Sunday, July 17, 2005



Hi: live, from downtown progreso, yucatan, mexico. it is the emily countdown

We have basically everything done, some small things to make me feel better, but the die is cast, what will be will be.

Right now it is starting to get dark, the sunset is hidden behind a layer of
clouds, nice day for a swim.

Lots of people walking around and looking, nothing open, many people holding their breath.

The tension is not bad here, it will get much worse when it gets dark.

The eye is going to travel across the yucatan in the night, so it will seem worse.

The coast of quintana roo, and particularly cozumel is now getting the outside
bands of wind and rain.

The forecast is 10 feet of water to come in on the coast, which will extend up to 10 miles inland before it runs out of steam.

Here we have no idea how much water will come in from the ocean, but many
people have taken their vehicles to merida, 24 miles inland.

Within the next half hour i will be turning off the gas at the tank,
and all the shut-off valves in the system.

We may be getting hundred mile an hour wind, there is no way to know if the tie-downs are sufficient to hold the tanks in place and then i have to wrap the fridge in plastic and wrap the water pump, on the chance that we get 3 feet of water here.

That would flood the lower floor and ruin the electric motors. need to save them and it is cheaper to wrap in plastic than replace.

On the bright side, now that the rooms are all empty of furniture and junk, we
can paint the last rooms that need it.

Small comfort, but one must be optimistic.

We will be running the computer until the power cuts off or the wind gets too
high, whichever happens first. at this moment we are taking the last of
the hot showers, and relaxing.

In my computer i have stored a random selection of pictures from the area.

After the storm passes i will revisit the same places and take the same pictures. then i will create a story and publish it so that anyone can see.

I am hoping it will be boring, but i am afraid it may be interesting.

Will write again later tonite.



As Premier? Frank McKenna was the best when it came to communicating with the public.

I used to send him my views on certain issues and he would quickly reply!

It sure isn’t this way with the Lord Government. I never received one email from Bernard Lord!


Ok…Going back to Frank!!!

I don’t know if it was because I wrote letters to the Editor and he wanted to make me happy?

I’ll never forget the time Frank flew me in a helicopter from Saint Martin to Saint John.


This was my only time in a helicopter and I must admit it was a wonderful experience.

I bumped into Frank McKenna at the end of my protest and he gave me his email address.

Months later, I deleted it by mistake so I emailed one of Frank’s closest friend but I never receive an email from the individual.

All I wanted was Frank McKenna email so I can add him to my list so he can read what’s going on in this Province?

Maybe Frank McKenna doesn’t communicate with the peasants!


I mean? He’s way up there these days!

Maybe he heard that James Irving gave the orders to all the newspapers not to print my letters?


Maybe he also learned that I appeared in front of the Senate Committee blasting the Irvings?

You can read the transcript at-target="_blank">Charles

Why bother emailing poor moi???? Maybe he's too high class these days?


But I will confront the former Premier the next time we come face to face!!!


I’m not asking much! I just want to add Frank Mckenna to my mailing list!

Is that too much to ask???


This is Burt Paulin Liberal Mla for Restigouche-West.


Many readers wouldn't even know this guy but I live in a tent for six months in front of the Legislature so therefore this is the only reason that I know all the MLA'S!

I bumpred into Burt last week while he was in Fredericton.

The reason that I decided to name this Liberal MLA as the person of the week?

He’s the only elected official who goes around his riding with a sign on his vehicle telling pass by who he is!!!


He told me that once he parks his car in a parking lot and goes into a mall?

Once he arrives, there’s always people waiting for the MLA!

What a great way to communicate with the voters of this province.

Every elected official should follow the same fine example.

Lets pray that once the Liberals goes in power and Mr.Paulin is still around? I hope that he still drives around with a sign on his car! Good work Burt!!!





Hi: the projected track for emily is about the same, right on us at about
category 3. we are planning on following the official government instructions:

When notified of arrival, sit on chair place head between knees kiss ass goodbye!!

We are taking before, during and after pictures, the eye is supposed to go over
us, so i hope to get some good pictures of the inside of the eye.

Will post them on the web somewhere, will let you know where.

Put this address on the blog, please, i am not getting it here.

Yesterday was panic day here in the yucatan, everyone and their dog was in to
the stores to buy supplies.

So when i went today to get a couple of things, nothing left.

Fortunately, there was nothing truly urgent, but i did find a good quality cooler, for a semi-reasonable price. It was in the wrong pile and had the wrong sign on it, and the clerk did not want to check with the computer for the actual price.

He was very surprised when i went to the service desk and had a supervisor come out to check the price for me, and it was half of the price on the sign.

So he had to go and make up a new sign, and generally work, for a change.

We have customers in the building for the hurricane, and friends from down the
beach are staying in a hotel about 15 miles from the beach.

That is here my car will be, so that it does not get ruined by the salt water. We
expect to see possibly 3 to 4 feet of water here, for a few hours. Hopefully not, but
planning for the worst.

I want to use politicians and do-gooders to talk the thing to death, but it is the summertime, so they are all on vacation, gone to vegas, florida, baja california....

Have you bought shares in vaseline company yet?

You should, the way that lord is reaming the poor taxpayers of n.b. you should be using it by the ton!!

Going to get a couple of hours of sleep now, the staff comes in at 9 am for the
last of the preparations.

Lots of work, mostly dumb labour, carrying books and mattresses and kitchen stuff up to the second floor.

I have to supervise, and I have to move a water tank. and chase down the gas company, and pick up the bread from the bakery, the eggs from the market, more cat food and

Look at this site:

Have fun