Monday, December 12, 2005


My God how time flies? It was exactly two years ago < Tuesday > that my protest ended.


Sure feels like the protest continues but on the information Highway?

Even thought Bernard Lord and Elvy Robichaud promised they would look at the issue but quickly told New Brunswickers after the protest ended that a committee was totally out of the question.

I know one certain fact!

If the MLA’s from both political parties would have known at the beginning of the protest that I would be moving to the Capital afterwards?

They would have made certain that my protest would have ended in days and not 6 months.

These days? They have to see my ugly face every day of the week…lol

The ombudsman Bernard Richard told New Brunswickers and the Senate that the Government should take a close look at the issue of drugging our kids but to no avail.


I could write many stories that happened to me since the protest ended but why bother?

I know if I was living in Saint John? I would show up at the Legislature for a one day protest but why bother?

I have been continuing the protest via the information Highway!

Charles 04_07_05 036

You can read a few articles by clicking in these website for more stories of the end of the protest!




I wrote a book of my protest and I truly believe it would be printed by now but it’s not. The title is - The last of the true protesters!

So maybe you can say that it can come out in years?

It’s a darn shame.

This is a story of my last days of the protest. In my own words-

In the evening of December 11th, I was at my tent for the last time, it began to rain.

I crawled in my tent to shut my radio off.

I just put my brain cells back to six months earlier when I first began my fight for the 10,000 kids with ADHD.

All those heavy rainy nights and the hot broiling sun.


My God? How time flies when you’re having fun?

I felt sad the protest was soon coming to an end I was going to return to Saint John and spend Christmas with my family.

I turned my lantern off for the very last time and I was a little emotional.

I had many comfortable evenings sleeping in that tent I am going to miss it.

I close my tent up and went walked to the James Joyce Restaurant across the street at the Beaver Brook Hotel.

I had to return the Lantern Julie MacDonald < Manager > lent me and the winter gloves that Kim Finnamore < Waitress > gave me a few months earlier.

Those people treated me with respect even though they knew I wasn’t a customer.

Once inside, I noticed two politicians enjoying a nice drink.

Donald Arseneault and Burt Paulin.

Charles 04_07_05 039

These Liberal MLA’s have been very good to me since the protest began it was nice to see them.

We had a chat for a final time.

They told me to order anything I wanted because we have to celebrate the end of my protest.

As a joke? I said- Give me a triple white Russian!

They insisted so I ordered a double white Russian it was a great way to celebrate the end.

Burt Paulin told me he’s very grateful he met me because his daughter’s child was told he would have to be on Ritalin.

If it wasn’t for my protest? He would have never known about Ritalin so he told his daughter that his Grandson will never be on Ritalin.

I’ve been hearing the same thing from a lot of other people who I educated about the use of Ritalin.

Yes, maybe it was time to end the protest.


The next morning, I returned to my tent and it was still all in one piece so I decided to go for a coffee at Tim’s.

Gary who drives for Trius Taxi beeped his horn and told me to look in the direction of my tent?

Charles 04_07_05 118

I looked than continued on but he beeped his horn again.

I walked over to him he told me someone was at my tent.

I glanced over and noticed a woman walking away she quickly disappeared between the two government building.

I walked to my tent and noticed an envelope with a ten dollar gift certificate from Quizno’s. It was signed by Le vent de L’Est!

In English it means - From the wind from the east or the eastern wind!

I wish I could have had the chance to speak to her because that Lady has been leaving Tim’s Horton coupons all summer long.

I might add that she also left a few religious items but as soon as I called her name?

She quickly disappeared with the cold winds.

Sure was nice of her because I need the coffee with lots of sugar in the morning to get myself going to confront the public with my petition. She sure knew what she was doing.

There’s a lot of nice people in this City.

What a day this has been. I was told to meet T.J. Burke at 9:30am on the front steps of the Legislature.


Sure enough? He was right on time.

T.J. Burke came to the scene he invited me into the Departmental building where the media was located.

He introduced me to everyone including the communication man for the Government –– Tim Porter.

I didn’t really want to shake the guy hand because he has always intervened during my conversation with the Ministers during the summer months but I decided to let by
gone be by gone.

By now? The media knew all about me I became good friends with a few of them.

Afterwards, we went to the front desk in the Legislature T.J. told Andre that I needed to register.

I was heading to the Gallery but they had something else in mind.

He arranged for me to be sitting on a sofa in the chambers.

I never expected that honor!

I expected to be in the gallery to watch the action from the top of the house.

This was a total surprise for this protester.

While waiting for the action to begin, a few MLA'S from different political party came to shake my hand and congratulated me.


I answered- It's not my day!

It's the day for the 10,000 kids around this province who suffers from ADD/ADHD!

I noticed Dawn Bowie in the Gallery I waved at her.

Charles 04_07_05 001

She was a great help to me during my protest.

I sat down and looked at all the politicians inside the Legislature.

There’s many of them that I became good friends with during the summer months and of course there’s some of them I didn’t care for.


The ceremony began with the Sergeant At Arms leading the way I must admit that Dan Bussieres plays the part like a professional.

He had his fancy suit with his sword in hand.

We New Brunswickers should be proud to have a Sergeant At Arms with such class.


Roly McIntyre < Liberal MLA> stood up and said- Mr. MacIntyre: It is my pleasure to introduce Charles LeBlanc from Saint John, if anybody here has not met him.


It is a very special occasion today.

Charles has been here at the Legislature for 180 days, and he is going home today.

al and thereesa

He always said he was here for the kids, protesting against the use of Ritalin for ADD and ADHD. It was not about him.

It was about the kids.

I will say to you, Charlie: You have some tenacity. I want to thank you for your efforts and for your tenacity, and I wish you well in whatever journey you take.

Goodbye from all of us.

After he finished his speech all the liberals stood up and gave me a standing ovation.

I was surprised the P.C.’s did the same gesture.

One person asked me to stand up I didn't really remember the next few seconds but I do remember I gave the whole House a nice good bye wave!

I was very emotional it sure was nice to be recognized for the battle that I've been doing for the ADD/ADHD during the past 6 months.

Elvy Robichaud quickly stood up and said – I also want to recognize Charles Leblanc.

Charles 04_07_05 061

Last week we sat down to discuss what has been accomplished about the issue of ADHD and what more can be done.

This morning, I want to assure Charles during his six months protest he has educated a lot of people about ADHD.

The petition that he collected shows there’s many more people in this province who are educated about this mental disorder because of Charles.

I told Charles I was going to help him set up a meeting with the representatives from the Medical Society.

My colleagues Mrs. Dube < Minister of Education> is making sure Charles meets the people from the Department who really understands the politics in the school system in the special education process in the school system.

So Charles, I want to assure you this morning that your efforts weren’t in vain.

Because of you Charles? There’s thousands of people out there who are more educated on the issue of ADHD.

You can go home with your head high.

It’s not my style to get emotional but I was and I tried to keep my composure.

It was very difficult.

T.J. Burke stood up and said- For those of us around the Legislature, Charles LeBlanc and his tent became a familiar sight over the past number of months.

His protest lasted 180 days. This speaks to his commitment to the issue, and it also speaks to the fact that he is one of the last true protesters of this province——or at least campers.

Attention deficit hyperactivity disorder affects 3% to 6% of Canadians. Boys with ADHD tend to outnumber girls by three to one, although ADHD is under


In his article “ What’s It Like to Have ADD?”, Dr. Edward M. Hallowell describes it as follows: “It’s like driving in the rain with bad windshield wipers. Everything is smudged and blurred and you’re speeding along, and it’s reeeeally
frustrating not being able to see very well.”

He also describes it by saying: “ Or it’s like listening to a radio station with a lot of static and you have to strain to hear what’s going on.”

There is no conclusive cause for ADHD, and the debate over treatment rages on.

There is increasing debate over the treatment for ADHD.

Ritalin, a stimulant, is the most commonly prescribed treatment for ADHD, but
there is rising debate over the appropriateness of the drug in treating all cases, as well as over the long-term impact.

Charles LeBlanc has spent the past six months trying to bring about greater awareness of the issue.

I sat down with Mr. LeBlanc on Wednesday, and he said something I will truly never forget.

He said: Mr. Burke, when you present this petition, please don’t mention my name.

Just mention the kids.

I think that speaks volumes for what he has accomplished.

Today, I am tabling this petition, and I am so honoured to table it, with 10 000 names. It simply states:

I agree that Ritalin is over prescribed in this province.

Je suis d’’accord que le ritalin est sur prescrit dans cette province.

I would like to table the petition of Mr. LeBlanc.

He made a wonderful speech as I knew he would.

Afterwards I was directed back out of the chambers.

Around the MLA'S shook my hand to congratulate me.

Once outside, I was met by Nina Chiarelli a reporter from the Telegraph Journal she noticed I had tears in my eyes.

Charles 04_07_05 065

It was very emotional.

Before I left the Legislature? I saw Bev Harrison < Speaker of the House> I thanked him for not signing papers to deport me from the lawn of the Legislature
like they deported us Acadians in 1755!

Once outside, I was told to return inside the Legislature to meet with Elvy and Madeleine.


These two Ministers told me they’ll support me in front of the media.

They said a committee won't be in action in the near future but my petition is something to look into.

My god? Cameras all over the place with mikes in everyone faces. The television stations asked me if I would go to my tent and they’ll film me taking down my little home.

That Evening, all the television stations except CBC English television and the Moncton Transcript refused to cover my protest.

Charles 04_07_05 073
Charles 04_07_05 021

It was great to spread the word to New Brunswickers I was protesting and it was over after I collected 10,100 names.

It’s a darn shame I never received very much coverage from day one?

It sure would have made my campaign to collect signatures a little easier.

Allan White from CBC English radio did a very good job educating the people on my battle.

Lets not forget Charles Gagnon from L'Acadie Nouvelle. He really helped my cause in
spreading the word to my follow Acadians.

The hard job was yet to come.

I had to take down my tent and I didn't know that I had so much junk.

I came to the Capital with 2 pairs of pants, 2 shirts and a few blankets.

These days? I need a van for all the stuff that I collected during these past six months.

Danny Robichaud, he’s the guy who lent me his tent.

Charles and Brad 003

He came at 2:30pm.

I thanked Danny than he was on his way.

Before he left he told me I did a wonderful job for the kids.

I told Danny I appreciated his tent because it made my protest a lot easier and it was warmer.

Can you imagine if I had had my summer tent in the winter

It would have been an impossible task!

During this protest?

I learned one valuable lesson!

What a person says and what a person does? Is two different things!

This guy came through with his promise and I'm grateful for his good gesture.

I had to pack all my things on the back of Roly's Truck.

I have a meeting set up with the officials of the Education Department on December 19th Friday morning.

Lets pray before then I can meet with the head cheese of the medical society.

That afternoon it was very cold on the front lawn of the Legislature.

I noticed someone walking towards the Legislature with a sign.

I couldn’t make out the writing but he had a long story to tell me about his concerns.

After five minutes of listening?

I told him I was the guy in the tent and he could take my place if he wanted?

He asked me if I was the Charles LeBlanc?

I answered - Yes!

He shook my hand and told me he was French and he has ADHD!

I told the Sergeant at Arms Dan Bussieres maybe one ADHD protester is gone but there’s another one waiting to plead his case….lol…


My God? Those people with ADHD are sure radical there’s nothing wrong with that.

Two staff members from the Legislature showed up holding a bag.

They threw the items near me and quickly left the scene.

At first, I didn’t know what it was? It was my old tent the Sergeant At Arms took from me on August 19th.


It wasn’t rolled up in one piece and there were many more items inside.

I totally forgot how much stuff that I had collected because he took my tent away.

It was very windy and cold so I never had time to separate all the junk.

I just rolled it in one bag and threw it behind Roly’s truck.

I was certain Dan rolled up my tent in one piece I didn’t think Dorothy Dawson would have been too pleased because it was her tent.

Charles and Friend

The first week of the session at the Legislature finished.

Roly took off to Saint John with my things and drop it off to my cousin home.


You know something? This little experience was better than the one when I rode a ten speed bicycle across Canada and to the U.S.A.! It was great I'll never forget it.

I hope someone can help me with writing a book so I can put all my entire funny stories in it so future generations can read about my experience.

On December 13th, I must admit I was very honored. The Telegraph Journal and Daily Gleaner gave the 10,000 ADHD kids good publicity.

When a person is on the front page with the new Prime Minister of Canada then a person cannot really complain I guess.

It’s over but Charles has a problem?

The problem you ask?? CHARLES IS GOING NUTS!!!!

Every Saturday morning during the past four months, I was always at the Farmer’s market to confront the citizens with my petition it made my weekend very interesting. But now?

I just walk on the sidewalk like everyone else I say- Hello!

I never shut up for the past 6 months suddenly it comes to a complete stop.

There sure is a lot of people congratulating me for a job well done it’s nice to be recognized for your hard work.

On December 13th, I noticed that the Saint John River was beginning to build up with ice when that happens? It’s time for me to pack up my tent and leave I guess.

The cold winter months are officially here!!!

Little did I know that the drugging and the killing of our children will continue in New Brunswick.


Of course for me? I will let my ADHD take me where ever I land!! If you would have told me that two years later? I would be doing the same thing? I would have told you that you're nuts but the battle continues for Justice of the kids.



cry baby

Too bad that Tim Smith doesn't have a camera like mine.....two ADHD individuals in different would be scared sh@tless!!!,,,lol

Here's his story -

Hey here's a little story for ya..

Nancy Kellar had gone back to her apartment on the corner of Duke and
Sydney street today dec 12th to gather a few personal belongings after 5

The first thing she had to do is to look around and see if she could
locate her kitty as at the time of the fire she had only gotten her dog
out but not the kitty which had shaken her up quite a bit that horrible

She heard a noise coming from under her bed and low and behold her
kitty had made it through the fire unscathed but a little shaken up.

It ran back down to the basement because she obviously was quite scared
but once nancy went down and talked to her and managed to pick her up
she then knew everything was going to be ok.

I'm glad I happened along when I did as nancy went in to her apartment
and got to witness this bit of happy news.

Of which I thought I would share with you readers.

She managed to get at her food and continued to use the litter box
which had been floating in the basement section of her apartment in about 3
feet of water until it receeded.

I wish I could say with all certainty that the kitty's name is Kipper
but I'm just not sure but I think she may rename her "LUCKY" now.

Charlie I think you should put the pic of the burning building back up
along with this good little story but I'm rushing it along to you
pretty messed up. if you can touch it up a bit to read a little better be my

I was going to send it to the paper but you can tell them there in the
fredericton office and maybe they can call nancy and do a little story
of their own. but for now through the mirical of freedom of information
and me being the amature reporter in the right place at the right time
you got the story first. and especially a nice little christmas mirical


I always held off in writing about this issue but no more. That’s my ADHD in action. I’ll do it but it never gets done!!!! well..c’est la vie…that’s what we do…

Charles 04_07_05 064

Many of you readers will never set foot inside the Legislature. < Maybe that’s a good thing >

Anyway beside all the media, bureaucrats and MLA’S, there’s one person who works very hard for the Taxpayers of this Province and never receives any credit.

Her name is Donelda Dickerson!!!

I first came across this fine woman after my protest.

Lets not forget that during my 6 months protest, I wasn’t allowed in the Legislature so I didn’t know the going on within the People’s House.

Charles 04_07_05 119

Donelda Dickerson is very quiet individual.

She goes around cleaning the mess the people left in the House.

Especially during the winter months, she always mops the floor so the visitors know the People House is a clean place.

Months ago, I noticed that the House was a little filthy and it wasn’t her style to not keep it clean.

They had other contractors filling in for her but they couldn’t keep it clean.

I found out a few months that Donelda took a leave of absence because her mother had passed away.

Charles 04_07_05 064

The old saying is so true.

You only appreciate someone when it’s gone and this was surely the case with this hard working cleaning lady.

Yes, This woman works by a one year contract and your taxpayers money are well invested with this fine Lady.

When you see our elected officials on Television?

Picture 011

Take a moment to think that there’s a hard working silent worker who behind the scene keeps the people’s House very clean!

This is one investment that you should be proud that the Government made.

Beside appointing Bernard Richard as Ombudsman who always on the phone and checking the information Highway for info to help New Brunswickers?

Picture 016

It’s not the same salary but she does good work for the citizens of New Brunswick.

Keep up the good work Donelda!!!

Charles 04_07_05 064


Did you readers know that me < yes me > mother is from Scotland? She came to Canada and married my father who's a pure Acadian!

Saint John June 04-05 015

My problem isn't ADHD! I'm half Scottish and we all know there's nothing more stubborn than a darn Scotsman! Maybe this is exactly what we need in Ottawa???





Picture 026

( PSALM 5:12 *NKJV )

Dear Charles,
In this busy World of ours we often forget to stop and
count all of our blessings. If we are not careful we may
even take them for granted!

So why not stop and count your blessings today, for
when you count them you will find that there are many
indeed! Also you will find that counting your blessings
is a great way to begin you day!

Now the above verse reminds me of a poem that I very
much enjoy. Today I would like to share that poem with
you, and it is my hope that you will enjoy it as well!

Your Blessings Are So Many, Lord!

Your blessings are so many, Lord,
To count them one by one
Would take much longer than a day
That has just now begun!

You fill each day with miracles
From dawn to setting sun.
Each night You hear a million prayers
When day's work is done.

You keep this old world spinning
As seasons come and go,
And each one is a masterpiece
That stets our hearts aglow.

You fill the earth with beauty, Lord,
With flowers, shrubs and trees,
And we marvel at Your rainbows
And butterflies and bees.

Your words still give us comfort
For Your promises are true.
Your blessings are so many, Lord,
In everything we do!
Poet, Clay Harrison

Have a wonderful day Charles, and; MAY GOD BE

With My Love & Prayers,
your servant Allen
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Apostle Paul Ministries, P O Box 55996, Hayward, CA 94545


Once the LNG deal came in place? I told anyone who would listen that once the property tax goes up? It would be WAR! As any other issue, they go away with the sunset but in this case? It will just bring back the issue og the LNG deal. Am I wrong on this issue??? Here the story in the Irving's paper.


NB Telegraph-Journal | Saint John
As published on page B1 on December 12, 2005

Mayor says tax hike last resort
Council to deal with pension fund shortfall tonight

Click to zoom McFarlane
By David Shipley

Dealing with the city's pension fund woes will be a major focus for common council when it meets tonight.

Mayor Norm McFarlane says council will explore all options - including an increase in the city's property tax rate to deal with the issue.

The city needs to address the pension plan issue before dealing with next year's budget, he said.

"I want it done before budget," Mr. McFarlane said.

The budget should be completed in early January, the mayor said. That gives the council a little over a month to address the four-year-old pension fund problem.

Mr. McFarlane said he is reluctant to raise the tax rate because council had to raise the property tax rate by four cents last year to pay for items from previous years' budgets.

"My absolutely last resort is a tax increase," he said.

He admitted though, that given the amount of money the city is dealing with in the pension plan problem, council may have no choice but to raise taxes.

"If it has to be, it has to be."

City staff has warned the council that the pension issue could mean either a six-per-cent rise in property taxes or a major cutback in city services.

Another option is the possibility of borrowing the money and adding to the city's long-term debt.

However, Mr. McFarlane said many options were "within reason" because the pension issue has been going on since 2001.

The fund is more than $44 million in arrears and in the next year the city will be required to pay down $11 million of the liability. Actuarial experts say the fund does not have enough money in it to meet the future needs of city workers who retire.

The pension fund's shortfall is the result of an 18-month stock market dive in 2001 and 2002. The city put off dealing with the issue in the past two years and the pension plan deficit is $11 million.

The city's entire yearly operating budget is about $100 million.

Any solution council comes up with for the pension plan will have to be more than a short-term answer, aid Mr. McFarlane.

"What we do for the pension fund will have to look toward the future so this doesn't happen again and another council isn't faced with this in the future."