Sunday, July 16, 2006

Father Emery Brien is doing better......

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I joined the P.C. Party 5 years ago < didn't do me any good > so I may as well join the Liberals.

Why did I join?

I have lots of questions to asks during a convention or a Liberal meeting in a riding of the reason that Stuart Jamieson, Kelly Lamrock and Shawn Grahem voted to have me banned from the New brunswick Legislature?

I'm a member therefore I have a voice. Nobody can stop me.

The stories that I'm getting includes a Liberal worker and it's very sad.

I told a few people over the weekend about this issue and they just can't believe it.

I will not disclosed the issue publicly until all avenues are wasted. It's not pretty.

You know what? I'm glad that this issue happen because it keeps my busy. It's not right but I will continue to follow the paper trail. Right now , I'm at Tom Mann's door.

Can you imagine what will happen during the next P.C. Party Convention or meeting?

Let me be....

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Would it be safe to do this in Saint John???

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Spinks is right on........

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I not a history know it all so I asked someone this weekend this question?

Why and how did the Jews return to the Middle East?

I didn’t know this but from what I’m told the Jews arrive in that area in the 1920s.

They came in small groups.

After the Second World War The British and the Americans help give birth to the Nation of Israel.

I’m not a professional but I’m trying to figure out the mentally of the people in that part of the world.

I was told that the Jews return to that area for the first time in 2,000 years.

Now? Can you imagine the Acadians returning to Nova Scotia and tell Nova Scotians that this is our land since we own it 250 years ago?

I don’t believe it would go too well.

The question is this?

Can you blame the people in that area to be upset?

Today’s generations are hearing stories from their elders of the way the Jews force them into concentration camps ever since they return to the middle after being absent for over 2,000 years.

This is a very touchy issue and I don’t know the whole details but why did the powerful Nations help the Jews to return to that area after being absent for 2,000 years???

This is only the year 2006 and I’m certain the hate is still there.

Israel is only 56 years old.

So? War is not the answer but what else can they do?

The Jews with the help of the United States have very powerful weapons.

Who can blame the people in that area to be upset against the Jewish population in Israel after what happen?

Would you be upset if you were in their shoes?

I sure would!

God knows what’s going to happen next?

May God have mercy on that part of the world during the next few weeks!

It's a darn shame...Millie will be history as caretaker of this building at the end of the month...

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I am very sad to see her go. She was a wonderful caretaker. This place will change into a mad house. It used to be full of drugs and alcohol but Millie clean the place out.

I believe that I will have to find another place to stay. I believe this building is going to be a very bad place to live. It won't be safe.

Always something going on....

I wish Millie well in her future....

Many took pictures of these flowers.

IMG_5835, originally uploaded by Oldmaison. the way??? This picture was taken yesterday on the ground of the Legislature. I'm surprised the Quebec SWAT team didn't show up with their guns?

How can I be arrested anway? The Quebec Sargeant At Arms Dan Bussieres gave me papers that wasn't even sign. Ok never mind that foolishness.

When I was living in a tent for 6 months on the lawn of the Legislature. These flowers were the centre of attention. Sadly, they died at the end of July because of the heavy rain. This was in the summer of 2003.

I wonder how long they will live this year?

Thank God for the Lunar Rogue Pub....

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I don't know what happen but I began to feel weak because of the heat. I walked in there and told the guy at the bar that this was a one shot deal and if I could I have a glass of water.

He did better??? He put lots of ice in the glass. I night add that I had two cold glasses. My God, it was hot outside!!!


Saturday was a very busy day for these workers...

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Okee do kee//

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The heat sure slows down the homeless....

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Poor familes cannot afford the rent in Frdericton!!!

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I ran half a block to take this picture today.

Acadien Bus line is the major reason the Digby Ferry is closing down.

Who the heck wants to wait 3 to 4 hours for a ferry???

Then again, what do you expect from a company who's headquarters is from Quebec???