Monday, April 11, 2005


Wouldn't it be funny if you could be at the protest tomorrow in Saint John with a big sign with the blog address on it... That would be hilarious... Spread the word...


Remember the Here newspaper in Saint John???

It was a good little independent paper until the Irvings bought it last year!

"here" in the mddle

A reporter name Mike Parker was the journalist who wrote about the going ons within Common Council in Saint John!

His columns was direct and straight forward.

Last week, he wrote a story about the LNG issue. He was dead set against their decision.

Guess what? He was soon out of a job!

Josh Beuthel, my favourite political Cartoonist soon quit the Irvings staff afterwards!

Have we seen any of this in the Irving’s papers? Of course not!!!!

Thank God for CFBC < talk of the town > because we would had never heard anything about this issue!!!

I phoned the radio talk show this morning.

I told the audience - In my view, This is just a warning for our future Journalists who are being trained at Universite De Moncton and Saint Thomas of what could happen if they decide to write against the Irvings!

The Senate Committee will be in Moncton on April 21st to study this issue and I don’t have to hitch a ride to that meeting because someone told me they will drive me at that meeting!

Pretty nice eh? I am going to be straight forward and right to the point! This is hurting New Brunswickers BIG TIMES!!!!

As I told the audience this morning, it’s like Germany all over again. We don't go around and execute people but Hitler took control of the media to brainwash the Citizens in Germany. The same action is happening in New Brunswick!

But what I find very strange with the Mike Parker's issue?

I always believe that J.D. Irving and Irving Oil were totally different. I guess not?

If any Irving reporters crossed that thin line? They will be fired and since the Irvings owns all the newspapers in this province? They will not be able to find work!

Germany? You tell me?

The HERE paper has a open forum on the net and it used to be a place where anyone could write their views on different issues!

No more!

You have to give the Irving staff your real name and they will give you a password!

Only praising comments about the Irving Empire will be printed!

It’s all part of the Irving final solution!!!

Hiii Irving!!!!

By the way? If any of you wish to call the open talk show in Saint John???

The toll free number is 1-800-561-8255!

The show is on from 9:00am till 11:00am!!! It’s the only radio talk show in the whole province and I wonder why? We need talk shows to spread the word!

There’s going to be a protest at the entrance of the refinery Tuesday evening and I don’t believe that many people will show up for that one because Irving security has cameras all over the place. People are scare to speak out and that’s the way it is!

I say that close to a 100 people will be brave enough to show up!!!

On another emotional issue????

No one from the media or Family Services went and talk to the girl who’s five months pregnant!!!!

I wonder why? Is it because it’s Charles LeBlanc who spoke out on this issue????

The unborn should be protected but since the Irvings won’t allowed stories about the issue of the poor in their newspapers?

There’s not much we can do!

The Irvings through the media wants to tell the public that every thing is ok! Don’t worry!!! Be happy!!!!

I heard a good but sad story about the issue of Ritalin a couple of days ago but I can’t go publicly with this one yet! Wait till you hear what a individual told me about this issue? Stay tune!!!

Ok…I wrote this one very very very fast! So excuse the grammar and style of this update because I am in a hurry!!!
Bye bye