Sunday, March 06, 2005


I am in a very good mood today because as usual, I just came from Church! Last night, I took a pittbull for a walk and it bought tears to my eyes because it was the same breed and colour of a pittbull that I used to have!

What a big difference between Chico and the Pittbull?

Care to see a picture of Chico? Go to the photo album on the front web page and go down to photo number# 27, 28, 30 and 32!

Here's a story I wrote for the Daily Gleaner but was denied by the editors of the Irving Paper!

Let me know what's your view on this issue! Hey? it's nothing about the bureaucrats, racist members of the human rights commission, Bernard Lord or ADHD!!!!

I don't have a word perfect on this computer so I pray that the grammar isn't that bad! Here's the story-

A few years ago, I had an American Staffordshire
Terrier. He was a wonderful dog, his name was Zeus and
he was great pet.

These days, I have a different breed of dog. I
have a Shih Tzus. It’s like comparing Apples and

His name is Chico, he loves going for walks. He
lays on the floor half awake he always keeps one
eye open for my sneakers. On one occasion, I noticed
he had his paws crossed just waiting beside my
sneakers to go for a walk.

The second I sit down and put my sneakers on and
say- walkie, walkie walkie??? He
quickly jumps up and begins his stretching exercises.
Once outside, I would soon find out that Chico
attracts a lot of girls. < Just Like the Alpine
Commercial. >

There he is jumping on the girls legs and he
loves to be the centre of attention. I wish I would have
had Chico during my protest in front of the
Legislature. I would have collected 10,000 in a matter
of weeks.

I always walk around the two bridges. While
walking in front of Reid’s newspaper store on King
Street? Chico decided to go between the iron fences
to meet some new friends who were sitting in their
chairs in the front of the store. I never noticed that
he took the shortcut and I almost lost my arm.
Minutes later, a couple of woman were chatting on
the City’s benches and he quickly jumped in between
the females. Talk about guts???

Afterwards, I decided to make a quick run across
Regent Street and Chico decided to have a pooh in the
middle of Regent Street.

He was determine to have his pooh while I was
pulling his automatic leash to the front of the Blue
Door restaurant. Once there, I forgot the doggie bag
at home so the waitress from the Blue Door was nice
enough to hand me some Napkins.

Once at the Legislature, I let Chico run around
the area he rolls and rolls on his back. This is
the only place he rolls over. I wonder why? Maybe the
smell of the politicians drives him crazy?

On one occasion, I didn’t know the Legislature
was in session and the door was open. Chico quickly
ran inside with the Security personal in hot pursuit
of the hyper dog!

One evening while walking by the PlayHouse, Chico
began to jump at the people walking towards the
theatre. It was wet outside and unfortunately some of
these fancy dudes got their white pants dirty but they
didn’t seem to mind because they found Chico adorable.

During the hot days, I would put Chico in the
Water Fountain located on the Green area on the
walking trails. I’m certain for Chico, it sure feels good on a
hot sunny day!

Afterwards he looks like a Rat!
I would let Chico loose on the walking bridge so
he can run freely on his own but one evening Chico was
over friendly. He began jumping on three police
officers who were patrolling on their mountain Bikes.

They told me that I could have a $50 fine because
Chico wasn’t on his leash.

We walked on the North side and went home by the
Westermorland Bridge. The sidewalks are surrounded by
big pillars I let Chico loose on the bridge.

One evening, I bumped into a man who was pulling
a small wagon with a year old child in tow. Chico was
getting tired so he quickly jumped into the wagon and
laid down beside the child. The Father was laughing so
he asked me – What should I do? I told the guy to
continue on his way and Chico would jump off once he
sees I’m gone.

After the bridge, I once again let him loose in
the Parking lot I quickly lost sight of Chico. A
couple was cleaning their van and Chico jumped in the
Van ready to go for a ride with the strangers.

Chico hates it once I begin a conversation with
someone on the street. You can tell by the look on
his face, he wants to continue walking.
Afterwards, Chico is totally exhausted after the long
walk? Once at home, he quickly makes a run for his
water and food.

I have an automatic leash and I noticed that not
everyone likes Dogs.

On one occasion, I walked inside the Liquor Store
and it was around 9:00pm. Chico began to jump at the
end of his leash towards a guy who was full of
steroids. The guy quickly yelled- OH MY GOD??? He
turned as white as a Ghost or the time he playfully
jumped on a child near the Saint Cinnamon restaurant.

The father shouted in French - GET THAT DOG AWAY FROM
MY CHILD!!!He was very ignorant towards poor Chico.
On many occasion, Chico would notice a older
citizen or a lonely individual sitting on a bench and
he would bring a smile to their face.

On another occasion, the kids stole his toys from
home and Chico was lost without his toys so he decided
to play with his tail. My God? Round and round he went
biting his tail. For a second, I thought he needed
some Ritalin.

He wasn’t done because one evening he quickly
escape from the House. Once we noticed Chico was gone, everyone in the
area began a hunt for Chico.

We couldn’t locate Chico and everyone was sad. A
few hours later, a good somatherian found Chico on a
lease outside of a home. I guess an old Lady found
Chico in the middle of the street and he almost got
hit by a vehicle.

Before we cut his hair? He couldn’t see two feet
in front of him.

After an exciting day and evening, Chico lays
done beside me in bed and begins to snore.
Even when he sleeps? He loves to be the center
of attention. What a dog!