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I just heard this on the streets in the Capital! Any Irving employees who don't dedicate their life and soul to the Irving Empire will be hunt down and fired!

Thew Irving Headquarters have let 73 or 78 Employees from the golden ball go!!! You will not see this in their newspapers!!!! Stay tune!!!!


I used a public computer and there were lots of words missing!!!


Generation RX: Reading, Writing and Ritalin.
Airs on Tuesday, August 9 at 5:00pm ET

A look at how America's love affair with prescription drugs has moved into the playpen. Today, 4-million children begin their school day by taking a small yellow pill, Ritalin, to control their hyperactivity. Since 1990, there has been a 700% increase in the use of the stimulant. And more than 2.5-million prescriptions for antidepressants were written for pre-schoolers and adolescents. We look at all sides of the issue and talk to pediatricians, psychiatrists, teachers, parents, and children.



Some people don’t seem to understand the issue of Prescription drug in this Province.

I warned the Government years ago about this issue but Bernard Lord chose to ignore moi.

The question is why? Why do the Premier choose to totally ignore the issue of prescription drug in this province?

Why allowed that plague of death to continue?


Do the Government need all the tax dollars they can get their hands on???

Yesterday, I walked in the addiction centre and tried to get some answers?

I was told to see the Department of Health!

This is what I enjoy living in the Capital! All the Generals are in one area and the soldiers are spread around the Province.

I’m suppose to receive a few answers during the next 24 hours. Stay tune!!!!

Now? Lets take a look at the New Brunswickers who’s addicted to prescription drug!

If these people are on Social Assistance, the government will pay for a taxi fare for these people to go get their prescription from a Doctor in Cambridge Narrows!

Charles 04_07_05 117

That’s a long way from Fredericton or Saint John.

A few years ago, the program the Fifth Estate made a program called-Hillbilly Heroine.

Charlotte County was full of addicted people and there’s nobody to turn to for help in that area.

Once you travel all the way to Cambridge Narrows to receive a prescription for Methadone < weekly or by-weekly? >

You have to travel to Saint John every day for the Methadone.

The pharmacies in Charlotte County don’t mind prescribing the painkillers to the Citizens in that area but they won’t prescribe the Methadone.


It just doesn’t make any sense whatsoever!

One reason I’ve heard was that once they give out the Methadone?

They pay the price with shoplifters.

Lets not forget the drug dealers who always wait outside the door trying to sell heavy drug to the people who are trying to better their lives.

If you’re not on social assistance? It’s much cheaper to stay on Dilaudid than to be on Methadone because there’s no way in the world that a person could afford to travel!

Gas cost a lot of money and lets not forget the maintenance of a vehicle.

In my view? Methadone should be given in every area in this Province. Butm this will never happen.

From what I was told 50% of the inmates in the provincial jails are in there because of the crime spree they committed to get their fix!


Once they leave the prison walls? They have to travel to get some professional help!

It’s very scary stuff!

Yes, our youths believe they are invincible!!!

They believe that they can try Dilaudid as a party trip and everything will be ok!

I remember a couple of years ago, I was in the middle of a dilaudid drug ring and you should have seen the stuff they stole!

They would leave late at night to break into people homes!

That the way it was and still is!

Today almost all these addicted people are in jail!

What will happen once they get out? That’s the emotional question!

There’s no question about it!!! Saint John needs a Methadone clinic in the centre of the City!


I might add that the Lord Government should add a second shift in all the big cities so the Government workers can go on the streets in the dark hours of the night and talk to these people who’s addict to these prescription Drugs!!!

Will this happen? Not in my lifetime!!! Maybe with Shawn Graham as Premier but not with Bernard Lord!

Charles 04_07_05 047

This is a known fact!!!!!

I haven't wrote this line for a while - Please excuse the style of this blog because I just write the darn thing and send it along the information highway!!!



Review of Prior Studies Suggests Clear Association between Ritalin Use and Height Retardation in Some Children

Review of Prior Studies Suggests Clear Association between Ritalin Use and Height Retardation in Some Children
Date Published: August 8, 2005
Source: Newsinferno.com News Staff


According to a new review, the exact affects of Ritalin on growth are still unknown. Ritalin has been used for four decades to treat children with attention deficit hyperactivity disorder (ADHD) and sales of Ritalin and chemically similar increased by more than 500% in the 1990s. Currently, some 10 million Ritalin prescriptions are filled each year in the U.S.

In the review, researchers analyzed 29 studies that considered the height variations among children taking Ritalin or the stimulant Dexedrine for ADHD. They found that the higher quality studies showed a clear association between use of the stimulants and height retardation of approximately 1 centimeter per year during the first one to three years of treatment.

Unfortunately, many of which were of poor quality and none adequately addressed the question of whether Ritalin has a permanent impact on height in some children.

University of Iowa psychologist John R. Kramer, PhD, who led one of the research teams, said in his study of 97 males who were treated with Ritalin for an average of three years between the ages of 4 and 12 showed no significant retardation in height during late teenage and years compared to non users. However, a small group of Ritalin users ended up more than 2 inches shorter than other Ritalin users.

Dr. Sally Poulton, a pediatrician, and colleagues from The University of Sydney concluded: "It would appear that most children achieve a satisfactory height, but there may be an important subgroup whose growth is permanently attenuated."

Poulton says that most parents of kids with ADHD are either unaware of slight variations in height associated with the use of Ritalin or are unconcerned about it. Although weight loss in the early days of treatment is a more commonly reported finding, parents should be aware of the possible warning signs of the height retarding side-effect.

Two of the studies reviewed suggest that children who experience nausea and vomiting, as an early side effect of Ritalin, may be uniquely vulnerable to slow growth. Users who experienced nausea and/or vomiting when starting the were found to be a full 2.6 inches shorter as s than Ritalin users who did not experience stomach problems as a side effect.

Despite the recent research into the impact on height, Wayne Snodgrass, M.D. University of Texas Medical Branch pediatrics professor and chairman of the committee on of the American Academy of Pediatrics, says this particular side-effect is not high on the list of potential concerns about the . The larger issue is whether those being treated with Ritalin have been correctly diagnosed in the first place.

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Lets not forget that this is a ADHD website. I'm always forgetting this....lol....Anyway...I always receive some info about Ritalin in my mailbox. From now on? I'm going to post them in the website! Thank you!!!



If the majority of citizens are against Methadone to help the addict get off Oxy-Contin & Dilaudid, then they should be rallying the Government to shut down the Legal Heroin because as long as the Doctors can prescribe these pills the problems of today will just get worst!

Methadone is not the answer for everyone and by researching what could assist people in recovery the first thing I must mention is, If you go to Rehab for help you are given Methadone while you are there (Inpatient) so therefor this gives ddicts family and friends false hope because the addict look & feel great with no utopia while on Methadone, so the minute they leave rehab they're
given nothing so these addicts have no choice but to go back to the
streets for their fix because that is what heroin does to the brain.

They had 0 results with that program if it is still being offered!

The problem with Opiates is they take over the endorphins in the addicts brain so how can you blame the addict?

Once the body is amuned to the dose given the brain plays a big part in telling the body that it needs more, thats how the
drug heroin works.

Methadone is not the answer for everyone but it does save
lives and until they find something better this is all there is right now.

In Bangor there is a Rehab that offers a 2 week sedation(Doctor induced for the body to rid itself of all opiates so when they are
awakened they are no longer craving the opiates and their body did not have to go through hell or at least they don't remember. This would be a great if this could be considered in NB but I doubt it. Only the family of the rich have such treatment available to them the rest of the people must just suffer.