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Here's a column that I wrote for a paper! Let me know your views???
Two different Cities but two different Countries? In the late 80s, I began to work at the shipyardin Saint John. It was 10 years of good money and a very high standard of living. A few workers would take the bus to work and we would say - You take the bus??? With all that moneyyou make??? I remember a few workers couldn’t understand the reason that some of our taxes would go towards thewelfare system! The good old days came to an abrupt end on July 19th, 1996. The Shipyard closed its doors and many workers received a rude awakening. Carolyn McNaulty at Romeo House <> received many phone callsfrom many former shipyard workers in need of help. It was a very difficult financial adjustment. The days of going to the restaurants were over and months afterwards, many would instead go to the SoupKitchen. Saint John always had their share of poor citizens but after the closure of the Shipyard? The numbers grew. On June 17, 2003, I began my six months tent protest in front of the Legislature and quickly learned there’s a big difference in attitude between the City of Saint John and Fredericton. The Loyalist City has a Blue Collar attitudetherefore more open minded than the Capital. During my first evening, I heard someone shouting at an individual. The reason? He was going through a garbage bin collecting empties. Of course, in Saint John this would be a normal picture and no one will condemn the act. On July 2nd, I decided to go to Officer’s Square andwatch the morning sunrise. While walking near a dumpster someone popped theirhead out like a Jack in the box. He had a cardboard boxover his head. He was collecting empty bottles from thecelebration of the evening before. He said that he makes only makes $264.00 an month and that’s notenough to survive on. He came by my tent and told me that he collected$92.00 in bottles and went home happy! It’s called –Survival! I would soon found out there was a Soup Kitchenlocated in the Western Part of the City. Every evening, I would make my little walk to this needy place. Once there, I notice that the volunteers were veryfriendly and George Pierse is really in charge of thegoing on around the Kitchen. They served two meals a day and I might add you caneat all your stomach can take. While in Saint John, The soup Kitchen would serveyou one meal a day between 10:00am and 1:00pm! Evenpoor people do get hungry in the evenings. I might add that the St-Andrew-St-David Churchserves dinner once a month and the place is full ofpoor people. Many would ask for seconds to take home.
The summer of 2003, I read in thepaper that former Mayor - Shirley McAlary announced that theopening of the Harbour Passage was a huge successbecause they gave away 500 to 800 hotdogs! Excuse me?PEOPLE ARE HUNGRY!!! Why do some poor families go hungry in one Citywhile the other is full? That’s the emotionalquestion? I would soon find out the Shelter and the SoupKitchen are the area of the less Fortunate. The poorsouls can do their drugs or alcohol around the building. No one will bother them as long they stay inthat area! Compare to Saint John this is a good idea. It’s their property and the Police won’t bother anyone. I would soon find out that the Transit system is very bad in the Capital compare to Saint John. I heard a sad story of a young woman who had an interview for a job but she couldn’t attend because she had to wait 3 hours for the next bus! Of course,the attitude must be the same of my shipyard days?They must say- You take the bus??? What’s wrong withyou? Don’t you have any bureaucratic friends? The bus system is much better in Saint John. The Food bank in the Capital islocated in a high class neighborhood.<> In Saint John these helpful locations are locatedin the area of the poor population. In the Capital, the homeless have no place to goso they can escape the cold winter winds.<> In Saint John, the Salvation Army has a placewhere these poor individual can have a coffee or playsome pool! Once a person is evicted from a mall?There’s not too many place a person can go. The Salvation Army in Saint John would charge$7.50 a night for accommodation compare to the Capitalwho will take someone free of charge for a fewevenings. In the Capital, if a person is down on their luck,They have to lower their pride and asked theGovernment for assistance. They have open cubicles at the Family Servicesbuilding where everyone can hear your personalbusiness compare to Saint John were these privateconversations are done in a private atmosphere!! I could go on and on. Yes! We do live in two different Cities and wehave our different way of the matter the poor are toobe treated but from the point I see it? It sure looks like we’re living in two different countries!
Here’s a email from a girl who just lost her Uncle. There was no funeral because that’s the way he wanted it! In her words-
Actually he was 79 with one lung. I know that he was up in age, and I know that he had a good life. But people like him are far and very few in between. If I could have met a man like him, I would never have settled for the piece of shit that I did marry. He was a gem. He was there for my family through the roughest part of our lives, when my grandmother died. He was there. Through everything he was there. And even when we hadn't asked him to be, he was there anyhow. He was always there, like an angel. I have to say that heaven scored this time. They really do have a TRUE angel up there now. Right up there beside my grandmother. You know, I don't know one person that could ever say anything bad about him either. And if he had have had a funeral, you probably would have had to pick a number or buy tickets to get in to see him. I'm positive that it would have been a full house. In fact I would bet my life on it and the lives of my children. He truly was a living angel. I wish that you had met him. You would have called him a saint. We feel for him, probably the same way that you do the priest. We are very close, and we love him a lot. So, whether he was 79 with one lung or not, this truly is quite a loss. BELIEVE ME!!
1- Another Irving story for your mailing list: "On April 3, 1986, two meetings took place in Perth Andover, New Brunswick. One meeting was quite large. Over 250 farmers crowded the school gym to talk about the price support programs for potatoes, a national marketing plan, and the stand New Brunswick had taken on these issues. These farmers were worried about the future of their farms and over their own place in an increasingly McCain dominated potato industry. Hazen Myers, New Brunswick's Minister of Agriculture, was supposed to attend this large public forum but backed out the day before. The other meeting was quite different. A few shippers and representatives of the Seed Growers Association met discretely in a small motel with members of the New Brunswick Potato Agency. Three conservative MLA's were in attendance. The purpose of the meeting was to work out the details of administering the newly announced potato diversion program that had been put in the hands of the agency. The next day, the Saint John Telegraph Journal published an upbeat story on this much smaller meeting under the headline "New Brunswick Potato Farmers Get Help". The minister was applauded in quotes from members of the potato agency: "the agency thanks the Minister".. and so on. The Irving controlled Saint John daily did not even mention the much larger meeting of farmers that took place in the same town on the same day."
2- Charlie, here's a good article you may want to add to your mailing list, it's from the book "People, Resources and Power". I doubt things have gotten better since it was written:
"In the summer of 1971, the crew members of six ships connected to the Irving empire were trying to get their union certiifed as their bargaining agent. The workers on the ships believed that they were employed by an Irving controlled company and their union acted on this assumption in its application to the Canada labour Relations Board. As the boards hearings proceeded through the autumn, however, it became apparent that the corporate structure was so intricate that not only did the workers and their union not know who employed the seamen on the six ships, but many management employees of the company did not know either. If one followed the ownership chain up through the corporate maze, it became apparent that the employer, ultimately, was Irving. Legally, however, the matter was so complicated that the identity of the employer could not be ascertained. The workers on five of the six vessels could not organize or bargain collectively because they simply could not find out who their employer was...."
3- I was talking with someone about the subject of Bush and Iraq and the economy...People in our neighborhood are mostly frustrated and upset about Bush.....
Hi Charles
Could you do me a teensy favour for all the favours I done to you?
Could you add the following email addresses to you mail list?
???????? and ????????I'm getting spam from this asshole, and want to make him getting your updates!!
Seriously, if you don't mind, please send them to this jerk
5-: PAUL MARTIN...ESTEEMED LEADERSubject: Paul Martin - our leader On a recent public relations trip through Orillia, Prime Minister Martin visited the Rama Casino. He met with the elders of the Mohawk Nation and said he had a plan to improve the income of every Native Canadian by $60,000.00 a year. Details of the plan were not presented despite frequent requests to do so. Martin also informed the elders that he favored every Native Canadian issue proposed or sent to him for his signature. Martin was adopted as a member of the Mohawk Nation and given the Name Walking Eagle. After the Prime Minister left, one of the elders was asked the significance of the name Walking Eagle. His response---" Bird so full of shit it can't fly " <>
6- Hi Charlie. Hopefully you will post it on your blog site. The person insuniated that I was racious msyself because of making statements about the Premier and etc. I want him to know that I have the paperwork if he wants to see it. I also took the liberty to open my own blog site, for a number of reasons. If you do not mind what is on there perhaps you can list my address,, on your blog site also as you appear to have a great following there.Thank and have a good weekend whatever you decide.
7- That's the bad side....The are alot of Rich people also.....and alot of poor people...They say the rich get richer and the poor get poorer...The man that I was talking to yesterday....>works for GM...he lives about 2 hours away...On the subject of raises>>>he says that they don't give him much and want him to do the work of two people and he doesn't get the credit...>>only the higher ups get the big raises for inflicting the lower (pee-ons) more work and less pay; because it increases their profit and the big guys get all of the credit!!!
8- It sounds like you are getting alot more people on your side....This is the army of strong individuals,,, starting not to be afraid to speak !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
9- Hi Charlie;
I hope that you will post this reply to a statement relating to my note, about Bernie (the Beggar) Lord and Not To Honest Brad Green, that was posted on your blog site. The item, (4- The same way that person critized you for printing an email about TJ is the same thing that person did when she flat out said lies about Bernard Lord and Brad Green and you still printed it because it is your right to do that...), apparently does not think too much of me calling them, Lord and Green raciest and dishonest. Well the raciest remarks by Bernie was well published so if the person can read at all he has to believe that.The one relating to my statement about Begging Bernie and B. Green can be well documented also if the person has the ability to ask me for copies of the statements. My e-mail address is My remarks relate to an incident whereas the Premier and Justice Minister screwed a you female worker that worked with the department of AFA/APA. I, like you, have found that the Irving controlled newpapers of this province do not want to print anything that makes Premier Lord and his government look bad. If they did the newspapers would not have enough paper to print any other news.And I surly do not mind if my name is mentioned.Robert (Bev) Stack
10- Haven't seen anything since Friday, so maybe you need to put me back on? <>
11- In response to your request, I would just say that thegovernment of Canada ought to investigate the efficacyof Ritalin in a test apart from the clinical trialprocess.
Such a test is necessary because many clinicalresearchers who conduct clinical trials receive stockin the funding company, which is usually the companywhich will produce the drug. The possibility that theresearcher may see economic benefits - even anincreased quality of life - should they publiclyendorse the drug can lead to very real bias, includingmisrepresentations of the data from the trial.
There have been studies with regards to the levels ofbias in clinical trials & even in the most reputablemedical journals bias in clinical trials exceeds 80%.Which is to say, over 80% of the published trials arebiased owing to the researchers predispositions tofavour the tested drug.
I hope that's clear. Good luck Charles. Happy New Yearand a Very Merry Perihelion to everyone.
12- ADD Sonby Sad Mother Wednesday, Jan. 26, 2005 at 7:32 PM I enjoyed reading your story, Every night my son and I struggle with homework. He tells me that he is stupid, and I try to tell him he's not, he just needs to try harder. He is very smart, just can't get it on paper, he is more worried about playing. He was on meds and I took him off. Told his teacher we changed them, and to tell me if she sees a differents and she has not, his been off of them for 3 months now. and I see no differents at home. He is a very sad little boy and I don't know what to do for him.
Someone was in a bad mood and His or Her comments were so negative towardsyou that you must be making progress. Keep up the fight. As far as TJgoes, you didn't write it and not everyone will like everything thats saidanyways. You don't seem like the type to worry about who's toes that youare stepping on thats for sure. Too many things goes unsaid and whosuffers and who gets away with it? Things have got to change and you aredoing a good job at it with your update. I do not mean that I agree witheverything that you say but you have a awful lot of good, valid pointswhich alot of people share but would never come forward with, With theinternet being new to the political world it brings a new light on thesituation. Thanks Again!
14- Was that a Government employee who replied to your comments? I hope not.You should consider running for something within the Government and thenyou would be right there to deal with the different issues. Not everyonethinks that you are off the mark on the page.
Hi Charlie,AGAIN I am fighting with ????s school. On Friday they sent a note home saying that they have a teacher's assistant in to work with ????l SPECIFICALLY for a half an hour every day. I was unaware of this until I received the note home on Friday. When I asked my sonl about it, he told me that Mrs.????? works with him and none of the other class mates. HE KNOWS THAT HE'S BEING SINGLED OUT!!!!! This could cause him psychological damage if this continues. I AM FURIOUS!!! I sent a letter to the school today about my inappreciation of them taking the initiative and making decisions about my son with out notifying me first and without my permission. I'm telling you... when I sent him to Kindergarten, I assumed that it was supposed to be a wonderful experience for him. Now I'm fully aware, that instead of sending him to Kindergarten that I have in FACT thrown my child to the wolves!!! I am so angry, and FED UP!!!! My poor, poor child. What can I do?
16- I hope that wasn't the Human Rights Commission answer to your complaint.Whoever it was has a beef with you Charlie. That person might not seethings the same way that you do..........but alot of people see it thesame.

17- great link - I am covering this story- so now I can put a pic to it!
18- When are you coming to Saint-Jean again..I owe you a beer !! (LOL)

19- i am in Florida Lakeland
20- I was a little too harsh, I think. I'm sorry I was rude. I think you're very wrong about the Holocaust and Hitler comparisons, and wrong about the NB Human Rights Commission, and I'll keep holding you accountable, but I am sorry about the name-calling, and I won't do that again.
Here's why I feel so strongly: I know Holocaust survivors, and I know it hurts them deeply when people compare things to the Holocaust or compare politicians to Hitler. Lots of Canadian politicians and business people have been bad for people, especially workers and the poor, but none is comparable to Hitler. Second, I know people who have worked for the Human Rights Commission. They work their hearts out for victims of discrimination, and they're not corrupt, and I hate to see you treat them all with such disrespect. Third, I know two people who've won their human rights complaints, so I know if there was no Commission (like you wish for), people like them would have nowhere to turn.
Not trying to take back my apology, just trying to explain where I'm coming from.
21- Whew who wrote the rant Charles?!
Just 2 points on that ball of fire- I sure you'll get a few---my response inred
>6- FACTS- The verdict was suppose to come out on a>Friday and Carl White <> hung up on>me while I phoned his home to find out the verdict!
I agree with him/her on this one---you can't call a guy at home- we mightnot like all our politicians but he has a life and family too and can't workfor 24 hours...whether or not he gets paid a little or a lot---people arehuman...and home time should be off limits to the public- I respect hisright to privacy- we are not in a communistic dictatorship yet- so no matterwho the guy is, no matter what party, race, or creed= he needs a life too.
Fact: The point of a human rights commission is thatit's not political. That way, they don't worry about what the majoritywants, they protect minorities.
Um well everyone has a slant--it's human nature, we are all biased in someway---and if they vote they are political----also when a minority starts tosqueeze out the majority with law changes and going against the majoritieswill in a country because an appointed court decided and NOT thepeople----it's called apartheid, remember that one. 1/4 white ruled over 3/4blacks in South Africa----
23- You are starting to effect people and are starting to get somewhere!!
24- Rights Commission
1)Fact: Outside Charles LeBlanc's little world there aremany real and serious human rights abuses all over the planet. Much more tragic than losing one job, or losing one complaint, or not getting a letter to the editor published.
___This is frightening statement if it is coming from Human Rights Commission. If there are “serious human rights abuses all over the planet’ does that mean discrimination which leads to loss of one’s job in NB is OK. Oh please! All the more reason that HRC needs to be re-hauled so that it protects people’s rights and not brow beat them. Mr. Lord is having impact on every institution of this province, as he is good at brow beating especially that of victims of Lord Govt such as Mr. Burke. Yes current Commission should be abolished and real one should be established.
Fact: The point of a human rights commission is thatit's not political. That way, they don't worry about what the majority wants, they protect minorities.
Would Commission like to give some examples where it actually protected minorities? Is that minority Govt of the day? As they are fewer in number than entire population of the province. Yes Commission does protect Govt if it qualifies as a minority. We need to abolish the Commission, as it exists today, and put one in place which is sincere to its mandate and is able to carry out its mandate. Talking about politics, current chair has deep Tory connections.
--Posted by Anonymous to Charles LeBlanc ADHD Activist at 1/28/2005 02:01:28 PM
24- Could you PLEASE take me off your distribution list. I think I've requested this before, I'm really impressed about all thestuff that you're doing only I don't need to know about all of it.
Thank you much

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You were right on the money when you said that Irving controls the WHSCC. I am going to share with you a quick story about how this legislation works and who it worked for. It was put in place originally to protect the The legislation goes something like this:
1) The Employer has the right to terminate an injured worker after 1 year if he employs 50 Employees or less.
2) The Employer has the right to terminate an injured worker after 2 years if he employs 50 Employees or more Let me share a very small portion of the misery that we have been put through since my husbands injury and in my opinion who the legislation was meant for.
My husband worked for the Empire and injured his back in 1988. The first operation was a spinal fusion. He returned to work on a gradual return to work program and during that time his fusion collapsed while working.
The second operation was another fusion but this time they inserted a tense like machine with metal plates, screws and wires which my husband was thefirst one to receive in NB. The third operation was the emergency removal of this device and hardware due to infection.
The forth operation was on his shoulder.
As I said my husband had returned to work and was working when the fusion collapsed, so while he was recuperating from his second operation the letter arrived stating that he had been terminated effective 2 months before the 2 years were up from the last time that he worked. I tried to fight it because it really took a toll on my husband who loved to work.
It also began his initial depression which later became severe.
They had no record of him returning to work and at the time I couldn't find any proof. Well I have it now, 11 years later. The ironic thing is that I found the proof while packing up my home which we are losing because of my husbandsinjury. Like I said our story is a long and dirty one which I won't get into today.
I must tell you that I have worked fulltime for 25 years now and I make $40,000.00 a year and I have been financially raped because my husband is an injured worker.
Since the Empire could not locate his fileand they denied that he had ever returned to work, my husband lost out on his vacation pay and whatever else that they would of owed him at the time.
So what protection was in place for the injured worker? NONE! Why was the Empire allowed to even terminate him illegally and get away with it?
I hear a lot of good things said about Frank McKenna but I know that we will never share their views!

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Meals served at the Fredericton Soup Kitchen

Noon- 105 meals
Supper -89 meals


Noon- 100 meals
Supper- 89 meals

Have a clear conscience Weekend!!!

I don’t feel like writing today but I guess I can say that I phoned the program Voice of the Province last evening and told Andy Scott <> thatthe Irvings should be investigated of the way that own all the newspapers in this Province.
I even compared them to Hilter in Germany but the host quickly told me that I can’t compared the Irvingsto Hitler but I said – Hitler took control of themedia and the same is done in this small province.
The reruns of the program will showed this weekend at 3:00pm on Rogers.
I did the same action this morning on CFBC! I talked about the Irvings and those racist members ofthe New Brunswick Human Rights Commission. I told the host - I won’t mention no names butI’ll say is that he’s black and he’s a councillor onCommon Council! <>…lol… Anyway, I told the audience that Carl White andthe Commission should be eliminated in the year 2005because they are truly useless for New Brunswickers! Ok…What else? Nahhhhhh…..I don’t feel like writing! Here’s somecomments from the readers and don’t be afraid to sendme yours! Have a good weekend and don’t be afraid tosend me your feedbacks! You can leave them at my blogsite at

Here’s a few comments—

1-You were right on the money when you said thatIrving controls the WHSCC.I am going to share with you a quick story about howthis legislation works and who it worked for. It wasput in place originally to protect The legislation goes something likethis:1) The Employer has the right to terminate an injuredworker after 1 yearsif he employs 50 Employees or less.2) The Employer has the right to terminate an injuredworker after 2years if he employs 50 Employees or moreLet me share a very small portion of the misery thatwe have been putthrough since my husbands injury and in my opinion whothe legislation was meant for.My husband worked for the Empire and injured his backin 1988. The first operation was a spinal fusion. Hereturned to work on a gradual return to work programand during that time his fusion colasped whileworking. The second operation was another fusion but this timethey inserted a tense like machine with metal plates,screws and wires which my husband was the first one toreceive in NB. The third operation was the emergency removal of this device and hardware due to infection. The forth operation was on his shoulder.As I said my husband had returned to work and wasworking when the fusion colasped, so while he wasrecouperating from his second operation theletter arrived stating that he had been terminatedeffective 2 months before the 2 years were up from thelast time that he worked. I tried to fight it becauseit really took a toll on my husband who loved to work. It also began his initial depression which laterbecame severe. They had no record of him returning towork and at the time I couldn't find any proof.Well I have it now, 11 years later. The ironic thingis that I found the proof while packing up my homewhich we are losing because of my husband'sinjury. Like I said our story is a long and dirty onewhich I won't get into today. I must tell you that Ihave worked fulltime for 25 years now and I make$40,000.00 a year and I have been financially rapedbecause my husband is an injured worker. Since theEmpire could not locate his file and they denied thathe had ever returned to work, my husband lost out on his vacation pay and whatever else that they wouldof owed him at the time.So what protection was in place for the injuredworker? NONE! Why was the Empire allowed to eventerminate him illegally and get away with it?I hear alot of good things said about Frank McKennabut I know that we will never share their views!

2-As far as Irving goes he controls way too much foronly employing 8% of this Province. Maybe othercompanies given the same breaks as the Irvings get could do the same but this is not whathappens, its all given to Irvings. Its like you sayits their way or nothing. Just ask an ex-Irvingemployee or a retired one and not too many have goodthings to say of their Empire. They can have it!!!!!!

3-Charles; Please read and don't make up what you wish tosee. The Ombudsman said that he had been asked to lookat the issue of the overuse of Ritalin -"NOT"TO DO A STUDY!!

4-Here you go again!I think you only care about prejudice when it'sprejudice against you. You oppose anti-French prejudice, and anti-ADHD prejudice,and prejudice against the unemployed or against smokers, but you've got noproblem with people who blame T.J. Burke for the premier's racist commentsagainst him.And now you're back to comments that make light of theHolocaust. The Final Solution was a plan to exterminate Jews just becausethey were Jews, and the Gestapo executed that plan. Do you understand thatunder the Final Solution more than six million people who killed just becauseof their ethnicity? How can you possibily imagine that not getting lettersprinted in someone's newspaper, or not getting a job, is in any waycomparable to that? Your ego must be massive!Seriously, get some perspective, sir! If you werefired unjustly, well yes, that's terrible. And I agree, it's not healthy for onefamily to control all the newspapers in this province. But seriously, thesethings are not at all like the Holocaust. How do you think yourexaggerations sound to Holocaust survivors and their families?And, you keep saying that the Human Rights Commissiondid something wrong, but you've never explained that. Reading between thelines, it looks to me like you complained you were fired because of yourADHD (discrimination based on disability), and your complaint was rejectedbecause their investigation showed you were fired because of yourinsubordination and not because of discrimination. Isn't that true? If youhave evidence that anyone associated with Irving bribed anyone associated withthe Commission, produce it or stop making it up.

5- How could you prove your racism complaint when theydidn't even talk toyou? This is where they need to look at the wholepicture.

6-By the sound of the comments there are peoplewriting so they must bereading.

7-I noticed that you did not write the amount ofpeople served at your soupkitchen yesterday. Is there a reason for that? Ithink on the very colddays you should also ask the readers to pray for thehomeless. I cannotstop thinking of how cold they must be. I have alwaysthought of theanimals outside and not really knowing that we hadthat many homelesspeople or even any for that matter, but I never use tothink of the peopleoutside. Now thats all I can think about. It's hardgrowing up andrealizing just how real thing are.

8-<> THIS IS A NOTE THAT I REPLIED TOTHE COMMISSION A FEW MONTHS AGO AND SOMEONE WANTED TOADD SOME COMMENTS!!! IT’S HARD TO READ BUT IT’S ALLTHERE----I just believe it’s fair to paste all pointsof view….>>Maybe you weren't on my list when I received this>little note---->>>M. LeBlanc,>As Chair of the New Brunswick Human RightsCommission,>I am asking that you honour your commitment to the>former Chair, Dr. Malcolmson, that you made to himand>the Ombudsman at your meeting this past February.>Please stop referring to the Commission and its>members as racist.>Please also stop implying that we are accepting any>inappropriate compensation.So, you made a commitment to stop referring to theCommission and its members as racist, but you broke that commitment? Aman is only as good as his word, in my opinion.>Thank you in advance for circulating this message to>all to whom you have made these allegations.>Alanna Palmer>Chair>> I appreciate your concerns on this very racial>case but I have to give you a few facts that really>bothers me with your commission.>>1- FACTS- I was the brunt of many dirty and racial>slurs while I work for Gulf Operators at the Irving>Empire!So what? TJ Burke was the victim of a racial slur lastweek, and you don't have an opinion on the anonymous poster who called hima phoney and a liar. (Which is BS. TJ's aboriginal hesritage was well-knownall over town before he got elected. And TJ was the guy who read yourRitalin petiion in the Leg! And praised you in the papers.>>>2- FACTS - I was told by Carl White to write down my>complaint!Fact: The Commission can not legally act on anycomplaint unless it's in writing. Read the Human Rights Act.>>>3- FACTS- After meeting with the Irvings? Carl White>never met with me!Fact: Once a complaint is received, the Commissionrequires the respondent to reply. If after that the complaint is withoutmerit, it is dismissed. This means: if the investigator determines that evenif everything the complainant says is true, there still is nodiscrimination under the law, the complaitn must be dismissed. Read the Human RightsAct. It's online.>> 4-FACTS- Remember this statement that was faxed to>the>Commission->>When Mr.LeBlanc was interviewed by Gulf Operators>he informed us he had ADHD and was taking Ritalin>there>were medical limitations placed on Mr.LeBlanc. We>accommodated Mr.LeBlanc disability by ensuring thathe>was given jobs and duties that complied with his>medical limitations.>>Sherry Merssereau <>Doctor’s paper! >Fact: No human resource professional is a doctor. Sowhat?Fact: You informed your employer you needed specialtreatment because of your condition. They gave you special treatment.What's your beef?>>>5-FACTS- With that very discriminatory statement>against the people with ADHD? I was certain that my>point was proven that the Irving Management>discriminates against people with Disabilities!What discriminatory statement? There was nodiscriminatory statement made! you are imagining one. They said you told them you hada disability (ADHD), they accommodated your disability. That's what the lawrequires of employers: reasonable accommodation of persons withdisabilities. Read!>>6- FACTS- The verdict was suppose to come out on a>Friday and Carl White <> hung up on>me while I phoned his home to find out the verdict!Fact: Carl White's history is irrelevant and none ofyour business.Fact: If you call any underpaid bureaucrat at home, ifthey have any self-respect they will hang opn you. Where do you getoff?>>7- FACTS- Janet Cullinan <>Director of the Commission sent me a letter with only>three lines that my complaint was denied therefore>agreeing with the Irvings that racism is ok in the>workplace and people with ADHD are close to mental>retardation!Fact: No one said racism is ok in the workplace, andno one at the Commission agreed that racism is ok in the workplace.And no one said anything bad about people with ADHD. You are makingall that shit up.>>8- FACTS- I showed up months later and wanted someone>to explain to me why my complaint was denied??? The>Director Janet Culinnan push my complaint in my face>and ordered me out the door>>9- FACTS- I phoned the building and the Director hung>up on me!!>>10- FACTS- I had a meeting with the past Chairman on>this issue and I did tell him that I would back offon>the issue of racism but this all change once a>bureaucrat told me that I wouldn’t be able to work>because of the decision of the New Brunswick Human>Rights Commission that people with ADHD are not>allowed to work in a normal fashion! <>complaint >One bureaucrat told you this, and you broke your word?You don't even respect bureaucrats! You're always saying bad thingsabout them.>>11- FACTS- The commission was very ignorant with me>and they took the unusual step to re-study my>complaint about ADHD and still agreed that peoplewith>ADHD are limited!!!Fact: You were very ignorant and inappropriate withthem.>>12- FACTS- People are being escorted out the door if>they dare to make a complaint! I heard this from many>citizens who told me the Commission sides with big>industries on complaint!Fact: "I heard it from some people, so it's true" isridiculous. The Commission helps people with real complaints, andcan't help with people who don't.>>13- FACTS- If a Commission supports racism within the>Workforce then they are racist themselves and this is>what happen in my case!Fact: The Commission does not support racism, itfights racism every day.>>14- FACTS- The commission took a very discriminatory>decision with only one day of training on the issueof>ADHD!!!Fact: They did not take a "discriminatory" decision.And who cares how much training they had, and what makes you think it's yourbusiness?>>15- FACTS- I offered my services with the CudmoreCase>but you people denied me therefore it shows me that>you people at the Commission don’t believe that Iknow>what I’m talking of the issue of ADHD!Your services? What are your qualifications?>>16- FACTS- A few months ago, Sharon Golden <>what her name is> showed up at a meeting to preach>about Human Rights and it wasn’t a nice picture onceI>began my speech against the Commission. I alsonoticed>that many people in the room agreed with me therefore>this tells me there’s a major problem in the>Commission building!Fact: When you show up at public meetings and startranting your conspiracy theories, most people think you're a nutjob.Fact: When you take over a public meeting to make itabout you, it means you're rude, and a bit of an ego-maniac.>>17- FACTS- I showed up at a another meeting a few>weeks ago hoping you people would be there but you>nowhere to be seen! I would have never let you speak>until you people apologizes to the huge mis-justice>that was done to me!Fact: There was no injustice.>>18- FACTS- You people have ruined my life with your>behind close doors verdict on this very racist>verdict! Myself and New Brunswickers have the rightto>know what was said behind those doors!!!!Ridiculous.>>19- FACTS- I’ll continue to call you people racists!>If you don’t believe me? There’s a meeting at the>Legion on Queen Street this Saturday for thecommittee>for Democracy! They didn’t seem to take mysuggestions>seriously so I got to speak again about the racists>members of the New Brunswick Human Rights Commission!>You don’t believe me? Be there between 10:00am and>3:00pm!Now you're just being pathetic.>>20- FACTS- I’m a strong believer there’s a reason for>everything. Do you believe that I enjoy writing these>updates on a daily basis? Of course not but afterthis>very racist verdict? The Government of New Brunswick>are following your orders that people with ADHDshould>be ignored at any cost!You don't enjoy it? Who are your kidding? You LOVE theattention!>>21- FACTS- I’ll continue fighting this very racist>verdict till the last day that I die!!!!!>>22- FACTS- Don’t worry about me calling you people>racist because no one pays attention to my updates>anyway! But I might add that if you google your name?>My updates will come out and I did receive many>concern email from around the world about you people>at the Commission!Fact: Outside Charles LeBlanc's little world there aremany real and serious human rights abuses all over the planet. Much moretragic than losing one job, or losing one complaint, or not getting a letterto the editor published.>>23- FACTS- Please stay in your building and don’tcome>and preach in public that you pretend to fight for>people rights because New Brunswickers know better>about you people. I’ll be there face to face todemand>how much money were you paid to ignored this very>racist case?Fact: Your insistence that these human rightscrusaders must have taken a bribe shows what a crazy ego you have.>>24- FACTS- I was protesting for a six months periodin>front of the Legislature and never once did one ofyou>people came and chat with me about my concerns. This>all change once I showed up with a blowhorn in front>of your building! It didn’t take you people long to>come out of the building!See? Ego! They should come to see your little show?Why?!>>25- FACTS-Don’t forget one thing- If Racism exist>somewhere than it exist everywhere!!! You people are>supporting racism within the workplace and you mustbe>put to a stop!!!!Fact: If they are put to a stop, people with realdiscrimination complaints would have nowhere to turn for help.>>26- FACTS- The Commission should be elected and not>appointed!Fact: The point of a human rights commission is thatit's not political. That way, they don't worry about what the majoritywants, they protect minorities.>>27- FACTS- Since there’s a major conflicts ofinterest>as the Cudmore case than the lawyer who foughtagainst>the Cudmore Family is now working on the Human Rights>Commission therefore it’s a certain doom for the>Cudmore family! Why not take the time to bring me in>court????>>28- FACTS- I was told by your lawyer that if I didn’t>agree of the way you people treated me? I shouldbring>you people in court? If I had the money? I would!Go to Small Claims Court!>>29- FACTS- I don’t believe that a appointed Judge>would agree that no niggers of Frogs should beallowed>to work in the Evil Irving Empire or that people with>ADHD are close to mental retardation!Fact: No, a judge wouldn't do that. Neither did theHuman Rights Commission.>>30- Have a good day!!!!!>>That felt good! I can only put up with so muchinflated ego and exaggerated BS.:)

Thursday, January 27, 2005


In the past, they had studies in the States but those powerful Drug companies are making certain that the drugging of our kids will continue!

Last week, Scotland announce a Commission on this very emotional issue but this Province don’t wish to touch this issue even if 10,000 people signed my petition telling the Government to study this issue!

The teachers told the Government that a study should be done but Elvy Robichaud told the media that the drugging of our kids will continue!!!

The Drugging of our kids will continue in this province until the next Provincial Election!

These poor kids who are forced on Ritalin will be labeled for life once they reached Adulthood and if a darn shame!

Take a look at this orders that was sent to those racist members of the New Brunswick Human Commission-

When Mr.LeBlanc was interviewed by Gulf Operatorshe informed us he had ADHD and was taking Ritalinthere were medical limitations placed on Mr.LeBlanc.We accommodated Mr.LeBlanc disability by ensuring that he was given jobs and duties that complied with hismedical limitations.

Sherry Merssereau < Supported by the racist members of the Human Rights Commission of New Brunswick >

So therefore in here in New Brunswick Adults with ADHD can’t accomplish anything!!!!

They are labeled close to Mental Retardation and these are orders from those racist members of the Commission!

I might add that these racists are appointed for life and cannot be touch!

I would love the government to take a close look at the monopoly we have of the media in this province. Irving owns all of the major daily newspapers, a lot of the weeklies and bi-weekly ones. The commission from Ottawa has to study the issue of media control in this province.

My letter to the Editor was printed and I was certain that the Irving Gestapo would have showed up in the editor office and escorted the editor out the door!

Am I far off the mark by calling the Irving Management Gestapo?

Of course not! Many poor families were and are still forced from this Province if they don’t dedicate their life and souls to the Evil Irving Empire!!!

You see? It’s just like the Jews were treated in the 40s in Germany!

A final Solution as long as the world allows them!

Same goes for the Management of the Irvings.

They made a deal with Frank McKenna of the way that injured workers would be treated in this Province. If a worker gets injured on the job and he can’t work over one year? That worker will be fired!

So they have control of the Workers Compensation Board!

We know that the Irvings don’t go around executing New Brunswickers but the final solution is to put these workers on a blacklist and to force them out of New Brunwick!

Look what happen to me? I was working for a company that dealt with the Irvings and once the Irvings found this out?

I was let go!

I forgot the company name but they deal with staging! Maybe you can remind me? It’s located across the causeway in Saint John but this was a good thing because I began my protest weeks later in Fredericton!

The Publisher of the Telegraph Journal – Peter Huggart told me they will not print critical letters of the Irvings therefore the final solution is to deny New Brunswickers to right to speak out!

I got 500 letters printed in the papers during the past 15 years and the final solution by the Irving Family was to stop me from preaching my views but in a way this is a good thing because I can go on talk shows and tell the audience of the way that the Irvings are pushing the final solution and New Brunswickers are letting them get away with murder!!!!

I got an idea??? Maybe those racists members of the New Brunswick Human Rights Commission should walk around with tattoos on their forehead saying- IRVING EMPLOYEE! Am I far off the mark???? Let me know.

They control the New Brunswick Human Rights Commission, the Compensation Board and the media!!! The final Solution is to deny New Brunswickers rights!!! That’s the Irving final solution!!!!

Wednesday, January 26, 2005


Meals served at the Fredericton Soup Kitchen on Tuesday-
Noon – 150 mealsSupper- 79 meals
Enjoy your nice meal at home!!!
I received over 100 hits so far on my new Blog Site… check it out at
Ok…I received this note yesterday-
Charles;Please take me off your mailing list. It appears that you are not questioning what your contacts send you and you are just posting them in you e-mails. I do not know TJ Burke personnaly but I have had and still do have questions about our less than glorious Premier, Bernard Lord. I know first hand how he mistreats the citizens of New Brunswick and in particular myself. One of you notes relates to T. J. Burke and his honesty. Where do get the right to put a note on your mailings without looking into the matter. As for Mr. Burke, I cannot say that he hid his native origin before the election but it appeared in many newspapers during the campaign. Perhaps if he had used his native orgin on his billboard then the opposition what have rediculed him for it. Any idiot that would state that T.J. was afraid of his origin would sure be in the same brainless category as our Premier, Bernard Lord.I have written proof of how ignorant of how Premier Lord and Justice Minister Brad Green are if you wish to see them someday. It has to relate to how they screwed a provincial employee. If you are really interested in helping this province please help get that idiot, Premier Lord, out of office before he ruins our province.I would suggest that you get your head out of the clouds for a bit and look things over.
Now? Lets get one thing straight right now!!!! I write my updates and send it along on the information Highway! It got so bad that the Government tried to blocked me last summer but I straighten everything out once I suggested to the Government that I would go at their office and chat with them for over one hour about the issue of Ritalin! They had a frighten look on their face and they would soon find out it’s better to delete me than to listen to me every day! What I’m saying is this - I write my views on different issues and I can’t take the time to comment on every email I received in my mailbox! MY GOD???? That would take forever! I’m a very busy person…lol… Of course many would disagree with my views and I pasted them with my updates! I’m sorry that this individual wanted to be removed from my list but that’s ok because two new people were added a few minutes ago! I have three young people from the Country of Japan in there! They were very concern of the Irvings???? So my job is to educate the public on different issues and that’s good! There’s another website that a person can leave comments and the person who runs the website don’t comment on every view that pasted in that website. The site is The same goes with my updates!!! You send a comment and I’ll remove your name! I don’t usually give my views on every email that is send to me!!! Hey? Hats off to the Daily Gleaner <> They put a comment I wrote about the Irvings! I’ll look for it on the net in the morning and share it with the readers. Ok..Many asked me this question? Charles? WHAT’S A BLOGGER???? Lets say there was a convention somewhere on a certain issue. Lets choose the Gay issue for an example! <> Anyway? Issues comes out on the floor and the public has to wait till the media do their work therefore it would take hours for the public to received the information. A Blogger writes every details and send it on the information Highway therefore Millions of people around the Globe can follow the Convention. The Blog comes out every 2 minutes! This is just another way to share information on the Information Highway! Take a look at Tim Smith with his protest about VLT’S??? You readers first learned of this protest with my updates and you have read many personal stories that wasn’t in the media because I was very close with this protester and my updates goes to every bureaucrat and politicians in the City!!! Of course, I just started with this new Blog and no one really knows about me!!! The website again is
The issue of Ritalin must be address by the Lord Government but they still believe if the doctor prescribe the Medication then it must be ok!!! I’ll write more about this issue in the morning. The doctors in this province are like Legal drug dealers and just take a look at the Pain Killer pills in this Province. I warned the Government 5 years ago about this issue but they ignored me! Just look at the huge mess we’re in now??? But then again they must be going by the verdict of those racist members of the New Brunswick Human Rights Commission? Charles is close to mental retardation because he has ADHD and should be ignored at any cost!!! Charles LeBlanc doesn’t know what he’s talking about! Thank god for this Keyboard because a person such as myself usually go to a Psychiatrist when he or she has a problem but my Psychiatrist is the keyboard but there’s only one problemo???? I share my views with thousands of people so therefore it’s not private but do I care? Of course not! I forward my views and people can delete it or read it but from what I’ve been hearing on the streets? A lot of people are reading my BS!!!..LOL.. My god?? I did it again!!! CLOSE TO 1,000 WORDS ALREADY!!! Excuse the style and grammar of this column because I just write the darn thing and send it along on the information Highway!!! Send this to all your friends on your list so they can continue reading the going on within the Capital!!!! Here’s some comments I received during the last 24 hours! Don’t be afraid to send me yours!!!
1- <> Good morning charles - went for meeting this morning and I am very happy to let you know that SHEANA and I are now reunited , things are going well! I’ve been talking to a music teacher in your area and she has been working on a project that I believe will bring a huge helping hand to the VLT cause. She has written a couple of songs on the subject & a local Radio Station has agreed to produce them for her. I’ve heard a sample of these and am quite pleased with her work. I am very pleased that such a diverse group of individuals feel the same way about this issue at hand. which I believe reinforces the point that VLT,S effect a large part of our population and or communities. I have once again reminded the government that they truly have the opportunity to be the first governing power in the country to change regulation on VLT,S And to lead with the voices of the people for an equal solution ( To govern is to lead for a Better tomorrow for ALL not part.) Lets show the rest of CANADA how People & Government Can make a difference.
2- Is it not ironic that we have the riches billionaires that live in SaintJohn NB, THE IRVINGS, and we have the poorest people living in Saint Johnfor all of Canada. Is this the fate that they have for their ownneighbours. This alone should tell the government to stop giving our moneyfor breaks for these billionaires and start taking care of the homeless,hungry and addicted. I do not think that it says much for the Irving orthe government for the way that they run things around here. I just wantedto say this because I know that this goes all over the world and it reallygets under my nails.
3- There was a good letter to the editor in last nights paper here in SaintJohn. It was from a man who complimented Tim Smith for what he did and hitthe nail on the head for what he thought of the government. It also saidhow much they made on those dreadful machines and the amount grossed meout. You should try to locate it because its good reading.

4- Looks like a great place for you to post your blog Charles-
5-From: "Anonymous" <> Add to Address Book
To: oldmaison@yahoo.comSubject: [Charles LeBlanc ADHD Activist] 1/25/2005 04:46:06 PMDate: Tue, 25 Jan 2005 12:46:22 -0800 (PST)
Is it possible that Irvings are keeping an eye on you by providing this blog site.
NB Human Rights Commission is useless. There used to be a woman by the name of Janet Cullinan who was definitely a racist. She was always determined to protect the government and offender of human rights than the complainant. She was racist of worst kind. Not sure if she is still around. Then of course that guy in Saint John is an Uncle Tom also of worst kind.
If anyone wants to really get screwed then complain to N.B. Human Rights Commission. If you have any chance of surviving the Commission will sure put an end to it.
6- I would really like to see that report on gambling when it's done. But I suppose if it turns out negative to the government we will never ever hear about it again.
7- If you want to see my opinion of our Premier go to for your e-mails. They were interesting.
8-Ouaip! Je suis marqué pour la vie! ;-)
9-I think I am misunderstanding you Charles. My name ought to be on your "list" in order that Imay continue to receive your excellent postings. I don't really give a shit, metaphorically speaking,what T.J. Burke thinks. The past 20 years I have lived on the Tobique IndianReserve I recall seeing T.J. slink on and off onlyvery rarely, and I don't believe he has ever livedthere, having been born and raised in Los Angeles. I believe he quietly duped Maliseets on the Northsidethis past election. Burke's future is about to hit rough waters, as they say.
10-Yes, no doubt like any other small community. Kids here also sell their ritalin. Now, my nephew, who shall remain nameless of course, told his mom a few years ago that ritalin was doing nothing for him. So, he stopped taking it. Unlike other kids who keep the prescriptions going, he stopped. He is now able to control himself. I guess with maturity some things "calm" down eh...I dunno...Ritalin is not the only drug here, there is marijuana, cocaine, LSD, heroin amongst others. Anyways, my maiden name is ??????. My husband is ??????. He is French-Acadien, I am maliseet from Kingsclear First Nation.

Tuesday, January 25, 2005


Ok..the Irving White collar has update my blog site! Go have a look at
Let me know what you think? I thing it’s cool!!!
FridayNoon- 136 mealsSupper- 53 meals
SaturdayNoon-88 mealsSupper- 62 meals
SundayNoon- 75 mealsSupper- 79 meals
MondayNoon- 145 mealsSupper-147 meals
Have a good clear minded day and some readers comments are at the end of this update!!!
Ok….it’s cold out there and it’s once again it’s Anti-Abortion Day in the Capital! Every Tuesday morning for the last 8 years, this woman is protesting in front of the Abortion clinic in Fredericton. I noticed three girls who were the clinic escorts and this time around they were a little friendlier than the last time. I might add the Anglo Society is stationed in front of the Beaverbrook Hotel because the Liberal Federal Caucus is in there at a meeting. Those Bigots are getting up there in age so therefore they find the weather very coold!! Last week, I attended an ADHD support group in the Capital and the parents were concerned of the statement that the New Brunswick Human Rights Commission told the Government that Adults with ADHD are close to mental retardation! Well? I was tired and I wasn’t prepared for a speech because it was the same day that I wrote that I needed some Ritalin because my poor five ADHD brains was really working overtime and I might add it was the same day that Tim Smith ended his hunger strike! But I did give the audience a 30 minutes speech about those people at the Commission. Lets go back to those racist members of the New Brunswick Human Rights Commission for a moment! The report to study Democracy in New Brunswick came out with their report and let me see if I can locate the report on the net? I can’t copy it but anyway my suggestion to the committee of the manner that the Irvings are buying all the newspapers isn’t mentioned? Why is that now? Is it because Brent Taylor <> is on the Commission? Democracy and one owner for all the Newspapers in this province isn’t democracy!!! It’s a dictatorship!!!! It isn’t even mention but they did mention that all people who served on any Commissions should be advertises or screen! Take a close look at those racist members of the New Brunswick Human Rights Commission??? We have a paid Civil Servant who is a convicted thief <> and now is watching after the interest of the Irvings! Those appointed people agreed with the Irvings that people with ADHD are close to mental retardation and Irving supervisors can continue calling minorities’ racial slurs and that’s ok because it’s Irving! This Commission must be eliminated in the year 2005! We New Brunswickers have no rights whatsoever! <> It just burns my mind when I see Paul Martin preaching to the world leaders about Human Rights and we don’t have none in this Province! We New Brunswickers are not allowed to write critical letters to the Editor about the Evil Irving Empire and this is not right! Freedom of speech is done in this Province but mind you the Daily Gleaner <> have been printing my letters but I cannot be nasty like I use to be! In the good old days? I got printed 500 letters in the Irving Papers and many were supportive or negative of the Irvings! But these days, only praising letters of the Evil Irving Empire will hbe printed!!! Germany all over again!!! I still have my own little column in the River Valley News! But the Commission to study Democracy requested that all Commissions change the way they are appointed to their post! This Racist Commission should be screen because in 20 years from now? People are going to find out that we had a Human Rights Commission who were afraid of the Irvings and could be in Irving pocket! They told the Government that minorities could be at the end of a witch hunt therefore it’s ok in this Province! My God? We are behind the time but if you are Gay and you wish to complain about a gay float in a Santa Claus Parade? Those racists members will say- You poor soul!!! Come on in!!! <> I was told that new Irving employees are screen very closely and if they have ADHD??? They are shown the door because they have the backing of those racist members of the New Brunswick Human Rights Commission! As I said in the past and I’ll continue to say - To you people at the Commission? <> don’t make no public appearance because I will be there with my direct approach! I am not one to write the write but I also talk the talk! I might add that Christian Whallen <> soon found that out once he showed up with a meeting on Disable people and Shara Golden <> also know that I mean business once I confronted her in front of 70 people! I speak the truth and I will battle those racist members at the Human Rights Commission till the last day I die!!! This fraud commission must be eliminated in the year 2005!!! We cannot have C.U.P.E. racist members in that Commission! The Commission must be equipped with people who cares about New Brunswickers rights and not the Evil Irving Empire! Am I wrong or right? Let me know!!! Close to 900 words and I wrote about nothing!!!>.lol…O well…I feel much better now! There’s so many issues to write about but I said enough! Hey??? Tim Smith is receiving a lot of Coverage read these editorials-
Daily Gleaner EditorialsArticle published: Jan 24, 2005 OUR OPINIONTim Smith put a face on gambling
Tim Smith has put the spotlight fully on the issue ofvideo lottery terminal (VLT) addiction by virtue ofhis hunger strike carried out in the face of sub-zerotemperatures and heavy wind chills.
While the Saint John native last week was less thanfully satisfied with the answers his actions and theresulting queries on the floor of the legislature byNDP leader Elizabeth Weir - have received, at the veryleast he has reminded us of two important, intertwinedthings.
One is that we as a society still do not really "get"the notion that addiction to VLTs in particular andgambling in general is real. The other is that manygamblers themselves are painfully unaware of the costof their addiction both in terms of dollars and interms of their very lives.
On these pages, we have argued that banning VLTs isneither the answer nor appropriate. On the basis ofthe 2001 referendum, a majority of New Brunswickersagree with our position.
However, the reality exists that gambling is a bigproblem for many people. Even though we would findvirtually nobody who would argue that eithercigarettes or alcohol (two other things that lead tomajor tax revenues for the government and itsprograms) are addictive, there is still an attitudewithin society that gambling is relatively harmless bycomparison.
Even groups that do so much good in society usegambling as a fundraising tool in a way that theywould never even consider for alcohol or tobacco.Anything from a bingo game in a local church to aticket tale for a prize or set of prizes put on by alocal philanthropic organization is an obviousexample.
Tim Smith, who ended his hunger strike after eightdays, has the courage - and was desperate enough - tobe a poster exhibit for all that can go wrong as apart of VLT addiction. He says that he has squanderedover $100,000 in these machines. He has relinquishedhis privacy by making common knowledge the sad factsthat he is a 41-year-old man who was forced to give upcustody of his daughter when he became hooked ongambling machines after becoming unemployed 10 yearsago.
Weir, meanwhile, told the legislature on Tuesday thata Nova Scotia study has found that average losses byVLT gamblers increased by 50 per cent between 1998 and2002.
She said, "I urge this government to stop puttingprofits over health and provide credible research onthis province's addiction to VLTs. Tim Smith'saddiction to VLT has cost him thousands of dollars, asteady job and custody of his children. He wants thisgovernment to acknowledge that the lucrative revenuefrom VLTs comes with a price."
On the heels of Smith's story and Weir's statistics,we are troubled that there is no waiting list fortreatment programs that the province offers forproblem gamblers. While waiting lists for every kindof public ally funded professional help - fromappointments with medical specialists or for medicalprocedures on the one hand to treatments to help thoseaddicted to everything from alcohol to Dilaudid - arehuge, there seems to be a lack of awareness amongpeople addicted to gambling that they have a problem,that they need help.
We would argue that this lack of waiting lists doesnot mean that there is not a problem. We wouldencourage the government to ponder carefully theresults of comprehensive studies like the one nowbeing carried out by Dr. Richard Nicki and hisassociates at UNB. As we reported on Monday, theseresearchers are undertaking a new three-part VLT studyaimed at understanding what attracts gamblers tocertain machines or games.
UNB actually has a lab set up with commercial VLTmachines that study participants are asked to play.
The machines are not altered to pay out anydifferently than ones found in any area bar, butparticipants in the study will be restricted in theamounts they can bet and for how long they can play.
Although UNB has been researching problem gambling forthe past eight years, it's only in the last year thatit has used a lab setting to study gamblerpreferences.
Study participants are invited to rate the games andtheir effects.
"We have them give us ratings about how exciting theyfind the games. Do the games make them forget theirproblems? Do they feel in control?" Nicki said.
Certain types of gamblers may be more vulnerable tocertain types of games. The UNB research will try todetermine if there are gender differences andpreferences that emerge from the way VLTs are designedto pay out. Another aspect of the research will lookat gamblers' fallacies.
The research project, likely to wrap up in February,will look at clues and indicators that can help toidentify the potential for gambling problems.
The work is vital the problem is real. Tim Smith isproof of that.

Daily Gleaner Readers' ForumAs published on page A8 on January 24, 2005
Fredericton now has a black eye
Dear Editor: When I first arrived in the capital, Isoon found out that Fredericton was a bureaucraticcity.
On many occasions, these bureaucrats would be in theirown little world and too busy to stop and to chat withme about my protest against the use of Ritalin.
But not to notice a little five-year-old walking alonefrom Regent Street?
This tells me that the citizens must open their eyesand notice the surroundings.
This shameful episode sure left a black eye on thiscity.
Need I to say more?
Charles LeBlanc Fredericton
Monday, January 24, 2005 New Brunswick Weather LogIn Change Password search online news Home Telegraph Journal
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SJ Telegraph-Journal EditorialsAs published on page D6 on January 24, 2005
Our ViewMr. Smith goes to Fredericton
We Believe:Peaceful protest can bring issues to thepublic'sattention
Hunger striker Tim Smith left Fredericton last weekhaving achieved something important: he convinced fourcabinet ministers to meet with him.
Few will want to emulate his example, but Mr. Smith'sself-imposed ordeal illustrates two lessons. Peacefulprotest can bring attention to bear on an issue inways that voting and letter writing cannot.Legislators and ordinary voters are more easily movedby issues that have a personal dimension.
New Brunswickers have seen many protests recently.Most were ineffective. The largest and loudest ofthese protests - when 3,000 Miramichiers angered byimpending hospital cuts converged on the capital lastsummer - was probably counterproductive, because itmade the protesters seem less reasonable than thegovernment they were challenging.
Mr. Smith didn't get everything he wanted fromgovernment. But he did get an audience, and a promisethat cabinet would consider two of hisrecommendations. We attribute his success to thenature of his protest, the underlying issue, and thetiming.
Mr. Smith's protest was difficult to ignore. Aself-proclaimed gambling addict, he donned a sandwichboard accusing the government of being indifferent tolives ruined by video lottery terminals. Having losthis income, possessions and family, Mr. Smith riskedthe only thing he has left - his health.
The issue of whether the revenue produced by VLTsoffsets the misery they spawn was not settled by theVLT referendum. So, the prospect of a man who claimedto be a victim of VLTs starving in front of thelegislature because he had nothing left to losetouched people in a way that other protests have not.The fact Mr. Smith held his hunger strike in Januarymade his protest insurmountable. Every day he spentfreezing and hungry drew more attention to theseriousness of his allegations.
Good decision-making relies on being able to viewissues on both an abstract level and a human level.Peaceful protesters such as Mr. Smith succeed to theextent that they return attention to the humanconsequences of political policies.
The challenge of governing well is to anticipate thehuman impact of decisions - to consider the needs ofMr. Smith, even when he is not at the legislature -and even though the politicians involved may not knowMr. Smith, or anyone quite like him.

And here’s a few comments-
1-Hi charles ...keep up the fine work...
3-Standard practice by Mr. Lord and his Govt when it is reminded of its blunders and transgressions. Attack the aggrieved party and character assassinate. That is exactly what is being done to Mr. Burke. Mr. Lord's very first reaction was that Mr. Burke brought it upon himself and that strategy apparently continues.
4-FROM TIM SMITHThank you very much for this information if anything it is very informative and very true. Charles I must let you know again how much I appreciate the information you find and or share with me, I believe that it comes from true concern for fellow friends you meet along your road I must say that free information given without a price is the most valuable and conclusive to truth because it comes from the heart --- So don,t be down on yourself for feeling like the journalist that works for free :-) Your Friend Tim (keep warm - keep safe)

5-Lord is indeed a racist. Please do not blame the victim. It is bad enough that Mr. Burke was subjected to racism by Mr. Lord. To blame it on Mr. Burke is very disturbing. A racist tries to blame the victim. As a rapist blames the victim. Racism is a form of rape. It rapes you of dignity and pride in your heritage. Mr. Lord, the racist, must be condemned for his racist views. It is natives today it will be other minorities in tomorrow.
6-wow wee!! Have a blogging nice day!
7-It is unfortunate the way Mr. Burke is being attacked in your blog. A racist is a racist and in this case Bernard Lord is a racist. It feels the same way as you felt when someone made racial slurs directed at you and that was regrettable and this one is too.
You may have personal difference with Mr. Burke and we all have difference but those differences must not get in the way when it comes to racism. Let us face it Mr. Lord behaved in a racist manner and that makes him racist just the way you feel about Irving employees who hurled racial slurs at you. Mr. Lord being racist disqualifies him to be premier. If he needs cultural sensitivity, as a consultant said, after two terms in office then he must have never held that office to start with. .

8-If it is the one about TJ Burke - yes! Now, I expect that you will send itto everyone on your email list - so it no longer is a column but just yourupdate.

9-Maybe this is something you want to look at...

10-Now that you are an offical blogger does that mean that you have beendeleted from the Irving site? Thats what it sounds like. You might ofdone them a favour not the other way around. Its good to get the messageout but who goes to that site anyways?

11-They think that you're god? GOD!!! MY ASS!!! Who is this person, and which church do they attend? LOL!!! I have a migraine headache today. I dont feel good at all.

12-I actually don't know how I ended up on your list, but I am glad I did. You were likely forwarded to me by someone else.

13-I can absolutely most definitely come up with something better to call you then a blogger!!! LOL!!!

14-The volume of emails we receive is such that we delete any that do not directly relate to our law practice. Such being the case all of your emails are deleted upon receipt.
15-From: "Reid Chedore" <> View Contact Details
To: "charlie leblanc" <>Subject: Re: CHARLES LEBLANC IS OFFICIALLY A BLOGGER AND OTHER READERS COMMENTS!!!!Date: Mon, 24 Jan 2005 12:58:57 -0400
remove us from your list.

Monday, January 24, 2005


Last month during the month of December, I received an email from an anonymous WHITE COLLAR IRVING EMPLOYEE!!! What I found interesting is this individual asked me if I was interested in becoming a Blogger??? I have been pasting my column in this site but I didn’t know all the details of being a Blogger! With the help of this White Collar Irving Employee??? I’m making it official today!!! CHARLES LEBLANC IS OFFICIALLY A BLOGGER!!! But of course many readers would be happy to call me other names beside a Blogger??? So therefore, this is another great way to spread my message on the Information Highway! I have close to 600 people on my list and I guess one of them sends my updates to another 1,000 people on his list so therefore God knows how many people reads my updates! You can visit my Blog site at
Many Thanks goes out to that White Collar Irving employee! I guess that I’m not the only one who’s upset with the Irvings! Especially J.D. IRVING!!!! Ok. …Here’s some comments from some readers during the last few days…Enjoy and don’t be afraid to send me your comments!

I just received this little comment. I guess it’s from a Status Native! I removed the name. Read this one-
Mr. Leblanc, I've been reading your posts with greater and greater interest, but havenot been compelled to respond or contribute until reading your latest about racial slurs, the legislature, T.J. Burke and the Premier. I only know of the Premier through the mass media, but I do knowT.J. Burke somewhat better, and I can tell you straight that he is nothing but a lying punk and hypocrite. I recall observing his campaign when he ran in the last provincial election.No where in his campaign pamphlets did you see anything relating himto the aboriginal community in New Brunswick. When I questioned organizersabout this, I was informed that Burke did not want it generally known that he was a mixed-blood Maliseet person, at least not during the campaign. That was why there was no mention of it in the campaign pamphlets or signs.Disclosure would be fine when and if he got elected. Now he claims to be hurt by so-called racial slurs when he conducted his campaign as if he were ashamedof the very aboriginal community he now claims to represent. T.J. is obviously attempting to get away with sucking and blowing at the same time. In my view, he is a hypocrite and obviously without any credibility or ethics. As the sayinggoes, "He doth protest too loudly". I suspect there will be few sympathizers in theaboriginal community. In my experience, T.J. Burke will do, say, or not say anything to get what he wants, whether that be during an election or in his efforts to steal clients from other lawyers without any regard for the client. Unfortunately, it probably true that T.J. Burke is an embarrassment to both his so-called constituents and the Maliseet people he has attempted to keep in thecloset during his campaign. There is plenty more to tell in relation to my allegation that he lied in order tosteal clients from at least one lawyer in New Brunswick as part of his so-called practice of law.

CHARLES HERE- Could someone tell me if this is from the Mafia!!! Idon’t know how they ended up on my list? Read thisone-
It is your responsibility to remove me
Find a way or you may find yourself in hot water
I am obviously on your listMy address is ????????Please don't force me to report you to myadministrator. Others have been pursued in the past
Good luck
Here’s a Press release
FREDERICTON and the Maritimes: SPEAK OUT AGAINSTCANADIAN PARTICIPATION IN BALLISTIC MISSILE DEFENCE!The Liberal Caucus, including Prime Minister PaulMartin, will gather in Fredericton on January 25-27.
Maritimers will gather at 7pm in front of the DeltaHotel parking lot on January 26 to send them amessage.

NO to Canadian participation in BALLISTIC MISSILEDEFENCE
NO to deeper Canadian integration with US globalmilitary aggression
NO to military subcontracts in our Maritimes
The peaceful demonstration is supported byorganizations and individuals across our region andthroughout our country. We are not alone.
Please gather at 7pm in front of the Delta Hotelparking lot on January 26.
Bring colorful placards and expressions against war.
Bring drums and noise makers.
Bring your voice.
Bring your friends.
All ages welcome.
For more information on Ballistic Missile Defence…
“Ballistic Missile Defense" Trojan Horse for the Weaponization of Space
Union of Concerned Scientists open letter to PrimeMinister Paul Martin

The Canadian Campaign to Oppose Ballistic MissileDefence
Write a letter to the editors of New Brunswick’s dailynewspapers

Contact CBC Talkback
(506) 451-4100 (local) 1-800-561-4222 (New Brunswick)
Speak Out: write the Liberals a letter
If you need a ride from Halifax or billeting overnightin Fredericton, please contact FREEDOM.

1- great improvement with spelling!
2-Ritalin rise leads to ADHD probe Prescriptions of Ritalin increased 10-fold over sevenyearsHealth chiefs are to investigate the care of childrensuffering from hyperactivity after a 10-fold increasein the use of Ritalin in Scotland. New figures showprescriptions for the controversial chemical haverisen from 69 per 10,000 in 1996 to 603 last year. Theclass-B drug treats Attention Deficit HyperactivityDisorder (ADHD), which causes hyperactivity inchildren. NHS Quality Improvement Scotland (QIS) plansto look at how ADHD is treated and why the rise hasoccurred. A report by NHS QIS revealed the sharpincrease in the prescription rate on Monday. The body,which monitors and encourages best practice in thehealth service, will fund an audit into the way thecondition in youngsters is being treated north of theborder. NHS QIS will now fund an audit of the careand treatment of children with ADHD Dr David SteelNHSQIS It hopes to discover why the prescription rates differfrom region to region across Scotland and what thereasons for the rise are. Even after the recent risein ADHD, its levels in Scotland remain below that ofSwitzerland, the Netherlands and Iceland and stand atabout a third of that in Canada and the US. NHS QISChief Executive Dr David Steel said: "The increase inthe prescribing rate for ADHD drug Methylphenidate,commonly known as Ritalin, raises the important issueof what constitutes the appropriate level ofprescribing in Scotland. "We can see significantregional variations but, until we have a robust,evidence-based assessment of what the appropriatelevel might be, no-one can say whether this is theresult of under-prescribing, over-prescribing,demographic and social variations or some complex mixof all these issues. "That's why NHS QIS will now fundan audit of the care and treatment of children withADHD. It will seek to answer some of the questionshighlighted by this report." Social deprivation TheHealth Indicators Report - A Focus on Children alsorevealed deprivation as a factor impacting on a rangeof health issues affecting children in Scotland. Itfound stillbirth and neonatal death was highest formothers from areas of greatest social deprivation, at5.3 deaths per 1,000 births compared to 3.4 deaths forthose who were the best off. The report said that theteenage pregnancy rate had fallen last year to 7.4 per1,000 births, approaching the target of 6.9 by 2010.It also found that emergency admissions to hospitalfor asthma for under-15s had fallen to 22.3 per 10,000of the population last year, down from 49.2 in 1993. The report illustrates once again the excessill-health burden carried by children in Scotland'spoorest areas Dr Mac ArmstrongChief Medical Officer The report is part of a process of informationcollection and publication designed to aid thedelivery of high-quality care in the health service.NHS QIS Chairman Lord Naren Patel said: "Scotland hasled the way in delivering robust, clear information onhow the health service is performing. "NHS QIS iscommitted to building on the experience gained inScotland over the past decade, and making availabledata that can contribute towards quality improvementin the health service in Scotland." Scotland's ChiefMedical Officer Dr Mac Armstrong welcomed the reportbut said its findings gave him some cause for concern.He said: "Some of the findings are encouraging, forexample the drop in teenage pregnancy rates and thesignificant decrease in the number of children beingadmitted to hospital for asthma. "These trends showthe range of good practice and the better managementof ill-health taking place all over the country. DrMac Armstrong said the report did cause some concern"However, many more of the findings give me seriouscause for concern. The report illustrates once againthe excess ill-health burden carried by children inScotland's poorest areas. "The future of children inour most deprived communities looks much bleaker thantheir counterparts in the least deprived areas. "Thereport reinforces the need to focus efforts onreducing the gap between these two groups." TheScottish National Party's health spokeswoman ShonaRobison backed the investigation into Ritalinprescribing. She said: "There are clear regionalvariations concerning how many children are takingRitalin and this issue needs to be addressed as soonas possible." E-mail this to a friend Printableversion 3-5% British Kids Diagnosed With ADHD Poor Parenting And Junk Food Blamed, But Parents Demand 'Wonder Drug' RitalinBy Marie Woolf Chief Political Correspondent The Telegraph - UK1-15-5 Five per cent of children in England and Wales havebeen officially diagnosed with the hyperactivitydisorder ADHD ministers said this week, as new figuresshowed a dramatic increase in the prescription of thecontroversial drug Ritalin. Health ministers said"it was becoming increasingly common forpaediatricians" to diagnose attention-deficithyperactivity disorder (ADHD), which some have warnedis simply a symptom of bad behaviour. Figuresreleased by health ministers showed that at least345,000 children aged between six and 16 officiallysuffer from the behavioural disorder, while the numberof prescriptions of Ritalin and other drugs to treatit has rocketed over the past two years. Last year,329,000 prescriptions were written for drugs combatingchildhood hyperactivity, compared with 271,000 theyear before. Opposition MPs cautioned that manychildren who had been diagnosed with ADHD werehyperactive because of poor parenting or because theyate junk foods full of chemicals. The LiberalDemocrat MP Sandra Gidley, a former pharmacist, warnedagainst parents regarding Ritalin as "a wonder drug"that could cure disruptive behaviour in allyoungsters. "Ritalin is regarded as a magic bulletby some parents. It is becoming so widespread that Ihave had parents in my surgery who regard it as awonder drug, complaining that doctors are refusing toprescribe it to their children," she said. "In somekids it is because they are eating so many additivesin junk food and often what is needed is somelow-level intervention from social services to helpwith parenting skills. In many cases, Ritalin is acop-out solution to a wider problem." Although manyparents say that Ritalin has helped treat seriousbehavioural problems in children who had previouslydestroyed family life, others fear that the drug isbeing too generally prescribed and given to manychildren unnecessarily. Studies by psychiatristshave shown that children with attention deficitdisorder are four times more likely than average tosuffer mental problems later in life. Researchers atHarvard Medical School have also warned that themisdiagnosis of ADHD in children, followed by theprescription of Ritalin, could lead to a greaterlikelihood of depression in adulthood. Dr StephenLadyman, the health minister, who released the figuresthis week to Tory health spokesman Tim Loughton, saidthat "a treatment programme" for ADHD should not "relyon medication alone". "It is recommended thatinterventions that focus on the behaviour of thechild, family interactions, classroom problems andlearning difficulties should be offered," he said. The Department of Health added that guidelines fromthe National Institute for Clinical Excellence saidthat children on Ritalin should "receive regularmonitoring and be taken off the drug if there was noimprovement of symptoms". The bill for hyperactivitydrugs is believed to exceed £10m a year. In NorthAmerica, where Ritalin prescriptions have also goneup, the drug has been sold illegally to children.
Hey old friend how’s things? I saw the report on the little girl, I couldn’timagine being her father and going through that nightmare.. I was wondering if you have a chance to copy thattape of the ATV interview & if you do could you give it toRoly and he could drop it in to printing plus for me hisoffice is very close.
CBC will be airing the interview that I did Thursdaymorning tomorrow morning (Sunday)
The responses are still very positive here on thissubject(VLT,S) I have an interview on CBC Monday morn I went out for a walk with my cousin today & peopleare still stopping me and discussing this issue I didn’t see question period Friday but I thoughtElizabeth said when I was there that it would be brought up.Do you know anything about this? and if so what was said? They SAY we’re in for another nor-eastern so don’tget lost in all that snow we need you at the legislature lol. OOhh about that picture, it’s not that you’re uglyit,s just that you make jille look good lol ( writeme--later--your friend
Tim (Keep Warm - Keep Safe)
5-Is that a real picture its so small?
6-my blog is
hello old friend,got your emails ( thanx ) My phone has not stopped all day (good) I went to see sheana today after school, she’s doinggreat and had a big smile & hug for me. I told her I washaving a meeting wednesday to bring her home she was happy tohear that!! I gave her the picture of natalie Mcmaster &me she said that natalie was very pretty,I agreed lol. I have an outpatient councilor already I go to see her Tuesday morn. I have an interview with cbc radio Monday morningfor follow up.
I have to tell you this!!! When I got home thisafternoon I had a message from Mrs.blaney (Margaret)I told yougovernment has heart lol. she gave me 2 numbers to reach her withany concerns On my walk today (bbrrr) I was so surprised to meetsooo many people that knew me the handshakes are endless whichis good!! I hope you’re keeping warm lol I talked to john heis going to give me a couple of hours of work a week to make upthe money I owe (this is good) Well I’ll let you go for nowbut will keep you up to date (I’m new at this typing thing so bepatient with me) Keep warm,Keep safe, your friend Tim (ttfn)
8-It seems that some church organizations could putthose machines out of business for good; because they could organize somebig all areas ,,not just Fredericton and St John..but, allover......
9-I now know why there are waiting list at the hospitalfor people needingoperations. I was told yesterday that a Dentist here injured his back inDecember and he was able to skip all kinds of namesand had his MRIyesterday and a Specialist is operating on him today. That really ticks meoff as a taxpayer that is for sure. It just shows howthis Province isrun. If you have money they take care of you first. If you don't yourwaiting list can be over a year. How fair is that tothe poor person whohas had to put up with pain for more then a year ? Iam sure this is notan isolated case that is for sure and he didn't payout of his own pocketeither.
10-Why would you even imply that bureaucrats were theones who didn't noticethe little girl? Why are you so hung up on people whowork for a living -regardless of political stripe? Maybe if you used halfthe time seeking workthat you do in seeking problems with the rest of theworld, you might be ahappier person.
11-You're right Charles. TJ dishes it out quite a bit.Bernard Lord wouldnever intentionally hurt someone's feelings. Theliberals have stoopedto an all time low in their miscalculations.
12-Of course it counted - you're God, aren't you!!
13- So glad to hear that its over for Tim and letshope that the Government listens. Good for youCharlie for sticking by him in his time of need. Weall know that you have a big heart and it showed withthe friendship that you showed Tim.
14- <> hi charles how are you? got homeat 1:30 ,atv was waiting for me did a short interview,everything was closed down here
won’t see sheana ( my sheebeedeebee lol )untiltomorrow global called me and said they want to come with mewhen I go very tired just going to relax this evening ,let meknow if you get this replay ok. ( had 29 messages on answeringmachine lol ) got all your messages from day 1 to present day will look for yours tomorrow bb for now ( yawn lol )
15-Thanks again Charles. I went looking for him todayand couldn't find him...Good to hear
16-Charles, you need a blog:
(not that I would expect you to stop writing youremails, just a blog would also be a good way to reach more people)
17-Charles....I have not got time to read the itemsyou are sending as I am tooinvolved in a number of other matters, and they aremuch too frequent andtime consuming, so please delete my name from you listat the present time.
18-I know that the Catholic Church's around don'tobject to people gambling, in fact around here they even have their own gamblingtents at the festivals and 50/50 drawings etc...But, some churches do have rulesagainst gambling and they will be the ones that will help in thesecauses....ONE PERSON CAN'T DO IT ALONE, EVEN IF THAT PERSON STARVESHIMSELF.......PEOPLE NEED TO BOYCOTT THESE STORES AND IR YOU GET PEOPLE TO PUT UP SIGNS ANDBOYCOTT THESE PLACES AT THE CHURCHES ---THAT WILL GIVE HIM THE NUMBERS THATHE NEEDS....IF EVERYONE THAT READS THIS---TAKES THIS SERIOUSLY ANDGOES TO THEIR CHURCH OR BUSINES OR CLUB AND ASKS THAT THESE PEOPLE BOYCOTT THESTORES THAT PROVIDE THE MACHINES FOR TO ADDICT PEOPLE DOWN TO THEIR LASTCENT............
19-No one says abortion is a good thing, but choice isa good thing. That's what the escorts favour: freedom of choice. What theyoppose is bullying and intimidation. Women who have no choice but to go tothe Morgentaler clinic have to deal with emotional torture from the"protesters". I've seen it.
Thank God for the clinic escorts! The women who haveto use the services of the clinic have a hard enough time, and they need thesupport provided by the escorts to get past the persistent and judgmental"protesters".
20-Hi Charles,
Thanks for your updates. Could you please remove RolyMacIntyre fromyour mailing list for the time being.
21-Please remove me from you list. Thanks.
22-I fugure Chretien woulda done anything to pull awayfrom you. Duceppemighta hadda go somewhere but at least he'll chat abit. It makes him lookunlike the angry Quebeckers like Levesque andBouchard! Duceppe seems like a nice guy.
23-Quos t'avais a dire a Gilles Duceppe? What did hehave to say to you?
24-You sound busy? Or you do not want to miss athing, that’s probably morelike I seen Tim's picture in the paper andits really sad thathe is going to die. This government has got to go andI think that youwill see it in the next election. I hope that its alandslide and a bigembarrassment to them because that is what they are tous New Brunswickersright now. Tell Tim to eat because they are not worthdying for.

25-Charlie speaks with a separatist! From Quebec!!! You'll do anything forphoto op:))
26- Yourprotestor friend is in the front page of the paper, He got more attentionin one week then you got in 6 notreally.
27- Did Tim eatyet? I hope so for the sake of his daughter. Like Isaid this governmentwould watch him die without any conscience and thatsnot what we want. Heshould go and see Bernard Richard and put a complaintin. He also shouldhave a petition going, you could help him Charlie withyour
28-Tell, my pretend boyfriend, (Tim) that now isenough to make a stand ,he doesn't have to be a martyr....He looks nice and sexylike he is...........
29-Hi Charles: Just saw your account of meeting withprotester Tim Smithat the shelter.Did he give a name of the family next door losingtheir house??? I'minterested in a possible newsreport on the subject. Cheers
30=Dad was reading thepaper and he was as pleased as me with all of therecommendations thatBernard Richard made. He is exactly what we needed! Whatever he gets paidhe is worth every cent! I am so pleased for theseniors because theyreally ripped them off and that is stealing as far asI am concerned. Theywork all of their lives and they paid their way andthen the Governmentwants it all. It just wasn't fair that is for sure. You are better off ifyou had never worked in your life because then thegovernment would takecare of you. Its nice to see someone with a heart inthe governmentcircle. I am trying to talk Mom and Dad to sell theirhouse and move toMemramcook. Why should they stay here and pay for theCity of Saint Johnpension fund. The water taxes are getting out ofcontrol. I am some gladthat I am selling my home in the spring. Norm hasmade it much easier forme that is for sure. What is there here in Saint Johnthat would make youwant to stay. The only thing I will miss is thepeople that I know and Ican visit. Its too bad because this has been my homefor 44 years and thecities bad management and the highest taxes in theProvince helped me moveon. C'est La Vie! Talk to you later and have a goodday!
31-Hey what is this Charlie--- a dating service forTim?!! Anyways- if he looksupon this as a fast and drink lots of fluid(likeeveryone has said)- likeOXO cubes in water- he should be okay- fasting is verygood for those ofregular health---but water alone can still causeproblems- he'll need someelectrolytes, milk has some- try pediatric drink forkids in the drug store-perfect mix- tastes like really bad cool aid but willkeep his hydration andenergy up. Also it's expensive- but he could cut itwith water.
32-Charles: It is ok that I remain anonymous. Sounds good :):)
33-Charles: I saw little note about photos. It depends who wantsto use them. Once I know who it is I will be happy toprovide my name. This also goes to tell you that I doread your updates.
34-I fear that our future may be in danger of morechildren being,that my eyes have beenopened up to the criminal actions of someabusers,tobehavoiur's of thers.thats all for now
35-Yahoo, please shake Bernard Richard hand because hesounds like he knows what he issaying, its a lot better then listening and trustingElvie, because Elviesays one thing but really means something else. Iknow because he told methat we would have a methadone program here in SaintJohn last year. All Ican say is LIAR.
36-Thanks again Charles. I went and saw Tim thismorning and was able to find him a pair of warmermittens and some thick wool socks. He still needs warmboots though (unless the socks are thick enough to dothe trick). And how come the Human Rights Commission--maybe itshould be called the Human Rights Comedy)--are nowherein sight on this issue? These machines should be seenas preying on the vulnerable and should be considereda human rights concern. They should approach the issuethemselves. However, even when asked, like when youapproached them with your concern, they do NOTHING.I've heard of another similar example too, where anissue was ignored. Are they only there to make it SEEMlike these important issues are being covered?
37-I don't know who this man is; as I'm not from yourneighborhood.....and it looks like your eyes areclosed and neither of you look very pleased!
38-Hi Charles. You did well at the meeting. Thanksfor coming.
39-Reg. 5 year old-----Part of the fault was with thebus driver, but part of the fault is with the parentswho only gave a direction note to the little girl togive the driver....who in their right mind would dothat? Thank God for the older girls who helpedrescue her....but why two hours.....She could of beenhit or kidnapped.....???? or worse.....I don't thinkthat I could of relaxed by giving a child of mine,just a note......!
40-Hey dude ... I thought I had you on my auto delete lol
41-Still receiving and reading most of them Charlie. Thanks
42-Hi Charles, thanks for the postings, but pleasetake me off your email list.And please do not use this post in one of yourupdates.thanks,
43-Hooray For Tim Smith !!
44-I'm still answering my mail...but, I am glad thatTim is eating....Have a good day!! Anything new....Itwarmed up into the 30's so it is not sooooooo bad outthere!
45-How did you get this address?
46-yup I am receiving them Charles
47-I received this message and one yesterday but therewas a few days before that that there was nothing.
48-Hey, guys- we can to help this protester win andget him back on food!,,,Yes, I'm the girl who likesthe protester enough to try and keep him well... HOWMUCH TO YOU LIKE HIM AND HIS CAUSE?.....HE'S WILLINGTO DIE FOR IT!! AND WE DON'T WANT TO SEE HIM DIE ,DO WE?????? WHO IS WILLING TO TAKE THIS CAUSE ANDPROMOTE SOME BOYCOTTS.....????? HE'S WILLING TOSTARVE HIMSELF...HOW MUCH WILL YOU DO???? AND CHUCKYBABY HAS TO PUT THIS KIND OF STUFF IN HIS LETTERS FORYOU TO EVEN READ THEM.....SO LET'S ALL FIGHT !!!!!
49-The only way to fight the machines in the businessis to boycott the business....Then the owner's of thebusiness will get rid of the machines.
50-This is very sad that the government doesn'tlisten...and I knew that they wouldn't care....if factwhat surprised me is that they admitted and said thatthey couldn't care less....Tell, Tim that he did his best
51-THIS IS FROM SOMEONE WHO RUNS THE IRVING FRENCHPAPER—From: "Leblanc, Patricia"<> Add to AddressBookTo: "'charlie leblanc'" <>Subject: RE: IF YOU DON'T HAMMER THIS TO DEATH??? I'LLMARTYR IT TO DEATH! !!!Date: Wed, 19 Jan 2005 13:03:58 -0400
I don,t know who you are but Iwant you to stop sendingyour emails to myoffice or else.Ihave no clue who you are or what you represent final notice patricia leblanc
52-I agree with all of the comments telling Tim toeat---as he isn't going to prove more than he alreadyhas....And, the stupid government would let him starveto death....or make sure that he is labeled an unfitDad and put him in a mental hospital to save hislife.....Tell him to "Stop It"!!!Stop it right now....and get the churches in theneighborhood to help him in his fight......
There's a real appetite now for video gambling horrorstories becauseof Tim's protest. If you or he hear of someone whohas gone through thesame kind of thing and wouldn't mind supporting Tim bytalking aboutit.....let me know.
54-I must say that you do not look
55-Why don't you write about trying to get a job in NB. How you are treatedwhen you apply and where you apply. What are employers looking for??
56- Good morning Charles hope you had a good weekend I went to cbc to do a live interview this morning I think it went well. I don’t know how to listen to (maritime magazine) interview from Sunday if you could send me a link I would be grateful! The subject is still alive & well here. there’s alot more I could talk about but I’ll do that after supper just going to take it easy today ( Day 17 no play ) good for me!! keep in touch --(keep warm - keep safe)
57-THIS IS FROM ONE OF THE SPICE GIRLS PROTESTERS-Hey charlie , how are you ? I hope your doing good . I m doing real good. All us girls kinda split up but we still talk once in a while . I would like to keep in touch with you in the future. I live in Saint John with my boy friend and I don’t think I could be happier. My email address is . So if you get some time write me and tell me whats all new…. Miss you lots charlie. You are a good person and I will never forget you. Always in my thought Charlie .,
58-Please remove me from your mailing list.Thank you!
59-Yes, no doubt like any other small community. Kids here also sell their ritalin. Now, my nephew, who shall remain nameless of course, told his mom a few years ago that ritalin was doing nothing for him. So, he stopped taking it. Unlike other kids who keep the prescriptions going, he stopped. He is now able to control himself. I guess with maturity some things "calm" down eh...I dunno...Ritalin is not the only drug here, there is marijuana, cocaine, LSD, heroin amongst others.
60-Thank you for asking. I sent my comments as a private communication to you andwould prefer not to have my name included at this time. You may, however, feel free, whenever privately requested, todisclose my name as the source of the posting in thatcircumstance.