Wednesday, January 10, 2007

Trick or treat in January???

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Enjoying the sun!!!

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Fredericton Police Force - Don't worry! You won't be tazed! AS LONG YOU REMAIN SOBER!!!!

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Someone sends Charles a Christams present!!!

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I guess audio recording interviews is the next step for this blog! This should be very interesting!!!!

Stay tuned!!!!


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It's going to be a busy day before the memorial on Friday. I wonder if Dan Bussieres will be there in the morning to stop the memorial?


Hey? Maybe he put me under arrest?


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This is the area the memorial will be held.


The sad part about holding this memorial in front of the Legislature is that it’s going to be windy and cold. Once the sun hides behind the Legislature? It gets really cold in a hurry!

Tim Smith will not eat all day long in memory of the people who committed suicide because of the VLT’s!

How many MLA’s will show up?

How many will acknowledges the poor victims in their ridings by sending a card or flowers? Will the public send any? Who truly knows?
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This should be very interesting but one thing is certain?

I’ll be right there with my eyes and camera and will have a good blog at the end of the day!

Abel LeBlanc will drive Tim Smith to the Capital in the morning.
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Tim will arrive in the morning and we’re going to plan for the victims of the VLT’S for Friday morning!!!!

We should be there around 7:30am and stay there till 5:00pm!

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Tim will return to Saint John by bus or if someone wishes to give him a ride back?
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Just email me at

Tim Smith and Charles LeBlanc on CKPT 95.7FM at 3:00pm on Thursday!!!

We're going to be on at 3:00pm and J ten seconds delay could come in handy.


He's the ten seconds delay system at CKTP! One bad word and out the door you go!!!!


Tim Smith, Charles and Bruce for two solid hours!!!! At 3:00pm on 95.7FM!!!!


I found this very strange. I noticed Dan Bussieres walking on the sidewalk yesterday and once he saw me going for my camera?

He quickly made a walk for the Justice Building!


So? Will Dan Bussieres have the Fredericton Police Force arrest me during the memorial Friday?


Did he went at the Justice Building to get the signature of a Judge???


I can see it now? The Quebec Security staff running outside and force me on the ground like in Saint John. but have no fear?

Tim Smith will also have his camera handy if something happens.

Dan Bussieres have spent Thousands of dollars to have me ban from the Legislature and this is not right.

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This Quebecois will not give up and I’ll play his foolish game right till the end.


I couldn't blog yesterday so here's a late one!!!!



For those of you who has a weak stomach? Don't read inside of this blog. I'm just giving my views of what happened in that court room!


I would have blog this one around Noon but I couldn’t logged in.

I have been having major problems with Fred E-Zone lately.

But what can a person do?

Ok....going to today’s blog -

Usually after an experience, I would run to my little room and quickly write a little blog.

But not in this case.

It’s 11:46am and I feel weak and both of my hands feels like there’s a brick on top of my typing fingers.

I’m going to try and write my sad experience right now because I believe that I will feel better afterwards.

I showed up early this morning so I could take a picture of the so-call murderer Allan Despres.


I first saw him yesterday and he had a Elvis style hairstyle.

All he did was stared straight forward.

Before entering the court room, they had a metal detector in place.

While they were searching me, I came out with a few lines in a joking matter.

One individual from the media who was watching the situation very closely reminded me < in a very friendly way > that if I wish to cover the story as a blogger?

I must understand this is a murder case and many family members are present.

The individual was just suggesting that it was a area where emotions is very much alive.

I quickly thanked the individual for his advice and moved on.

This morning, the media was there and at around 9:10am two vans showed up and out came Despres.


The media asked a question but all Despres said - There’s a publication ban.

The media set up in front of the court house so they could film a couple of the family members walking in.

I noticed a few family members walked by and they decided to have a smoke before entering the Justice Building.

Being Charles, I decided to start up a conversation with them.


One was the sister of the old citizen who got murdered and the other was a niece.

I asked them if they knew what was a blogger?

The sister quickly said - I saw you on television!!!

So? They knew who I was or heard of me and that’s a good thing. < I think? >

They knew that I’m not a bad person.

I asked them if they were going to stay in the courtroom?

Because the Crown was going to show video of the crime scene.

They told me they didn’t believe they would stay inside.

You see? Being Charles, I always got to the point while chatting as I have known these people for years.

I believe my style of communication came when I rode a ten speed bicycle across Canada and the U.S!

I would knock at a person house and asked them if I could put my tent in their back yard?

They would allow me and later came out to chat with me. I had to show that I could be trusted and at the end, they would welcome me in their homes.

Going back to the murder trial?

I went home for a while and return to the Court House.

Once in the room, I believe there were around 20 members of the family or friends present.

Despres sat in the poisoner’s box and once again just looked straight ahead.

The media was there in big numbers.

The crown told the court that the video will be graphic and violent.

Anyone who wishes to leave should leave now!!!

I noticed the family members I chatted with outside immediately left the room.

I took a seat so I could get a better view of the video.

I was forewarned in advance that it will be disgusting.

Well, it sure was!!!

There was blood all over the place and then came the part where there was a headless body with only his underwear.

There was blood all over the area.

The video continue showing the old woman lying in a pool of blood behind a bed.


It was a terrible site!

Especially the part where they showed the head in a pillow case.

I told someone thank God for these CSI TV shows because I was a little prepared to see the headless body.

You often see headless bodies in these shows.

This was no acting job. This was the real stuff and it was evil.

The pillow part was disgusting and frighten. The murderer decapitated the body and place the head in a pillow case.

What bought tears to my eyes was hearing the family members crying silently.

At one point, one of them got up and gave a member a hug while crying.

Opppssss....I had to stop typing for a minute. It really disturbs me just writing about this issue.

It’s hard to type with tears in your eyes.

I watched Despres and he never showed no emotion whatsoever!


Guilty or not guilty? No emotion! No nothing!!!

Very strange fella indeed.

These family members are HEROES!!!!


The way they compose themselves in the court room was incredible!!!!

They showed real courage.

After the video was over.

The Judge quickly announce a recess!

I walked outside and noticed all the members of the family in a group.

I told one of them whom I chatted with earlier they did the right action by leaving.

I continue to gave my encouragement to the other but a female family member gently push me off and said that they wanted to be left alone.

I quickly understood and left.

I really felt bad for the family members so I went outside and had a smoke.

I noticed other family members outside with tears in their eyes.

It was very emotional!

Once inside, I was approached by a individual from the media who told me that he has heard that a family member pushed me?

The individual was very clear on one issue.

The media is there to cover the story and if I wish to be part of the media?

I cannot let feelings and emotion get the best of me.

If I did this? The Family would believe that all media people are associate with me and they can’t have that!

They will have to dis-associate themselves from me.

Nothing personal but that’s the way the media works!

I agreed 100% with the comments but then again?

I said - I’m a blogger!!!

I am not a reporter. I cover news with an opinion and that’s the way it is. The blogger writes with emotions on issues.

It’s a fine line but I believe that I understand when to show my feelings and when to act like a media person.

The media are also heroes in this issue.


They have to report the news without any emotion or personal views.

They gave out the facts of what is said in the courtroom.

I really felt bad about giving my encouragement to the members of the family. It was very poor timing from my part!

I noticed the female who gently pushed me aside walking outside and I told a reporter.

Ohhh Boy???! I must go outside and apologizes to the woman.

I followed her and I got lucky because she was outside and all alone.

I approached her and apologized for my actions inside.

She told me that she knew who I was and there were no hard feelings towards me or the media.

I let it known that I wasn’t part of the media.

We chatted for 5 minutes and I left the area.

I’m glad that I had the chance to chat with her for a minute.

As I told her? You will not see me here again!!! I might be there once in a while but not for long.

It’s not my style to stay in a room for hours. My god? I had a very difficult time staying for my own trial in Saint John.

Yes, it was quite an experience and afterwards I told someone what happened in the court room and once I began to describe the attitude of the members of the family in the court room.

I began to break down!

The conversation quickly came to a close so I decided to go home and write about my experience.

It was very emotional and those people from Minto are very brave.

I don’t know how they manage to stop themselves from shouting to the so call murderer?

They sure were brave!

I will never forget the video and the cries, tears and emotion from the family while the video was playing.

It was very sad!!!

Yes, the next few weeks, we will hear a lot of disgusting stories about the murder and it’s something that I sure won’t forget for a long time to come.

A few reporters told me that they have seen a lot of videos in the courts but this one was on top of the list for the most violent act.

It was very gruesome!

My sympathy to the members of the families.