Wednesday, December 13, 2006

See? I can move as fast a ADHD blogger....

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Charles??? Do I look like a blogger???

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A blogger better be nice with the media. If not? Look out!!

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Ahhh....She just ruined a good shot!!!!

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She used to work for the P.C. Party and a very nice girl at that. She didn't wish to blog I guess? Bernard Lord had some good workers in his staff.....

Who's this guy anyway???

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Heigh-ho, heigh-ho. < Old Bernard Lord team >

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Well, we dig dig dig
Well, we dig in our mine the whole day through
Dig dig dig, that is what we like to do
And it ain't no trick to get rich quick
If you dig dig dig, with a shovel and a pick
Dig dig dig, the whole day through
Got to dig dig dig, it's what we like to do in our mine, in our mine
Where a million diamonds shine
We got to dig dig dig, from the morning till the night
Dig dig dig up everything in sight
We got to dig dig dig, in our mine, in our mine
Dig up diamonds by the score
A thousand rubies, sometimes more
But we don't know what we are diggin' for, yeah

Heigh-ho, heigh-ho
It's off to work we go
We keep on singing all day long

Heigh-ho, heigh-ho
Got to make your troubles go
Well, you keep on singing all day long

Heigh-ho, heigh-ho

Getting ready for the big show....

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Les Jourmalistes Francais sont dans la Capitale!!!

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You want me to do what?????

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Stay tuned a long winded blog tonight when I settle down!!!! I took over 200 pictures...My ADHD was going big time!!!!


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Dear gallery colleagues, communications types and bloggers -

I wanted to let you know that I will be taking an unpaid leave of
absence from the CBC during the first three months of 2007 to write
another book. The subject is the Beaverbook art dispute. Like my first
one about the N.B. Tory party, this book will be published by Goose
Lane Editions of Fredericton. They'll be sending out a press release on this today or tomorrow.

It will be published in the fall of 2007 so this will be a fairly quick project. Naturally, you are all invited to the book launch - time, date and location TBA.

My last day at work will be Friday, Jan. 5. I will be back at work
Monday, April 2, and I will send you all an e-mail then to remind you
that I'm back. I'll also be teaching a night class at the St. Thomas
University journalism department one night a week during this period.

Talk to you soon,


Jacques Poitras
Provincial Affairs reporter
CBC Radio New Brunswick


Pictures 508
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Pictures 497

While in Saint John a few weeks ago, I was over at Tim Smith’s place for a few days and after so many interviews and talking on the phone for hours.

I decided that I did indeed have enough and went for a nice walk. I walked all the way to Glen Falls in East Saint John.

I enjoy walking in that area. I made a stopover at the FernHill Cemetery. This is < in my view > the most beautiful cemetery in New Brunswick.

Pictures 481cemetery

I feel sad while walking in that cemetery because it truly shows you how life is indeed a short ride.

Our ancestors were very intelligent to locate the cemetery in that area. < I’ll get to that later >

I ended up on Westmorland Road and MY GOD WHAT A RACKET!!! Machines and men working building new stores in East Saint John.

Pictures 495Pictures 496

This area has sure grown since I left the area around three years ago.

I noticed two nice homes near the expansion.

Pictures 492

I decided to visit the house which is located right next to the new development.

Pictures 493

I knocked at the door and the guy came out and said - Hello Charles!!!

I didn’t know the guy but he used to work at the shipyard. His name is Gary or Gerry! < I forgot >

I’ll call him Gary! I asked Gary if he was sad of all the new stores coming right near his home?

It didn’t bother him one bit. Now? You would believe that the stores were bad enough right?

Of course not!

The new propose Natural Pipe Line will go right near his place.

Pictures 503

Gary is going to be surrounded by the new huge stores and the Pipeline.

As he said - SHOW ME THE MONEY!!!!

With the proper price? He’ll leave the area in a minute.

He showed me where the pipeline is going to be located.

Pictures 498Pictures 499

I hope that he doesn't smoke beside the pipeline?

Once there, his next door neighbor showed up. < I forgot her name? > I better start bringing paper and pen with me because I’m getting old!!

Pictures 505Pictures 506

The woman lives in a nice home but she’s very concern of the pipeline going right near her home.

Pictures 502

Gary used to enjoy his nice little fireplace in his backyard surrounded by trees but those days are gone forever.

Where else can you enjoy a nice fire with a few beers while there’s machineries are all over the place?

Pictures 507

That area is growing very quickly and thank God the FernHill Cemetery is located in the area because industries would have truly destroyed all the trees in East Saint John.

Our ancestors sure knew what they were doing eh?

Pictures 482

The buck stop right there but then again the Pipeline will be built was close to the cemetery.

Pictures 494

I wonder if the people are going to make sure there’s nobody buried in that area?

Take a look at this one?

Pictures 484Pictures 486Pictures 487Pictures 488

I found this near the cemetery in the woods. It’s sad because those people who are buried here are truly forgotten maybe there are more in that area? Who knows truly knows?

Yes, I’m sure that Gary will be shown some money because it’s the last house in the area and it will be soon history.

I don’t know if industries in that area is a good or bad thing? It use to be a marsh but no more so therefore the flooding is going to get much worst!

Pictures 509Pictures 501

Stay tuned.


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Just like last year, he will stay in front of the Legislature for a day of respect to the people who killed themselves because of those VLT'S!!!

I will blog many more on this issue till that emotional day.

Does anyone know where today's meeting is held???

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