Monday, August 01, 2005


Hay's Dilemma-



The Irving family has retarded the growth in Saint John and will for many years to come .


The ideals of this family is to keep the population poor and hungry so when needed they have access to a cheap and egar labour force who will do anything for any wage in order to feed their families.

The way a community works is called clumpage .

A major industry, we'll say like S J drydock , will have need for satelite businesses to supply the materials and goods needed to build the ships . exm.( ocean steel) for metals ,( coastal bearings)for gears and bearings ,(strescon ) for cement , (irving foresty ) for lumber .

In other communities , John Doe may have owned ( ocean steel ) . As S J drydock prospers , so does ocean steel . John Doe ( who now has become wealthy ) may have had 2 sons.

One son ( charles )didnt care for steel makeing and decided to branch off into makeing small water craft and sales , and became wealthy with 200 employees , and had 2 sons and a daughter.

John Doe's second son ( Harry ) got a grand education in engineering and decided to build a plant to construct water sewage equipment.

As his business grew it employed 150 people constructing screens and filters, pumps and gadgets , and he had 2 daughters and a son.


John Doe now , in his later years , has slowed down his work life and took up golf , Haveing led a very successful life he decided to build a golf course in dedication to the people who worked so hard to make his business the sucess it was .

His children ( Charles and Harry ) also very thankful to the community people who worked hard to make there business successful decided to give back to the community in the way of a water park , so the families of the people who worked for them , could have a better quality of life.

Charles , who had 2 sons and a daughter , 1 son become major of Saint John and worked hard to give the people quality of life .

The second son became a doctor , and with the help of his family opened a clinic for less fortuneate people who had lost there way and needed guidance and help from addictions .

The daughter became a citizen of the people , fighting for the elemination of poverty and the protector of human rights .

Just one man , running a successful business led to a careing family who through the generations created thousands of jobs and a better quality of life for the dedication of the people, who worked so hard to make their family a seccess . but this never happened in Saint John , cause the same family that owned the dry dock , owned ( ocean steel ). alas.

John Doe , never excisted . This story could have been the same for the many plants and businesses that were needed to supply and assist S J drydock in its growth , but alas , one family owned them all . Tom Smith , and his 5 children , who may have owned (strescon) and went on to build a wind generation plant , never existed .

George Thump , who in the 50s owned a small engine and motor shop , with government aide , built generators and motors to supply the needs of the small craft shop that John Doe's son , Charles owned . but none of these people existed .

In Saint John , for the last 4 or 5 decades , the majority of business is owned by a single family , and the offspring of that family , has seen to it to use their wealth to buy governments and officials to allow monopolies on media , business and labor for their own personal greed . And what does this family give back to the people in return for their work to create such a beast of an empire ?

Well they throw a few bones out there to feed the dogs , but to pay for the bones , their boughten officials allow their pollution to go on tax free .

This beast of an empire , charges higher gasoline prices than any other province , so the citizens pay the wages of his employees .

They use government monies to break unions , they hire lawyers to find government grant money .

They use media to elect people like Bernard Lord , who in turn manipulates the economy to force small business closures or to retard competiton to the empires chain of business .

These boughten officials allow for poverty and despair so our community has no option but to once again allow the building of yet another potential disaster or pollution threat . ( L.N.G.) and at very little tax base for the citizens who are now struggeling to keep pavement on the roads .

The once vibrant Rockwood Park area , once filled with laughter and fun things to do for our children , cant afford lifeguards . What should be a gem of a tourist attraction with a championship golf course and a mega of activities encompassed around a clump of 6 or 7 lakes right in the heart of our city , sits idle , cause tourism is a word that a pollution beast cannot tolerate .

Those who are lucky enough to earn a decent living off the beast are in fear of speaking out , or just dont worry about other members of our community as long as their needs are met .

Some lucky enough to afford a better education , have fit into a tax bracket that is comfortable and have no inclination of rocking the boat thinking as long as the government is taxing the poorest of society , then they will be left alone .

But all this dont just fit on the shoulders of the beast , society itself is createing a wide spread desease of stress due to lack of income to the bottom feeders who now need 2 or 3 incomes just to maintain a roof over there families head .

Jobs in the 60s and 70s paid near as much as bottom feeder jobs now , but the price of goods are 4 to 5 times the cost .

Its as though the unforuneate of our society should be made to live in poverty and depair as an example to others and so the middle and upper class can have someone to look down on . and be thankful for their well being .

Most of the blame here lies with governments , who all the while being payed by the population , worked hand in hand with corporations and capitalist as to assure their own future and careers while allowing poverty to breed and create a lower class society of minimum wage earners who through stress and fear of the unknown future , turn to crime , alcohol , gamblin , and drugs to escape their misery or give them a false sense of being .

Family breakups are rampant in our lower income society now as governments and capitalist have stolen the hopes of the normal family life of so many , and replaced thier dreams with the stress relieving drugs of the present , alcohol , pills and gambling .

Poverty breeds poverty , only way to stop it , is to stop it . so yes Charles , we do need a champion to stir a revolution of the people in Saint John .

What should be the most attractive and the best little city in the east , is now becomeing a pollution toilet bowl by the manipulation of politics and personal greed .

I cringe when I see the smileling face of this so called leader Bernard Lord who was entrusted to do the bidding of the citizens , but abused that honor in pursuit of his own ambitions during his term in politics and ensureing his future , for when the population has had enough of his manipulating , tax the poor , feed the rich crap .

This little boy , playing the part of a big man , in a giants playing field will , when all is said and done , will live happily ever after , while those of us who pay the expense of his tatics , will worry about the life our children will have in a city of monoply and potential desaster . A city already with the poorest quality of life , in one of the most gorgeous provinces , in a country full of potential wealth .

I am sorry for being so negative and dramatic , but i'm high as hell on coffee and stress , as my 21 year career was snuffed out 6 months ago by what i think was just bad politics and I now fear for my future . No one listens to a man who almost made it , but fell through the corrupted cracks .


So this hurt and scared soul who may be lookin for just a little sympathy or just wants to let out some steam , felt your , what must be very tolerable readers , might just be interested in what my 50 so years of living in Saint John had processed .


There’s a lot of people who seem confuse on the issue of Ritalin.

During my six months protest, I heard comment hundreds of suggestions of how the issue of Ritalin should be confronted.

Charles 04_07_05 001

Of all the suugestions I've heard? This woman came out with the best one.

Her name is Dawn and she has two children.

One with Autism and the other with ADHD. What a woman!

Every instance I get down on life? I think about her and I say to myself?

What the hell am I complaining about?

Anyway, I met this individual with a lot of patience during my protest.

She’s always on the front line when it comes to the issue of Autism.

During the last few weeks of the protest, she told me one major problem that exists in New Brunswick concerning Ritalin.

She told me that we need a proper double blind study!

What is that you asked?

Well? It goes like this!

There’s three players involved in this study. The pharmacist, the physiologist < is that who you spell it ? > and the teacher.

One day the pharmacist would prescribed a Ritalin and the other day he would prescribed a vitamin pill!


Only the pharmacist knows what is prescribed to the child.

The teachers takes notes of the attitude of the kid in the classroom.

After a three weeks period a physiologist collect all the notes and decides what to do with the child.

Now! Easier said than done!

This study will cost close to $1,500 per child.

Guess what?

The poor families around this province cannot afford this study so therefore the Prescription is been given without a proper study!

I confronted Elvy Robichaud on this but it’s like talking to a wall!

Charles 04_07_05 061

The Premier always say - Hey? It’s up to the doctors so therefore the Government won’t get involved on this issue so therefore the drugging and the killing of the
children will continue till the next election.

I bumped into Dr.Dennis Furlong last winter and he used to be the Minister of Health and education.

This is a transcript of what was said on the Melanson Live show last year!

Charles 04_07_05 077

Ok…last evening on Melanson Live there was a guest name DR.DENIS FURLONG!! Remember him?? He used to be the Minister of Health and Education.

While he was in the Cabinet - He told me in the past that there wasn’t a problem with Ritalin and the issue shouldn’t be studied.

Well? Last evening was a total different ballgame!! This is what was said after I phoned the show-

Dennis Melanson - Just a very quick Question of what Charles was saying. Is Ritalin a quick fixes?

Dr. Furlong - Ohhh Yes, I think Ritalin is over prescribed and I think that’s an issue for the Medical Profession. It’s only prescribed by the Medical
Profession. However? I, myself even seen now teachers who send parents and children to my office suggesting they should be on Ritalin and because not all of them
all on because not all of them are truly hyperactive.

Well? You have to have an accurate diagnosis in order to at least some hope that the therapy is going to work because for over activity disorders and active
kids Ritalin will have no affect.

Denis Melanson - OK…and that’s the last word we’ll hear about Ritalin tonight!!!!


This is what he told Dennis Melanson last year on his television show.

Now he also told me that ADHD was over diagnose.

Only in New Brunswick that a Government will totally ignored the children.

A Government under Shawn Graham will put in place a Standing Committee to study the issue of Ritalin!

Charles 04_07_05 047

This is a certain fact!

Take a close lokk at this guy? He's the Minister of Transportation and as a child the system wanted to put him on Ritalin. See what I mean? If his mother would have agreed? I don't believe he would be a mInister today!

Charles 04_07_05 062

The prescription drug problem in this Province is totally out of control and the Lord Government just don’t care!

Charles 04_07_05 072

I wonder how many New Brunswickers have died because of the prescription drug in New Brunswick?


That’s for my next blog!!!!