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To make this in such a big? I must ask the question? Slow news day???

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People such as Shawn Graham will stand in the huge line up for some Samosa! Below is a picture of the couple who runs the Patel's company!

I wonder what's going to happen there?


Samosa maker wants to rent annex

Published Friday February 9th, 2007
Appeared on page A4

The operator of the Samosa Delite food stall at the Boyce Farmers' Market wants to rent the entire section of the market annex building in order to have enough space for his customers to queue.

Mohan Iyengar made the proposal to Ken McGeorge, executive director of York County Properties Inc., the holding company for the market, before heading on vacation.

McGeorge said the request will have to go to the market's board of directors at a March 19 meeting. The market's stallholders will also have to be consulted.

But McGeorge said the request could displace Patel's Catering and that might not be fair unless the Patel family decides it isn't returning to the market to sell its products.

The market has been without samosas for the past week, as both vendors are vacationing and have suspended sales pending their return.

The market, however, has decided that the long lineups at Patel's Catering and Samosa Delite are creating a nuisance for other stallholders, whose customers are put off by the long queues.

"When they're both there, they attract a lot of attention," McGeorge said.

The two samosa vendors have been told they must relocate to the parking lot food court of the farmers' market because their customer base is impeding sales of other market vendors.

There are no easy answers, McGeorge said Thursday.

"We've been talking with these folks and their fellow stallholders have been talking to them for two years to try to find a solution. Any solution that has the lineups inside the building is not workable. It compromises the market far too much from many, many perspectives," McGeorge said.

"We've got to work on some solution that keeps the lineup largely outside the building. This product has become so popular and the business so large and booming that it really has outgrown the market."

Iyengar's business employs six full-time staff and six part-time personnel.

"I don't know of many other vendors that employ so many people. Now you're getting into big business."

Even without the samosa sales last Saturday, the other stallholders did a brisk business on a snowy day, said McGeorge.

The market was created as a farmers' market and McGeorge said if anything, the market's original purpose should be upheld.

Wendell Fulton views on security at the New Brunswick Legislature!!!!

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Wendell Fulton
Published Thursday February 1st, 2007
Appeared on page A5

As someone who quite often visits the Legislative Library, the friendliest one in Canada, and as someone who has been visiting it for 61 years, I am absolutely astounded with the disproportionate security arrangements that were placed in effect in the Legislature this week.

Until about three years ago, one could enter the Legislature and walk down hall to the Library. At that time, a new security system was put in place. Just inside the front door of the Legislature, there was a desk for a commissionaire and you signed in, giving your name, where you were from, and your telephone number. This was intrusive but basically acceptable and seemed to work quite well from a security perspective.

But now a system approved by the secretive Legislative Administrative Committee (LAC) last year has been put into effect that would do justice to an international airport. To call this a disproportionate approach is an understatement.

Now, visitors (public servants have a pass system) have to empty their pockets and put the contents in a tray and go through a metal detector. A commissionaire then types your name and phone number, and gives you an entry pass with a computer generated bar code.

All of this is so over the top one does not know how to react. On the positive side, there will be a system in place to deal with school children who visit the Legislature. I almost feel violated by the new security system now in place. We're dealing with a Legislature, not a terrorist zone.

Solange Tuyishime represented Fredericton well in 2006!!!

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Bon travail Solange!!!

Ron Shaw from ATV News to become a Religious Minister???

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He told me this a few months ago but I couldn't blog it.

Last month, he gave me the go ahead.

I forgot the type of religion he'll be joining?

Bonne Chance Ron!!!

Beer Bandit is doing just fine!!!!

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Click below for his story -




Complaints thumbs down-784494
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Complaints thumbs down-784494Complaints thumbs down-784494Complaints thumbs down-784494

Am I upset????? Noooooooo...I’M FURIOUS!!!!

I was approached by an individual who’s on Welfare.


The person told me they would have attended the protest on January 24th but there was a little problem.

The welfare recipient was told face to face by New Brunswick Family Services that if they attended the protest?


They would lose their welfare check!!!!

This was told to me in front of two strong individuals who are not on Welfare.

This is a very serious matter!!!!!

We cannot go to the media with this issue because the individual would be cut off assistant the moment the story goes public.


We sure cannot go to the New Brunswick Human Rights Commission because they are on record that the poor of this Province should be ignore at any cost.

So? We have a huge problem here.

A poor person on welfare who was told not to attend the protest in a so-call democratic system?

As in past practice I would go to the head macho at New Brunswick Family Services and tell them of my concerns?

I can’t do this because they would immediately cut off her check.

We’re going to meet with the individual Monday and find out what would be the next step?

I would go at the New Brunswick Legislature to meet with Carmelle Robichaud but that’s totally out of the question!!!!


Since bigot Tom Mann wrote a letter to the Irving’s papers < almost all the papers > congratulating Tanker Malley for banning the poor from the Legislature.

Pictures 007ts_tankermalleys

The New Brunswick Human Rights Commission is a Unionize body and there could be a connection here?


The poor welfare recipient has to meet with the Minister of Family Service so Carmelle can tell her face to face the individual that they have nothing to fear.


Sigh.......Always something going on in the Capital. Never a dull moment and you people believe that I’m making up these stories?


What's going on in the rest of the Province that we don't hear about???

Stay tuned......AND I DO MEAN STAY TUNED!!!!!


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Take a guess? Do you know who this guy is???


Dan Weston turns 59!!!!!

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Which one truly knows his stuff????

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It's cold but it will do I guess!!!!

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Fredericton Winterfest officials says NO to Blogger!!!!

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I was driving someone this afternoon and I told him to drop over the Fredericton Winterfest winter event so I could take a few pictures for my blog.

There were thousands of people in the area.

Once at the gate, I told the officials that I was a blogger and it'll only take me 10 minutes to take a few pictures of the ice structures?

They insisted that I pay three bucks.


I once again told them it was just for a few minutes but no dice!! They insisted that I pay.

I believe it was very nice of me to offer promoting the event but they weren’t interested. I’m certain the organizers of the event are fine people


Do the Irving’s employees pay three dollars so he or she can take a picture for the Irving paper?

Pictures 108IMG_6581IMG_6529IMG_6519

Good question?

I might add these photographers are tops in my books!!!! They're very good people.

Yes, I understand everyone can say - I'm a blogger also.

But I believe I do have a point.

Do Irving’s employees pay to go into an event to take pictures?

Just for the record? I didn’t pay the three bucks so therefore I left without the pictures.

I was also told it was the first time Fredericton Winterfest ever charge to enter the ground.

Will you hurry up???? I'm hungry!!!!!

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