Thursday, May 04, 2006


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I read the paper this morning and Mr. Manning working for the SJ Board of

Can you do a background check on this man.

Is he an Irving man?

Something is quite not right and his acticle sickens me.

They are shoving it down our throats and saying all is safe.

These folks ( naming people who speak
out) as special interest groups have other agendas and put us down if we
dare to speak up.

I worked at the Irving building on Union St.

I remember Mr. Manning name mentioned not sure if the same person.

Who is Mr.Manning????


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This guy told me that it's getting really dangerous driving cabs these days.

With the big drug problems in the City, it's way too dangerous.


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The Boston Globe
An alternative to Ritalin prescribes exercise instead

By Peter Schworm, Globe Staff | May 4, 2006

Adrienne Albani had tried a number of drugs to treat her son John's attention deficit/hyperactivity disorder, or ADHD, but all had negative side effects. In frustration, the Dedham mother enrolled her son last spring in the DORE Center, an alternative treatment program in Needham for children with ADHD, dyslexia, and other learning difficulties.
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Through daily balance and hand-eye coordination exercises, John, now a seventh-grader, saw his focus sharply improve, along with his writing and reading. He no longer blurted answers in class, and found he could do his homework quietly by himself without being distracted.

Albani said she was doubtful, at first, of the center's contention that physical exercises like tossing a beanbag and balancing on a wobble board could improve his focus and mental processing. But after just six months in the two-year program, which costs $4,500, her son had shown impressive gains, she said.

''I was skeptical because it's not a proven treatment," she said. ''But it's helped him so much."

The DORE program is based on recent research suggesting that many learning disorders involve a part of the brain, called the cerebellum, increasingly believed to play a role in both movement and mental processing. Some studies have indicated a link between an underdeveloped cerebellum and learning difficulties, raising hope that physical drills specifically stimulating that part of the brain can reduce learning and attention problems.

The techniques, however, are not widely accepted by the mainstream medical community.

Jeremy Schmahmann, a neurologist at Massachusetts General Hospital, said there is growing evidence that the cerebellum, long considered purely responsible for motor control, also influences ''behavior and intellect." But the theories that learning disorders are caused by an underdeveloped cerebellum, and that DORE's exercise program can improve brain development, are unproven, he said.

Nonetheless, the DORE program has attracted parents anxious to help their children and increasingly worried about the side effects of Ritalin and other stimulants used to treat ADHD. Those concerns have escalated in recent weeks as the Food and Drug Administration is considering adding warnings to the drugs about an increased risk of cardiovascular problems.

The Needham center, which has 300 active clients and is one of five DORE Centers in the United States, touts its program as a permanent solution that takes aim at the neurological root of the problem rather than the symptoms.

Just as lifting weights builds muscles, repeating specific exercises can, in time, teach the brain to handle information more efficiently and reflexively, DORE proponents say.

''It's a rewiring of the brain," said DORE's David Pfeil. ''It's dealing directly with the source of the difficulties. If someone has a stone in their shoe, they don't take an Advil."

Pfeil said DORE is ''drug-neutral" but many parents are drawn to the center's drug-free approach. The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention estimates that 4.4 million children ages 4-17 have been diagnosed with ADHD and more than half are receiving medication as treatment.

In 2003, 7.8 percent of school-aged children were reported to have an ADHD diagnosis, according to the CDC.

The rising number of children labeled with the disorder has stirred criticism of overdiagnosis and children being medicated unnecessarily, and has fueled demand for alternative approaches.

The DORE program was created in England six years ago by Wynford Dore, who was trying to find a cure for his daughter's severe dyslexia.

He assembled a research team of neurologists and instructed them to ''ignore conventional wisdom." They eventually came to believe that, with enough practice, the brain could be altered so that the disorder's symptoms all but disappear.

''The brain is far more elastic than we previously thought," Dore said.

Dore points to a 2002 independent, peer-reviewed study by two British researchers that found that program participants caught up to their peers in reading and shed ADHD symptoms as evidence of the program's success.

There have been no American studies of the program.

Edward Hallowell, a psychiatrist and founder of a Sudbury center specializing in attention deficit and learning disorders, enrolled his teenage son, Jack, in DORE after tutoring and medication failed to improve his reading skills. Like Albani, Hallowell was dubious at first, but was soon convinced.

''When I first heard about it, I thought, 'There is no way,' " he said. ''Physical exercise isn't going to help someone read."

But after four months in the program, his son was enjoying reading more than he ever had.

Hallowell, a paid consultant for DORE, said that there is a ''plausible link" between targeted exercise and brain development, but that it is unconfirmed.

''Whether or not physical exercise rewires the cerebellum, that's up for grabs," he said. ''We can't recommend it with the same certainty as medication."


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Pill-popping pupils
As universities become increasingly competitive, many turn to prescription drugs as a study aid
By: Stephanie Nehmens, Senior Staff Writer
Issue date: 5/4/06 Section: City

Many students take the popular drug Adderall without a prescription and with
Media Credit: Daniel Sakow, Staff Photographer
Many students take the popular drug Adderall without a prescription and with

Amanda Jones was running on a treadmill in the Aztec Recreation Center when she began feeling nauseous.

Ten minutes after beginning her workout, she ran to the bathroom and began vomiting.

After taking two 20 milligram Adderall pills - and not sleeping or eating in three days - Jones' body quit on her. She had pushed herself past the limit.

Her reaction to the pills was just one of many common side effects of taking the drug, which has become a prerequisite to studying for many San Diego State students.

Jones had been taking Adderall to stay awake during midterms early this semester, and she said that she's not alone.

In fact, she said, "only one of my friends hasn't taken it, she is the only one who refuses."

Adderall is a drug prescribed to help relieve those suffering from Attention Deficit and Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorders, but students without prescriptions are finding that it helps them focus.

One of the reasons for taking this pill, which is available in seven different dosages, from five mg to 30 mg, is to extend the human attention span.

The way Jones and her friends get their pills is through buying them from other students who are prescribed the prescription-only drug.

Doctor Gregg Lichtenstein of SDSU Student Health Services said that, in recent years, the sales of Adderall and other prescription-ADD drugs have gone up on campus and nationwide. He would not comment on whether he thinks it is because people have begun to abuse the drug.

But Jones is a prime example of some students who are indeed misusing the drug as a means to an "A."

"I feel like steroids are to baseball as Adderall is to schoolwork," Jones said. "Yeah, it's cheating, but it's such an advantage. My parents don't care if I use it and, with grades getting so competitive in college, it's almost like you need it."

And, just as steroid use is illegal, so is the sale of prescription drugs without a medical license.

"It's a severe offense - it's the same offense as (drug) trafficking," Department of Justice Bureau of Narcotic Enforcement special agent John Woo said. "It's selling a methamphetamine to somebody. It is a state drug trafficking charge."

Jones said that, despite the health risks, it's worth it for her to buy the Adderall pills, which she began taking during finals week of her first semester at SDSU. Her grades have improved significantly, and so have those of her friends using the drug, she said.

"I get it from my friend from (an Aztec athletic) team, my big brother in a fraternity and a girl who is a friend of a friend," Jones said. "I don't have a prescription and I don't have ADD, I just need to improve my grades, unfortunately."

One of Jones' suppliers - an SDSU student with an Adderall prescription - said that anyone with a prescription and an insurance plan can buy a full bottle of Adderall pills (99 pills) for $11 at SHS. Jones' supplier resells his pills for $5 each, for a per-bottle profit of $484.11.

But, in the end, the means aren't justified. The price tag can be priceless - the effects can cause death.

Methamphetamine drugs, such as crystal meth and Adderall, are made with the same substance. Therefore, the misuse of such a drug can have serious consequences to one's health.

Lichtenstein said that there can be dangerous side effects to this drug, including cardiovascular problems such as heart attacks, drug dependence, psychosis, decreased appetite, sexual effects such as impotence, strokes, seizures, nausea and high blood pressure.

A source with the California Poison Control System said that a side effect is increased temperature, and that if one's temperature increases to more than 104 or 105 degrees, there is a risk of brain damage.

A recent Food and Drug Administration study has shown that between 1999 and 2003, there have been 25 deaths caused by people taking ADHD prescription drugs.

The FDA study also showed that about one in a million people prescribed experience a death or serious injury.

"I would never recommend that someone take a medicine that was not prescribed to them," Lichtenstein said. "These medications are controlled substances because of potential side effects and addiction issues.

"They do help you stay focused and alert but that's not what they were designed to do."

Jones, for one, chooses to ignore the doctor's orders.

She takes Adderall at least once every one or two weeks, but she said that the treadmill episode was the only time that she experienced negative side effects.

"I did tweak out on it once," Jones said. "After that, I realized you have to control it and you have to make yourself eat. You're not hungry when you're on it, and you lose your appetite … When I try to sleep on it, I hallucinate."


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I was told that he's ok and he was in the right I guess???

So? A lawyer in the right??? What's the max for soft tissue damage????

$1500.00???? or is it $2500.00????


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Now???? That looks much better!!! All brand new flags!!!! Makes a New Brunswicker feel proud!!!!


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Other blogs are ok but not mine!!!!! I wonder why????

Mr. Charles LeBlanc

Dear Mr. LeBlanc:

Further to your recent complaint, we have determined that there is in
fact a provincial government policy on internet use by government
employees. The relevant provisions of that policy are as follows:

"Unacceptable Use of Government E-mail

The following are considered unacceptable use of the Government e-mail

Distribution of chain letters

Frequent announcements of non-governmental social or sporting

Private business activities

Political lobbying activities

Distribution of information generally considered to be offensive or inappropriate, including racist material, hate literature,
sexist slurs or pornography

Transmission of unsolicited commercial information (e.g. junk mail, advertising)

Distribution of personal views and opinions as if they constitute official commentary from Government of New Brunswick, its departments or agencies

Activities that intentionally cause congestion and disruption
of networks and systems

Frequent distribution of information that is personal in nature."

As your "blog" is not part of government business and is not a function of government, it is in our view, legitimate for government to control
its access by government employees on government equipment.

The application of the policy seems to vary between departments. Some
have adopted more stringent rules (for example, no access to e-bay on
government systems) while others allow more flexibility expecting
employees to use office internet and e-mail systems for government business,
with few exceptions.

It is therefore our conclusion that government would be acting within
its policy in limiting distribution of your "blog" and access to it by
government employees on government equipment during work hours.
Removing photos, doctored or otherwise, would also be a reasonable extension
of that policy. Of course, government employees could still access your
"blog" if they wish to, on their own computers and personal e-mail
accounts outside of work hours.

In summary, we cannot conclude that this is an issue of maladministration and must, as a consequence, advise you that your complaint file is being closed.

Yours truly,

Bernard Richard


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I didn’t write any blogs yesterday because I was very busy. I had quite a day, it all started when the comments wouldn’t be posted because something was wrong with the server.

I’m telling you one thing!!! The information Highway is a great way to spread the word but if something goes haywire? Everything comes to a halt.

I wish to say a Big Merci Beaucoup to computer WCIE for his help. I said it before and I’ll say it again! This blog is a huge team and everyone is doing their share.

I learned later on in the morning that the rent of my room is going up $15.00!!!

Of course many would say - What’s the big deal??? Get a job!!!!

Some of us are not allowed to work and this was proven when I got fired by the Quebec security staff at the Legislature. Read the whole story at -

Well, last week a person approached me and told me the rent is going up in his building by $20.00 because of the hike in power rate and he was told it’ll go up again in the fall!

I asked the guy if I could take is picture with the letter? He refuse because he was scare to be evicted.

I was furious and living beside the Legislature? I am only walking distance from those MLA’S!!!!

The reason that I was so upset is that everything goes up but the welfare rate stays the same.

I predicted this months ago and it happen.

I must give credit where it’s due. The MLA’s from both political parties always gives me the time of day.

I walked in the Legislature and the first one to come in the hallway was Shawn Graham. Poor Shawn!

I learned afterwards that he was ready to face the media and was concentrating on the issues in hand and who’s stopping him in his track? Charles LeBlanc?

I just told him that this is not fair at all!!!! The Liberals must bring this issue to the floor of the House???

There are going to be a lot of New Brunswickers on the street next winter!!!

Bruce Fitch told the House there was 20,000 New Brunswickers in Boarders and roomers Houses in New Brunswick. This is terrible!!!

I was told to bring the issue with Ed Doherty so I waited outside till the MLA from Saint John Harbour came out the door.

While waiting? Those poor other Liberal MLA’S had to walked by me and of course I let them know that we got a major problem here!!!

I am no paid political lobbyist but I will fight for a issue that I feel is not right.

I told Ed Doherty about the concern problem and lets see what Bernard Lord has to say?

I realize that I live in a very small room, I have the internet and cable but the rent is going to go higher and higher but the welfare rate will say the same.

Myself, I like it here. Many told me that it’s too small and I should move somewhere else? I’m happy here. The caretaker don’t bother me and I have adjust myself to the situation.

Maybe a deal can be reach between the Government and the owners of the rooming Houses ? Who knows?

Speaking of fighting for issues?

I am meeting with the members of the New Brunswick Human Rights Commission today and it’s going to be a very straight forward meeting.

I was very upset by a decision by one of their members but I’m not going to blog this story yet.

I will give the Commission a chance to explain. If the decision goes against the poor?

Well? There could be some lively protest during the summer months.

One MLA suggested that I gather all the poor in tents in front of the Legislature?

This could happen because they will have no place to go?

The Government must act on this issue and if they have the backing of the New Brunswick Human Rights Commission? It’s going to be a very lively summer!!!

The public and the rest of Canada must be educated on what’s going on here and thank god for the information highway!

I should take 10 Ritalin before I attend that meeting!!!’ll be ok because I’m going to have two other individuals on my side to keep me calm.

Stay tune in this blog for the going ons....I will go in more details after I get the final decision.

I would organize a protest but it might attract the wrong crowd. Never once has a protester been shot at during a protest and it could come down to this.

It will be the only way to let the rest of the country know what’s going on in New Brunswick?

But I also know that once you’re poor? You lose all energy to fight.

I pray to God? This doesn’t happen but how much more can poor New Brunswickers take?

That’s the scary question?


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( PROVERBS 29:18 *NKJV )

Dear Charles,
The Hebrew word for [revelation] here refers to the Words of
God as received by the Prophets. Thus meaning:

Now just think for a moment what our lives would be like
without the Word of God. There would be no peace in our
lives, and we would be void of God's Great Love for us as
well. We would have no one to give us strength, hope and
faith when dealing with the problems in our life! Our lives
would therefore be truly empty, and worry and confusion
would rule in our lives!

As Children of God we read and study His Word, and
know of His Great Love and Compassion for us! We also
know that we are in Him and He is in us, for it is written;
BEING. ( ACTS 17:28 )

Thank Heaven that God chose us to be His Children
for it is written; YOU DID NOT CHOOSE ME, BUT I

So the next time that you count all of your blessings,
remember to also count the fact that God chose YOU to
be a Child of His! Just think of how important YOU are
to God, Charles, and what a blessing it is to be selected as
a Child of His! Praise The Lord! Amen.

With My Love & Prayers,
your servant Allen
[ Prayer Requests---Contact Us---Bible Study---*Donations* ]
[ Audio---Subscribe---Change of Address---Unsubscribe ]
Apostle Paul Ministries, P O Box 55996, Hayward, CA 94545
(c) Copyright 2006 by Apostle Paul Ministries


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Hey Charles, here's a story for your 'old germany' theme from another blog:

With friends like this....

The love-in between Al Hogan and Premier Lord is well known but sometimes Al and his journalists can get carried away.

In an effort to find someone, anyone, who would support the Premier on the recent letter controversy (you know the one where Chisholm Pothier released someone's private information to the media), he decided to quote "free speech analyst" Paul Fromm as endorsing Lord's view that the information is/should be public.

Now before you read on, please don't think that I believe that Al Hogan is ideologically aligned with all the sources used by his journalists but....

Paul Fromm is a noted white supremacist and neo-Nazi. Click on the link, check it out yourself.

In the late 1980s, Fromm was an active member of the Reform Party of Canada, but was essentially expelled in late 1988 when leader Preston Manning sent Fromm a letter asking him to "dissociate" himself from the party.

Note to Al Hogan: In their eagerness to find a source that validates your ideological view, your journalists should still actually check out the sources they use before quoting them. I am reasonably sure that Premier Lord would not want to be defended by a known white supremacist and neo-Nazi.

Just a thought.