Tuesday, June 07, 2005


Boy? These people are very lucky that I’m not in the Capital because it sure wouldn’t have took me long to walk into this so call conference!

Read this one-

Conference looks at ADHD and dangerous driving Last updated Jun 7 2005 12:47 PM ADT

CBC News FREDERICTON – Researchers at a national road safety conference in Fredericton are trying to figure out why people with attention deficit hyperactivity disorder are more likely to drive dangerously.

Christine Wickens, a graduate student from York University in Toronto, said there hasn't been enough study of the problem. But based on the available research, she said it's clear that people with ADHD get into more trouble on the road than other drivers.
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"ADHD drivers tend to be involved in more collisions. They have more traffic citations, particularly for speeding. They're more likely to have had their licences revoked and to drive without a licence."
Wickens said people with ADHD are also more likely to get arrested for driving under the influence of alcohol.

"What we're interested in really, is trying to understand why that's happening and why ADHD drivers tend to engage in more risky driving behaviour."
Wickens said there are no clear answers as to why people with ADHD are more likely to be a hazard on the road, but she says the disability could be a factor in several ways.

"Whether or not it's increased inattention or the ability to monitor the driving situation, whether it's perceptual difficulties, whether it's their impulsiveness and their inability to make decisions in the roadway environment … we don't know what it is."

Wickens says the researchers are compiling more information on the driving habits of people with ADHD, hoping it leads to some possible solutions.
For example, she says it's possible that people with ADHD could reduce their accident rate if they stopped playing music in their cars and limited all other forms of distraction.

Special training could also help. Wickens says she's working on an intensive driver training course to help people with ADHD drive more carefully.

Who the hell is the National Road Safety Council?

I just wondered if some of its members are from the New Brunswick Human Rights Commission.

I didn’t know any of this so call conference until this morning when I phoned CFBC Talk of the Town.

The host Rick Mantle asked me if I heard the latest news from Fredericton? He read some notes to me over the air and asked me for my views?

I did tell the audience that when I was younger? I had my share of accidents but we must not forget that in those days nobody knew of ADHD.

During the frigate program, I would travel to Moncton and I had no patience whatsoever to follow those trucks. I am very surprised that I didn’t get killed.

The stupid comments made at this conference that people with ADHD shouldn’t be listening to music because they’re easily distracted is a bunch of HOGWASH!!!

They insisted that people with ADHD are distracted very easily!

Hey?? If I see a woman walking around half naked? Will this distract me? Of course it will!

But I sure won’t cause an accident. I haven’t driven a vehicle in 4 years and I don’t care what those racists members of the New Brunswick told the Government that people with ADHD cannot drive a vehicle.

People with true ADHD can traveled in a vehicle all across the country but we educate ourselves that we must take our time.

The way this Conference made it sound? They made us look like fools and this is not right at all!

I am going to get to the bottom of this because this can be a disastrous for our future kids with ADHD! Thank God that I wasn’t in the Capital because surely all hell would have broke loose. Who are those people serving in this so call board?

I will let you know during the next few days. I’m still in Saint John and me and Tim Smith took a lot of nice pictures and we will used them during the next few weeks!

Just to give you an idea what kind of pictures we took? Take a close look at these photos.

This is the office of the Irving Telegraph Journal! You can tell that the paper is going to shut down in the near future because look at the sign.

It’s all destroyed and the Irvings don’t have the money to fixe it! The pictures has the same reputation as the newspaper. The telegraph Journal should have more pride for our tourists. Every City proudly show their newspapers but not this one! I wonder why?

Michael Jackson will be found not guilty and will be found guilty on a minor charge therefore he will be on strict probation for two years.
I am in a big hurry so please excuse the style and grammar of this blog because I wrote it very fast! Bye bye