Saturday, November 10, 2007

I was scare shitless in Montreal!!!!!

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There we were stuck under those overpass. They could have been crashing down on us. Can you imagine the headline? Bloggers crush in Quebec!!!!



My trip from the 401 to Montreal!!!

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Lots of Billboards in that City!!!!


Charles arrive in Quebec and start sneezing!!! I wonder why????

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Camera will not take good pictures of Irving's employees???

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Dan Bussieres orders the Irvings to fly le Fleur de lis???

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Yoninah's End of Chemotherapy Party 2007 - Nov 15!!!!

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Yoninah's End of Chemotherapy Party 2007 - Nov 15

At the Capital Community Church on 71 Downing street in Marysville (north side Fredericton close to the old cotton mill) at 7pm.

Yoninah and her family would like to thank "Fredericton" and the surrounding area for all their generosity over the past couple of years. Everyone has been so supportive in our tragedy with the loss of Yoninah's health, at the age of 3, and the loss of all our family pets when Yoninah was first diagnosed with Leukemia.

At the same time, everyone has participated in the joy of Yoninah getting her playhouse wish from the Children's wish foundation. One neighbour brought some cookies for Yoninah to have a "tea party" in her new playhouse.

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We have met many new friends through our struggles and our joys.
This community is one of the best!

"The Donutman" is coming to Fredericton to entertain the kids at the party ....."Jumping, clapping, singing, laughing; a Donutman concert grabs children right where they are with a wonderful blend of bible songs, stories and lots of audience participation."

To "give back" to the community, we are welcoming everyone with children ages 3 to 9 to attend this party that will be held on Thursday November 15, 2007 at 7 PM. Seating is limited so a reservation must be made via email at OR call 506-454-2480 anytime after 5 PM.

This party has been sponsored by Yoninah and family, with the generous help/donations of Buzz Harvey for giving the kids a job picking beans to raise money, Mexicali Rosa's(Back Nine) with their bottles, The South side Bottle Redemption Depot for all their extra work, The staff at Budget/Avis Group for their bottle donations, Scott's Nursery for donating some daffodil bulbs, generous family members and neighbours, The Delta Hotel for donating a room, Tim Horton Donuts for the goodies of the night and Sobeys on Prospect Street donating whatever food/drinks we need.

Very Sincerely,

Vicki Woodworth and Michael Smith(Yoninah's parents)

Drinking beers Ontario style!!!

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Getting ready for the cold winter months!!!

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Going to Saint John for a nice meal!!!!

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Driving on Highway 401 till Quebec!!!!

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