Monday, March 21, 2005

Peace Rally in Budapest, Hungary. What a beautiful act of solidarity towards peace. We need to learn from others...


My nerves are shot today and I don’t know the reason? I’ve been on sleeping pills < prescribed bymy doctor > for the last 5 years. Maybe it’s getting to me? Who knows?
As usual, I went to church yesterday and I said to myself that I’ll be good this week because it’s the week before Easter but all this change when I was taking a shower this morning.
I heard on CBC Radio that today is - March 21th! It’s International Day for the Elimination of Racial Discrimination!!!!
Poor Charlie, he just can’t let go!

He can’t even have a shower in peace!!!! I believe that it has nothing to do with my ADHD! Me mother is from Glasgow, Scotland. Maybe this is where the problem lies? There’s nothing more stubborn than a darn Scotsman!
Yes, I hope that those racist members of the New Brunswick Human Rights Commission held their heads in shame today because they should!
They agreed with J.D. Irving that minorities can be treated like dirt so therefore the witch-hunt against minorities continue in the Irving Empire!
As the racist Supervisor- Brian Grant from Gulf Operators told all his workers that no or frogs should be allowed to work within the Irving Empire!!!
Not much we New Brunswickers can do about it!
If you have an appointed Human Rights Commission who promotes ? Than you
have a problem but I will always talk about this till the last day I die!
Those racist members of the New Brunswick Human Rights Commission must be
eliminated in 2005!!!!!
Ok...Enough on that issue!
I received an email this morning telling me that a small Town in Perry, Maine is debating the same issue as in Saint John! The famous LNG Plant!
Here’s the story

Charles Blog


I guess that the people in that town are going to received a huge tax break so the LNG PLant can be stationed in that area????
Someone told me over the weekend that my petition or any petition against the Government is a big waste of time!
Well? I don’t agree with this individual because it’s a great way to debate the issue in hand.
Such as my petition of 10,000 signatures asking or begging the Government to do a study on the issue of Ritalin!
I might add that if I didn’t confront the public with my petition? I would have never heard both side of the issue!
Trust me? I had many debates! It was fun and if I didn’t have a petition? This would have never happen!
Hey? Do you know someone who’s a amateur political cartoonist? We want to add my color or action to this blog site! Just send me a note!
Also???? Closing in at 4,000 hits! So far so good!!!
I heard on CTV that Bernard Lord was in Montreal for the P.C. Convention. The last provincial P.C. Convention I’ve attended? I had a blast! I got drunk and had a good time. Mind you, I didn’t write about anything during that Convention.
Mike Duffy < CTV > told the television audience that some members of the P.C. Party were upset because once they came to the room to meet Bernard Lord?
They had to pay 6 to 8 bucks a beer? My God? I bet the room emptied pretty quickly! As I said in the past and I’ll say it again!
The people around the Premier are not up to par of what’s going on in the real world! I remember when Bernard Lord first got elected! He told me that the issue of Ritalin must be studied in this Province.
Once he got elected?
I quickly phoned the Premier’s office and the guy who took my call didn’t or couldn’t say the word - Ritalin! He said- ADSH???? Not ADHD!!! He didn’t have a clue what I was talking about!!!!
Months later, Bernard Lord finally came out of the Centennial Building and told me -Ritalin???? I don’t know what you are talking about Charlie!!!!
Last week in Saint John? They held their famous Job Expo! I remember attending that little gathering around 5 years ago. Bernard Lord was there and Norm MacFarlane < then Cabinet Minister >
The Premier said - Look at all the people coming to the job expo! There must be
thousands??? Isn’t this a success????
I said to myself - Thousands of people are looking for work and this is good news???
Excuse moi??? What’s wrong with this picture anyway?
Some P.C. bureaucrat told me one day that only people who cannot find a job with the Government are upset with the Government!
Well? I am very sorry but in my case? It’s not so! I care deeply for the small kids who are forced on Ritalin and will continue to fight on behalf of the poor!
Halifax had another last Saturday!
My God that City is getting dangerous and the same will happen in the cities in this Province if the Government don’t confront the Prescription problem in this Province!
Over the weekend, I once again volunteered at the Soup Kitchen and hundreds showed up for their meals!
I don’t have the exact amount but all I can say is that there’s a lot of hungry people out there! As I told someone Sunday - If I see and hear all these people who are going hungry? I hear all this in a small City! So therefore?
What’s going on in the whole Province?
That’s the scary question?
I wish that all the Soup Kitchens would team up on a web site so they could email the amount of meals they served during the day but I guess this won’t happen and I often wonder why is that now?
Ok..During the next few days? I will try to be nice and write about stories of the poor because it’s the week before Easter so I’ll try to be nice but there’s always seems to be issues that pops rights in front of my eyes!
Excuse the grammar of this update because I just write the darn thing and send it along the information Highway! Bye Bye!!!!
By the way? I got an stern note from someone from the Premier’s office to remove him off my list! I told the individual that he’s a public official so therefore I won’t! Lets see if the lord Government will try to block me again?????