Tuesday, May 10, 2005


An ADHD’ers Song

Emma Pilot © 2005

I’ve told you time and time again
That I really truly try
Though you may find that hard to believe
When I’m staring at the sky
A funny smile flits across
My face as I dream
Of things by you unseen

I can’t help it it’s just who I am
You think I should try harder
But I’m doing all I can
Then something deftly cuts the knot
I’ve worked so hard to tie
And I find myself floating through the sky

I’m really so ambitious
I’ve got so many plans
Though you wonder if I’ll make it
When released in grown-up land
To you it might look doubtful
But I might surprise us all
And be one for the records when I’m tall

I can’t help it it’s just who I am
You think I should try harder
But I’m doing all I can
Then something deftly cuts the knot
I’ve worked so hard to tie
And I find myself floating through the sky

I really want to do it
I want to make you proud
But it’s hard to pay attention
When the silence is so loud

I can’t help it it’s just who I am
You think I should try harder
But I’m doing all I can
Then something deftly cuts the knot
I’ve worked so hard to tie
And I find myself floating through the sky


John Dunsworth (Mr. Lahey) was born in Bridgewater, Nova Scotia, not far from the sea where he now spends most of his time on his yacht when he's not working.

John is one of Halifax's most venerable and revered actors. He has appeared in countless CBC radio dramas and has held leading roles in over 25 Neptune Theatre productions. In 1970, long before the days of waterfront renewal, John convinced the city of Halifax to lease to him a run-down old building by the shipyards which he turned into Pier One Theatre – Halifax's first and arguably its most successful alternative theatre company.

John first met Mike Clattenburg in the mid-1990s when he auditioned for a small role in Mike's short, One Last Shot. Halfway through shooting, John's small role blossomed into a leading part – a part that garnered him a Best Performance award from the Atlantic Film Festival. From there, John developed that role into the character Jim Lahey, the trailer park supervisor on the series Trailer Park Boys.

John’s recent film credits include principle roles in Sleepmurder for CTV, Blessing for CBS, Shattered City: Halifax Explosion for Salter Street Films and Thom Fitzgerald’s Indie film Three Needles.

John is an avid bridge player, holding master points. He also holds, until somebody proves otherwise, the Internet Scrabble record for having three 7-letter words in a row. Around town, John is easy to spot. He drives an old truck with a thousand pound winch that he uses for hauling granite. In 1987, John founded Filmworks Casting where he worked as Halifax's most successful casting director. Prior to that, John worked in the transportation industry. To be precise, he drove a cab for three years and worked the CNR trains from Halifax and Sydney.


This is the reason that I was all confuse! The Irving newspaper had the date Monday May 11th and the hearings are set for May 13th!!! Suits me right to trust the Irvings!!!

Senate committee to visit capital


OTTAWA - A Senate committee studying mental health issues will be in Fredericton next week for public hearings.

The Standing Senate Committee on Social Affairs, Science and Technology will hold a day-long session at the Lord Beaverbrook Hotel on May 11.

Members of the public can register throughout the day to participate in an open forum tentatively scheduled for around 4 p.m. The Senate committee is compiling a final report on mental health, mental illness and addiction in Canada. The committee is currently gathering reaction to the options it outlined in three interim reports released last fall.


I was chatting with Tim Smith and a reporter came over to tell him that he heard a rumour that John Dunsworth from the Television hit show - Trailer Park Boys was coming over from Nova Scotia to meet the VLT Protester.

I don’t know where I was going but I walked passed the Departmental Building and I noticed this guy wearing a baseball hat - GAME OVER VLTS.VOM!

I recognized the guy and it was indeed John Dunsworth from the Trailer Park Boys!

He told me that I was sharp to recognize him and asked – Where can I find a Tim Smith???

I told the guy to stay put. I walked in the media building because I promise Andy Campbell that I would let him know if the actor showed up!

Once inside, Bob the Commissionaire stopped me in my tracks and I shouted - Tell Andy Campbell that Charles wants him right now!!!!

He quickly came and I told him that John was outside.

I left the building and he was still there. I walked with him until he met Tim face to face.

Tim told me that he was a great fan of the trailer Park Boys so therefore you should have seen the look on Tim’s face once he saw John Dunsworth.

Tim had tears of joy in his face. It was a very emotional time for this good hearted protester.

Myself, I was surprised of the way the media quickly left the building just like a bunch of Vultures attacking its prey!

But this is good!

John Dunsworth < just like the professional that he is! > began to preach against the VLT’S!

He told Tim that media coverage is very important and he congratulated all the media personal for their fine work!

Tim told the actor that he spreads his message through my blog!

He quickly looked at me and said –Good work!

There was also a girl present with him and her name was Sandy MacKinnon.

I guess she’s a good friend of Mr.Dunsworth.

After the media left, they had a good private chat and John asked Tim to consider ending the protest.

We need you alive he says? Tim told the actor that he will consider his suggestion to end his protest.

The actor suggested that Tim goes home and to rally the troops against the VLT’S. It’s working in Nova Scotia so why not in New Brunswick?

I told the actor that people are not here in numbers.

John quickly answered - They are too ashamed!!!

So true! Hey? I asked the guy for a spare hat that he was wearing against the VLT’S and he gave me the hat he was wearing and autograph it! He did the same action for Tim!

His Friend Sandy asked me- Excuse me? But are you the Charles that phones Melanson Live?

Now I felt like a movie star!!!..lol…She told me that she really enjoys the show when I call!!!

I told her- You mean you didn’t shut the volume off once my voice comes on the air? She said -That me and Dennis make a great team!!..lol

All kinds of movie stars on the front lawn of the Legislature!!...lol

After he left and the media was gone. Tim had a huge smile on his face of what has just happened!

I’m upset with myself that I didn’t have a camera. I just told Tim this morning? I wish that someone would gear me up with a camera and equipment that I could just take a picture and put it on the blogsite!

A photographer arrived on the scene and he was disappointed that he missed the whole episode.

The funny part is that just last week? I asked the guy if there was any way to contact the guy if I saw some news? He ignored me last week but today he gave me his card!..lol…

Anyway Tim is very very very happy with this support and he feels much better now!

I saw a couple of Minister this morning asking them to speak to Tim but they just continues with their walk!

OK…You can see the whole story on ATV News tonight at 6:00pm!!!

Please excuse the style of this blog because I WRITE THIS ONE IN 20 MINUTES!!!! Bye bye

Latest CBC Article on Tim...

May 9th, 2005 - CBC Article on Tim and the VLT issue


Yesterday was a very quiet day so therefore there’s not much to write about but a few minutes ago, I came out with an issue!

Before I begin to write on that subject? I wish to say that Tim is ok but he sure could use a place to stay.

It’s no easy task to live in the Shelter!!!

Today will be exactly one week ago that he began his protest and he hasn’t eaten any food for a whole week!

How much longer can he go? Will the Lord Government go down in history to be remembered that they ignored a certain protester in front of the Legislature. Stay tune!

May 4-2005-T & C-2

Ok….Going back to the issue in hand. Sometime today someone is going to be the 10,000 visitors to my web site!!!!

I would have never believed that I would hit that amount of visitors in such a short period.

I sure came a long way from writing letters to the Editor. I would be proud to have a letter printed in the papers. I just love to share my views with the readers on certain issues.

I started this a long time ago with the paper L’Evangeline.

Charles 04_07_05 081

During the Frigate program? I was really out of control with my letters. I wrote 500 letters printed in the Irving’s newspapers.

Someone told me that I should have a computer? I bought one and I quickly learned that it’s much easier to write hitting a keyboard than with a pen and paper.

Charles 04_07_05 036

After the frigate program, I would collect emails and added them to my list! I would write a letter and send them to everyone on my list!

If I received some comments, I would add them to my next email! It’s funny how the email system works. If I just meet a girl and asked her for her phone number?

She would quickly answer- Excuse me? But with an email? It’s no problem! I wonder why?

Then the Irvings moved in and quickly ordered the papers not to print my letters to the editor.

During my protest, I would collect names and of course I had many long time readers on my list!

Since the Irving’s media went by the orders of the Irvings to not cover my protest?

Charles 04_07_05 080

It was very difficult to spread the word of what was going on the front lawn of the Legislature.

After the protest ended? I wrote my book about the protest and 4 months later, I asked the Government for work and I was told that they were going by the decision of those racist members of the New Brunswick Human Rights Commission that I wasn’t able to work!

By the way? I’m appearing in front of the Senate this afternoon on this issue and those racist members are going to received a blast from me.

Last summer, I would walked around the City and I noticed there were many protesters setting up tents in the area. I would run at the Library and write my views on these issues and send them to everyone on my list.


Mind you, there’s many people on my list who never asked me to be on. Many were upset they received my views in their computers.

It was so bad? I got cut off from the information Highway. Let me see if I can find that old update in my files? I found it!!! Her it is

Date: Thu, 19 Aug 2004 07:39:36 -0700 (PDT)
From: "charles leblanc" View Contact Details

To: oldmaison@yahoo.com


Yes, it finally happen!!! The Government have
officially shut Charlie’s voice or keyboard
It all began yesterday morning when a bureaucrat
told me that he hasn’t received an email from me in
I ignored the guy thinking that it could be a
problem with the Yahoo server.
Minutes later, another bureaucrat asked me the
same question?
I was half asleep until it came to me. Did the
gGovernment blocked me off their list!
You mean??? They finally found a way to shut me
I quickly walked into Bernard Richard office and
asked him if he have been receiving any updates from
He told me that he was surprised because he
hasn’t seen anything from me in days!!!
Well? I told Bernard Richard to phone the Premier
and tell him - Listen? I have 9 years left on my term
as the Ombudsman and you’re not paying me enough money
so I can listen to Charles’s mouth every single day!
You see? As an MLA Bernard Richard have been on
my list for the last 4 years and now it’s over!!!!
Someone from the Premier office began asking me
questions about the protesters on the front lawn of
the Legislature. I told the bureaucrats- It’s too bad
that I’m blocked because he would know every details
of the protest!
Who cut me off? That’s the question?
Is this the way that Bernard Lord wants our new Democracy to
work??? They always tell the people to email them with
their concern and now this???
Someone suggested that I make copies of my
updates and hang them out to the Bureaucrats around
the Capital???
It’s bad enough that every building are security
lock but now this!!!
What’s wrong with this picture???
In my updates, I never swore or use bad names! I
just speak the truth! Maybe the Human Rights
Commission played a roll in this???
Just last evening, I heard that a kid who was
taking Ritalin was losing his eyesight!
What do I do now?
Called the Premier’s office to tell them the
I met Bernard Lord this past Sunday and I told
him that I was going to send him some information. He
didn’t receive my info because I have been cut off
from the Government.
You see? I had my 15 minutes of fame during my
protest. I collected 10,000 signatures asking the
Government to study the issue of Ritalin.
Three months after the protest, Elvy Robichaud
told the media that a study of the dangerous drug
Ritalin is totally out of the Question!
So what Am I suppose to do???
Continue the protest in a tent? Of course not! My
protesting days in a tent are long gone and over!
I used the information Highway to spread my
message. If I had a job from 8 to 5? I would be too
busy to write these crazy updates!
So? I’m officially cut off from the Government
and I might add that the Editor of the Gleaner
couldn’t receive my letter yesterday morning!
I changed server and he got it! Could it be that
the Irvings and the Government blocked me off???
It’s bad enough that the Irvings have ordered my
letters to come to a stop in the Telegraph Journal and
lets not forget the Melenson Live issue!
The show that I appeared as a guest in October
was chosen to be the best of the top ten shows of the
It played on prime time on a Sunday evening but
someone I guess it would be the Bureaucrats or the
Irvings called Rogers and complain.
At the end, Rogers yank the show off the list! Am
I paranoid? Of course not!
This morning, I had an interview with the Daily
Gleaner and L’Acadie Nouvelle about this issue and
lets see what’s going to happen!
I should be unblocked by the Government because
it’s my freedom of speech!
Lets face fact here! Would they rather hear my
voice or just delete me! One bureaucrat asked me if I
could get someone else to send him my emails?
I could just change my email address but I won’t!
I can’t wait to see these bureaucrats or politicians
on the many talk shows in this Province this fall!
I’ll definitely have some fun with this one! I’m
not a bad person but I wish to have my freedom of speech return to me!!!!

Well? That was last summer and at the end, I confronted the Government and told them I will come to their office on a daily routine.

They are going to have to listen to me for half hour every day on the issue of Ritalin.

They had a frighten look on their face and said- EVERY DAY???

I reminded them that they find it easier to delete my email than to listen to me every day in person.

Guess what? They unblocked me pretty quickly!

A few months ago, someone approached me and asked me if I WOULD LIKE TO BE A BLOGGER?

At first, I wasn’t interested. The guy was WCIE!

Well? We started the blog and it so funny how far we came with this blog.

At first, we put all my long winded column in the blog.

Than people were complaining that it was to long.

We cut them down to a read more system. We add some pictures. Than we walked around with a camera in tow taking pictures.

Than more people noticed the blog from the information Highway!

Yes, I sure came a long way from sending my updates to everyone on my list!

Today my blog site will hit 10,000 visitors and I believe this is a good thing.

Of course, it would be nice for the Irving’s papers to cover this story but it will never happen because of the Irving’s orders to ignore me at any cost but that’s ok!

I don’t care! There’s many high profile people reading this blog and that’s good!

I write my views and pasted them to an Acadian site that I just found. The web site is


Of course being the nice guy that I am? I also paste them to


So, thanks for reading this long winded blog and I’m very surprised that my blog has come so far in so little time!

Good word WCIE!!!! If it wasn’t for you? This would have never happen!

Thank God for the information Highway!

Please excuse the style and grammar of this update because I just write the darn thing and send it along the information Highway! Bye bye