Monday, March 28, 2005


Ok.. I did something that I never did in my entire life. I went to Church Friday, Saturday and Sunday!

I feel nice about it and it’s funny to witness all the bureaucrats you battle with during the week under the same roof!

Hey? As I wrote over one year ago, I am not going to write the going ons within the House of the Lord. It’s a place of peace and tranquilly!

It was a rough three days because everything is close but as always, some issue catches Charlie’s eye!

I have been volunteering at the Soup Kitchen during these past few months and I liked it!

Everyone seem to be happy at that place but everything isn’t honky dury! < Is that how you spell it? >

Anyway, Saturday afternoon, me and a worker decided to go outside for a smoke before the mad rush started! Hundreds of people go to that needy place and the numbers seem to go up and up on a daily basis.

While chatting with the worker, I noticed a young woman in her 30s squeezing under the stairway of the Soup Kitchen. Just like a cat would run under a stairway!

For a minute, I believe she was going under the steps for a drink and do some drugs! I never noticed people going under there in the past so I was curious.

I was told that the young girl have been living under the stairs at the Kitchen since the cold month of January!

You see? This place is hung out by a lot of unfortunate people. Myself, I don’t take the time to communicate with these lost souls. I go right inside and once my job is done? I quickly leave the premises. I don’t asked questions and I believe this is the reason that no one bothers me but in this case? It’s a totally different ballgame.

I notice this girl who’s first name is Joanne in the kitchen. She always polite and always asked for tea! She’s quiet and don’t cause any problem. I was very surprised to see her living under the stairway.

Mind you? I was more upset once I learned that she was four months pregnant! I was told that she already had seven kids. I asked her in the kitchen if I could have a look in her little home?

She told me – No problem!

After my volunteer job was done? She wasn’t around she I opened the piece of wood < her suppose door > and looked inside. My God???? It’s a terrible atmosphere to live in!!!

I didn’t wish to cause trouble. I noticed a few people were watching me so therefore I left the area and went home.

Once in my little room? This issue really bothered me so at 8:50pm, I put my jacket and the holy cross around my neck and decided to go at the shelter.

It’s really scary to go in that area at night because you don’t know what to expect? There’s a ramp for the handicap to go at the kitchen but the less fortunate builted a tent with blankets in the corner.

Once at the stairway the girl wasn’t around.

One guy shouted- What are you looking for?

I answered - The girl named- Joanne!

She quickly came out from the tent to chat with me. I asked her if she mind that I wrote about this issue?

She told me to go ahead so I began with my straight forward questions and I didn’t have note pad with me but this is what I have been told.

Joanne is 30 years old. 1/4 black and ¼ Native. She had seven kids so far and she has 5 Grand Children. She has never seen her Children.

She had her tubes done but she still managed to get pregnant.

The poor girl told me that she doesn’t drink or take drugs while she’s pregnant. She admitted before the pregnancy that she’s an alcoholic. She still smoke cigarettes and I saw her rolling butts to make a nice smoke.

She doesn’t collect a welfare check because she doesn’t have a fixed address. She also told me that the reason she stays with the men in that little man made tent is to keep warm.

Joanne also added she allows someone to sleep beside her under the steps for her safety!

She also added that it’s very cold under the stairway and she only had one small candle to keep warm.

Joanne can’t squeeze under the stairway as easily as in the past because she’s 4 months pregnant!

She added that she’s bared for life from the woman shelter because of a dispute with staff.

Joanne also told me that there’s Rats and mice’s all around her so call bed.

She is concern of the health of her unborn child!

After our 10 minutes conversation, I shook her hand and congratulated her for not drinking while she was pregnant and quickly left the premises!

So??? What is the Lord Government going to do for this unborn child? Will Family Services help this woman?

I know for a fact that she cannot go at Family Services because with their open Cubicles policy?

These Social workers will degrade her big times! The Capital is the only place in this Province that the poor are not treated with Dignity! These people at Family Services must start treating the poor with Respect and a huge start would be to visit this poor pregnant woman who lives under the stairway at the Shelter.

I know for a fact that my blog goes out there to all the elected MLA’S and bureaucrats!

I will see this woman every day and I will asked her if someone from the Government have contacted her yet?

I will let the public know if The Lord Government cares about the unborn so stay tune for more stories on this very emotional issue!

As I told someone this morning, Why the hell do I get involved in these issues???? Why can’t I be like everyone else and mind my own business??? Oh well? As I said in the past- When my day of judgment arrive? He cannot say that I didn’t try to give my fellow human being a helping hand!

Will the Lord Government help this unborn child or while they allowed this pregnant woman to live outside with the Rats or mices??? Stay tune?????


Excuse the style and grammar of this update because I just write the darn thing and send it along the information highway!!!

What's your view on this issue???