Tuesday, March 08, 2005


Tim Smith will be a guest on Melanson live this evening. If you are from outside of the Province? You can see his picture in my photo album on the left hand side of the web page! He’s number#3!
You can also read all the details of his protest in the January achieves!
Here’s a letter from Tim Smith for the Premier that was sent to the Premier one week ago yesterday!
I might add that he never received a reprisal from the Premier! Are you surprise???
Ok....Here’s his letter and don’t forget to watch Melanson Live tonight at 8:00pm! This guy speaks from the heart and that’s what we need in today’s world!

To the Right Honourable Premier Bernard Lord:
Leader of The Progressive Conservative Party of New Brunswick

My name is Tim Smith I would like to take a moment of your time if I might
to discuss my recent update about (VLT,S) and also how the out come
could be a positive one for (ALL) involved..
I know you have received a copy of the update and that I will be doing
an interview on Melanson Live on the 8th of March, < 8:00pm > on Channel 10 (Praying that a date for change may be close at hand!)
But what I would like to say to you is I believe a very good thing could come from a quick response on this very emotional issue.
The Opposition brought them to life on the floor of the legislature and once again the VLT’S are in the forefront and the news media!
Therefore, this could give you a unique opportunity to reap the benefits of being the first Provincial Government to act on Proper legislation for this cause.
By showing the compassionate side of the Conservative Party and thus proving to New Brunswickers and the rest of the Country that concerned Government still works - With, For and By the People with which they Govern.
I further believe that this would bring great P.R. < Public Relation > to you and your party to be the first Governing Party to lead the way for the rest of Canada on such a Devastating issue that effects so many New Brunswickers as well as many Canadians.
Issues such as- Personal, Possessions, Finances, Relationships, Demoralization, and ultimately Suicide not counting the impact on our Communities!
If we need reminding that the Referendum was what we consider to
be equally down the centre (As 4% is the margin of any pole), thus equality
should prevail for (ALL) concerned as should be the case with the 50% who chose not to have them in our Province which leads me to ask where we fit in to this equation?
To not have to bear witness to our friends or family members destroying
themselves on these dreadful machines.
Thus in turn leads me to no other conclusion but to bring only good news to your party for swift reaction to the thousands of Voters who chose the
(No) side of this issue by moving the time up to "Evening Entertainment Hours" and giving Non-players their deserved space in the Community, again to not have to bear witness to this affliction on society.
Also by doing this would ease the burden on addicts to be able to
move about within the Community and to begin a self healing process of blending back into the populace with an equal chance of making it to pay their bills, get their groceries, or just sit and have a cup of coffee with a friend in a food court at a mall meeting or to get back home to their families without failure and not having to be totally demoralized for leaving their homes, yet again because of an uncontrollable urge to do the unthinkable just because it blocks their path!!!!!
I must say that I really don't think I would recover from the blow of another Province leading the way on this issue considering the hugely tragic losses we have suffered over these machines in a smaller populated Province.
Also considering the fact that it is an issue we as New Brunswickers
are trying to solve today.
If we look back on New Brunswick’s past we see that our Province had a reputation to be an effective voice as a whole to the rest of Canada for problem solving because of the strong bond of the people to act as one with a Compassion that could not be matched.
I believe it is time once again to let the sun shine through all the
grey we have been experiencing in these times of change.
Leadership must come from the heart as well as the financial aspects of doing business in this Province and abroad.
In closing, I ask that you please consider this issue with care and
leadership to prevail.
And may God walk with you in that process........

Thanking you in advance

Timothy H Smith

Saint John N.B.