Tuesday, August 16, 2005

The Latest in the Treatment of Women with AD/HD

The Latest in the Treatment of Women with AD/HD

August 15th 2005

Treatment for women with AD/HD

According to the prestigious Mayo Clinic, it is estimated that 7.5% of school-aged children have AD/HD. The great majority of these children grow up to be adults with AD/HD, which means that there are between 4.5 to 5.5 million women in the USA alone with AD/HD.

If one thinks of the core symptoms of AD/HD: distractibility, impulsivity and hyperactivity, is it no wonder that woman struggle with seemingly simple tasks such as picking out clothes, keeping their home in order, handling paperwork at their jobs, maintaining healthy relationships, etc? We often forget the many AD/HD symptoms that aren't usually described in clinical journals and books, but which I've observed in countless women.

Not all AD/HD presents the same. Some people are hyperactive; others are sluggish. Some love having a lot of commotion and stimuli in their lives; others need to retreat to a quiet space to re-charge.

CHARLES LEBLANC - From now on???

I'm going to write a name in front of my title. This will be better to attract more people to this site. If a person google Bernard Lord? My site will come up! The Irvings? The same!!! Hey anyway to spread the word!!!!!

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This week I phoned 1-800-OCANADA!!! This is a place in Ottawa that you can reach anyone you wish!

I was told that the Senate Communication and Transport committee will come out with their report on the Irving media monopoly in the fall!

I am not optimistic the report will go against the Irvings because the Irving lawyer Senator Joe Day must be working behind the scene on behalf of the Irvings?


New Brunswickers will be ignored again!

I never been a fan of the Senate anyway but lets see what’s going to happen?

The Irvings are preaching and brainwashing New Brunswickers via their Newspapers and they must be put to a stop but how?

A couple of days ago, I met a young person from Dieppe. She’s going to be a new student at U.N.B.!

She knew of me < protest > I reminded her that the Moncton Transcript never covered my six month protest.

Charles 04_07_05 021

L’Acadie Nouvelle did a fantastic job and this was a good thing because my fellow Acadians knew about my battle against Ritalin but not the English Population in the Hub City.


That Irving Newspaper have put a stop to my letters years ago and I guess that these were orders from Robert Irving. Too bad so sad!

Anyway, she continued by saying - I often wonder why the papers never printed critical letters of the Irvings?

I mean the Irvings are not God???? They must be making mistakes that New Brunswickers are upset with?

She made a good point.

She was glad to hear about my blogsite! I might add that she is now on my email list!

Yes, it’s Germany all over again and the Irvings must be put to a stop!

Hitler took control of the media and look what happen?


Enough said!!!!




The Mayor of Fredericton was elected to office in May of 1994.


I always like the Mayor because he pulls no punches. He speaks his mind and that’s the way it is.

Last year, he didn’t show up for the Acadian ceremonies and this action had some Acadians wondering if he was scared of the Protesters from the Anglo Society?


Days later, I bumped into the Mayor and asked him why he was a no show at the Acadian Event?

He quickly reminded me that there was a little problem in his boat tour.


I said- Ohh???? You had a good reason??? Ok!!! But you will be there next year right?

He definitely told me that he would be there on August 15, 2005!


During the winter months, I would meet the Mayor in different areas and asked him if he’s practicing his Francais?

A few weeks ago < in a earlier blog > I reminded the Mayor that Acadian Day was around the corner and if he was ready?

He told me that it was a go! Days later, I was having a conversation with a Acadian Bureaucrat.

Don’t ask me how but the conversation turned to the Mayor.

Once I told the bureaucrat that the Mayor will be present?

He quickly told me that the Mayor will not be there!

I told the guy that Mr.Woodside promise me that he would be present.

The bureaucrat laughed at my face and in return, I suggest a little bet of a large Double Double coffee?

He quickly shook my hand and once again told me that I will be disappointed.

After this handshake, I had a few other conversation about the Mayor and I never met one Acadian who told me that the Mayor will show up.

I told everyone that I was very confident that Mr. Woodside will be there and if I lost a Double Double to a bureaucrat?

Well? I feel sorry for the Mayor because he’ll have to listen to me till the next celebrations of Acadian Day!

Many Acadians showed up for the affair. < AROUND 200 >

Minutes before the celebration began? I bumped into two Acadians in their 60s and I asked them if they believe the Mayor will be present?

They quickly told me that the Mayor will not be here!!!

I remain hopeful till the end and it was nice to see the Mayor walking down the stairway from City Hall!

He was there and all rumors about Brad Woodside being afraid of the Anglo Society can come to a stop.


I believe that the Mayor would only say a few words and give the rest of the ceremony to other people in charge but he didn’t!

He made a little speech and he receive a very good applause from the Acadians audience.

I shook the guy hand and congratulated him for a job very well done.

A few hours later, the Acadian bureaucrat put a toonie in my hand and he had a happy look on his face because it felt good that the Mayor showed up for a fine affair in this City!

Congratulation Brad and good work!!!

Oppss way too long!!! I got to start a new blog about my bigot friend Matthew Glenn!!!!