Saturday, May 07, 2005


Once again, the cops were called over my place last night and things are really getting out of control. I will write much more on this issue once
Tim’s protest is over. The rights or boarders or roomers in this Province will be questioned?

Ok never mind that issue!!!

I AM SO HAPPY THAT I HAVE ADHD!! I have five brains and they’re all flying all over the place. So many issues to write about????

Lets go back to Tim Smith!!!

I’m going to give you a little update of the goings on in front of the Legislature.

Tim is doing well for a guy who hasn’t eaten a meal in five days!!!!

PIC- I'm giving a copy of my latest blog to Tim!!

May 4-2005-T&C-1

I was very surprised that no one offer him a place to stay but what can a person do???

Last night he slept at the shelter. This morning he came over my place at 9:00am.

PIC- This the Shelter where Tim is staying!!

Charles 04_07_05 090

I just wonder if the Government will wait till Tim health start to deteriorate till they step forward with a firm date that the Vlt’s will cut down their

Tim saw a lot of actions or stunts happening around the Legislature.

I reminded him that he only been in this area since Tuesday? Try to stay in a tent for 6 months? My God?

PIC- My tent and drinking water on a hot day in July!!!

I am glad that I wrote down all the stories because I would have forgotten ¾ of them! I can’t wait for that book to be printed!!

While chatting with Tim, I told him to turn around and take a look what was coming around the corner?

It was a guy with a huge carved wooden pole with the Canadian flag flying with great pride.

I shouted at the guy to come over and explain to us what he was all about?

I guess he began with trek from Newfoundland, he’s on a Walk In Faith.

He going across Canada and stops where the Lord tells him to go.

Once in a certain City, he walks all around with pamphlets explaining his work.

He’s a determine fellow.

But I do have a concern with this guy!!! God told him that he next stop is QUEBEC CITY!!! Can you imagine walking around that City with a huge Canadian Flag on top of a poll and he cannot speak Le Francais!!!!…lol

I wish him the very best of luck but I did gave the guy my email address so stay tune!!!

After he left the premises, the security Staff at the Legislature asked me - Hey? What was that guy all about?

You see, there are cameras all over the place and the security staff always zooms in on people walking by the Legislature for security reasons.

PIC- Security staff and Camera on top!!!
Charles 04_07_05 053

The downfall of this system is that they cannot hear what we are talking about??? Too bad!! So sad!!…lol

Ok..On another issue?

Two Families and their children made a stopover at the Legislature form the
hub City of Moncton.

They stop and asked Tim what was his protest all about? After they heard Tim’s story in the media < He sure receieved more media coverage than me. That’s for
sure >

PIC- During my protest? I would be looking in the windows reminded the Irving media that I was protesting in a tent! It took them 50 days to cover my protest!!

Charles 04_07_05 055

They told Tim – There are a lot of people supporting you Mr.Smith and during the last Provincial election?

We voted Tories but because of the ignorance of the Lord Government on this issue! We will never vote P.C. again!

Another family stopped by and said- You know something Tim? If something happens to you that you get sick or die because of this protest?

Bernard Lord will be forever known of the Premier who ignored the issue of exploitation for Government revenues.

The economy could be in full swing but New Brunswickers will never forget the time when the protester in front of the Legislature landed in the Hospital!

Tim told me that Elvy Robichaud walked by Friday afternoon. Tim TOLD THE Health Minister- To tell Minister Volpe that we are collecting every penny as Volpe suggested the Government needs it!!!

Charles 04_07_05 061

Elvy just answered- Have a good weekend!!! He quickly jumped in his fancy vehicle and left the Legislature.

You would believe that someone from the Government would have offered Tim Smith some encouraging news but it never happened!

So the Senate on Mental Health will in Fredericton on Monday? I will be there with my concerns and I’m certain that I will once again have my 4 minutes
chance to speak!

I am going to tell this Committee a lot of my personal issues and the matter the Lord Government are drugging and Killing our Children in New Brunswick!

We walked into the Farmers’ Market this morning and ran into a few people.

Ok….What else happened???

Oh??? Abel LeBlanc < Liberal MLA> came out from the Legislature yesterday with bottles of water and Orange Juice for Tim Smith.

You know what? I said it in the past and I will say it again!

Someone who has been around the Capital for over 30 years told me this little fact-

A Liberal is a nice person while in opposition. Once in power, a Liberal is still a nice person.

A P.C. is an ignorant person in opposition. Once a P.C. gets in power? They’re more ignorant!

You know what? I can’t wait till the next election to find out if this is a true fact?

I just wish that someone would offer a place to stay somewhere because he’s really a wonderful guy!

Maybe sometime he talks a lot to explain his views? < I am a fine one to talk??? > lol…but he is a nice guy.

If he would have been allowed to pitch a tent on the front lawn? We would have set him up with a part time home but the Sergeant At Arms told me that I was
truly the last of the true Protesters!

There will be no tents on the front lawn ever again!

So you can say that I am part of history!!!

Hey? Not too many people can say that??? Charles LeBlanc part of history???
Yes, if I continue the path that I’m heading? I could be soon part of history. I got to watch myself when I walked on the side of the road and see those
Irving’s trucks heading towards me? ..LOL…

On another history note?

I believe it is an absolute shame as people told Tim history was made when he was able to have a meeting with four working Ministers which reflected the importance of his concern on the issue of Video Lottery Terminals and the destruction they cause in

But once again Mr.Lord has managed to do nothing in good faith as he has proven once again that his word means Nothing!!

Charles 04_07_05 072

Sh@t!!!! Over 1,000 words already!! Once again, please excuse the style of this blog because I just write the darn thing and send it along the information

P.S. Do you have a comment for Tim??? Leave it in here!!!

Bye bye


What I find funny about this issue is once the Senate came to New Brunswick to study the Monopoly on Newspapers in this Province? Nothing was in the Irving's papers they were coming to this Province?
Thank God someone on the streets told me! You know what? I'll be there for this one and I'm going to let it known to these apointed officials of the manner those racist Members of the New Brunswick Human Rights Commission treats people with Mental Illness and of course the orders from the Irvings that people with ADHD are close to mental retardation! Orders by the Irvings!!! This is the story-

Senate committee to visit capital


OTTAWA - A Senate committee studying mental health issues will be in Fredericton next week for public hearings.

The Standing Senate Committee on Social Affairs, Science and Technology will hold a day-long session at the Lord Beaverbrook Hotel on May 11.

Members of the public can register throughout the day to participate in an open forum tentatively scheduled for around 4 p.m. The Senate committee is compiling a final report on mental health, mental illness and addiction in Canada. The committee is currently gathering reaction to the options it outlined in three interim reports released last fall.

This final round of consultations began in February in Toronto, and the committee is scheduled to hear from people in every province and territory.