Thursday, May 19, 2005


It is spring and if you deal with this Irving Company? You support Racism big times. They have the ok by those Racist members of the New Brunswick Human Rights Commission to get rid of all the Acadians and blacks from the company! I might add that they did succeed in their quest and all the minorities all gone!!!
You can know more about this Irving racist company at


Here I am in my blog and watching television. In minutes, we will find out if the Federal Liberal Government are defeated???? It's 7:04pm!!!




It’s 10:30am and once again it’s raining outside.

My God the weather is terrible. I am going to make a prediction. Sunday is the Indianapolis 500!

I have been watching that race for many years and every instance it’s on television? It’s very hot outside. If I vaguely remember?

Last year, it wasn’t warm outside. Climate change? You tell me?

Ok…Yesterday was quite an day. Minutes after I sent my blog that tonight myself and those racist members of the New Brunswick Human Rights Commission will go toe to toe. I received an email from the organizer asking me to meet for lunch.
In this picture are Susan Butterfield from the New Brunswick Human Rights Commision and Randy Dickinson, Premier’s Council on Status of the Disabled.

This individual has been very good to me in the past. The person pleaded with me not to disrupt the meeting because it’s a very important issue for the poor.

The person added that maybe it would be better that I didn’t show up?

I told the individual - Everything will be fine and I promise not to cause any disturbance.

But then of course, I could change the very last second? < just kidding >

I arrived at 7:15pm.

They had Kelly Lambrock present and he made a good speech. He reminded of Geroge Bush when he laid on the side of the speaking booth. Below is a picture of Kelly Lambrock. Poor Kelly, he's off for the week and tries to escape the tension at the Legislature but Charles hunted him down...lo...No peace for the elected officals in the Capital!
Misc 131

Before Kelly spoke, I walked up front and the chairperson sort of stop me in my track.

I believe that he taught that I was going to take over the meeting from up front?

I told the guy that I had to open those windows because it was very hot. There was close to 80 citizens present in the very small hall.

They must have been hungry because all the refreshment was gone. Many of them goes to the Soup Kitchen. Below is a picture of the Cook and myself. His name is Gene!
Charles 04_11_05 016

During Kelly speech he mentioned that the people at the Human Rights Commission should be screen before being appointed to the job! Better yet? I truly believe they should be elected.

The audience clapped their hands with their approval.

On a few occasions, I had to get the hell out because it was so hot inside.

Once outside, one of the organizers said - Hi Charles! I didn’t know who he was but after we chatted, he said in a polite way - Don’t forget Charles? You’re going to behave!

My God? The word must have spread like wild fire about the blog that I sent out in the morning. After my smoke, I went back inside but once they announced the next speaker who was Susan Butterfield < Director of the Human Rights >

I decided to go back outside. After a minutes, I decided to go inside and promise to myself that I will remain calm, cool and collective.

Of course if it would have been someone else but Susan speaking maybe things would have got out of hand?

I promise the organizers that I would behave and unfortunately I am a man of my word. < Thisis the reason that I’m always in trouble!! >

I sat down and I almost said something when she mentioned that a person can go to their lawyer if they felt the decision of the Human Rights Commission wasn’t fair.

I almost jumped up and said- WHO THE HELL IN THIS ROOM CAN AFFORD A LAWYER????

But noooo..I did good I kept my big mouth shut!!!

She asked the audience for questions?

I stood up and Susan said- Yeeesss Charles???

The audience laughed and this is good that poor people still have a sense of ha ha. Picture of the Soup Kitchen. It's way too small for the poor of this City!
Charles 04_11_05 021

Of course, there was a little frighten look on Susan’s face because I guess she’s on my list of 1,000 names and I can just imagine the talk going around the building of those racists members of the New Brunswick Human Rights Commission once my blog came out in the morning.

So therefore it was show time!!!

The organizers were playing close attention.

Would I break my promise?

Would I take my anger on Susan???

I felt the tension in the air!!!

I told the audience that I want to change the subject for one minute and told them the Ombudsman investigated the open cubicles at Family Services and I believe that sometime next year? Picture below
Charles 04_07_05 076
The poor might have right to privacy!

I continue by telling them that no one will be allowed to pitch a tent in front of the Legislature because this was mentioned earlier in the meeting.

I told them that I was part of history and not too many people can say this.

I am truly the last of the true protesters!
I continued by telling the audience that I invited Tim Smith over my place on March the 8th and the caretaker showed up at my door with knife in hand and demanded that Tim Smith leaves the building. This is the building and I will have much more to write about this issue next week!
Misc 133
The Chairperson quickly interrupted and told me that this meeting was for change in the Human Rights Act and not personal stories.

I reminded the Chairperson that I’m getting to the point and I hate to hurry.

My main point was that Roomers or boarders in the Province of New Brunwicker have no rights whatsoever.

I will go public with this in my blog next week!

Afterwards, I was approached by three individuals telling me that the Chairperson should have never interrupted me but I told them that you cannot have people sit on a sopa box because the meeting would last for hours and hours! I understood his point of view.

Susan almost had me break my promise once she told the audience that they will fight for people with mental illness in the workplace!!!

I almost got up but I did good! I remain calm, cool and collective.

If it would have been someone else beside Susan?


I didn’t and after the meeting was done.

I noticed Susan chatting with someone. I quickly interrupted and shook her hand and said - Say thank you charles!!!

She thanked me in return…lol and I wanted a picture of her and myself. I will post those picture in days ahead.

I finally had her cornered in the hallway alone and we discuss some personal issues which I won’t write about it in here but there is something that I will mention.

The way that those racists members of the Commission replied to my complaint doesn’t exist any longer.

With my case, they discuss the issues of racism and Ritalin. We don’t know what was said but they sent me a letter telling me that my complaint was without merit!

Therefore agreeing with the Irvings that Niggers and Frogs can be assaulted and people with ADHD should be ignored at any cost!

This doesn’t happen any longer I guess.

They will explain to the complainant the reason their complaint have been denied!

But no explanations to Charles because they are paid by the Irvings!!!! The Irvings do have bureaucrats looking after their interest in the Capital. Just like this picture.
Charles 04_07_05 079
On another issue? They took the issue of ADHD very seriously but this was done after my case!

You see? I changed the attitude of those racists members of the way it should be run but my case was denied therefore ruining my life!

The organiser told me that she was proud of me of the way I handle myself!

I quickly replied- See? What happens when I take my Ritalin???

She said- Yeah. That’s great!

I quickly reminded her that I wasn’t on Ritalin!

Maybe my blogs are getting too harsh? I don’t know? I just write it from the way I see it!

Now, I wish to make myself very clear on one issue!

Don’t these racist members of the New Brunswick Human Rights Commission believe for one minute that I let my guards down because I didn’t!

I want someone to explain to me the reason they agreed with the Irvings that racism is ok?

It was it 100 years ago? The Irvings would hung every Blacks and Acadians from the trees!

J.D. Irving himself agreed with the Racist supervisor from Gulf Operators that minorities should be assaulted at any cost and this is what I will continue to fight because those racist members of the New Brunswick are the only human rights commission in Canada that will support racism!!!!

The supervisor name is Brian Grant and the company who promotes racism is Gulf Operators! Don’t forget? If you deal with Gulf Operators? This means that you support racism!!!

Now if this was a lie? Would I mentioned the guy name?? Of course not!!!

Susan is not a member of C.U.P.E. and she’s a nice person but it’s those other racists at the Commission that must be eliminated.

Before our chat ended, she told me that she had to go and I reminded her – Why do I get involved in these issues??? But I did tell her that it's my faith that keeps me going! I am not suppose to be alive. I survived many close calls with death! It's my faith that keeps me going therefore nothing else matters?
Misc 137
How come I can’t do like everybody else and mind my own business?

Before she left? I asked her to say and do something bad so I could blog the story the next morning but she smiled and left!!!!

Sure was nice to chat with someone from the Commission in a friendly manner but I do know this fine line of the communication will not last!

I bet the minute she walked in the racist building this morning? She must have been confronted by the workers asking her = Was Charles at the meeting last night????….

This is early in the morning and please excuse the style of this blog because I just write the darn thing and send it along the information Highway!!! Please feel free to leave a comment! By bye