Thursday, November 30, 2006


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I felt bad when I wrote the blog - So far so good!

A few hours later our Canadian soldiers were killed.

44 soldiers dead in that part of the world is way too many. Canada is a peace making country. We got to get out of there.

Do you miss Jacques Poitras's Blog???

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I believe he should continue to blog away. What do you think???

A message from a American to Premier Shawn Graham on Auto Insurance!!!

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Charles LeBlanc
Oldmaison blog

RE: A new topic, NB auto insurance costs.


I trust all is well with you since being liberated. You hit every major alternative news site in the U.S. Congratulations.

I've brought you a new topic.

As I live in Limestone, Maine, but three miles from NB, I keep hearing about how New Brunswickers are getting screwed by the auto insurance companies.

This past summer, I spent some time in Portsmouth, NH, and much to my surprise, NH does not require auto insurance to register a vehicle. This makes sense for NB.

The reason NB auto insurance rates are so expensive, aside from the political corruption and the cozying up to the insurance companies by politicians, is this: A guy with a $500 car is paying a high insurance rate to insure the $100,000 Mercedes that some jerk is driving around NB in the winter. That doesn't make any sense at all.

Get ahold of Shawn Graham via a post on your blog blasting this practice, and explaining why it is so ridiculous to REQUIRE with MANDATORY auto insurance statutes, the poor to insure the cars of the rich.

If some jerk wants to drive around NB in a new Mercedes, let him insure it!

Give Shawn Graham a challenge to fix it. New Brunswickers ARE getting screwed by the insurance companies.


Don Robertson, The American Philosopher

A former anchor from ATV NEWS becomes a blogger!!

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I was asked to link the guy. He's very concern of the events going in Saint John! You can check out his site by clicking below -


Hey Bro...??? Smile for the blogger!!!!

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Chatting with Harold Doherty of past events....

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Randy Dickenson is a true fighter for the rights of Disabled People!!!

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Dan Bussieres to Fredericton Police - I don't care what the Judge said!!! GET THAT BLOGGER!!!!

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I learned more about my ban from the New Brunswick Legislature. I'll be writing more on this issue during the next few days.

This issue is going to get really dirty. I have to remain calm and set up a meeting with the Premier.

Stay tuned!!!

Check out NB Free Media - WCIE

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Randy Mckeen from KHJ Radio speaks his mind on Charles LeBlanc!!!

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Someone approached me on the streets tonight and told me about it. Check out his view by clicking below.