Tuesday, May 24, 2005

SH@T!!!!!! @ !!!!!!!!!@@@@@...%%%%

I posted my last blog from a computer and it remove those beautiful words of suicide, drugging and killing!!! Thanks for the reader who told me!!!


Last Friday, I once again phoned the talk Show Talk of the Town < CFBC >in Saint John.
While waiting for my turn, the caller ahead of me was telling the radio audience he heard that Bernard Lord might be considered for the leadership of the P.C. Party of Canada therefore becoming one day Prime Minister of Canada!!!

Seconds later, I said - Yipeess..There’s a scary scenario Bernard Lord Prime Minister of Canada!
I told Rick Mantle that it wouldn’t be a bad thing. The host sounded a little surprised and I continued- Lets see here- 10,000 people signed my petition asking Bernard Lord to study the issue of Ritalin.
What did the Premier do?


He sort of told his fellow New Brunswickers that the drugging and killing of our children will continue for a couple more years.

Then came Tim Smith with the VLT’S!
May 4-2005-T-1

Close to 50% of New Brunswickers voted to remove these dreadful machines.

You would have believe that Bernard Lord would have had some sympathy for those poor people?

Of course not!!!!

Not one single suggestion to help the gamblers in this Province.

He told New Brunswickers- It’s ok because only a few people will commit suicide!

Therefore the machines stays!!!!

So? With that kind ignorant attitude?
Charles 04_07_05 072
This is exactly what Canadians needs in today’s world!

A Prime Minister who totally ignores the wishes of Canadians!!!!

I believe this would cause a revolution and this is exactly what Canada needs because our system is getting totally out of control!

Billionaires runs our MLA’S, Bureaucrats, newspapers, workers Compensation and our racists members of the New Brunswick Human Rights Commission.

Speaking of the Irvings?

They are truly on their last legs because they will not be able to fool the public any longer in the very near future.

Their way of buying all the newspapers in this Province was a waste of money.
Charles 04_07_05 033
Charles 04_07_05 023
Charles 04_07_05 034
Why you asks?

I decided to play around with my google search engine last night.

I wrote - The Irvings then my blog site showed up.

J.K. IRVING IS ON THE LEFT SIDE ON TOP ROW. Personally? I always like the guy!!!

I wrote - Bernard Lord and my site came up again.

Human Rights Commission? Same thing.

The majority of the MLA’s names and my site comes up!

What I find amazing with this blog is that I wrote about so many issues during the past 2 years so therefore any words you write in a search engine?

My Blog site will show up!

Ritalin in New Brunswick or ADHD in this Province just to name a few?

So? As for the Irvings? They can try and buy the talk show in Saint John and close it down but they will always be in people eyes on the information Highway!
After we are long gone, my stories will be in people eyes and minds for decades to come. Or maybe centuries!!!

Being the owners of every newspapers in this Province will not help their situation either.

Hey? What the hell do I know???..lol

Our future generations must be educated of the matter the Irvings are running this province. It's just like old Germany again and they must be stop!

Lets wait and see what the Senators are going to say?

If you’re a newcomer? You can read my four minutes speech to the Senate at


On another note? I found this web site. My God that last provincial election was a close one % wise? Check it out!!!