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From family name Saulnier to Sonier and years later once again to Saulnier.

Yes, this is a true sad fact in this Province especially in the English Cities.

I’ll never forget the first time I came across this situation.

It was at the Shipyard in Saint John New Brunswick and everyone had their name tag on their hard hat.


I noticed one guy name Blaine Savoy.

I reminded the guy that he spell his last name wrong.

It should be Savoie!!!

He made it perfectly clear to me that his last name was indeed Savoy and not Savoie!

Afterwards, I noticed many Family names who’s last name was French but in the English version.

Such as LeBlanc to White, LeJeune to Young, Brun to Brown, Gaudet to Gaudett and the list goes on and go.

If I miss some? Please let me know.

These Acadians had to change their last Family name so they could get a job.

It was racism at its worst kind.

Acadian Vs_ Anglo-2

Anyway this Acadian individual found out that her last name was not Sonier but Saulnier so she changed her family name to the original form and that’s the way it should be done.

I am not making these stories up.

It’s sad.

Just this week, the caretaker of my building knocked at my door and asked if I knew a Priest that would give the last rites to a 87 years old man who will probably not survive the night.

I quickly ran from my room and phone the Priest.


Once in the hospital, the old man was shock to see a French Priest at his bedside.

The old guy always goes to church but the English one.

He was bought up that way and it’s very sad to see that what the Acadian population had to go through way after the Deportation of the Acadian in 1755!


It was just lately that the Acadian population built their own little church.

Misc 137

This is one of the Acadian responsible for the building of the church,

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They used to have their services at other Churches or in the school theater.

My hat goes out to the individual who change her name from Sonier to Saulnier.

Every Acadian who changed their family names during the last 100 years for they could put food on the table for their loved ones should change their name to the French version.


Sorry, I’m just writing as I feel? Maybe it’s the rain outside? Bye Bye


There’s one site in the Capital that always amazes me.

Take a look at this place.

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It’s an antique shop and it’s located near the Soup Kitchen and the shelter.

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I might add this is their next door neighbor.

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I wrote a few months ago that I couldn’t believe there was only one worker working the midnight shift at this Irving gas station.

There’s many people on Dilaudid in this area and someone could do something stupid.


Thank God! Nothing has happen YET!!!

Going back to the old antique store?

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I couldn’t believe many antiques all left on the balcony over night! < picture was taken in the winter >

All kinds of items for someone to grab!!!!

I’m certain that if this was in Saint John?

It would be gone in a matter of minutes?

Yes, I am truly amazes by this act of trust!

As for the Irvings?

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They should hire at least two employees for the midnight shift.

Why wait till someone gets kill to act on an issue?


Flags? For some it’s an important issue but for others it’s a piece of rag flapping in the wind.

Myself, I always love my Acadian flag.


As a matter of fact, this issue was one of my first letter to the editor in the 70s.

I wrote a letter to then Premier Richard Hatfield asking the Premier to fly the Acadian flag on top of the Legislature with the Union Jack.


The C.O.R. Party came in the early 90s and demanded that the Government of the day remove the Acadian Flag at the Legislature.


I was so upset that I disrupted the C.O.R. General meeting in Saint John. < It made National headlines >

These days, the Anglo Society want each City in New Brunswick to fly their unique flag during a week in September.


It got so bad that a confrontation happened in the Capital on August 15th which the President of the Anglo Society was charge with assault. < foolish charge >

During my protest, the Union Jack was flying on one hock only.< look like a pirate flag > It flew like this for 5 days.


Myself and Matthew Glenn stood together with a blowhorn demanding the Government to fix the British Flag.

Once a flag is damage by the heavy winds, I would remind the staff at the Legislature to install a new one.

I would always look at the Courtesy pole in front of the Legislature to see which flag is flying.

In past practice, they flew the Union Jack at half mast on Remembrance Day but I changed all this by suggesting the Canadian flag should be there.


I might add they agreed with my suggestion.

Last spring while in Saint John for a visit.

I noticed the Canadian flag flying while it was half ripped apart.


After bloggling the story, days later a new flag was flying at the French Fort.


The huge Beaverbrook Hotel in the Capital didn’t fly the Canadian flag for a few days and it looked empty.


If there’s still no flag in a few days, I will make a complaint to the staff.

High buildings in different Cites have a responsibility to maintain their flags.


There’s nothing uglier than a ripped or damage flag on top of a building.

Yes, we all have our own little pride about different flags in our Country and I believe this is a good thing.

What’s your favorite flag?

charles & eugene mcginley march 16, 2005