Saturday, December 03, 2005


I always like Doug Tyler even when he was a Minister in the Frank McKenna Government.

Picture 017

I always found him pleasant and straight forward.

I was surprised when he lost his seat in 1999 during the Bernard Lord sweep.

I bumped into Doug Tyler in Andy’s office.

Before Doug came into the picture, I walked by the Liberal headquarters and I noticed Andy inside chatting with his staff.

Of course being the agitator that I truly am?

I once again told Andy to get rid of those Glasses!!!

Picture 013

I like the old style.

Picture 017

It doesn’t match the person who’s on the election ad.

I must admit the elected official has a lot of patience with me.

If I would be in his shoes? I would have lost it a long time ago.

My second question – So? You’re a blogger now???

He proudly told me that he was indeed a blogger.


I reminded the Minister a true blogger would leave a spot for comments for the readers.

He told me that he couldn’t leave a comment section because there could be some racist comments and we cannot have this.

He and other candidates have to be very careful.

I offered to volunteer my services to watch over the blogsite but no luck.

I am certain that myself and computer WCIE could have watch for bad racist or out of lines comments.

We do it here all the time.

I must admit that 99% of the readers are good. They don’t cross the line.

So I guess they’ll be no comments sections in Andy’s Blog.

I must add that Andy Scott made it perfectly clear to me and the other staff that if anyone in this blog who had any questions for the Liberal candidate?

They can do so by sending their question at and your question will be answered.

andy blog


I just received this email.....


Could good old CFBC be gearing up for a good old fashioned Radio Ratinga War against Rogers and the Irving Owned CHSJ Operations


News Readers/Reporters
Saint John / Moncton / Halifax
(Posted to Milkman UnLimited by Nov. 29/05)
MBS Radio (Maritime Broadcasting System Limited) is a locally owned and operated group of 25 radio stations across the Maritimes.
We are currently updating the talent banks in our News Departments in Saint John and Moncton, New Brunswick, as well as Halifax, Nova Scotia.
Whether you’re an experienced News Reporter looking for an opportunity to work in a competitive market news room, or a budding broadcast journalist looking for your first assignment, we want to hear from you.
Send your resume and MP3 demo (if available) quoting
Job Posting #MBS018 to the following:
RE: News Reader/Reporter
Job Posting #MBS018
Closing Date: December 16th, 2005
We would like to thank all applicants for their interest in this position; however, only those selected for an interview will be contacted - No phone calls please.
MBS Radio
5121 Sackville Street, 7th Floor
Halifax, Nova Scotia
B3J 1K1


Anchor / Reporter
Saint John NB
(Posted to Milkman UnLimited by Nov. 25/05)
REPORTS TO: News Director, Atlantic Canada Radio
DEPARTMENT: Programming
COMPANY: Rogers Broadcasting Ltd.
LOCATION: Saint John
POSTING PERIOD: November 25 ­ December 9, 2005
• Develop interesting news stories as assigned by the News Editor.
• Conduct and edit news interviews, write scripts and broadcast finished product in a timely and professional manner.
• Anchor Newscasts as required.
• Broadcast live from news events on an as needed basis.
• Bring new story ideas to the table on a daily basis.
• Maintain focus on target audience when covering stories.
• Story development, investigating and researching a broad range of issues.
• Be available whenever there is a major event that requires all of the newsroom resources.
• Minimum of 2 years experience in a Radio News Department and Broadcast Journalism education
• Strong communication skills including writing skills
• Experience in Saint John radio a definite asset
• Ability to work in a fast paced environment and have flexibility to work weekends and evenings
• Must be a self-starter and energetic
• Must be detailed oriented
• Must be able to take direction well
• Must have a drivers license
• Anchoring experience will be an asset


All applicant should include a short (90 second) MP3 Demo of their on-air work with their application.



Looks like I’m going for a weapon but it’s not.... lol...

Picture 021

It’s my Camera in my pouch.

This is what I like about this little toy?

I’m the guy on the streets. I see everything from the very high class bureaucrats to the very poor.

It’s a very handy little toy to carry around.

Many these MLA’S and bureaucrats believe there in a peace of mind at lunchtime? But there’s never a peaceful moment if I’m around?

Picture 021



THIS IS ALL BULLSH@T!!!!!!!!!!! TOTAL B.S.!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Excuse the title of this blog but it makes me very angry!!!!


The first part is a story in the Irving's paper. The second section is an email I received days ago. This is all BULLSH@T!!! It's just another way for big drug companies to make money!!!!

We must pray for an early Provincial election. With Shawn Graham as Premier? The issue of drugging our kids will be studied but with Bernard Lord as Premier? The drugging and the killing of our children will continue!!!!

The Fredericton Daily Gleaner
Life & Entertainment, Saturday, December 3, 2005, p. C12


ADHD patch for kids approved by U.S. officials

The Associated Press

WASHINGTON - A U.S. federal advisory panel determined Friday that the first skin patch to treat attention deficit hyperactivity disorder in children is both effective and safe, bringing the patch a step closer to regulatory approval.

However, the panel of independent experts voted to recommend to the Food and Drug Administration that the patch's label encourage its use as an alternative treatment for children with ADHD - in effect, saying doctors should prescribe it only if taking pills is too difficult for a child.

The unanimous vote by the FDA's Psychopharmacologic Drugs Advisory Committee, saying the patch was acceptably safe, came after a formerly critical FDA reviewer reversed his opinion about the drug.

The agency will now decide whether to approve the patch. It usually follows the advice of its advisory committees but is not required to. A decision is expected by Dec. 28, said a spokesman for U.K.-based Shire Pharmaceuticals, which developed the patch along with Noven Pharmaceuticals of Miami.

In documents posted by the FDA, agency reviewer Dr. Robert Levin had said that trials showed the patch produces troubling side-effects too often to be considered safe. But on Friday, Levin told the committee he had reconsidered his opinion and now judged the drug was safe enough to approve.

The patch is designed to go on a child's hip for nine hours, according to submissions by the companies that developed it. It releases into the body methylphenidate, which has been shown to help children with ADHD. It is the same stimulant that is in Ritalin.

The patch is designed for children between the ages of six and 12. The developers said it is a way to treat ADHD in children for whom taking pills is difficult or unpleasant. Unlike a pill, it can be removed from the body if it causes harmful side-effects.

Some children who received the patch during trials reported decreased appetites, headaches, insomnia, nausea and tics, the FDA said. These occurred more often than in children taking Concerta, a pill that uses methylphenidate, and others taking a placebo. Some in the patch test also had skin irritation.

In documents submitted to the FDA, the developers of the patch said it was safe and that problematic side-effects were similar to those occurring in children who take methylphenidate orally.

Category: Society and Trends
Uniform subject(s): Children
Length: Medium, 307 words

© 2005 The Daily Gleaner - Fredericton. All rights reserved.


WASHINGTON (Reuters) - An experimental skin patch to treat attention deficit hyperactivity disorder in some children should not be approved in the United States because of safety risks, U.S. regulatory staff recommended on Thursday.

Two new studies for the patch, which is made by Britain's Shire Pharmaceuticals Group Plc and U.S. Noven Pharmaceuticals Inc. did not prove it was safe enough, Food and Drug Administration reviewers said in memos posted on the agency's Web site.

Shares of both Noven and Shire tumbled on the news.

In midday trading on Nasdaq, Noven shares were off 20.8 percent, or $2.81, to $10.70. Meanwhile, in London Stock Exchange trading, Shire closed near flat after earlier falling about 2 percent.

The staff review was released ahead of a meeting of FDA advisors Friday to consider whether to recommend approval of the patch. The FDA usually follows its panels' advice.

The patch, known as the methylphenidate transdermal system (MTS), aims to deliver via the skin a generic version of one of the most popular ADHD treatments -- Swiss drug maker Novartis AG's Ritalin.

FDA officials in April 2003 rejected the patch citing high rates of insomnia, anorexia and weight loss when used for 12 hours.

Since then, the companies conducted additional studies that they said showed MTS was safe and effective when used for nine hours. They hope to market it under the name Daytrana.

FDA reviewers on Thursday said the patch, designed for once-daily use in children 6 to 12 years old, still caused too many side effects.

MTS was also linked to a high risk of a muscle spasm disorder, or tic, and skin irritation, they wrote.

"The safety and tolerability profile of MTS treatment in these two new studies does not appear to be significantly more acceptable than that in the previous MTS submission," the staff said.

Company officials, in other documents released on Thursday, said the problems were no worse than with pill versions.

Thomas Laughren, head of the FDA's Division of Psychiatry Products, agreed most of the side effects were found with tablets, but in some instances occurred more with the patch.

Some FDA scientists also had concerns about the potential for children to abuse the patch by extracting the active ingredients with a solvent like alcohol, but others said it was unlikely.

Some reviewers with the agency's controlled substance division said extraction would be a complicated, time-consuming and expensive process that was most likely not worth the time or trouble by a would-be abuser for the resulting small amount of the drug.

The bigger threat, they said, was children sharing the patch. Still, "there would be no 'rush' from applying the patch" because it takes two to three hours to have an effect, the reviewers said.

Ritalin and its generic versions are one of the most commonly abused pills among youth, studies have shown.

The companies said the patch was not misused or shared during trials.

Between 73 percent and 82 percent of parents whose children participated in late-stage studies "strongly agreed that MTS afforded them control over their child's treatment and peace of mind over potential misuse," they said.

The documents are available online at

© Reuters 2005. All Rights Reserved.




A few days ago, I bumped into these three individuals.

Picture 019

It was nice day in the Capital.

Of course they smelled Listerine.


They have a drinking problem but they’re good people. They don’t cause any problems.

This is the only City in New Brunswick that the rich bureaucrats and the less unfortunate are walking side by side.

Picture 044

During the summer months, these poor souls hang around outside of the shelter but not during the winter months?

Picture 035

It’s too darn cold!!!

So therefore they have to seek shelter were it’s warm.

Now? One of them bought up a good point to me last week.

He told me that in Halifax? There’s a place that’s called a wet shelter.

Now? Everyone knows everyone so therefore there's no problems.

I might add there’s two huge bouncers present.

I guess the City of Halifax pays for these employees.

They are Bouncers from the clubs.


Now? Wouldn’t this be a good idea for the City of Fredericton.

Picture 041

The Mayor could tell the less fortunate that there’s a place for them to stay warm during the cold winter days?

They wouldn’t be all over the downtown area.

Picture 019

What do you think???


andy blog

By the way? I like Andy's Glasses in this< old style >

ok..never mind that....I didn't know about this one until I visited his website last evening at


But I do have a point of concern with Andy's new blog?

A blogger will give his views on issues and leave a spot for people to leave a comment. Andy's Blog site does not do this.

Andy writes his views but the public can't reply. This is a big faux pas with we Bloggers!!!

I have to tell his staff the definition od a Blogger. A blogger gives the news to the readers but with an opinion and the people can reply to the blog.

Sounds like everyone wants to be a blogger these days?

This is a good thing for the bloggling world!!


Here in New Brunswick? A roomer or boarder have no rights whatsoever.

Picture 011

A landlord or a caretaker can collect your rent and have you evicted the next day.

A person will be sent to the New Brunswick Human Rights Commission, the police or write a letter to the editor.

The person will have one hour to leave the building and there’s no where to turn!!!!

This picture says it all!

Picture 012

You grabbed the items you have in your possession and leave the building.

Ever tried to pack up and move in one hour???

Picture 012

There’s no government agencies to turn to for help.

This picture was taken last week and I might add that the girl wasn’t evicted from her place but I just had to take this picture.

Picture 012

This photo says it all!!!

But I was told tonight that something might be done in the near future.



( PSALM 126:2 *NKJV )

Dear Charles,
We have received the following message from one of our
Sister's in Christ. I would like to share it with you now.

Dear Pastor Allen,
Recently you shared some church Jingles and I shared them
with my Sunday School class and my Pastor then shared them
with the congregation. Then my Pastor Challenged my class
to come up with some more. So here they are:

God is like Ford,
He’s built Tough.

God is like Nike,
He just does it.

God is like Dodge,
He grabs life by the horns.

God is like State Farm,
He is always there.

God is like Lowes,
We can do it, God can help.

God is like Burger King,
He has it his way.

God is like J. C. Penny,
He’s all inside, ( your heart ).

God is like McDonald’s,
He’s lovin’ us!

God is like Duracell,
He’s trusted everywhere.

God is like Energizer,
He keeps us going.

God is like Gatorade,
He’s in YOU!

These Church Jingles were written by Mrs. Jenkins’ 4th,
5th, and 6th grade Sunday School class. I hope you have
enjoyed them, now have a great weekend. Amen.

With My Love & Prayers,
your servant Allen
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Apostle Paul Ministries, P O Box 55996, Hayward, CA 94545