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I had a chat with someone this morning and the
individual told me that I should move on towards
different issues because the public and readers are
starting to ignore me.
Are you ignoring me? Let me know? Should I move on
and let these bureaucrats get away with racial issues?
It’s hard to move on when you know for a certain
fact that those racists members of the New Brunswick
Human Rights Commission got away with murder!
Especially since we have a convicted thief who
protected by C.U.P.E. looking after the Irvings
interest in the Commission office!
To top it all off? He stole from the Irvings and
now is on the Commission??? I wonder how much money he
made underground?
The ombudsman said - In the Human Rights Act it
doesn’t say that the case worker must sit down with a
complainant after the complaint is filled!
This is totally absurd!
A person who was discriminated against who cannot
properly write a complaint! <> will go
against high paying lawyers from the Evil Irving
Empire? They don’t stand a chance in Hell!!!
New Brunswickers rights are at great risk!
The Irvings have control of the Compensation
Board, the Human Rights Commission and almost all the
newspapers in this Province!
Yes! Just like Germany? This is the final
solution!!! <>
Ok.. One thing is certain!!!
I didn’t sleep good last night because I had a big
emotional issue on my mind.
I was watching Global news at 11:15pm and they
told the T.V. Audience that someone got killed on
Golden Grove Road in Saint John.
For a few seconds, they showed the house of the
poor guy whose vehicle fell off the jack and landed on
his body.
They said that the guy died!
Oh boy!!! It was the same house of a person I know
in that area.
His name is Randy Oldfield and anyone who’s from
that area knows this courageous young man.
He got hurt…hey I found a story about this man on
the internet. Go to
So? I believed that his Father died and I felt
really bad for the family because I knew it’s very
hard to handle a young man in a wheel chair and this
would definitely killed Randy’s mom!
I listen to the news at 6:00am but nothing! CFBC?
I had no choice but to phone the poor family!
I saw a Liberal MLA and borrowed his cell phone
and phoned the Family!
I must admit that I haven’t talked to the
Oldfield’s for a while.
The mother answered the phone and I asked her if
everything was ok?
She said - Yes everything is fine!
Boy? I was happy! If it would have been true that
her husband died? Well? Very little words can be said
in a situation like that.
The odd part is that her daughter also phone after
she saw the same news on television!
So I wasn’t the only one who got caught and I’m
very happy that I was dead wrong on this issue!
She told me that it was her worst nightmare if
something happened to her husband.
I told her to hug her husband in bed this evening
and that was the end of the conversation.
Yes! Life is so short on this planet! For you
newcomers? I going to look for an old update that I
wrote months ago.
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In 1986, I decided to look for work in Waltham
Mass, U.S.A.!
Before I left I told my friend Julien Leger that
when I return? I’ve have a 40 ounces of hard liquor.
I worked in the Boston area for over one year and
I received the news that Julien in his late 20s had a
terrible car accident and he was a vegetable in a
I collected $500.00 from people in the Waltham
area and send it to the Family. Julien used to be to
best pool player in the Moncton area and now is a
Oscar LeBlanc in his mid 20s was planning to get
married and was an avid hunter in the woods. He had an
accident while driving his ATV. He’s now a vegetable
for the rest of his life!
In the early 1980s, Nicole Dupuis in her early
20s was a beautiful woman from Memramcook West. While
walking near the road with her friend Louise in the
Valley, she caught hit by a car and died! I had a
graduation picture from Nicole and you she wrote -
Charles, always keep your will power!
Tom Malone, a well liked person in the Valley. He
got electrocuted while doing his work and he quickly
died soon afterwards. He was in his late 20s.
Marise Poirier was a very nice person who worked
at a Super Market. In the 80s she quickly fainted and
died. She was in her early 20s!
Rheal Gautreau<> was a person who
really love to agitate everyone around his
surrounding. He loved sports! He died of Cancer in the
early 80s at the age of 23 years old!
Marcel LeBlanc <> was from Memramcook
Lake and he was well liked by his friends. He died in
a car accident. He was in his mid 20s!
Les Micros from Mmemramcook West! Two brothers
who loved the wild life. They both died in the 80s and
both were in their 20s and 30s.
Paul a Aurele another who love the wild life. He
quickly died in his early 30s.
Mathieu Landry a young handsome kid from
Mermramcook East decided to visit the world and drown
near Australia. His body was never found again.
Beautiful Mathieu was in his early 20s.
Thomas <> love the wild life and died
in a car accident. He was in his learly 30s.
Raoul LeBlanc and his sister Yvonne. Raould
committed suicide in his early 30s and his sister
Yvonne died of Cancer in her early 40s.
Jean Guy Dupuis <> a very good friend of
mine. He died of Cancer. Jean Guy was in his mid 40s <
with two little kids at home>
The Tingley family from Saint John who lost their
only child in a car accident. He was in his late teen!
Michel LeBlanc<> died in the 70s. Mike
wanted to visit the world and he drown in Swissland.
Mike was in his mid 20s.
Gaston from Lourde who also love the fast life
and he died in a car accident in the early 80s. Gaston
was in his mid 20s.
A young 10 year old<> drown in
the early 80 in the Village of Memramcook! He was 10
year old.
A Charles Leblanc from Saint Joseph drown in the
Memramcook River. He was in his mid teen.
Jean Guy from Lourde <>
died of cancer in his mid 40s.
Just a few weeks ago, Omer Dupuis from Lourde
died of cancer. He was in his mid 40s!
Donald Richard <> from College Bridge
died in his mid 20s!
Clovis a young girl of Charlotte a Paul Owen died
while being hit by a car. Clovis was 8 years old.
Remi Cormier was killed in a tragic school bus
accident a few months ago. Remi was 5 years old!
Guy Cormier, a young individual full of energy.
He died in a car crash! He was in his mid 20s.
One young guy<> was killed in
a tragic accident while working in Memramcook East. I
guess he was welding and blew himself up! He was in
his late 20s.
Another young man in his late teen was killed
while walking near the road in College Bridge. He was
in his late teens.
Marcel Cormier from Cormier Cove was a very
handsome and nice guy! He was in the Canadian Navy and
took a heart attach. Marcel was in his mid 20s!
Bernard a Allie from Memramcook East had a child
and beautiful wife. Bernard died in his early 40s from
a heart Attack.
Jean Guy< I forgot his last name. He live in the
corner of Saint Joseph and Meramcook. He took his own
life. Jean Guy was in his late 20s!
Romeo Cormier <> was very well like by
everyone in his own town of Pre D’en haut or Belliveau
Village died while being a passenger in a Dune Buggy.
They drove down a hill on a main road and hit a bear!
Romeo was really missed! Romeo was in his early 20s!
Conrad Cormier from College Bridge died in the
60s at a young age of 5 years old!
Farold<> used to run a pool room
in Mermramcook. He found out he had Cancer and took
his own life. He was in his mid 40s.
A happy young couple from Memramcook lost their
first child to Still born! The father hair turned
white over night. On a happy note? They were bless
with two beautiful young girls afterwards.
Ok…what is this all about you asked?
These are the people that I have known during my
44 years on this planet and I’m certain that you must
know a list of people yourself!
The bottom line is this! Think about it!
Life is so short! Enjoy it while you’re still on
this beautiful planet!
You have a good day!!!!