Tuesday, October 11, 2005


Hi Charles

How many bridges do they have in Fredericton?

In Saint John we have one little bridge (Reversing Falls) that is a way to get from West Saint John to the Northend.


Then we have the Harbour Bridge which connects the Westside to the uptown area and north. We have to pay a toll of 25 cents or 15 cents if you purchase tokens.


We have been paying for a bridge that they keep borrowing money from or probably the money just never went to paying for the bridge.


This loan should be written off but for some reason it won't happen.

Westsiders have never been given respect as far as businesses developing in our area.

If they put a toll at the beginning of the off ramp of the McKay Highway coming into the city then we could say we are treated fairly.

It angers me that our Mayor wants us to keep paying, paying and paying.


All citizens should be treated with respect.

They could take the tolls off when one bridge is under repair but no they are so greedy that the vehicles have to idle burning fuel for 20 to 30 mintes at peak times.

The cost and pollution is too much.

Saint John is the only Bridge in NB that has a toll. ( or am I wrong?)

We are also the only area with a Mayor that gives millions away just to turn around make the little guy pay forever.


Give the citizens of Saint John respect.

This bridge get us from one side to the other nothing special but a make work project- a complete waste of taxpayers money.

Please I want to know more information about the Fredericton bridges.


There's three bridge in the Capital.

Princess Maggaret Bridge


and the Westmorland Bridge


There's also the walking trial bridge. < one of the most beautiful site I ever seen >




Thanks for posting the information. It is strange now more and more people
are exposing the side effects of these dangerous drugs children are
being given Health Canada comes up with they will check out the data on the
research done by these pharma companies who make the drug.

We know that Health Canada has to ask permission from the drug companies to print
the "bad results" and most of the time they say no, so how can they check
out the suicidial thoughts and deaths and the real results when they were
not allowed to publish them.

PLUS we also know that our governments both provincial and federal have not been reading the FDA warnings to closely.

They have only been out since early this regarding Ritalin etc. Why is it
Canada can't just say lets be first and get these drugs out of the hands of
kids and find the real reason for all of this "behaviour" problem.

I don't know a soul who doesn't fall into the critia of ADD or ADHD, everyone
of us, loses their thoughts espically when they are listening something that
is boring.

Moves around, who doesn't how many times have you sat and listened to someone who is putting you to sleep and your suddenly realize your legs are going to sleep, then your fingers need to move, we all do this sort of thing.

With children many can't read, or have had no food trouble at home or heaven help us has a true medical problem like allergies, liver or heart disease, how about hypolgycemia over weight, it would be to much for psychs to actually think maybe the child needs a full medical check up.

The teachers are not doctors but are acting like them. Sorry I am getting so fed
up with the slowness of our Health Canada.

How many children have to be drugged and how have to die or try to commit suicide or become violent forsomeone in the government to say..."Wait a minute CCHR has a point
here, these drugs are dangerous...."