Wednesday, October 18, 2006

My few hours with CBC towards Premier Shawn Graham office!!!

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Ok...I may as well write a blog about my experience yesterday morning.

I was told to meet a CBC cameraman at 10:00am at Tim Horton’s.


We had a coffee and notice Kelly Lamrock and John Foran chatting together.

Kelly always reminds me that a study on Ritalin will be done. He’s the new Minister of Education so lets see what’s doing to happen?

It’s funny how nice I am with Kelly Lamrock and Shawn Graham especially since they agreed that I should be banned from the New Brunswick Legislature?


It’s a chest game and I just play along.

Once outside the Cameraman wanted to know what a blogger does all day long?

They’re doing a little newscast on blogging and I play the part well I guess?

I told the guy that maybe he could filmed me walking into Premier Shawn Graham office?

I had a plan?

Why not catch Kelly Lamrock off guard when he comes out from Tim Horton and ask the Minister to set up a meeting?

We waited and waited! The Cameraman noticed that I smoke a lot!!

Finally, Kelly came out and I decided to take a picture for the cameraman.

I quickly ask Kelly for a meeting with the Premier?

He looked surprised that the camera was filming his every word. He decided to play along and said that he was also a blogger!!!

I reminded the Minister that you don’t become a blogger by just blogging 6 months before an election.

He told me that he’ll talk to the Premier. I told Kelly that I would be waiting in the back of the Centennial Building.

I knew that the MLA’S in power parked their cars in that location.

I told the cameraman to move quickly because the cell phones must be ringing off the hook? don’t wish the new Premier to make a run to escape moi would we???

Once in the back? We waited and waited!!!

The Cameraman made a few short interviews with me and I added that I’m certain that Shawn Graham will meet with me! No question about it but time went by and still no one to invite us in his office.

The Cameraman told me that he strongly believe the meeting won’t happen!

I have been hearing this a lot lately and I told the guy that Shawn Graham will continue to meet with the public! I will have that meeting today!

I decided that we’ll do it right and go out front.

On our way there, I noticed Doug Tyler and Joan Kingston chatting.

They were ready to walk in the building until I told them to stop. I told Doug that CBC is doing a news piece on blogging and it would be great public relation if he could arrange a meeting with the Premier.

He was surprised the camera was right there and he knew that I wanted that meeting.

It would be a short one. 5 minutes TOPS!!

In and out the door!!!

I had to play for the story so I took a picture of them and Doug quickly said- Charles? You got to stop that!!!


I just can’t stop myself! It’s good for the blog!!

We proceeded in the back of the building and someone came out telling us that the Premier was waiting.

Up the stairway we went and I must admit that it was a nice feeling walking down the hall towards the Premier’s office.

I noticed Shawn from far away and I would have like to take a picture but CBC was right behind me filming so therefore I had to act a little like a proffesional.

Once in his officer Premier Shawn Graham greeted me and in a sign of respect I called him - Premier!!!


He chuckled because I don’t believe that he’s comfortable being call Premier.

From now on, I’ll just call him Shawn!

Once he sat down. I told the Premier that if Frank McKenna would have been in power when I was protesting? I would have never stayed in that tent for six months!!!

charlesCharles and Brad 003

He would have invited in his office and say - Charles? What seem to be the problem?

I’m certain the protest would have been done in one day!!!

Bernard Lord has never invited me in his office and I hope that Shawn Graham always keeps the door open to New Brunswickers.

Charles 04_07_05 070 speech was done and it showtime!!!

I got ready to take some picture. Guess what happened???

The batteries in my camera were dead!!!!


There I was standing in the premier’s office and no batteries!!! SH#T!!!!

Luckily, I had two spares in my pockets.

I took a few picture and asked Shawn to pretend he’s signing something?

I quickly added - Are you signing those papers ordering a study done on Ritalin? < I had to say that. >


I reminded the Premier that Tim Smith would love to meet with him in Fredericton to discuss the issue of VLT’S!

Before leaving, I took this shot of the cameraman. Hey? I'm the blogger and I need those


I thanked the Premier very much and away we went.

The whole episode must have lasted close to 5 minutes.

I got my pictures and CBC was happy!


Everyone went home a happy camper!

Afterwards, the cameraman had to get some new batteries for his camera.

I wasn’t too keen to let all New Brunswickers seeing where I live.

I live in a small room in a Rooming House. But I am fighting for these people to have some protecting so what the heck?

The cameraman filmed me blogging the picture of Shawn Graham.

Afterwards, we went at the Fredericton Soup Kitchen for a meal. The guy filmed me eating in that place but what is there to be ashamed of?

I go there once a day < supper > and that’s the way it is.

Afterward the guy went to his studio and the filming was all done!

I’ll let you readers know when the newscast will air!

I wish to thank Shawn Graham for allowing me in his office with CBC!

He sure didn’t have to do this and I’m grateful!!!


These feet did a lot of walking!!!

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Mary Keith - Please come back from out West and dedicate your life and soul to the Evil Irving Empire!!!

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It's not easy working for the Irvings.


Pictures 058
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In two weeks we will find out if the Saint John Police Force can grab any citizen from the streets and throw them in jail without just cause.

I might add they will be allowed to grab any tourist camera and delete all their pictures.

This is going to be a turning point in Canada and the prosecutor seems to agree with the Police actions?

The Irvings or bureaucrats must be involved in this one? This will change our demoncracy as we know it!!!!!

Lieutenant-Governor of New Brunswick Herménégilde Chiasson is broke???

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The email came back!!! Does anyone know if the Atlantic Press Council still exist??

The guy name is Ken Simms......

Dear Ken....

I haven't made a complaint to you in 7 years. I wish to make a complaint against Jamie Irving of the Irving paper of the Telegraph Journal.

Since we last chatted? It's not the same in my life. I'm a blogger and I truly believe the Irvings wish to disdredit me as a blogger.

I was arrested in June for taking pictures of a protest and I'm going on trail in November. The Irvings covered my story in court but it was easy to get the truth out because at the begining the Irvings insisted that I be called a protester?

It's all in my blog.

You can visit the blog at

Anyway during my last appearance in court. The Irvings wrote about the details in the court room but at the end of their story? They wrote that I was banned from the Legislature for harrashing the public. I don't know the reasons that I was banned and I'm still working on the issue. I wrote a letter to the editor but the Irvings refuse to print my letter. They discredit me to their readers and I'm not allowed to fight back!

I wish you to investigate this issue and I don't believe you can do anything about this issue but if you can't?

I'll be making a complaint to the Canadian Senate!

Freedom of speech must remain alive in Newe Brunswick!!!

Here's the story and my letter...Please investigate!!!

NB Telegraph-Journal | News - As published on page B4 on September 28, 2006

Blogger to argue police violated his Charter rights

Khalid Malik

SAINT JOHN - A lawyer for a blogger charged with obstructing a peace officer at the Atlantica conference earlier this year will use the Canadian Charter of Rights and Freedoms to defend his client.

Harold Doherty served notice Wednesday when he appeared in Provincial Court to set a trial date on behalf of Charles Joseph LeBlanc.

"It will be a very interesting trial," Judge William McCarroll said as he set aside a full day for the proceedings to take place on Nov. 2. "I am looking forward to it."

LeBlanc, of Fredericton, and Andrew Morgan Webber of Halifax, were charged with obstructing a peace officer during a protest at the international Atlantica conference held in the Saint John Trade and Convention Centre in late June.

Webber initially pleaded not guilty, but changed his plea to guilty and apologized. He was granted an absolute discharge because it was his first offence.

Doherty supplied a brief to the court when the judge asked how he planned to use the Charter for the defence.

Doherty said he will seek a stay of proceedings under a section of the Charter because LeBlanc's rights were breached under three different sections. He said his client's rights were violated when LeBlanc was arrested arbitrarily and without justification.

His rights were also breached when a police officer retrieved LeBlanc's digital camera from the floor after his arrest and, without a search warrant or reasonable grounds, viewed the images in the camera and then deleted them, his lawyer contends.

Doherty said the "intentional deletion of images" was in fact a deletion of evidence that might have assisted LeBlanc in the presentation of his evidence for his defence.

He said the photographic images were of the events, people and places that had figured in his arrest.

The lawyer also said in the brief that LeBlanc's arrest, search of his camera and deletion of images, constituted a breach of a section of the Charter that guarantees freedom of thought, belief, opinion and experiences, including freedom of the press and other medium of communication.

In a letter to this newspaper, LeBlanc maintained that he wasn't a protester at the conference. He was covering the Atlantica conference for his blog and happened to be in the area when the protesters ran through the doors at the Trade and Convention Centre.

Bloggers are the journalism style of the future and the trial will determine how bloggers should be treated in New Brunswick, he said in the letter.

LeBlanc has been banned from entering the provincial legislature or its grounds by a committee of provincial MLAs. The committee said he was banned for showing disrespectful behaviour and harassing legislature and security staff and members of the general public.

Jamie Irving did good until the last paragraph. I wrote this letter over two weeks ago.

To the Editor,

I must send you a letter explaining a little more details of me being banned from the New Brunswick Legislature.

I was told there was a story in your paper of my court appearance in Saint John on Wednesday.
I read the story and everything was ok until I got to the banning of the Legislature.

At the very end of the Story you wrote -

LeBlanc has been banned from entering the provincial legislature or its grounds by a committee of provincial MLAs. The committee said he was banned for showing disrespectful behaviour and harassing legislature and
security staff and members of the general public.

I got one question?

What does this has to do with my court appearance in Saint John?

I just wish to make myself very clear on one issue.

The former Speaker Tanker Malley told the media that I was warned on many occasions to stop harassing the public or the staff.

I got news for you? I was never warned once!!! Not one single instance has the staff approached me asking me to stop harassing people in the People’s House.

As a matter of fact, I never chatted with the staff for over one year but that’s another story. The story is in my blog of the way the Sergeant At Arms Dan Bussieres went out of his way to have me fired from a job that I found working at the New Brunswick Legislature.

It’s a darn shame that your paper had to mention the banning because I believe it’s only one more way to dis-credit this case.

Blogging is the way of the future and this is a very important case in New Brunswick.

The Irvings should concentrate of the way the Police Department deleted all my pictures from my camera and not the banning of the Legislature.

This is Canada and not China!!!

There’s going to be a new Speaker in the House and maybe the sad issue can be settle.

Trust me, I will find out the true reasons that I was banned from the Legislature and then maybe the Irvings can do a story on injustice of New Brunswickers at the Legislature.

Please put aside Charles LeBlanc in your story and concentrate on the issue in hand,

That issue is democracy as we know it!

Charles LeBlanc

Le Group rythme de Memramcook was fantastic!!!!

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Over a month ago, I was asked by Father Brien if I would be interested in attending a reunion of Le Group rythme de Memramcook.

This will be the first time this Church Music Group came together in 25 years.


I was honoured the Priest would ask me to attend this historical gathering in Memramcook.

The reason that I waited so long to blog about my experience is because I lost all the pictures but located them last night.


I was very upset that I didn’t save all those pictures. Anyway....away we went towards Memramcook.

I told the Priest - I wonder who’s going to be more popular in the Valley?

Me or you???

I haven’t been in that area for a large gathering in years.

On our way? We noticed an eagle flying near Moncton and lots of election political signs.


Once in Saint Joseph Father Brien made his appearance and he was immediately met with hugs of joy!


The guy is the most popular Priest we ever had in Memramcook.

I decided to leave the Priest alone and left for a walk in the Valley.

I knocked at this citizen door. She’s a reader of my blog and she sure were surprised to see me in the Valley.


I also noticed that I am getting old. I was met by people who knew me but I didn’t recognized them.

They told me they have kids 20 to 25 years old.

Yes, time flies like crazy.

I visited a few people but without a vehicle? It’s almost an impossible task to visit your good friends.

The train is still flying across its tracks.


I noticed the old gas station is gone and in it’s place is a Legion Memorable for the soldiers who died in past wars.

a href="" title="Photo Sharing">IMG_9291IMG_9292

It’s not often a person will witness a petroleum Company ready to clean up the area so the citizens can enjoy it.

It was nice to see Les Grand Mers.

The Tidal Bore used to be a sight to behold but NO MORE!!!


The causeway has totally destroyed the Memramcook River.

So? I made it to the big reunion and it was a jam house.

I guess there were close to 400 people present.

Le Group Rythme de memramcook went on stage and sang with great Pride.


I was a busy little ADHD blogger. I tried to take the perfect shot and clicking away I did!

Afterward, the group gave the audience another encore and they deserve a standing ovation.


Afterwards, I shook hand with Father Brien for a job very well done!!!

It was the end of a perfect evening!!! It was history in the making.

Many in the audience had tears in their eyes.

Just like myself, I went back in time where I was just a small child.


The Priest leading a young band and now he has white hair.

He’s now stationed in Fredericton.

Who would have believe it?

Afterwards, we made our way to the Capital!!

Stay tuned for more pictures in future blogs!!!