Friday, August 05, 2005


On Friday afternoon, I decided to take a walk around the City of Saint John.


It’s not like it used to be.

Familiar faces are long gone and new people are around the area.

A person can get tired of hanging around Brunswick Square. The City of Saint John is a very difficult place to live if you don’t have a vehicle.

Saint John June 04-05 019

Anyway, I was watching some people playing the VLT’S for a few minutes until this girl walked by.

I’m going to name her 555!!!

I haven’t seen 555 in years. I came across 555 during the frigate program.


She was a nice looking girl with a good sense of humor. 555 lost a lot of weight and her face age a lot.

Years ago, we had a little relationship together off and on.

We parted ways and found different partners but always remain good friends.

As a matter of fact? I was thinking of 555 last week!

Anyone who goes into a place they lived in the past has some memories.

You often wonder to yourself? Where are they? How are they making out?

Well, 555 was right in front of me and she gave me a nice hug.

She told me to wait for her while she goes in the washroom.

We all know that a female can make a male wait and wait… and made me wait she did! Close to 20 minutes!

We decided to go outside to discuss our little stories over a smoke.

Once outside she opened her purse and inside was a syringe.


I was shock!!!

I knew she loved her beers but heavy prescription drugs????


I don’t believe she has been reading my blogs.

I began asking her some questions?

She asked me if I was going to write a letter to the editor? I explain that I no longer write letters to the Irving’s papers but I am a blogger! She didn’t understand what was a blogger so I told her that I had close to 25,000 visitors to a web site.


She opened up to me big times!

She chatted with me while she looked around the area.

One guy walked by us while she sat down on a stairway!

555 asked the guy if he wanted something? Well? 555 explained to me that she hurt her back and she had problems with her spine.

She only made $490.00 a month and after she paid her rent and other bills! She had no money for Dilaudid!

So therefore she sells her body to support her habit!

I just didn’t believe that one day 555 would do such a thing????

555 told me that she wanted to chat with me later on in the day!

She was going to have her little room in a boarding house. I told 555 that I would see her later on in the day.

I walked in a bar and ordered a drink!

My God? I was shocked that 555 was on the streets selling her body for her fix.

One guy told me that it was a darn shame because 555 was a nice girl!

He added there were close to 20 girls with the same problem in the downtown area.


He told me that I should try to chat with her? You know try to help her!

I walked into Paul Zed office and discussed my concern with his communication official- Aaron Kennedy!


I told the appointed guy that when Elsie Wayne was the MP?


A person couldn’t chat with Elsie because the minute you mentioned drugs? She would quickly turned her head because she wasn’t educated on this emotional issue.

To her smoking a joint of marijuana or snorting Cocaine was the same.

So maybe Paul Zed would have a different approach on this issue???

paul zed

Aaron told me that it’s the province that decided where the money on Health care would de directed.

In my view???? What should happen in this case? Ottawa should put aside money for much needed methadone clinic in New Brunswick!


That night, I decided to meet 555 and try to help the girl!

She told me that she hung around in a certain area.

I went there but no 555 in sight.

I said to myself - Great! I might not see her again!

Minutes later, I noticed this fancy vehicle dropping off this girl around a block away!

At a closer look? It was 555!!!

I began asking her some very straight forward questions such as the reason she’s not on Methadone?

She told me that it was a waste of time because the methadone is at Ridgewood < outside of Saint John >

She added that the people who works there are amateurs because all they preached about is drugs drugs drugs!

After a few hours of listening of the issue of drugs? You want to get out of there and have your fix.

She added that if the methadone clinic was located at Saint Joe’s?

She would be on it but it’s to much of a hassle to get the methadone!

The waiting list is way too long!!!

Minutes later, 555 was gone.

She was edgy because she needed some Dilaudid and she was waiting for the dealer to come and gave her some pills!

I noticed a Van with two guys stopping at a corner and 555 quickly jumped in the Van!

555 was gone from the area. I wonder how many pills those guys in the van sell in one day around the City of Saint John?

I crossed the street and a couple with their kids asked me for a location?

They were Acadians from Bathurst. We chatted about the mill closure and I asked them if they knew their MLA?

I mentioned Brian Kenny! They didn’t know the name of their own MLA!

Charles 04_07_05 043

They don’t follow politics but they knew of my protest. Before they left, I asked them – What are your views on Bernard Lord?

They quickly answered en Francais- Face de Rat!


Translation means- Rat face!!!…lol…I guess they know the Premier? …lol….

When they left the area. 555 came back and once again went into the washroom!

But this time around I know that I had to wait for 20 minutes.

They go in the washroom with a lighter and spoon and injected the drug in their vain.


They is the reason that the Soup Kitchens around the Province are in need od metal spoons!

Once outside 555 had a smile on her face and she was happy!

It’s a very scary site!

I noticed that 555 had a metal cross around her neck and I asked her where she got the cross from?

She told me that she found it while she was going her laundry!

I was going to give her my cross and decided not to. It’s a very personal souvenir for me and I will wear the cross till the last day I die!

555 told me that she made $100.00 during the day but all the money went towards the prescription drug! She decided not to take a room in a boarding House.


She noticed a guy that might take care of her for the evening and I hugged 555 and away she went!

There’s many 555’s around this province and this is a very scary picture.

They do the crime to get their fix and nothing will stand in their way!

Someone told me that he knows a mother who was on prescription drugs and now her two daughters are also on Dialudid!

Aids is spreading around and the crime is at an all time high! People are dying and something must be done about this deathful situation!


What can be done when you have a Government who just don’t care?


I have been writing about this issue for the last 6 years and now it’s totally out of control!

The Government must put millions in Methadone clinics around this Province.

This Government must confront the issue of prescription drug in this Province because we are going to pay dearly for their ignorance.

A study on Ritalin would definitely be a good start!!!


I wish 555 the very best of luck and I pray that 555 will one day return to the old 555 that she used to be! May God protect her!!!!!



I also want to know which one covers issues in New Brunswick the best?

Charles 04_07_05 044


Charles 04_07_05 073


Charles 04_07_05 075







MY GOD!!!!

Every media is talking or writing about the beer bandit! My God! I wrote about this issue over a week ago! This is old news!!!! The blogs are more frequent I guess!!!





My God??? Do you know it’s not an easy task in choosing the person of the week???


This week will also be a mystery individual.

My person of the week goes to all the people who has been fighting and educating the Lord Government for the last five years of the need of many methadone clinics around this Province.

I guess I could nominate myself on this one.

Take a close look at the title in my column? I have been writing about this issue for many years.

Charles 04_07_05 027

Yes, crime is at an all time high because of the prescription drug problem in this Province.

The waiting list are long and these clinics are located in nowhere land such as Ridgewood near the city of Saint John or Cambridge Narrows.

I would love to know the crime being done within the family unit that’s not reported to the Police.

Just this week, this guy robbed a pharmacy in Fredericton.


The funny part was that I was over my cousin place once I heard the headline on Global News - Robbery in Fredericton. I told my cousin and her husband that it must be a pharmacy that got robbed? Sure enough that what it was!

They were surprise that I hit the bull eye on that one.


The prescription drug problem in the Capital is bad. I heard that 70% of the inmates in the Provincial Jails around this Province are in there because of the Dilaudid problem on the streets!

The waiting list is around six months and while they wait? They go on a big expensive crime spree therefore causing many families much pain and suffering!

Does the Lord Government care? Of course not!

Yes, these people are my people of week.

These people are fighting with the Lord Government to do something about the prescription drug problem in this Province but their pleas are falling on deaf ears.

I would love to know how many New Brunswickers died because of Prescription drugs in this Province?


Take a close look at the issue of Ritalin?

Bernard Lord don’t care so therefore the drugging and the killing of the Children will continue till the next provincial election set for Oct 15, 2007!

ritalin mad!!!

Need I to say more? Enough said!!



I heard a good one yesterday on the streets! I guess the Saint John Police Forces busted a store that sold illegal Tobacco. Once they finish their job. The police put the smokes in their vehicle. They went inside the store for a few minutes and once they got to their vehicle? I guess the tobacco was gone!!! Only in Saint John?