Monday, June 13, 2005




This is one of those days that I don’t feel like writing but here goes nothing.

I phoned the talk show this morning and the Telegraph Journal received a blast from the callers of that pictures in Saturday’s paper.


What was that picture doing on the front page????


My God!!! Thank God for bloggers or talk shows because there would be no way in the world that the public will get the true facts on certain issues especially
the issue of the Irvings.

Speaking of the Irvings?

The Mayor of Saint John Norm MacFarlane must or should back down on this 25 years old tax deal with the Irvings because it’s going to hold the City back till
the next Municipal Election.


It's just like Ricahrd Nixon with the issue of Watergate.


But in this case, it's different because the Irvings own all the newspapers and there's no way in the world that a Irving reporter will cover the whole story
because they would be fired on the spot. Maybe these reporter can investigate theis issue! But then again, you never seen any investigated story when the politicians in Ottawaa were at the Irving summer resort. This is a picture of the Irving's summer
cottage in the north shore of the province.


Yes, I am certain that if a reporter would be allowed to investigate the way this deal was reach? It would be like watergate!!!

I know for a fact that the Mayor didn’t dedicate his life and soul to the Evil Irving Empire so therefore he should admit that he made a huge mistake because
this issue will not go away.


The Irving’s newspapers can continue to praise the deal but the public knows better.

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There’s one good thing that came out of this dreadful issue.

Never have the Irvings or local talk shows have heard so many people going public with their Anti-Irving views.

This issue is not going to go away.

I forgot to mention one thing.

Before this photo was taken?
paul zed

Myself and Tim Smith saw the Minister of the Environment Brenda Fowlie walked out from Paul Zed office.

You should have seen the look on her face once she saw me??

I asked - What the hell is going on here?

I asked her for another picture of me and Paul Zed but she denied because I wasn’t too nice with the picture asking the question - Should this Minister resign?

What I found ironic is that the next day, she announced the second reading of the bill that will give the Irvings the 25 years old deal!

Now? Was this a coincidence that she was in Paul Zed office the day before the bill was tabled in the Legislature?

Hey? I’m just asking the question?

Maybe they were debating other issues. Who knows?

Ok.,..lets go back to the assassination attempt!

This morning, I checked my email and I had one email on the top.

The title was from Yahoo administration with a message- Your account will be suspended!

My God? I did good! I didn’t download the attachment.

I just left it alone.

I decided to open the open from a public computer. I told a friend of mine and he stood by me once I open the account.

Before I opened it, I told the guy that the Irvings, Bernard Lord or the New Brunswick Human Rights Commission must have complain to yahoo and they wish
to deny my freedom of speech!

Hey? As Long that I write the truth? What can they say or do?

I open the email and a big square appeared on my monitor telling me that they got me and I had a virus on my computer!

Thank God that I didn’t open my email at home and I did all this without taking my ritalin??? didn't act on impulse!!!! I did good!!!

Yes, you can say that I survive an assassination attempt because Charles without a computer wouldn’t be a good thing!

Ok..That’s my two cents for today. Please excuse the style and grammar of this update because I just write the darn thing and send it along the information
Highway! Don’t be afraid to leave some comment in this blog because this is what keeps this blog site going!

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