Thursday, July 07, 2005


hitler fub


Today is a huge step backwards for the citizens of Saint John.


The people in that area have lost their newspaper forever!

These days, the Telegraph Journal has a very small section covering the news in Saint John.

This is just the beginning of major changes in which the manner the Irvings are going to handle the newspapers in this Province.

The sad part is that this new section will be full with Irving’s news stories of how good they are for the City of Saint John. That section will change into a newsletter of the Irving’s workplace.

It’s all part of the Irving’s final solution in this Province!!!!

I didn’t read today’s Telegraph Journal yet. I am certain that the green industry story is on the front page.


This industry is going to replace the shipyard!

I saw on the news last night Mary Keith < robot for the Irvings who never smiles > telling the Irving media that only qualify workers will work at the new workplace.


What does she meant by qualify?

Rat, back stabber and they must also dedicate their life and soul to the Irving Empire???


This robot told their own media that this will only happen if they get the approval after an EIA is done?


My God???? What a bunch of hogwash!!!!

These Irving’s bureaucrats in the Capital must really receiving their bonus pay because the Irvings are getting away with murder.

No wonder the Irving’s public relation is going down really fast!!!!

By the way? Have you ever seen what kind of vehicle a Billionaire drives? This car here is own by J.D. Irving himself. James drives around with this piece of junk!


Yes, it is indeed a very sad day for the citizens of Saint John.

This City can be proud by announcing to the rest of the Country that they’re the only city in Canada who doesn’t have their own newspaper.

What really bothers me is that the Senate never came out with their final report yet?

Maybe Senator Joe Day < a Irving lawyer > phoned the Irvings and told them that they can do whatever they want with the newspapers in new Brunswick?


I guess we already know that the Senate will not bother the Irvings!

An Irving lawyer in the Senate chambers looking after the Irvings affair?

Very scary stuff!


Ken Simms from the Atlantic Press Council told me a couple of years ago that the Irvings can deny a person right to write views against the Irvings in their newspapers.

The Irvings are really pushing hard on this one. They even have Irving’s paid employees to write praising opinions of the Empire.


I predicted this downsizing months ago and as usual?

I was 100% correct!

This is just the beginning of the end for the newspapers in this province.

Next on the death list are the Daily Gleaner and the Moncton Transcript!

You’ll only see one newspaper in this Province and they will call it - The Irving’s Way!!!

As we speak, the Irvings are training future journalists and columnist at Saint Thomas!

These young soldiers will dedicate their lives and soul to the Evil Irving Empire!!!


They will only write praising columns of the Irvings!

Yes, it’s a very sad day for all New Brunswickers and there’s not a darn thing we can do about it beside starting a huge revolution!

How long do you believe the Irvings and the Government would have lasted 200 years ago?

Good question? Do you have an answer?

A revolution?


Nahhh You’ll never see that courageous act here in Canada???

I’m afraid to say it but- IT’S TRULY OVER!!! May God have mercy on us New Brunswickers!



The sad inquest continues in Moncton and it must be very difficult for the parents to go through all this all over again!

Here's some of the stories that I collected on this every emotional issue!

School official admits bus driver's error
Last updated Jul 7 2005 08:59 AM ADT
CBC News
The transportation director for District 11 admitted Wednesday that a school bus driver stopped on the wrong side of the road the day a five-year-old boy was killed last year in Cap Bimet.

Claude Maillet told an inquest in Moncton that the man knew he was supposed to pick up Rémi and Justin Cormier directly in front of their home, but for a reason yet to be explained he stopped on the other side of the street.

Rémi Cormier

Nine-year-old Justin walked across the road and got safely on board, but his brother, Rémi, was run over just as he was rounding the front of the bus, which had started to move.

Rémi's mother, Nadine Cormier, watched the tragedy unfold from the window of her home.

She said she'd always known the driver had stopped in the wrong place, but said it was a relief to have someone finally admit it.

"He should have gone down Cap Bimet Road and picked up my kids in front of our home as it was done since the beginning of the year," she said. "It's why my child is not with me today."

FROM JULY 6, 2005: Family says driver should have seen child
School officials say there have been improvements in bus safety and driver training since Rémi Cormier was killed, but there was always room for improvement.

Nadine Cormier

The driver, France Cormier, will take the stand on Thursday.

In addition to explaining why he stopped on the wrong side of the street, he'll have to answer for his failure to check his rear-view mirrors before putting the bus in gear.

Earlier in the week, the members of the jury and the Cormier family were given a tour of a school bus, identical to the one that ran over Remi.

Officials demonstrated that the driver would have had a clear view of the small boy, if only he'd checked the mirrors before starting to drive off.


Other children on the bus yelled at him to stop, but it was too late.

Al Breau, a friend of Rémi's parents, says the driver's testimony will be tough for everyone to endure.

"There'll be some high emotions and hurt and scars opened up again, but that's the purpose of this," he said.

Officials say France Cormier had driven buses for District 11 for about two years on a part-time basis. He had a clean record and his training was up to date.

He has never been charged in connection with the fatal accident on April 6, 2004.

The driver's testimony is expected to wrap up by noon Thursday. Then it will be up to the jurors to come up with safety recommendations.


Times & Transcript | Courts/Crime
As published on page A3 on July 7, 2005

Bus driver ignored instructions, inquest told
Driver stopped on wrong side of road when Rémi Cormier died

Times & Transcript Staff

The man driving the school bus that struck and killed a Grand-Barachois kindergarten student last April did not follow school district instructions on where to stop, the jury in a coroner's inquest heard yesterday.

Claude Maillet, transportation co-ordinator for School District 11, testified yesterday that spare driver France Cormier received a list of times and 911 addresses that served as designated bus stops for his new route. That list included two stops on the west side of Cap-Bimet Road.

That's the same side of the road where Rémi Cormier, five, and his brother Justin Cormier, then nine, lived. Each school day, the brothers would wait for the bus at the end of their driveway and board from that spot.

On April 6, 2004 the second day that France Cormier performed his duties on that particular route - he stopped the bus on the east side of Cap-Bimet Road, across the street from Rémi and Justin Cormier's house. (The driver isn't related to the boys.)

Justin traversed the street and boarded first, but as Rémi was crossing in front of the bus, it began to move and ran him over.

"If I decided to stop on the other side of the road, I'm making a conscious decision not to follow my route," Luc Labonte, legal counsel to the coroner, said to Maillet.

"Yes," Maillet answered.

In the audience, Rémi's mother Nadine Cormier wept silently, and his step-grandfather, Al Breau, put his head in his hands.

Later, Nadine Cormier told reporters how troubled she was by the information.

"It's why my child is not with me today," she said, her voice breaking.

Back at the inquiry, Maillet said he called France Cormier in April of last year to assign him the new route. He said the spare driver, who had driven buses for the district for about two years, had a clean driver's abstract, and his mandatory training and annual refresher courses were all up to date.

Maillet said he asked France Cormier if he could accompany the regular driver to learn the route.

"And he did indeed go," Maillet said.

Maillet also told the jury that in April 2002, no bus drivers in the school district were given the quantity or names of students they would be picking up or dropping off.

He said the school district, which represents French-speaking schools from Miramichi to Shemogue, in still in the process of creating a database of information for bus drivers that includes the names of all the children he or she will be transporting.


The process began two to three years ago, the jury heard. Maillet said it's taken time to launch it, because student information was sometimes entered in the school software in a way that wasn't compatible with the district's bus route software. School secretaries have since been trained on data entry, and the problem's been fixed, he said.

Rémi's kindergarten teacher at Père Edgar-T. LeBlanc school, Anita LeBlanc, gave the jury the "Dinobus" safety presentation that all kindergarten children must see in their first few days of school. LeBlanc said it was clear to her that Rémi understood the lesson.

"Rémi would remind me of the rules in the classroom," she said with a wan smile. "Not just for the school bus, but all the rules."

Nadine Cormier testified on Monday that she and Rémi also went over a Dinobus safety pamphlet together at home. The handout was provided to parents prior to enrolment.

Earlier yesterday, clinical biochemist Dr. Joanne Cadeau said that no drugs were present in Rémi's body on the day of the accident - not even the small quantity of Benadryl that his mother administered to ease his eczema symptoms that morning.

Today is the last scheduled day of the hearing. Both of Rémi Cormier's school bus drivers - his regular driver, as well as spare France Cormier - are expected to take the stand this morning. France Cormier's driver examiner is also slated to testify.


NB Telegraph-Journal | Provincial News
As published on page A3 on July 7, 2005

Parents await testimony today of bus driver
District 11 official says driver was new to route, but had proper training



Many questions that have undoubtedly haunted the parents of a five-year-old, Shediac-area boy struck and killed by his school bus last year could be answered today.


Bus driver France Cormier is scheduled to testify at a coroner's inquest into Remi Cormier's death and will likely be asked to explain why he opted not to stop in front of the young boy's Cap-Bimet home and whether he adequately checked his mirrors.

During testimony at the inquest in Moncton Wednesday, District 11 transportation supervisor Claude Maillet said Mr. Cormier (no relation to Remi) was given a bus route, times and stops along the route, which included the home of Remi and his older brother Justin, when he took over the Grand-Barachois-bound route just days earlier.

"They (the two brothers) would normally take it from their driveway, but in this case, he stopped on the opposite side," said Mr. Maillet, who is responsible for hiring drivers and determining bus-stop locations throughout the eastern New Brunswick school district.


But besides finding out why Mr. Cormier didn't follow the route, family spokesman Al Breau said the family also hopes to learn whether the bus's radio was on and if it had any effect on the driver's hearing that day.

"The kids were yelling, 'whoa,' and he kept on going," Mr. Breau said. "Was the radio too loud?"

Remi was on his way to kindergarten when the incident occurred. An RCMP investigation ruled out any criminal charges against the driver.

Mr. Maillet said that while Mr. Cormier was relatively new to the route, he had all of the proper training and background checks and had taken a ridealong with the route's previous driver.


"We try, as much as possible, to make sure the driver is familiar with the route," Mr. Maillet said.

As well, he said the district is now working on a database to give drivers information on individual students and where each one gets on the bus.

"We've been working on the list for about two to three years. This is a slow process," he said, acknowledging there are challenges with implementing the system since students from of divorced parents may split their week between two different homes.

District 11 has 73 school buses with 5,600 students taking the bus to school, employing 73 full-time drivers along with 25 spares and covering 1.8 million kilometres of road over a 10-month period.

Mr. Maillet said the district tries to locate stops a maximum of 400 metres apart, which are often located closer to accommodate younger students. As well, he said stops are placed on the right side of the road wherever possible so students don't have to cross the street to get on the bus.

He added: "We try to advise the bus driver to try to pick up the students without having them cross."

Several witnesses Wednesday also outlined bus safety measures, including specialized training both full- and part-time drivers require every two years, as well as annual refresher courses and a fun school program promoting bus safety that all students must take.

Ron Arsenault, a transportation analyst with the province's Education Department, said potential school-bus drivers must complete a week-long training and first-aid course, acquire the proper licensing, successfully pass a criminal background check and possess a clean driver's licence abstract.

"Their licences expires at two-year intervals so they have to get a licence again every second year," Mr. Arsenault said. "They also need to have a medical exam every two years."

The five-member jury and presiding coroner Gloria Merrithew also viewed a presentation by Remi Cormier's former kindergarten teacher Anita LeBlanc on the Dinobus bus safety program.

"It holds their attention up until the end," said Ms. LeBlanc, noting there could be ways to make the program more interactive in the future by adding a colouring or other craft or game component.


Once again, I heard a rumuor that Elizabeth Weir will join the Provincial Liberals? What do you think? Would that be a good move for Elizabeth? Feel free to leave your comments!



Two more deaths in Saint John because of prescription drugs! My questions is this? Once a death occurs in Cape Breton? The news is on the front burner in the media! Why not the same action here? Do you know anyone else who died from these Prescription drugs? PLease let me know. Here's a email that I just received from Saint John!


Some more sad drug related news from Saint John. Two more men
died from prescription drug overdose last week and another is on the verge of death.

The one on the verge of death has been kicked off of the Methadone
program and is now back on the pills full blown.

I am sure you won't read about these stories in the paper, thats for sure.

I noticed that you could get the amount of ritalin that has been prescribed can you also do the same for Dilaudid and Oxy-Contin?

I would love to see the figures from 1996 till today.

These are the synthetic heroin pills that the Doctors are pushing
and the government are getting rich off of and people are dying everyday because of them.

They were not even allowed to be prescribed before 1996 unless you were dying and now look what they have caused, way too many
people are dying because of the legal heroin pills.

The sad thing is that there are so many of these pills on the streets now that the prices have gone down.

It makes my blood boil when I hear those losers in the Legislators say that if the Doctors prescribe them it must be OK.


A lot of families are affected because of the change that the
government made by allowing these pills to be prescribed and in the end there is no help for them.


If an alcoholic admits that he has a problem then he can get help, he can even fall off of the wagon many times and the help is still there for he or she.

If an addict admits that he needs help he will be placed on a waiting list (which never exceeds 100) and this can mean life or death for some.

The thing that really bothers me is that if an addict falls off of the wagon more then 5 times in the course of his/her treatment then he can never get back on the Methadone program.

Well if you ask me one day on methadone for an addict means that they are not stealing, prostituting, or other illegal means to get their fix so Methadone is a good thing because lets face it alot of these addicts have children and families and they need to see normal.

I do realize that there is no utopia with methadone so a person can OD without realizing it but if they have the right dose they should be fine.

Another thing that bothers me is that these patients who are on
methadone must pee in front of a secretary in one Doctors case.

Yes a secretary not a nurse or the Doctor. Their human rights are being violated everyday because most think that every addict is scum.

Why are they so strict with Methadone but they give out Dilaudid and Oxy-contin's like they were smarties without any guidelines.

They can receive pills by the hundreds, they never have to take a pee test, and they are not look down on by society.

In the cases of a person receiving the Oxy-Contin, Dilaudid
who are not prescribed them properly then it seems to be the persons fault not the Doctors.

The Doctors do not have to be accountable (Protected by
Government we here it all of the time if a doctor prescribes it then it must be OK) for their actions even though they had very little training or no training on Narcotics when they first started prescribing them in 1996 (Findings in the Mailman inquiry in Saint John) and the Doctors caused many many problems for families.

Now when a person goes on Methadone they must adhere to all of
the ules e.g.

Must receive dose 1 hour before the store closes, must sign
contract, must show picture ID, no other drugs in system, no stealing or illegal activities and theres more and they change all of the time.

Now if a person is on the legal heroin pills he/she never has to prove that they are even taking them, can have a months supply at a time, can be on any drugs that they want because there is no pee test required, can pick them up at the Pharmacy at any time, 5 minutes before close if they chose to.

The last thing that I would like to vent on is that some patients
on the Methadone have to go to the Pharmacy everyday to drink their dose in front of the Pharmacist.

Now some of the luckier patients can drink one there and take 4 carries home, others drink one and take 2 home, it depends
on what Doctor that you have it really depends on what power trip that the Doctor is on.

Their reasoning is that they are afraid of diversion, well that to me is the stupidest thing that I have ever heard because we all
know that the Legal Heroin Pills are diverted everyday and nothing is done about it.

So as Isee it the Government has made millions in Tax Dollars on
the Heroin Pills so they don't want them to go away and knowing that if they put heroin on the streets they could sell and collect taxes on Methadone which we in New Brunswick had never ever heard of so now they make it on both and for some they will collect the taxes for years to come.

Who knows what the maker Pruda Pharma gives the Government as a kick

Now thats the kind of new money that this Government is enjoying at the devastation of fellow New Brunswickers. Charlie, you haven't had Citizen of the Week for a while and I nominate all Pharmacist who distributes the Methadone to these needy and thankful people and their families.