Wednesday, March 02, 2005


What's a Ground Hound anyway??? LOL...In
yesterday update, I meant Gound Hog!!!! I noticed the
mistake last night! Ohhhh well? I presume my mind was
somewhere else?
My GOD? Things are getting worst and worst in
this Province.
NBPOWER announced the power rate is going to go
up 10%!
The Government announced that alcohol is going
up, Saint John wants to installed water meters, gas
going up and the list goes on and on!
I just don't understand the thinking of the
A single person makes only $264.00 an month or
$485.00 an month.
It's impossible to live on that amount of money
so what do these poor people do?
They turn to be the Social outcast of society.
I heard another sad story!

Someone lost three teethes and Family Services
will not replace them under the welfare act!
Is this a way to mark these individuals for life?
Sure looks like tattooing the Jews in Germany!
Can you imagine going for an job interview with a
few teethes missing?
First time appearance is the most important act
during a job interview. So therefore, this individual
is mark for the rest of their miserable life!
This individual will quickly turn to the Drug
or alcohol life and at the end? It's the Government
will find this person a nuissance for the rest of his
I read Jean Marie Nadeau column which is posted
on my blogsite but it's en Francais but what he's
saying is we need an independent survey of the amount
of people who lives under poor condition in this
A Government survey is not telling the whole
Speaking of Government? Do you wish to send a
note to Paul Zed recovery?
You can send a note to -
So once again, the Police Force in Fredericton
are telling the public that Prescription Drug is a
major problem in this City!
Surprise..surprise surprise...If you believe that
the Capital has a bad prescription drug problem?
Hey? Saint John is must worst!
I forewarned the Government years ago about this
drug problem but to no avail!
The students at Universities are taking these
drugs to party and they snort the Ritalin to pass
That's all they talk about in the States but I
heard these stories first hand during my protest. Let
me see if I can locate the transcript of what I told
the Brunswickan during my protest?

This was printed on Dec 3th, 2003 in the
Brunswickan! Here's a part of the story-

Leblanc has spent a lot of time talking to
Fredericton's youth. Until last week, he visited both
UNB and STU campuses. He said he was told he wasn't
allowed on UNB campus.

Reg Jerrett, the director of UNB Security, said
Leblanc is mistaken.

"It's not that he's not allowed on UNB campus;
solicitation is not allowed on UNB campus," explained
Jerrett. "So, going around soliciting names, according
to the university policy, is not permitted."

Leblanc said not being able to discuss the issue with
young people is unfortunate.

"It's too bad because these kids… know what I'm
talking about when I mention the word [ADHD or
Ritalin]," said Leblanc.

"There are a lot of stories from students at UNB who
don't have ADHD [but] they crush the Ritalin to pass
their exam(s)," Leblanc explained.

"We've got a major problem here."

According to Jerrett, no problems concerning Ritalin
abuse has been brought to the attention of UNB

"I'm not aware of a problem of that nature on campus
and quite frankly, that's the first time that I've
heard about it," said Jerrett.

Leblanc said that by drugging" the youth of today,
there could be harsh consequences in the future.

"These are the future taxpayers. What are they going
to be in charge of in about 20 years from now: a bunch
of druggies?"

Leblanc is planning on staying for "as long as it
takes" to form a committee and have the issue of
over-prescribing Ritalin addressed.

"I did achieve my goal to educate the public of what's
going on here and what I want to achieve [now] is to
have a committee go around the province and treat
these kids with ADHD with dignity and not drugging
them. I will stand until the end of time but I don't
expect the government to listen."
If you wish to read the whole story? Go to

Do the Government care? Of course not!
You can just imagine what kind of people we're
going to have taking care of us in future years?
Everyone knows someone who's on prescription
and the seniors are selling their drug prescription to
This is a true story because I heard these
stories over and it's call survival!
Mind you Ritalin causes Cancer but the Lord
Government strongly believe it's cheaper to drug
our kids than to treat them with dignity!
But as Adults? By the orders of those racist
members of the New Brunswick Human Rights Commission?
They are labeled close to mental retardation!
Lets not put all the blame on the Lord Government
because Frank McKenna close down Centracare in Saint
John and these people were all force on the Streets
all around this Province.
You don't believe moi?
The next time you go out? Just have a look around
the neighborhood and you will notice these poor souls
all around the City!
I heard the protest up North is over but those
Acadians don't fool around! Thank God for the Acadian
population to stand up for what is theirs because the
English population sure won't!
This is a known fact! I often wonder why? Maybe
it's because it's in the Genes? Who knows?
Ok...I wrote enough allready and excuse the
grammar because I just write the darn thing and send
it along to you people on the information Highway!!!!