Wednesday, May 11, 2005


(A parting from office brief )

OverBoard With Mr.Lord!!

Overboard went Mr.Lord Into the river of shame.
And as he went down,he said with a frown
I have nobody else to blame

As the people they spoke My ministers I woke
Saying deal with these problems at hand
Putting them on the spot so I wouldn't get caught
For my plans that they don't understand

For I fooled all the voters on elections that day
Into thinking I’m the man for the job
They had no idea the price they would pay
Nor did I in creating a mob

I thought I could fool them into thinking I might
Be the premier of choice that would put up their fight
But instead I destroyed everything that I touch
Now the voters are saying they suspected as much

So they yell and they scream that they don't have to live
With a man such as me a ( Con-ser-va-tive)
And if truth should be told then I probably would
Agree with the people that I misunderstood

Reflecting back now with no choice I digress
My legacy, job and my life in a mess
And the rumor I’m hearing I suppose that it's true
Back in with the red and out the blue...

Be it Liberals or Tories, the people will choose
And with your new powers you must never abuse
For it turns out the people hold power of blame
So take care not to join me in this river of shame!

(Timothy Smith 2005)

Charles 04_07_05 070


More CBC Coverage for Tim

The protest is over...

May 4-2005-T& C-6

Stay tuned for Charles Message...


Tim is meeting with the Liberals this afternoon to discuss the issue of VLT'S.

He knows that the Ministers of the Lord Government won't come out and chat with him so he's taking a different appraoch!

The odds are 99% certain that after his meeting that the protest will be officially over!

Thank God for that because he's truly a nice guy and a great shokeperson for the addicts of this province!!!!


My God? I sure wish that the Irvings newspapers would get their facts right once they print a story.

During the weekend, they told the readers the Senate Committee on mental illness would be in the Capital on Monday.

Charles 04_07_05 020

I went there and there was no meeting. I went over the BeaverBrook Hotel yesterday and still no appointed politicians around.

I walked into the head office and I was told the meeting is set for today at the Beaverbook Hotel and I’ll be there.

Charles 04_07_05 120

The Senate must understand of the matter the Lord Government and the New Brunswick Human Rights are treating people with mental illness!

I will be direct and straight forward.

But will I accomplish anything? Of course not but I will let it known also that New Brunswickers didn’t know that the Senate to study the Irving’s monopoly wasn’t in the papers so therefore New Brunswickers didn’t know where to go.

Last evening, Tim Smith and I went for a nice walk in the City of Fredericton. We even bought my dog Chico along for the nice evening stroll!


We walked at the bridge and I said it in the past and I will say it again.

Charles 04_07_05 048

The Capital is the place to be in the spring, summer and fall! I love to watch the sunset from the bridge the Legislature with the sunset in the background.

Charles 04_07_05 050

I will never return to Saint John to stay. It’s not safe! Of course the outskirts of the City is beautiful but the Irving pollution are killing its citizens.

Tim might end his protest this week but this will be decided today when he meets the Liberals to discuss his issues.

Yesterday, Jeannoit Volpe < Minister of Finance > was speaking to a group of reporters and of course I was standing near by.

I can’t asked questions to the Minister.

As a blogger, I have to be accepted by the Irving’s media! Of course this will never happen. I wonder why???

I waited till he was done and confronted the Minister of the reason he didn’t go outside and chat with Tim Smith?

I told him that he could do this alone and just chat with the guy of his concerns.

He promised me that he would but he never showed up!

Charles 04_07_05 056

My God??? Why don’t the Lord Ministers go out and chat with the protester? The question is why?

Frank McKenna as Premier would have come in and asked Tim - Ok Tim? What’s the problem?

Where’s Bernard Lord in all this?

Charles 04_07_05 072

The whole Province are watching Tim Smith but the Lord Government don’t seem to care.

Oh…I heard that the clown with the red nose was served papers that he wasn’t allowed on the ground of the Legislature. I wonder what happened there? Stay tune!!!

07061 Balloon Clown

Tim feels weak and lets prey that he will soon eat some food!

May 4-2005-T-1

Well? I did hit over 10,000 hits yesterday and a few people told me that I should explain to the readers of the way the counter works!

If you check my site at 8:00am and you return at 4:00pm! The counter will only count as one hit.

It will only count once every 24 hours from a certain computer.

Trust me? If that wasn’t the case? I would have refresh my website on many occasions therefore I would have 20,000 hits!!!…

You press the counter and it will bring you to the stats and he can see who was there and who’s on the website at that very moment!

Ok…I got to go at the Legislature to see if Tim is still kicking and I got to get ready for my presentation to the Senate.

Please excuse the style and grammar of this blog because I just write the darn thing and send it along the information Highway!!

Bye bye