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Hi there Charles,

Here are 2 photos of the old superior School that burned here in Chipman last Saturday, to bad another land mark gone.
this is a better photo then what was in the paper.


Big Tim against Little Tim!!! It's quite an act and I witness it for free!!!

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It’s not an easy task to be a single parent. Myself, I wouldn’t know but I get a kick out of Tim Smith’s situation in Saint John.

The man is a walking ADHD individual. He has around 20 things flying in his head all at once and he has to add some other issues of his daughter.

He saw him in action and I don’t know how he does it? It’s a game of wit between the little Tim and the older Tim. They both think the same and it’s funny to listen to them debate especially during school work time.

I should be charge for watching this act!!

At the end, all is done and over with. It’s a nice little hug and away to school she goes. The same act will be played during the evening!


I will say that Tim is a very good single parent!


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It’s a darn shame we never did this act 40 years ago?

I remember that I was so hyper as a child that I just couldn’t stand still in Church.

The only time that I enjoyed Church was when Le Groupe rythmé de Memramcook played on a Saturday evening in Memramcook.


Beside that? I wasn’t interested whatsoever in the service.

At the end, I was the only kid that was allow not to attend Church!

These days it’s a total different ballgame! The parents bring coloring books or other toys to church so the kids wouldn’t be bored.

I just wish they would have had these actions 40 years ago! Ohh well.....C’est la vie!

So??? Word of my trial isn't spreading eh???

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I found this just too funny!!! I just have to blog this one.

I used to post a link of my site in this forum. Many people got angry and wanted me to stop.

Hey? Anyway to spread the word of the blog.

I made a lot of enemies and many people who comes in this blog just plain hate my guts.

I never met them but they don’t like me one bite.

For the first time in months, I made a stopover in this forum and found this post.

Some allow swearing in their forum.

Enjoy -

Posted: Wed Nov 08, 2006 5:25 pm Post subject: F@cking surreal...

So, for those of you who don't know, I'm in Regina right now, doing my journalism degree. Well, I am.

Anyway, our print professor had been talking about ethics, methods, ideas, etc about blogging.

At the end of class, he says "Oh yeah, I wanted to give you guys this" and passes around a hand out.

I read the title.

The title read: "Blogger's obstruction trial to test definition of journalist"

Oh shit, I thought.

The hand out was about CHARLES GODDAMN LEBLOG and his dumbass shit, and how after a future court date he may be unofficially considered a journalist. That f@cking kills me. I'm out of the loop from back home, so mabye all you guys are already up on this, but I guess he's going to trial over obstruction of justice during a demonstration.

I just wanted to share this, cause the last place I expected to hear the name of Charles Leblanc was in my f@cking print journalism class. Maybe I should drop out.

Another Pipeline story!!!

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Pipeline hearing ignores greater good, N.S. mayor claims
Last Updated: Wednesday, November 8, 2006 | 11:16 AM AT
CBC News

The mayor of Port Hawksbury, N.S., says the National Energy Board is ignoring the stability of the entire region by ignoring the effect of a high-speed natural gas line to the American border on rival projects in Nova Scotia.

Pipeline company Emera is seeking permission from the NEB to build a high-pressure natural gas pipeline from an Irving-Repsol-owned liquid natural gas (LNG) terminal in Mispec, N.B., to the American border.

Billy Joe MacLean attended Tuesday's board hearing in Saint John, and says the board is not considering the good of the entire Maritime region. "It shouldn't be just money. It should be safety. It should have to do with the economy of Atlantic Canada, not just Irving and Repsol and Emera."

Emera's proposed high-speed pipeline would bypass the existing slower pipeline that runs through Nova Scotia and New Brunswick, and carry gas directly to the U.S.

A rival company, Anadarko, is working on another LNG proposal in Nova Scotia, near Port Hawksbury.

The project would bring much-needed jobs to the community, and Anadarko wants the New Brunswick plant to hook into the existing natural gas pipeline from Sable Island instead of a so-called "bullet line" directly to the U.S. border.
The National Energy Board has ruled it will not consider what effect a natural gas pipeline in Saint John would have on other proposed projects in the Maritimes.

Several Nova Scotia companies, along with the Nova Scotia Department of Energy, are intervening in the hearings. The companies represent proposed rival LNG terminal projects in Nova Scotia, which fear competition from the New Brunswick project, and would rather Emera link its pipeline with the existing natural gas line already wending its way through the region.

But MacLean expects the government of Nova Scotia to provide little more than lip service at the hearing, because of its close relationship with Emera, which is the parent company of Nova Scotia's power utility. The mayor won't have a chance to make that point himself. He or his town did not apply for intervener status.

Hearing chair Sheila Leggett ruled Tuesday that the hearing is interested in evidence on the route of the pipeline, not whether it would affect tolls on the line already transporting natural gas from Sable Island to the United States border.


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The prosecutor seem to prove a point in my trial. Many the City of Saint John only wants Irving employees to take pictures?

The Police could attck anyone on the street with a camera and delete their pictures. This could be the new law in Canada.

There's so much in the disclosure and I can't wait to make it public after my trial.

Our Police Force are a scam!!!


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They must have received their orders from someone??? But who??? The Irvings??? Fredericton Police Force???? Who gave the orders to arrest me and delete all my pictures????

John Parks of the Saint John Police Force - SH@T!!! HE'S JUST A YOUTH WITH A MASK?? I WANT THAT BLOGGER!!!!

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Sure makes a person think what was said behind the scene? I'm certain there's a connection with my arrest and the protest in Fredericton two weeks earlier?


This is the reason I'm going to push for a public inquiry!!!!

Community Health Clinic keeping an eye on the poor.

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Sorry...not a good picture.....maybe they can explain what they do?

A few good and bad comments!!

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There were two good comments and I guess my friends phoned in and said - Lock him up!!!! < must be an Irving employee > and Get a job!!!

I do have a job but I'm not paid for it.

By the way? Someone left a comment telling me that there's a story in the Baron today about my trial.

Could someone send it to me at

Charles LeBlanc
75 Carleton
Room 5
E2L 3T2

Thank you!!!

Is Dooryard a good local beer???

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I never tasted it. I was told it brewed wright here in Fredericton!


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Hey? Maybe the Irvings will hire these goons as private security officers??? They sure showed that they can be Loyal Irving employees!!!

Maybe the pay would be better???? But of course they will have to buy their own Uniforms!!!

Getting ready for War Brides showcase at York-Sunbury Historical Society Museum in Fredericton!!!

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Future bureaucrat or politician???

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Getting ready to give the bureaucrats and MLA'S their flu shots!!!

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I was sadden to hear that Doug Tyler will no longer be on Shawn Graham team!

This is a darn shame because he’s one of the best!!!

I first came across this guy during the Frank McKenna years. He’s a very nice guy.


I might add that he smokes the brand that I like - Export A Light!!

Seriously, it’s very important that Shawn Graham surrounds himself with open minded people such as Doug Tyler.

This was one of the downfalls of Bernard Lord. He didn’t have open minded individuals around him.

This is the most important part of being Premier.

You have to show New Brunswickers that you’re open to the public such as my episode on CBC!


Bonne Chance Doug! You’re one of the best!!!



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New Brunswick changing into an another Hogan Heroes world?

You tell moi???

I was told this last week while in Saint John. I found out the true reason that CFBC Talk of the Town is history.


I guess the manager left CFBC last week and this is what I heard.

We all know the Irvings have a blacklist. It’s a record of people who will never work for the Irvings.


This also includes businesses dealing with the Irvings.

Many families were force to leave this Province if they end up on this list.

It’s a darn shame the kids were force to move also.


From what I was told? The Irvings made it very difficult for any business who advertise on CFBC.

Therefore, forcing the show off the air.

We have heard of many sad stories of the Irvings eliminating the competition but in my opinion?

This is carrying their power a little overboard.

Yes, Saint John no longer has a place to voice their concerns on certain issues. We have to go underground!


It’s over!!!! This was proven when Jamie Irving refuses to print my letter.

So? This is the reason the show was cancel because maybe the Irving people told the businesses to expect great consequences if they advertise on the Talk show?

This is the year 2006 and Saint Johners will have to go underground to spread their messages.


Sort of like a Hogan Heroes world????

Am I far off the mark on this one?

Think about it!!!


But in the year of 2006??? How many Province in Canada does not have any talk shows? The answer? We’re the only one!!!

The only tool we have left is blogging but the Prosecution in Saint John is working overtime as we speak to put an end to blogging!!!

Only Irving employees will be allowed to send out their message!

Yes, it is indeed a Hogan’s Heroes world in New Brunswick!!!



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It’s a darn shame we cannot have someone who would dedicate themself to the hearings of the pipeline in Saint John.

It would be nice to have someone in that room with a laptop and blog every single word that was said.

The people who gives a presentation could scan their speech and send it along to this blog.

It would be an impossible task for me to stay there in that room and listen but some will be there most of the time.

I guess the only information we will get is from the Irving papers. This one below is from Halifax!!!!

HALIFAX, NOVA SCOTIA | Wednesday November 8, 2006

Fight for Nova Scotia, mayor says
Billy Joe MacLean opposes liquid gas line plan for New Brunswick
By JUDY MYRDEN Business Reporter

SAINT JOHN, N.B. — Port Hawkesbury Mayor Billy Joe MacLean made a surprise appearance Tuesday at National Energy Board hearings to complain about the "unfairness" of a proposed pipeline in New Brunswick that could jeopardize energy projects in Nova Scotia.

"I really don’t like what is going on; in fact, I’m quite upset with what’s going on. I don’t believe that the National Energy Board is really going to hear the real story on what’s happening with the pipeline," Mr. MacLean told reporters outside the hearing room.

For the past three years Mr. MacLean has backed a US$650-million liquefied natural gas terminal being developed by Anadarko Petroleum to be located near Port Hawkesbury that would bring hundreds of construction jobs and economic spinoffs to the area.

The energy board is reviewing an application from Brunswick Pipeline, a subsidiary of Emera Inc. of Nova Scotia to build a high-speed, high-pressure pipeline to carry natural gas from Saint John, N.B., to the U.S. northeast.

The pipeline would carry gas from the proposed Irving liquefied natural gas terminal to be located outside Saint John. The terminal, currently under construction, is to be in service by late 2008.

Anadarko has argued that the proposed Irving terminal is getting a $1.5-billion transportation advantage by paying cheaper tolls than it would by using an existing pipeline to ship the gas.

Anadarko says that if the Irving project used the existing Sable pipeline, which carries gas from Nova Scotia’s offshore to the U.S., this would increase the volume of gas going through the line and thus lower the toll charges to other customers.

Nova Scotia should not be placed at an unfair disadvantage to New Brunswick, Mr. MacLean said, adding that a few years ago New Brunswick sought and won access to Nova Scotia gas at similar tolls.

Mr. MacLean directed most of his criticism at the Nova Scotia Energy Department, saying it has not been aggressive enough in fighting this issue before Canada’s energy regulator.

"We have failed as a community because we should have put in an intervention," he said. "We depended on the Department of Energy and we are very bothered about them, because we feel Emera has great influence on our Department of Energy," he said.

The Nova Scotia Energy Department is intervening at the hearing, and government lawyer Stephen McGrath has said he will be questioning the pipeline company but has had an opportunity to do so.

Anadarko’s lawyer Benjamin Roth tried unsuccessfully to ask about the estimated cost of transporting gas from the Bear Head site, near Port Hawkesbury, to the U.S. border.

"Any work they might have done for another pipeline entity is not the proper subject of this proceeding," pipeline company lawyer Laurie Smith of Calgary responded.

The hearings, which started Monday, continue Wednesday and are expected to last almost three weeks.



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This is an interview I gave to a reporter from British Columdia over the information Highway! I wrote my answers very quickly! Here it is!!!


1. First off, let me get my head around your arrest at the Reaching
Atlantica business conference in St. John. What I’ve seen and read to date tells a tale of your arrest, plus the arrest of 2 others. Now, these other two were protestors, you were not, am I correct in saying you were standing with the media, taking pictures for your blog? So, from your point of view, why were you arrested?

I was told of Atlantica in Saint John weeks before June 9th.

I attended meetings prior to the conference. What I find funny is there was a peaceful protest - Immigrants without Boarders.

This was a day of protest across Canada.

The Fredericton Police Force stop the Protesters on the streets. I took pictures and went home.


I learned afterwards that the police arrested some protesters in front of City Hall.


Someone took pictures of the arrest. < I might add he’s going on trial in February for taking pictures >

Anyway, I posted the pictures on my Blog site and CTV News took them and made a story. It was news all around the Country.

If it wasn’t for those pictures? The news would have never gotten out.
The days of begging the media to be there as witnesses are over. With cell phones and cameras? The Police must understand they have to be careful there days.


Two weeks later, I was arrested in Saint John.

These two Police Force belong to the same Union therefore telling me there’s a connection between the two.

I already made a complaint and I want a Public Inquiry on this issue.


2. Do you believe police acted overzealous in your arrest?

Sure they did!!!!

1- John Parks arrested me and pushed me against the wall


2- He could have said - Put your arms behind your back!


3- He walked me 30 feet and three other officers jumped on me to handcuff me.


4- They paraded me inside in front of all the delegates while the two other were escorted out of the front door.


3. You’re currently on trial for obstructing justice. What justice did you
obstruct that day?

Firstly, I was told that I will have to represent myself. Legal Aid will not cover me for a lawyer. I found this very odd.

I told the judge that I didn’t understand the charges?

He told me that I will get a French trial but I said- French or English? I don’t understand the reason I’m charge for obstruction?

To this day? I still don’t know. From what I’m told? John Parks will say that I push him!

My answer- I may be crazy but I’m not stupid!!!

Pushing a cop??? There were more than a dozen protesters with masks pushing the Police officers but only three were charge and I was one of them.


Strange eh???


4. When does your trial resume?

Short answer - November 20th!!!!


5. What is your main defense during your trail and why?

My main defense? Thank God Harold Doherty step forward to help me!!!!

I still don’t know but one thing is certain.

The day that I was arrested? I took over 150 pictures and the Saint John Police Force deleted all my pictures.

They admit in the disclosure that they delete one picture. But all the pictures were gone.

They deleted the evidence and maybe this is a new style in the Police World???



6. Is “freedom of the press” having a positive, negative, or any outcome on your trial?

Freedom of the press will be very important in this trial because the Irvings bought all the newspapers in this Province. I appeared in front of the Senate voicing my concern on this issue. < You can read the Transcript on the main page on my blog. >

What’s going to happen here is that if there’s an accident or a protest like this one?

A New Brunswicker will not be allowed to take pictures.

Since The Irvings owns all the newspapers? You will have to phone an Irving Employee.

An Irving Photographer will come to take pictures. Pretty scary eh???


7. Why should freedom of the press extend to you?

Why not? I’m a New Brunswicker with a opinion. I might add that during the last 15 years, I wrote around 500 letters to the Editor in the Irving papers.

All this came to an end when the Irvings gave the orders not to print my letters so I turned to blogging.


8. In your opinion, why should you be considered a professional journalist
even though you do not work for a media outlet?

The Irvings will not hire me!!!! I rest my case!!!


9. Kate Morrison, editor for the Mile Zero News, in Grimshaw, Alberta has been closely following your case as well. She says the skills of a
journalist are a special set-dedication, hard work, ethical standards,
intelligence, compassion, an intuition for what’s going to happen, ability to write, a people person, developing trust among sources and story subjects, and the list goes on and on. When you read this, what are your thoughts? As a blogger, can you compare yourself to these skills?

I call myself a very good professional. You wouldn’t believe the high profile people trusting me with their views on a off the record standard.

I have never broken that trust and this is very important.

Yes, I might come out strong sometime especially against the Irvings but what else can I do?


I used to be a regular on the Rogers Television Talk shows until someone gave the orders not to take my calls any longer!

Someone with great power stop my letters to the editor and than the open talk shows?

The question is why? I have never cross the line when it comes to trust and MLA’S know this!

I feel safe to say that many people trust me with their stories and this is very important for a journalist.


10. Why is blogging real journalism?

Real? Maybe it’s because once I blogged a story and the comments comes in minutes later.

As for the Irving’s papers? You have to wait for over one week and often a letter against the Irving’s interest will not be printed.

I will say that I post 99% of the comments. I began to moderate the comment section because people were getting very nasty!!!


11. Is blogging journalism if it doesn’t follow the same steps (editing
process, peer review) as professional journalism?

As you can see by my poor grammar? I’m not a real Journalist!!

Yes, I should have more pride in my work but I don’t!!!

It’s a darn shame but then again people are used to my style of writing and they take the time to understand what my message is all about.

This is the reason I like the pictures because I don’t have to write as much!!!!

Many readers like it that way!!!


12. Journalists follow a code of ethics, should bloggers follow the same

What code would that be now???? Did you know that a journalist has to graduate from the Irving journalism class in Fredericton and Moncton?

The Irvings have donated One Million dollars to train these journalists.

Once they get a job? Do you think they will write a critical story of the Irvings?

Of course not because they will be force to leave the Province or turn to Blogging which don’t pay any money!

The only code that I’m following is trying to be nice.

I arrange a meeting and if I don’t get my way? I blog it!!!

Read the blogs of the New Brunswick Human Rights Commission! I’m heading for a huge war of words with those people during the next few months!!!!


13. Currently there really is no real way to distinguish between a
professional journalist and the average jo, other than the fact that you
work for a media company. This is how the definition is demarcated at present. Do we need a law or rule, something that separates the blogger from the professional journalist?

Nahhhhha....all you need is the word trust.

Myself, I have lots of enemies out there and often I believe that my life is in danger but this is New brunswick??? The Irvings or the Premier don’t walk around with bodyguards so why should I worry??? My enemies would just wish that I would go away but I won’t!

I love Fredericton! I’m here forever and I will continue blogging till the end of time!!!


14. How does your trial test the argument: is blogging journalism?

The bottom line here is that the Irvings own all the newspapers in this Province and the citizens are not allowed to write letters to the Editor against the Irvings.

Journalism is at stake in this trial.

This will set up a precedent how independent journalists will be treated by our local Police Force. Are this allowed to delete pictures from any citizens?

Stay tuned!!!!