me!" This is not within my power to do anything about. If you want to be mad at someone it should be the government of New Brunswick because they don’t seem to want to do anything to help this issue.

I Timothy Smith of Saint John New Brunswick will indeed be going to the City of Fredericton on Tuesday Morning November 15th 2005 to Officially put in a complaint to the Human Rights Commission. I am shocked to the very core that any governing party that represents the values, dignity, Honor, and respect of each and EVERYONE of it’s citizens could feel this by-election was important enough to them to totally exploit this man for personal political gain and most definitely should be held responsible for such a travesty.

I would like you to PLEASE show your feelings toward what this Government has done to this Province’s Dignity toward the respect of it Citizens.

And also this has absolutely nothing to do with what party I am for or against as when this story came together before my eyes I most certainly did not think of anything else but the horror of what I was witness to, then to do with any other party in this by-election.

I have been going around to many many people to get their reaction on the evidence presented before them and I have NOT had one person disagree with my observation of the facts as I see them on this issue.

Which included members of the working poor, to a working family and homeowner that was for the party in question until this travesty, and to a small business owner and home owner within this very riding.