Tuesday, September 20, 2005



Today is the 66th birthday of Father Brien. Who’s Father Brien you asks? I found a little story in my email box that I wrote for my book!

I guess the book will be printed after all. Lets wait and see?

This is the story-

In the middle of July, 2003 a commissionaire named Tom Dunphy asked me where I was born and if I knew Father Brien?


I told Tom that I knew Father Brien and why would he mentioned his name?

He told me that Father Brien was at the Legislature 30 minutes ago and he asked Tom - Who was the guy in the tent?


Tom explained to the Priest that I was a protester name Charles LeBlanc and told him I was from Saint John.

Father Brien said - Ok; It’s not the same Charles LeBlanc that I know.

My God? I was the same Charles LeBlanc, and my brain cells went back in time to a period in Memrmamcook.


Pere Brien who we call a near Saint and everyone in the Valley loves that man.


He’s the most respected Priest during my time in the Valley.


When I was a child in the early grades,< 60s > Pere Brien used to come to the classes and preach the words of the Lord with his guitar.


I was very close to Emery Brien.

Before I rode my ten-speed bicycle across Canada and the United States in the
late 70's, I used to train hard with this priest.


We used to ride our bikes around all over the place.

Emery was transferred to the Acadian coast in Nova Scotia years later.

I remember they held a good-bye party for this near Saint Priest at L’Ecole Abbey Landry in 1980 and close to 2,000 people showed up with tears in their eyes.

It was the biggest good-bye party ever in the Valley of Memramcook.

Around 10 years ago while visiting Yarmouth, I heard he was stationed in that area and it was the first time that I had seen him in ten years.

I located his church and through a side door, I listened to Emery preach to the Acadians in the South Western coast.


He used to have black hair but it turned white.

It was inevitable to be a happy reunion and we did have a good chat.

This time around it’ll be another 10 years until I see Emery.


He was stationed in the Capital and I didn’t know he returned to this Province from Nova Scotia.


I quickly left a message on his answering machine and he showed up a couple of days later.

I gave him a little hug him and said - Forget this protest Pere Brien. Lets go for a nice walk near the River.

We sat down on a picnic table and chatted away for over one hour.

It sure was nice to see him again and it was the first time that I discussed
the issue of ADHD with Emery.

It explained a lot of my actions as a child and I felt like I was giving a confession to a Priest in a church.


We walked slowly toward my tent and I said - Father Brien??? I’ve been in that tent for over one month?

Be honest with me Emery? You have known me since I was a little kid!!!


He stared at me and said - Yes Charlie! For the chidren? You are doing the right thing!!!

I know for a fact that maybe I don’t act like someone who believes in the Lord but trust me?

I’m 100% religious. I believe there’s someone watching over me and the support from a near saint priest would enforce my battle for the next few months.

He was the backbone of my protest!!!


Days later, I noticed a crowd of reporters surrounding a politician near the building of the media.

The guy was Bernard Lord and I never saw the man since my Protest began.

While he was talking to the media, I stood in the background and once he saw me?

His eyes popped out and he continued by talking about insurance insurance and insurance.

I proved that I wasn’t a media hound because I never said a word.

Once the interview was over I approached the Premier with the same line - Bonjour Bernard!


He always reply - Bonjour Charles!

He told me that he was in a hurry and asked me to walk with him towards his office.

He always seem to be in a rush but I guess that's the life of a Premier.

I told Bernard that I wasn’t going to waste his time talking about my protest because he knew all about the issue of Ritalin.

I phoned the Premier on many occasions on talk shows and in public since he first got elected as Premier.

I told the Premier that someone came to my tent the other day and praised him.

Since Bernard came close to losing the election a few weeks before, he was very interested to know who praised him?

He asked – Who was it?

I said - Pere Brien.

In a very surprised outburst he said - Hey Charles? You know Pere Brien? You’re from Memramcook!

I reminded the Premier that I’ve known Emery nearly 40 years and once he found out that I was here, He came to see me.


I told Bernard the Priest told me that once the Premier goes to church and he wasn’t a show off in the house of the Lord.

During the first Communion of his son - Sebastien, Bernard politely asked Emery to take a picture.


I continued by asking Bernard if he wanted to know the Priest's views on my protest?

I told the Premier that the Priest said – Yes Charles! For the kids? You are doing the right thing!

I lifted both arms in the air and looked towards the blue sky and said - ALLELUIA!!!I HAVE THE LORD ON MY SIDE!

I was inches from Bernard’s face and said - NOW? IF I CAN HAVE THE OTHER LORD ON MY SIDE? I’LL BE ALL SET!

Yes, all in fun! Bernard didn't listen too good because I stayed in the tent for another five months...lol...

Charles 04_07_05 072

I have been going to Church every Sunday morning for the last two years.

Father Brien picks me up and I really enjoy listening to him speak!


I always tease Father Brien that he has ADHD big times. This priest is full of energy. He loves doing the Kayak in the Saint John River. He's always on the move.

I wish Pere Brien all the best on his Brithday!

He's the best with the kids. All the kids love this man. He shows respect to the kids and in return he recives it big times.


Many people would stop by from Mermamcook to visit Father Brien. He truly left a mark with the Acadians in Memramcook and Nova Scotia.


I pray that he’ll be around in the Capital for many years to come.

It’s an awful thing to say but once Father Brien retires? My days of going to Chruch every week will be officially over! It’s sad!

Bonne Fete Emery and I pray that you will be in good health for many years to come! God Bless!!!

Misc 140


I heard some more news from 114 Brunswick Street.

Remember the part of John? This guy here in the picture couldn’t get into the building because Maurice changed the lock on the door?


Well, after I left, I was certain John and the homeless guy went to sleep on a bench somewhere but they didn’t.

They went straight to the police station.


The same female droved the drunken individual to 114 Brunswick Street and knocked on the door to once again speak to the Caretaker.

Maurice refuse to answer the door.

The female cop went in the back of the house but to no avail.

Well? What do you do in a moment of need?

You call in Randy.

For you newcomers, he’s a cop close to 6.4 feet tall and I might add with a huge frame.


So Randy came and knocked but still nothing.

He began kicking the door and suddenly Maurice showed up.


I don’t know what was said but John didn’t have to sleep outside.

I guess the Landlord was phoned twice and he showed up at the building.

Maurice might lose his job as a caretaker?

I guess it's too late for this guy because he moved stuff on the front porch of the house. Stay tune! These are not bad people. When I was living in that building? They never bothered me!!


Lets see what’s going to happen in this emotional issue?

The word is out because I met a guy from Moncton and he was looking for a room.

He told me that he has already been warn by others not to go to 114 Brunswick Street.


Today, I chatted with Claude Williams < P.C. MLA > in the Legislature. He's the guy on the right!

Charles 04_07_05 059

He’s a nice guy. He’s one of those that might lose his seat because of Bernard Lord.

I told him that Boarders and roomers should have some kind of protection in this Province.

He agreed with me so lets see what’s going to happen?

I also chatted with a Liberal MLA Roland Hache.


I told him the same story and reminded him that there has to be many Acadians in his riding who are going through the same hardship.

He quickly replied - Hey? If one person is going through this problem? That’s one too many!


Good answer! Yes, lets see if the New Brunswick Human Rights Commission are going to move on this issue or just ignore me?


This has nothing to do with me. This is for all the poor in New Brunswick.

During these hard times, many are moving in rooming Houses so therefore they should be protected. My old place wasn't a bad place but the atmosphere was terrible!


Why do I get involved in these issues??? WHY??? WHY??? WHY???


I moved or forced to move and I should have ended it at that but that’s not my style.

If these cruel acts would have never happen to me?


I would have never known about these issues.

The Lord Government must act on this!


Hey? Did you know it’s against the law to hitchhike in this Province?


This is one law that should be thrown out from the windows at the Legislature!


Stay tune for more sad stories about boarders and roomers rights in this Province?

Brad Green the Justice Minister must act on this urgent issue!!!


Electoral boundaries commission releases schedule of public hearings

Maybe someone can explain to me in a short plain English of what does this means?

Electoral boundaries commission releases schedule of public hearings

Sept. 20, 2005

FREDERICTON (CNB) - New Brunswickers will soon have an opportunity to give their opinions into changes to the electoral districts, as the commission redrawing the boundaries prepares to tour the province.

The Electoral Boundaries and Representation Commission (EBRC), an independent commission established Aug. 22, 2005, has announced its schedule of public hearings.

The commission will visit 12 communities during the month of October to gather input in preparation for its preliminary report, which is due Nov. 20, 2005. The commission will visit:

· Moncton: Oct. 11, 1 p.m. - Beaver Curling Club

· Fredericton: Oct. 12, 10:30 a.m. - Hugh John Flemming Forestry Centre

· Saint John: Oct. 14, 9 a.m. - Saint John City Hall, Council Chambers

· Richibucto: Oct. 24, 1 p.m. - Motel l'Habitant

· Miramichi: Oct. 24, 7 p.m. - NBCC

· Inkerman: Oct. 25, 10 a.m. - Centre communautaire

· Bathurst: Oct. 25, 7 p.m. - CCNB

· Campbellton: Oct. 26, 10 a.m. - Memorial Civic Centre

· Edmundston: Oct. 26, 7:30 p.m. - Musée Historique du Madawaska

· Grand Falls: Oct. 27, 9:30 a.m. - Motel Près-du-Lac

· Woodstock: Oct. 27, 2 p.m. - NBCC

· Saint Andrews: Oct. 28, 10 a.m. - NBCC

Those interested in presenting a brief to the commission should contact the office at 506-444-5864 or commission@gnb.ca .

The Commission's co-chairs, Justice Margaret Larlee and Justice Brigitte Robichaud, are looking forward to hearing from New Brunswickers.

"New Brunswick's electoral districts have not been reviewed since 1993. Since then, new legislation has been adopted, and it mandates that the population be within 10 per cent of the electoral quotient, compared with the previous 25 per cent deviation allowed provincially," Larlee said. "It is important to us to hear from people in the communities that have been affected by the population shift in the province."

Robichaud added that the commission must not only reflect the population shifts, but also balance such issues as effective representation of rural areas and linguistic communities. "For this reason, we do need to hear from New Brunswickers," she said.

The commission was a key recommendation from the final report of the Commission on Legislative Democracy, and will be the first to redraw boundaries under the new, independent process. It was established by the Electoral Boundaries and Representation Act , which became law in June 2005, with a mandate to redraw the boundaries of New Brunswick's 55 electoral districts.

MEDIA CONTACT: Valerie Kilfoil, Communications New Brunswick, 506-444-5070; 506- 470-3178 (cell).


It was a full moon last night and 114 Brunswick Street was jumping with three police cars.


As usual, I was enjoying a nice ride on my ten speed bike.

Across from the Irving Gas station was John staring at the full moon. He haven’t seen my next door roomer for a while so I decided to stop and asked – How 114 Brunswick Street since I left?

Charles 04_07_05 080

He told me that he must find a place soon because it’s crazy in there.

I suggested that he should moved out?

I am so happy that I left 114 Brunswick Street.

Once in that area, I noticed two police vehicles in the driveway.

I also noticed Maurice < caretaker > at the door.

I knocked at the neighbors door and I was surprise to see the two female cops in her Building.

Misc 134

Sitting down on the couch was this man.


He was drunk < normal > but there was a problem.

He really didn’t do anything wrong.

I recognized one of the policer officer from the Legislature.

I guess one of the female cop were called earlier in the evening because this man showed up with a homeless friend.


From what I’m told - The homeless guy wanted to put some stuff in his friend room.

The caretaker arrived at the door of John’s room and called him a homosexual because he had a friend in his room.

He ordered John and his friend out of the house and called the cops.

Once the cops arrive, the guys were gone.

So now we come back to Robert.

Charles 04_07_05 097

Robert was in his room and Maurice walked inside and also ordered the guy outside the house without a jacket.

He was drunk and upset.

The cops sympathies with the man

They were both surprise once he told the cops that he wasn’t allowed to use the washroom!

I explained to the police what was going on around here and that boarders or roomers had no rights in this province so therefore the caretaker can indeed evict these people and there’s nothing that can be done. The Police send me to the Human Rights and they're looking into it as we speak.

The cops decided to go and chat with Maurice.


They must have been there for close to 10 minutes.

I decided to check if everything was ok?

I heard the caretaker have a shouting match with the cops.

They ordered Robert to come at the door. Once there Robert told the caretaker to F@ck off!!!!

The caretaker quickly reminded the police officers that Robert just threaten the caretaker.


The cops were on the drunken individual side because all they had to do is put him in his room and everything would be ok!!!

They explained to the caretaker that he only told you to f@ck off and if the shoe fits??? Wear it!!!!

My God? These female officers were good!!!! They were stern and straight forward.

Earlier in the other house, they mentioned a guy name – Randy!

They told each other this would be a job for Randy!

I never bothered asking - Who’s Randy?


Well, the caretaker wasn’t going to allowed Robert in his room. He was in his rights because he knows roomers or boarders don’t have any rights whatsoever in New Brunswick.

The cops were at a standstill!

Minutes later another police vehicle quickly showed up at 114 Brunswick Street.

This time around? It was a male officer. He walked by us and I told my friend - That must be Randy?

He was close to 6.4 feet tall and he had a very serious look on his face.

I said- It’s a crazy atmosphere in there.

He just gave me a stern look and walked in the building.

The door was open and Maurice didn’t seem to have that angry look on his face anymore. He looked like a sad puppy!

Before Randy arrive the female cops try to find some kind of peace. Maurice saw us looking from the sidewalk.

He gave us a very dirty stern look and we return the fine gesture.

He was in charge so he decided to close the door.

That was a mistake because the cop quickly ordered the door open.

He just stared at us with a large cell phone on his side. He gave us a dirty Clint Eastwood look.

That cell phone looked like a 38 colt on his side.


We just laugh at the guy!

I heard the male cop shouting from inside the building.

He had everything straighten in 5 minutes.

Once the large male walked outside and passed by us.

I said - You must be Randy?

He looked surprised and said- Yes???

I quickly told him that his reputation follows him and I added that it was a complement!..lol…

The female officers told us that they were going to phone the landlord. We shook the officers hand for a job very well done! They did great!!!!

They just cannot believe that a caretaker would treat its tenants like dirt!

Robert was allowed in his room and while we stood outside chatting for a few minutes. We noticed Robert taking a pure drink of Listerine in his chair.


UGH!!!! I can’t even goggle the darn sh#t!!!

So? I had nothing to blog for today so I had my story but the evening wasn’t done yet!

While riding my bike down the street, I noticed John standing with his friend.

Charles 04_07_05 086

He told me that Maurice accuse him to be a homosexual and threw him out the building.

Well, he was also drunk and I followed him to the building and sure enough?

Maurice changed the lock on the building and John couldn’t go inside!

He paid his rent but he can’t go to his room!

There’s no way in the world that I was going to tell him to phone the cops!

Three times in one evening??? This is even too much for this ADHD person.

I left the area before some more action arrive.

I guess John was going to find a place to pass out.


Maybe on a bench somewhere?

He has a room but he can’t get in there.


Boy? I am very glad that I am out of there. But I must admit that these drunken individuals do keep their room clean!!!!!

This is the reason the New Brunswick Human Rights must act on this emotional issue as soon as possible!

How many other people around this Province are going through the same problem?

That’s the EMOTIONAL question!

I spoken to Brad Green < Justice Minister > on July 1st about this issue but nothing seem to move.


But then again? We are talking about the Lord government that don’t seem to care about ordinary New Brunswickers.

Charles 04_07_05 070

Where else in Canada would a City allowed a guy to sh#t in a garbage bag and put the bag on the side of the streets where kids play around?


It just doesn’t make any sense.

The Caretaker told Robert that he’ll be evicted in the morning and there’s nothing that can be done!


The guy didn’t do anything wrong but he’s still evicted and there’s no where to go to complain!

Maurice will keep the rent money for his personal use.


I’ll keep on fighting this issue and I can’t wait to go to the New Brunswick Human Rights Commission building at 11:00am on October 28th!


The only guy who doesn't seem to have any problem is this guy but once he takes a few drinks? He turns against Maurice because a person can just take so much! He's not allowed any visitors and the only place we can chat with the guy is from outside of his window.


Stay tune!!!!