Thursday, September 22, 2005


I just received a lot of flash back from hearing about Hurricane Rita hitting Galveston, Texas.

I was in that area in 1978. I rode my ten speed from Beaumont to Liberty and Houston.

I went out of my way and peddled to Galveston. You should have seen the huge breaking wall they had down there. They're huge! I remember the huge oil refinery located in that area.

The refinery in Saint John is just a little village compare to these giant refineries in Texas!!!

I rode my bike on the cost till Freeport and droved by the NASA headquarters near Houston. Located South of Houston.

It was beautiful riding the bicycle on the cost but it sure won't be nice in a few hours from now? God Bless them all!






You may find this article from today interesting. Probably only a
matter of
time before this happens in Canada. Heck, there are those on your site
who want to censor free speech. Wait until the government gets
involved. LOL

Political bloggers in free speech fight

By DONNA CASSATA - Associated Press

WASHINGTON (AP) — Political bloggers who offer diverse views on
and Democrats, war and peace argued on Thursday that they should be
free of
government regulation.

The notion was echoed by some members of the government agency trying
write rules covering the Internet’s reach in political campaigns.

Amid the explosion of political activity on the Internet, a federal
has instructed the six-member Federal Election Commission to draw up
regulations that would extend the nation’s campaign finance and
limits to the Web.

The FEC, in its initial rules, had exempted the Internet.

Bloggers told the Committee on House Administration that regulations
encompassing the Internet, even ones just on advertising, would have a
chilling effect on free speech. The FEC vice chairman also questioned
necessity of any rules.

“I strongly believe that the online political speech of all Americans
remain free of government review and regulations,” said Michael E.

Toner argued that political activity on the Internet fails to meet the
campaign finance law’s threshold to stop corruption or the appearance
corruption. Toner urged Congress to pass a law that pre-empts the
action and ensures that the Internet remains exempt from campaign

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Michael J. Krempasky, director of the Web site, said that
bloggers have to meet a government test every time they discuss
“the reaction will be completely predictable: rather than deal with the
tape of regulation and the risk of legal problems, they will fall
silent on
all issues of politics.”

But Scott E. Thomas, the FEC commissioner, said his agency’s original
exemption for the Internet was a mistake and the FEC should come up
rules for Internet campaign ads in light of the $14 million spent on
Internet ads in the 2004 campaign.

Thomas said Congress should hold off on any legislation until the FEC

Another commissioner, Ellen Weintraub, said the agency preferred a
“less is
more” approach.

“This is appropriate because the focus of the FEC is campaign finance,”
said. “We are not the speech police.”

Thomas said the FEC hopes to write its rules by the end of the year.
full U.S. Court of Appeals for the District of Columbia is reviewing
ruling and if it decides that the challenge to the initial rules had no
standing, some commissioners may push to abandon the work on writing
rules, Thomas said.


The Premier is from La mauvaise Province so that's a good start for Quebec!!!!



Yes, Yesterday, I got caught big times.


I know it was only a joke but it may make an interesting debate for this blog.

As usual, I walked in the Legislature and went in the Library.

Once there, the Irving’s newspapers are all lined on the counter.

Charles 04_07_05 037

While glancing through the papers this commissionaire Andre tapped me on the back.


I asked - Yes????

He told me that he was only checking to see if I had my ID on me.

I found it strange that he would touch me but I didn’t pay any attention to his action.

I left the Legislature and once downtown someone asked me if I changed my attitude towards Quebec?

I was surprise by the question because I never had any use for Quebecers! < I’ll get to that later. >

Anyway, on my back was this sign…


Yes, it didn’t take me long to figure out why Andre touched me in the first place….lol

Hours later, I saw the Quebecer and said - You had your fun now I’m going to have mine with the blog….lol


In the past, me and this guy would always argue about Quebecers working in New Brunswick because we’re not allowed to work in La so call Belle Province?

Myself, I can’t stand Quebecers because they give us Acadians a bad name. Many people from the English population believe that a Quebecer and a Acadian have the same mentally?

This is far from the truth!!!

I didn’t have a clue what was happening in the Capital until I held my first protest in the summer of 2002.

Once I arrived at the Legislature, I was approached by this individual.


Him name is Dan Bussieres.


He’s the Sargeant At Arms of the Legislature.

He told me that he was from Quebec.

I will admit that Daniel is a nice guy and does his job well.

Afterwards, I went to the Library and met a guy name Jean Claude. He was also from Quebec.

Minutes later, I bumped into another Quebecer name Richard Tremblay. < now in charge of security at Centennial building >

Charles 04_07_05 116

The list goes on and on. There’s people from Quebec working all over the place.

My question is this?

How many Acadians working at Assemblee Nationale de Quebec?


The answer- NONE!!!!!

But what can New Brunswickers do?


I was in the army in Quebec and I lasted 8 months.

I spoke my Acadian language and they would tell me that they don’t understand English!


Very ignorant!!! It was terrible!

I always called myself a bigot because of my dislike of Quebecers.

Speaking of bigots?

This guy was at City hall yesterday.


This is the week the Anglo Society flag should be flown.

Acadian Vs_ Anglo-3

He told me - Why when I protest? You’re always around?


I don’t go in that part of the City town too often but I just happen to be there and of course I agitated the bigot for a while before I left.

He’s going in court on October 4th because he’s charge with assault.

I strongly believe that those foolish charges should be dropped because it only causes problems between the English and Acadian population.

But I must admit that he doesn’t gave up easily.

They have their Union Jack and shouldn’t demand the Anglo Society flag be flown at different City Halls around this Province.

I told the bigot that I would join him if he protested in front of the Justice Building to fly the Union Jack also.

For the life of me? I don’t undertand the reason the Union Jack isn’t flying beside the Acadian Flag? It just doesn’t make any sense.

Charles 04_07_05 110

I bumped into this Liberal MLA yesterday.


I asked Eugene McGinley of his view on the need to add boarders and roomers to the Rentalman act.

Well, I believe that I received a good political answer from this guy.

He said – I have to look at the whole picture before I give out my views.

What is there to look at?

One guy sh@t in a garbage bag because he’s not allowed to use the washroom.

There’s no place to complain.

Poor New Brunswickers are being mentally abuse big times and nothing can be done.

I’m not done with this issue yet! Not from a long shot!

I also noticed Elizabeth Weir yesterday in the Legislature and asked her if she had one minute?


She told me that she didn’t because she had to go to the Cafeteria and disappeared.

I don’t even know why I even bothered asking?

I never got along with her anyway.

Wouldn’t matter anyway if she had an opinion because the NDP will never take power in this Province.

Speaking of the poor?

These two guys were evicted from the building yesterday and I guess the Landlord is standing by the caretaker 100%!!!


He agrees with his approach and there’s nothing people can do about it!

What I found interesting is someone took my old room and the guy looks like the quick temper type.

Lets see what will happen if the caretaker goes right to his face?

It should be very interesting.

The building has little heat during the cold winter months.

The Lord Government must act on this issue.

I contacted the Irving’s newspapers in this issue but you don’t expect the Irvings to cover a story that speaks about the poor people rights in this Province right?


I wrote a good story for a column in the Irvings paper about the way the poor are being treated but it was denied by the Irvings!

This is what the Irvings do best!


They will print stories that makes this province looks good especially the ones about themselves.

Ok…close to 1,000 words??? Way too many!!!!