Thursday, August 11, 2005


I noticed this week subject is attracting a lot of attention from both side.

Many would tell me face to face that prostitutes have around for centuries and no Government is going to stop it!


Many of these females are addicted to heavy drugs or alcohol.

I agree with that issue but today’s drug problem is totally different than 20 years ago.

It’s prescription drug!


The days that people go into a rehab centre for months to get cleaned out are long gone because of Methadone.

Many good law abiding citizens got their lives turned upside down because the doctors prescribed the oxy-contin and they got addicted.

It’s not like in the old days that a lot of youths took magic mushroom, acid or cocaine to get that extreme high!


Hey? I tried them all and I must admit that Cocaine was the best high I ever had!


I read stories about it! Especially the story of a couple. One was a doctor and the other a lawyer. They had the million dollars home and tried cocaine.

The next morning, they would sniff the carpet to see if some cocaine fell on the floor.

At the end, they lost everything!

I wanted to know what the hell was this fantastic high????

So I gave it a try!

I was on cloud nine!

If everyone could have the same high? Every thing would be perfect! I loved it so much that I never tried it again!!! < That’s what happen to me!! > …lol…

co co

That was 25 years ago but these days? It’s a total different ballgame!

I’m a very curious person but I will never try Dilaudid to see what this high is all about????

A couple of years ago, a youth came to me and told me not to knock Dilaudid until I tried it!!!
I quickly replied- Thanks but no thanks!!!

So what are we suppose to do?

Someone told me that the Provincial Governmen put 1.2 million dollars so far towards Methadone clinics!

From what the numbers shows? This is definitely not enough!

So? What do we do now? Do we lobby the Federal Government for money for Methadone clinics only???

It would take close to 10 million dollars to grab the prescription drug problem under control!

We really need professional councilors in the addictions centers and not amateurs!!!

There’s no way in the world that the Federal Government will donate this kind of money!

At the end, this could be a very good investment in this province because if you look at the long term?

The Government are going to spend more than 10 millions dollars in the long run!

Am I far off? Total all the money from crimes, court cost, prison, health care cost, welfare and the list goes on and on!

What should happen in the Saint John area?


The police should have a huge undercover police stint following these prostitutes around so they can crack down on the drug dealers!


But what do I know? Nothing!

I guess we New Brunswickers will have to live with the prescription drug problems for many decades to come.

What really bothers moi is that when someone dies from Dilaudid in Nova Scotia?

They whole province knows!!!

It’s public knowledge but here in New Brunswick they tell the public that the cause of death is heart failure!

Why? Why don’t the Lord Government let the public know once someone dies from Prescription drug???

Charles 04_07_05 073

Good question??? Do you have a good answer??? Please let me know!!!!

I really feel sorry for our future generations. They are going to learn that we had a Government who totally ignored the prescription drug problem in this Province.
Charles 04_07_05 072

The way things are going? Maybe they will be too spaced out to notice!!!!

Another issue that I found very distrubing? It was mentioned in this blog was that friends of the workers who works at the addiction centre could bumped people who’s been on the waiting list for months!

Is there someone who closely watches the waiting list so favoritism will
not happen?

If this happen once? This is a darn shame!!!!

Why not kick the junkies down one more time eh? Only in New Brunswick. Same as the boarders or roomers? They people have absoluty no where to turn to for help! They’re the outcast of society and no one wants them!!! It's very sad indeed!

Please excuse the style of this blog because I just write the darn thing and send it along the information Highway!!!!