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A couple of weeks ago, I received this email...

le texte français suit l’anglais)
1. *** REMINDER ***
Greater Fredericton Liberal Christmas Party

Date: Wednesday, December 12, 2007
Location: Sweetwaters/Rockin’ Rodeo, 339 King Street , Fredericton , NB
Time: 7:00 pm (Steve Whalen Band from 9:00 pm on…)
Details: Come join us and the Liberal MLA’s/MP to celebrate the Holidays! There will be a 50/50 draw with proceeds going to "Changes", a new non-profit organization in the city. We will also be accepting both children's books and non-perishable food items. Also, for your convenience, there is plenty of parking available in the parking garage located behind the Toronto-Dominion Tower Building with access from King Street .

For more information, contact the NBLA at 453-3950.
Everyone welcome! We look forward to seeing you there!
*** RAPPEL ***
Soirée sociale de Noël des libéraux du Grand Fredericton

Date : le mercredi 12 décembre 2007
Endroit : Sweetwaters/Rockin’ Rodeo, 339, rue King, Fredericton, NB
Heure : 19h (avec l’orchestre Steve Whalen à compter de 21h)
Détails : Venez célébrer la saison des Fêtes avec nous et les députés! Il y aura un tirage 50/50 dont les profits iront à « Changes », un nouvel organisme sans but lucratif dans la ville. Nous accepterons aussi des livres pour enfants et des denrées alimentaires non périssables. En plus, pour vous accommoder, il y a amplement de stationnement disponible dans le parc de stationnement situé en arrière de l’édifice Toronto-Dominion avec accès sur la rue King.
Pour de plus amples renseignements, veuillez communiquer avec l’A.L.N.-B. au 453-3950.
Bienvenue à toutes et à tous! Au plaisir de vous y voir!

As a matter of fact? I got two invitations???

It’s not my style of party because I was there last year and the riding of Fredericton Silverwood is full with true snobs.

I remember when the Premier walked in? He took a picture of me and another MLA with my camera

Everyone was watching and many must have said - Who’s that guy with no fancy clothes the Premier is taking a picture of?

Anyway that was last year and this is this year.

I didn’t bother going for a meal at the Soup kitchen because there would be lots of food at the Party right?



I always tell people when I’m going somewhere? I don’t know if I’m going as an activist? A blogger? A photographer? Just an ordinary individual?

Tonight I was going in there a Liberal member of the riding of Fredericton Silverwood!!!


I know the less fortunate are not welcome but I'll make a presence!

The Liberal Christmas Party was between 7pm and 9pm so I decided to show up around 7:15pm.

It was held at a bar call - SweetWaters.

I walked in and passed by some bouncers.

At first, I surprised to see them present? I never saw them last year.

I kept on walking and one of them shouted at me to stop and asked me for ID?

I replied- Huh???? ID???

I didn’t know I looked that young?

They told me there’s a list of names of people invited to the Party.

I said - My name is Charles LeBlanc! I’m sure I’m on the list!

Little did anyone knew < including yours truly > I was indeed on the list but not the list I expected???

Well? Seconds later, I was surrounded by three huge bouncers and one of them shouted-


I felt like I was on America Most Wanted list???


You know – GET THAT SCUMBAG!!!


I was very confuse!!! I receive an invitation to a Liberal Christmas Party and I’m told that I’m not welcome at the door????

Why would I attend a private party if I wasn’t invited????

It was in Rick Miles’s riding!!!

I demanded that Rick Miles comes out and chat with me??? I supported this guy when he ran for the nomination and he's my local MLA.


I was confuse and I hate to be degraded in such a public place.

Everywhere I go lately? There’s trouble!!!

I said- What the F@ck is going on????

I was reminded there was a woman present.

I usually don’t swear but I was being degraded and I wanted to know what was going on???

This idiot Greg showed up and told me to leave immediately because the Liberals MLA’S don’t want you here!!!!

I once again said- I was invited!!! As a matter of fact I got 2 invitations???

< They really must have wanted me at their party >

He asked me if I had the invitation with me?

I said - It was sent to me via email and I deleted the message.

He quickly replied- You delete an invitation? You would have post it on your blog!!!

Well? We were getting somewhere? He knew I was a blogger but I didn’t know the guy!

He told me in a very rude manner to leave of he’ll call the Cops???

This guy was full of hate!!!!

You could tell that he was telling me - Go ahead??? Make my day!!! I got three huge bouncers behind me!!!


Of course, if the jerk would have took a swing? I would have to defend myself and God knows what would happen?

Lots of frustrations in my body during the last 5 years!!!! < But we’re not going to go down that road??? >

I told the guy to go ahead and call the cops!!!

He said- You would like that would you???

I didn’t truly understand what he meant by that line?

I was surrounded by three huge bouncers. I almost went for my camera for a good shot but I knew I was on private property.

bouncers 2Pictures 145

I might add I saw these bouncers in action beating people so I decided to keep my camera in check. I believe this was one of my smartest moves during the last few

With three huge bouncers around me? I wasn’t going to play hero so I decided to go outside.

Now? Did they expect this less fortunate individual just to go home with my head down???


That wasn’t going to happen!!!

I stayed on the sidewalk and people walked by asking me the reason I wasn’t inside the building?

I said - You guys are truly a bunch of filthy Rats!!! You invite someone to a Party and you send three bouncers after me????

You guys trying to get me killed or jailed???

One Liberal MLA told me to go inside with him.

I said - With three bouncers waiting for me???


The next thing I knew the cops arrive!!!


For a minute, I believe that I was being set up BIG TIME!!!

Invitation, bouncers and the investigation of the Police Force In Saint John???

Something ugly is going on and I’m right in the middle of it!!!

The cops knew me by my first name and one of them walked inside.

Afterwards, they were very nice to me and told me they couldn’t stopped me from standing on the sidewalk but not to stop anyone from going in.

I told the guys not to worry!!! I won’t stop anyone from walking inside the building!!!!

They left and guess who arrive seconds later?

Premier Shawn Graham!!!


I told Shawn- YOU???? GRRRRRR...

Seconds later, non smoker Mayor Brad Woodside himself!!!!


Now? The cops were still in their vehicle and maybe I was being set up?


Stopping the Premier and the Mayor from going into a building after I’m told not to stop anyone from walking in could put me in a lot of trouble!!!!

I was very paranoid but I played along.

The Mayor and the Premier chatted about issues and wish me a Joyeux Noel and walked inside.

The cops never left their vehicle so everyone was happy!

I guess I was wrong!!!

I stayed outside in the cold winds for another 30 minutes and let every single Liberal MLA or worker that they were truly a bunch of Filthy Rats!!!

Why would you invite someone and degrade him in front of everyone???

Well? I guess this break all the ties I had with the Liberal Party.

I told Shawn Graham himself that’s it’s very unfortunate because he’s going to get it because he’s the leader!!!!

I know the Premier for years and he’s a nice guy but his entourage have got to go!!!!

I really didn’t want to go to this snobbish party but I was surprise that THE liberal MLA’S would give the orders not to let me in there after I received an invitation?

...and you people are always telling me that I’m making up these stories???

Did the Liberals believe that I would flipped so the three bouncers would have had an excuse to hurt me?

We had many deaths in New Brunswick because of bouncers. I’m glad that I’m not the Charles LeBlanc I was 20 years ago because I would have reacted and I would have been dead.

I always stay calm like in Saint John at Atlantica but I still manage to end up in trouble?

Always something going on in the Capital.

Why didn’t the liberals just let me do what I had to do and everyone would have been happy!!!

But noooooo!!!! Someone is out to destroy Shawn Graham and I would love to know who.

Tim Porter???? Who truly knows???


It’s a dirty game and I’m right in the middle of the action.

As in the past, I must stay calm but I will continue telling the Liberals what’s going on???

Maybe there’s too many Irving’s employees in the Premier’s office?


Who truly knows???


Stay tuned!!!!

P.S. I sent an email to Rick Miles who was organizing the Party.

He sent me an email apologizing for what happen. Takes a man to apologizes but I still would love to know who in the Liberal Party wants to harm me????

Truly stay tuned!!!!

Question period at the New Brunswick Legislature!!! BS STYLE!!!!!

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S:\HANSARD\HANSARD DAILIES - FASCICULES\2007-2008 56-2\12 2007-12-14 BL\12 2007-12-14 BL.wpd 1/10
020 11:20
Protection des renseignements personnels
M. C. Landry : Ma question est pour le ministre de la Santé. Cela fait déjà plus de deux mois que
des renseignements médicaux confidentiels de 485 personnes du Nouveau-Brunswick ont été perdus.
Votre temps de réaction, Monsieur le ministre, a été très long. Après avoir heureusement suivi
l’exemple de la Colombie-Britannique, une firme de surveillance de crédit va maintenant offrir des
services aux gens qui sont aux prises avec ce défi. Pendant combien de temps ces 485 personnes du
Nouveau-Brunswick pourront-elles recevoir cette protection de crédit?
Hon. Mr. Murphy: In the statement yesterday, I think some of the wording may have been missed

by some at the time. The statement was very clear yesterday that the credit monitoring service would
be in place for at least a year, and that will be the case. Of course, releases will have to be signed
to ensure that we have consent. There will be a credit monitoring service. It has already been
selected and costed, and it is prepared to go ahead. New Brunswickers should know that, to this
point in time, there is no evidence that these cassettes have fallen into inappropriate hands or that
there has been any misuse of them. We know that New Brunswickers whose names are on those
cassettes are not responsible in any way for anything untoward which might have occurred or which
might yet occur. They should also know, of course, that this technology is obsolete. It would be
exceedingly difficult to access it, yet we treat the risk as a major risk.
M. C. Landry : Lorsque le ministre dit « pour au moins un an », je pense que ce n’est pas suffisant,
alors que la GRC elle-même nous informe que cette information pourrait être utilisée dans les
années futures. Par conséquent, ma question pour le ministre de la Santé est la suivante : est-il prêt
à garantir que cette firme de sécurité va pouvoir aider ces 485 Néo-Brunswickois et Néo-
Brunswickoises pour au moins les cinq prochaines années?
020 11:20
Hon. Mr. Murphy: As I have indicated, this will be monitored. It will be in place for at least a year.
The circumstances will be measured week to week, and month to month. This is a very serious issue.
We are going forward, as we know, to the e-health century. I think that New Brunswickers would
be interested to know that the most secure site we have is the New Brunswick and Nova Scotia
connection. It is server to server, with no paper, and is very secure. We are discussing with the
governments throughout Canada as to whether they now have enough technology to meet the
technology that we have for going server to server. The e-health initiative will be built around the
privacy laws. It will ensure a variety of other things as well, on which I am prepared to speak.
Mr. Urquhart: Why did the minister not take immediate and proper action to protect the people of
New Brunswick? As a former criminal investigator myself, I can assure you that most evidence is
December 14, 2007 Not finalized / Non finalisé le 14 décembre 2007
S:\HANSARD\HANSARD DAILIES - FASCICULES\2007-2008 56-2\12 2007-12-14 BL\12 2007-12-14 BL.wpd 2/10
secured, and most crime is solved, within the first 24 to 48 hours of indication of a crime. This has
to be looked upon as a crime. People say that it is not a crime. It has to be considered a crime until
all other evidence has been removed, and all other action taken, to eliminate the possibility of a
The minister has failed the people in two ways: One, by letting the incident go over a month without
taking immediate action, and not being in control of his department. Second, by not immediately
bringing everything to a grinding halt the minute he found out, and calling in the city police, or the
RCMP forensic department, to look at this as a crime, to either make sure that the information is
there, or secure the evidence.
Hon. Mr. Murphy: As soon as the critical masses acquired this, through the senior management,
and they became aware, and made me aware, these tapes had been missing for two months. Late in
the day, we became aware that, in fact, operations had been made aware in late October. Directions
were given, just prior to that last notice, to prepare the file and contact the police departments. As
I have indicated, the RCMP in Richmond, British Columbia were advised and were on the file on
Tuesday morning, several hours after the information was put together and identified.
The New Brunswick police are advised that there is an ongoing file. We have treated this with the
utmost seriousness. It is the number one priority to try to find those tapes. We have treated it as if
it has been accessed. We have minimal evidence to that effect at the present time, but we will
continue to be vigilant and protect the interest of New Brunswickers.
Mr. Urquhart: What is being said in this House today contradicts everything that has been going
on. On October 25, Sameday Courier notified Aliant, who is a customer of the department, that it
had not received the package in British Columbia. Therefore, there is no crime, and there is no
indication of anything going on in British Columbia. They notified the Department of Health on
October 25. At that time, they knew that vital statistics of the people of New Brunswick were
missing. At that moment, the city police and the RCMP should have been notified here in the
province, because the evidence went missing from here in the province. Why would you go to
British Columbia in the first place? You lost the information here in the province. It left from New
Brunswick. The police here are the people who should have done it.
The minister does not have the confidence of the department. They took over a month to tell him.
He no longer has the confidence of the people, because he has let them down on it. Is the Premier
going to do the proper thing and remove this minister from the department, to bring confidence back
to the Department of Health, and allow the people to know that the Premier is in charge of this
government, by removing this minister?
Hon. Mr. Murphy: The public has been made aware of all circumstances. What I know of all these
circumstances, the public knows. The document, the cassettes, were traced to Richmond, British
December 14, 2007 Not finalized / Non finalisé le 14 décembre 2007
S:\HANSARD\HANSARD DAILIES - FASCICULES\2007-2008 56-2\12 2007-12-14 BL\12 2007-12-14 BL.wpd 3/10
Columbia. That is where they went missing. The police were immediately advised, once we had the
information. Of course, there was a followup with New Brunswick police.
021 11:25
The e-health initiative is something that will allow us, in consultation with the stakeholders’ group,
the drafting of legislation, and the building of the e-health initiative around that, to have a more
secure system with regard to information. As I announced, the most secure that exist presently are
Nova Scotia and New Brunswick. That is e-health, almost in its infancy. E-health, as we know, in
addition to providing greater security, will also provide New Brunswickers with the ability to have
lower wait times for surgery, to have quicker access to primary care, and to have better health care.
We will do this hand in hand with the security laws and privacy laws, and we will protect people’s
information and provide them with better health care.
Mr. Urquhart: Just the minister’s comments alone make it perfectly clear that, for vital statistics,
e-health is the most important thing that can possibly be done to protect the people of the province.
It is their information. Once that information went missing, it is not as though it was something that
he did not understand. He knows that vital statistics are the most important thing, and we are
spending millions on it. At the same time, it took him over a month to get his department . . . Either
he had no control over his department, or he was not conscious of the seriousness of what was going
on. One way or another, he did not take the proper action. He did not protect the people of the
province. His own department cannot now have confidence in this minister. The Premier has to
remove this minister from the position.
Hon. Mr. Murphy: This very regrettable incident is a very serious matter, and the department is
dealing with it. However, we have many serious health matters in New Brunswick on which we are
going forward. We have announced that we are going to ban power boards on tobacco so that our
young people are not influenced by those. Nova Scotia passed legislation yesterday to ban smoking
in cars in which there are children. That is a very, very serious matter as well, and that is something
that we are asking New Brunswickers and the opposition about. Let’s start talking about whether
that is something we should do to protect our citizens and our children, in addition to protecting their
health information, which is equally as serious.
Mr. Carr: Again, the minister is trying to divert from the issue, but the opposition and the people
of New Brunswick will not let the Minister of Health do that. After one year in office, this minister
and this government have touted e-health as the government’s number one priority and the way of
the future. A study on privacy was even completed. Unfortunately, it has been ignored by this
government. The minister has failed in his responsibilities to provide confidence in his department
and with the people of New Brunswick. He failed to put proper security policies in place over this
one year. He failed in his reaction and to learn of the mistakes made under his watch. Again, he has
failed to create confidence that is much needed, especially in the Department of Health. He has
added confusion and continues to do so. Will the Premier finally, today, stand up and ask for this
December 14, 2007 Not finalized / Non finalisé le 14 décembre 2007
S:\HANSARD\HANSARD DAILIES - FASCICULES\2007-2008 56-2\12 2007-12-14 BL\12 2007-12-14 BL.wpd 4/10
minister to be removed from the Department of Health so that the people of New Brunswick will
gain confidence again in the process of medical health records?
Hon. Mr. Murphy: The province of New Brunswick, according to Canada Health Infoway, which
supplies a large portion of the money on which the e-health initiative is based, has indicated that we
are last in the country. We have an initiative that will take us from last to first by the early part of
2009. However, we have stated many times that if there is no privacy, there is no e-health, so these
are being built together.
We take very seriously that the e-health initiative has to go forward, and, of course, it has to be
private. If we do not do that, we still open ourselves, without the e-health initiative there, to
continued mistakes from time to time with regard to medical care because of the lack of records
available. We allow more wait time to grow to see specialists or to have surgery. We have eight silos
out there, and we are not able to treat New Brunswickers with one health care system. E-health will
allow us to have all New Brunswickers access all infrastructure and all personnel in this province,
but we understand fully that the e-health initiative cannot go forward unless it goes forward hand
in hand with privacy and is constructed around it.
022 11:30
Mr. Carr: It is not going forward. It is what has occurred under this minister’s watch that is the
problem. How can the people of New Brunswick have confidence, going forward, when this minister
has failed in his responsibilities and duties under his watch? Why is the Premier sitting silent? Why
is he interested in protecting his friends and not interested in protecting the people of New
On October 25, a second copy was released to the people of British Columbia. Rather than the
department calling the RCMP in New Brunswick, it released a second copy. On November 29, over
a month later, the director found out about this incident. On December 6, the senior levels of his
department met with the minister and first discussed this. Why did it take two months? Even at this
meeting on December 6, the department did not and would not inform the minister that it had been
two months since the tapes had been missing. There is a culture of distrust in this department, which
this minister has created. The communication problems go from the middle levels all the way to the
senior levels. The minister has lost the confidence of this House and has lost the confidence of the
people of New Brunswick. Once again, will the Premier ask this minister to step aside so that the
people can have more confidence in this government?
Hon. Mr. Murphy: The member opposite has referenced a failure of responsibility. I do not
consider that the government has failed in its responsibility when it has brought oncology to
northern New Brunswick so that people do not have to travel to the south. It brought dialysis to
northern New Brunswick so that they do not have to travel to the south. We will have a uniform
ambulance system that will be up and running very shortly—within hours, actually. We have a
December 14, 2007 Not finalized / Non finalisé le 14 décembre 2007
S:\HANSARD\HANSARD DAILIES - FASCICULES\2007-2008 56-2\12 2007-12-14 BL\12 2007-12-14 BL.wpd 5/10
trauma system about to begin. We have the Acadian Peninsula resolution about to be announced.
We have a specialty program in Saint John. We have a medical education program in Saint John.
We looked after those voiceless souls in Campbellton, who languished in a 60-year-old hospital.
That is responsibility.
Mr. Carr: Without privacy, without security, and without trust, the people of New Brunswick have
nothing. Again, without privacy, without security, and without trust, the people of New Brunswick
have nothing. This minister and this Premier are giving nothing and giving no confidence to the
people of New Brunswick. The Telegraph-Journal today states: “A serious exposure has occurred,
and the government is struggling to restore faith in its practices”. The Health Services Act requires
secrecy with respect to confidential information, and the communication of this information is an
offense under this Act. On the floor of this House, the minister has referred to the lady in the cubicle
on the second floor. Will the minister allow this person to take the fall for the mistakes made under
his watch? Will he do the honourable thing and protect this person, protect his department, and
protect the integrity of the health system that is so important to the people of New Brunswick? Will
the Premier step in to do all this and ask this minister to remove himself from his responsibilities?
Hon. Mr. Murphy: I will tell you whom this government has been listening to. It has been listening
to the people of New Brunswick. When those people in Campbellton, those poor patients, languished
in that hospital, year after year, without windows, without proper wards in this day and age, this
government acted. We did not have the money. We went to a PPP, because the Premier and I went
through that hospital a few months ago. When we walked out, we both said: Something must be
done as soon as we possibly can. Those poor souls within are not going to sweep any government
here today or a past one to power, because they have few people representing them. This
government represents those people who cannot look after themselves. We will do it now, and we
will do it in the future.
Mr. Volpé: The minister still does not seem to understand the seriousness of the issue. He said,
earlier today: As soon as we knew, we sent for the RCMP. That is not true. It happened in early
October, and the RCMP was called this week. That is over two months. The issue today is: How
long was it after he knew? How serious was the issue? He still does not understand today. This
week, he said: It is not lost. It is probably just somewhere on a shelf. It is not stolen.
023 11:35
Well, if you know, who told you? You do not, so it should have been treated right away as a criminal
offense, as it was in British Columbia. They called the RCMP right away, and they said: Call those
people. The time that it took before people were called in New Brunswick . . . It is because we did
our job on this side of the House. That is why, once again, we are asking the Premier to do the right
thing today and move that minister somewhere else. He has not done his job, and he has not
delivered what New Brunswickers are looking for.
December 14, 2007 Not finalized / Non finalisé le 14 décembre 2007
S:\HANSARD\HANSARD DAILIES - FASCICULES\2007-2008 56-2\12 2007-12-14 BL\12 2007-12-14 BL.wpd 6/10
Hon. Mr. Murphy: This government and this minister have acted with the proper responsibility
expected under the circumstances, and we will continue to do that. Part of our responsibility is to
ensure the protection of health information, and we will continue to do that to our utmost ability.
The e-health initiative is imperative to ensure people’s security with regard to their personal health
information. We live, unfortunately, in a paper world, and the Department of Health and other
government departments—and across this country—have been operating on a system that is archaic.
I recognized that from day one, and I have spoken of our transfer to e-health from last to first. We
will do that, and we will build it around privacy laws. We have a stakeholders group that is being
formed, which we have spoken of before. We had a task force out there. All of these matters indicate
to New Brunswickers the importance of their personal health information. That will be respected.
That has been respected. We will continue to protect the interests of New Brunswickers. As soon
as we find out that there is anything wrong on any of these matters, we act.
Taxe de vente harmonisée
M. Olscamp : Le premier ministre et ses ministres sont distancés de la réalité. On voit un
gouvernement libéral qui laisse les riches devenir plus riches, tout en négligeant les pauvres de notre
province, avec des centaines de millions de surplus que le gouvernement a dans ses coffres
aujourd’hui. Ma question est pour le premier ministre, et je la demande tranquillement pas vite.
Monsieur le premier ministre, êtes-vous prêt à donner le 8 % de rabais sur la TVH aux gens du
Nouveau-Brunswick, tel que vous l’aviez promis?
L’hon. V. Boudreau : Merci pour la question. Vous savez, hier, l’opposition a dit qu’on a utilisé
toutes sortes de tactiques pour essayer d’éviter la question. Aujourd’hui, lorsque les parlementaires
du côté de l’opposition avaient le temps de discuter d’une question si importante, ils ne l’ont pas
fait. Ils se sont tout simplement plaints encore une fois.
Pour ce qui est de la question du remboursement de la TVH, nous avons pris cette décision-là
comme gouvernement. Après avoir réfléchi davantage à cette politique, nous avons conclu que ce
n’était pas la meilleure décision à prendre pour les gens du Nouveau-Brunswick. On a pensé qu’il
était mieux de travailler avec eux en vue de conserver l’énergie. C’est pour cette raison que mon
collègue, le ministre de l’Énergie, a investi beaucoup de temps et beaucoup d’argent avec Efficacité
Nouveau-Brunswick pour s’assurer que les gens les plus démunis et les gens qui sont prêts à faire
des rénovations nécessaires à leur maison puissent le faire afin que leur facture d’électricité diminue.
Nous avons fait ce choix au lieu de subventionner une facture d’électricité qui est déjà trop élevée.
M. Olscamp : Le ministre suggère que les personnes les plus démunies devraient augmenter
l’efficacité de leur maison. Ce sont les mêmes pauvres qui n’ont pas les moyens de dépenser des
milliers de dollars pour rénover leurs maisons.
December 14, 2007 Not finalized / Non finalisé le 14 décembre 2007
S:\HANSARD\HANSARD DAILIES - FASCICULES\2007-2008 56-2\12 2007-12-14 BL\12 2007-12-14 BL.wpd 7/10
Comme député de nos circonscriptions, nous recevons chaque jour des personnes qui sont démunies,
qui reçoivent l’aide sociale et des personnes âgées. Il y a des personnes qui sont très inquiètes de la
politique de ce gouvernement. Il y a des personnes qui sont presque au désespoir. Ici, je veux répéter
ma question, en suggérant que certaines personnes doivent choisir ce qui est le plus important pour
elles, soit mettre de la nourriture sur leur table ou payer leurs médicaments. Va-t-on payer pour le
mazout ou leur facture d’électricité pour chauffer leur maison?
Ma question est la suivante : Étant donné l’anxiété de ces citoyens, le présent gouvernement libéral
est-il prêt à remettre le rabais de 8 % de la TVH aux personnes âgées, aux gens ayant des besoins
spéciaux et aux gens ayant de faibles revenus? Cette fois, je demande cette question au premier
L’hon. V. Boudreau : Étant donné que le député d’en face pose la même question, on va lui donner
la même réponse. La décision a été prise par le présent gouvernement, étant donné que ce n’était pas
la meilleure politique à suivre.
024 11:40
Pourquoi donner de l’argent à certaines personnes qui ont peut-être les moyens et qui n’ont pas
besoin de cette aide financière? Nous avons décidé de concentrer nos efforts dans la conservation
d’énergie. Les personnes à faible revenu peuvent faire une demande au ministère de ma collègue,
la ministre Schryer, et recevoir du financement allant jusqu’à une valeur de 4 500 $ pour des
rénovations. Mon collègue, le ministre de l’Énergie, Jack Keir, travaille avec Elizabeth Weir et sa
boutique à Saint John pour développer toutes sortes de programmes pour la rénovation afin de
rendre les bâtiments et les édifices plus efficients au niveau de la conservation d’énergie. D’après
tous les commentaires et toutes les évaluations qui ont été faites, nous avons les meilleurs
programmes au Canada. Pour nous, c’est ce qui est important. Nous voulons investir dans la
conservation d’énergie. Nous préférons aider les gens à diminuer leur consommation plutôt que
subventionner des factures déjà trop élevées.
Mr. Olscamp: I want to remind the minister that the plan had already been in place to help people
renovate their homes. Besides putting that in place, we had also promised a rebate on the HST. I just
want to make that clear. The minister’s response today is further evidence that the government is
distanced from the people of this province. Seniors, people on social assistance, and people with
special needs—I am repeating it in English because I still want the Premier to answer the
question—will be forced to choose between putting food on the table, buying medication, or paying
inflated heating costs this winter. As we know, the winter has been rugged so far. By all reports, it
is going to be a long, hard winter.
My question to the Premier is this: With the large surplus that is in the coffers of the government
today, is the Premier prepared to put a program in place now to help the most vulnerable people with
their heating bills in New Brunswick?
December 14, 2007 Not finalized / Non finalisé le 14 décembre 2007
S:\HANSARD\HANSARD DAILIES - FASCICULES\2007-2008 56-2\12 2007-12-14 BL\12 2007-12-14 BL.wpd 8/10
Hon. V. Boudreau: The member opposite keeps asking the same question in different languages.
I can switch back and forth between English and French quite comfortably, as well. We have put
our energy—pardon the pun—into efficiency. That is where we want to see our dollars go. We have
done more in the past 14 months for low-income New Brunswickers than the former government
did in seven years. We have put in place the Home Heating Assistance Plan. We have doubled the
Low-Income Seniors’ Benefit. We have raised the minimum wage by over a dollar. We have been
doing everything we can, and we will continue to do more, but we have to work at efficiency. We
have leading programs in the country in terms of energy efficiency, and we have seen record uptakes
of these programs. We have programs in Family and Community Services to help those on low
incomes to be able to get access to the types of renovations they need to make to their properties.
Mr. Betts: When the Liberal government did not keep its word and give back the HST rebate, it cost
the average family $200. What the government did do was to raise the income tax, which cost
families anywhere from $120 to $300. It raised NB Power rates by upwards of $150 to $300. It sat
by while property taxes zoomed higher. Some of the members over there have to pay even more than
I do, and I am concerned about them. It is about $300. The average family is spending about $1 200
A quote from the Atlantic Institute for Market Studies indicates that:
One of the groups that get hurt the most by spiraling property taxes is pensioners . . . Assessments
might be going up, but you don’t see property tax rates going down.
Has the Minister of State for Seniors spoken with the Premier and his Liberal caucus, urging them
to keep their word and give back the HST on home heating fuel?
Hon. V. Boudreau: They like to quote reports. I would like to quote a report from the Fraser
Institute, an institute that the former government members believed in an awful lot when they were
in government. The Fraser Institute calculates what it calls Tax Freedom Day, to provide a
comprehensive indicator of the total amount of taxes paid by the average Canadian family to all
three levels of government, federal, provincial, and local. It looks at things like income tax, property
tax, sales tax, profit tax, health, social security, and employment taxes, import duties, license fees,
taxes on the consumption of alcohol and tobacco, natural resource fees, fuel tax, hospital tax, and
a host of other levies.
025 11:45
Guess what? Tax Freedom Day varies from province to province, as we all know. I do not think it
is any surprise that Alberta is in first place. That is where people pay less tax across the country.
Guess what jurisdiction comes second in the country? The province of New Brunswick.
December 14, 2007 Not finalized / Non finalisé le 14 décembre 2007
S:\HANSARD\HANSARD DAILIES - FASCICULES\2007-2008 56-2\12 2007-12-14 BL\12 2007-12-14 BL.wpd 9/10
Mr. Betts: Governing is about making proper choices, and while seniors are choosing between heat,
medicine, and food, this government has chosen casinos and raising stakes for racehorses. It has
chosen to give $60 million to the caisses populaires run by a former Liberal premier, Camille
Thériault. When we were in government, we gave a $200 oil rebate for those under $25 000. Look
at the headlines: Tax bills soar, Liberals hike income tax, Taxes keep climbing, No help coming,
Hands off the GST.
I urge the Liberal government to keep true to its word: Give a break on taxes. In a reply to the
speech from the throne by Shawn Graham, on page 2, it said that he wanted a commitment, by
January 15, from government to announce a long-term plan to help working New Brunswick
families deal with the rising cost of electricity and home heating.
What have they done? They have raised taxes and have not kept their word on the HST. These
people are suffering. We want action.
Hon. V. Boudreau: The facts will prove everything. The Leader of the Opposition tried to say: No,
no. That is not true. That was when we were in government.
This release came out on June 19, 2007, three months after our budget and well into our mandate.
Mr. Speaker: As I said yesterday—I am going to have to repeat it again today—you ask the
questions and you answer. Let’s listen to the question so that we can hear the answer.
Hon. V. Boudreau: All right We get to question the opposition. I like that. We get to question.
Mr. Speaker: There is so much noise, even I am mixed up. You ask the questions, and they answer.
Let’s listen to what is being said. Thank you.
Hon. V. Boudreau: The opposition members are so inconsistent in their positions that I would not
even dare to try to ask them any questions, because they are all over the map.
This is the Fraser Institute. This is a very respectable organization in Canada. This release came out
on June 19, 2007, and it states very clearly: “Tax Freedom Day varies from province to province,
depending on the taxation levels of each provincial government. Alberta enjoys the earliest Tax
Freedom Day on June 1, followed by New Brunswick and Prince Edward Island (June 14).” That
takes into account all the various taxes that the opposition members like to crow about.
The fact of the matter is, we have done more for low-income people in New Brunswick in 14 months
than that government did in its entire 7-year mandate. We have doubled low-income seniors’
benefits. We have provided assistance for all income earners, and we have raised the minimum
December 14, 2007 Not finalized / Non finalisé le 14 décembre 2007
S:\HANSARD\HANSARD DAILIES - FASCICULES\2007-2008 56-2\12 2007-12-14 BL\12 2007-12-14 BL.wpd 10/10
Mr. Volpé: I am glad that the minister is standing up today and saying that he has a June 2007
report on taxation, because your tax on personal tax in New Brunswick applied on July 1, 2007. You
are not part of it. The numbers he is using today are based on 2006. We were there in 2006. I am just
waiting for them to come back because I can also use some reports from small businesses saying that
the government is going in the wrong direction. They said it is the worst attack because this is the
only jurisdiction in the country that increased taxes last year.
026 11:50
The numbers that the minister is using today are based on 2006, not on 2007. That was under our
government. Now, we are waiting to see the impact that their increase, in 2007, will have on the
Fraser Institute. Your personal income tax increase applied on July 1, after the report, and the report
is based on numbers from 2006. Is it right or wrong?
Hon. S. Graham: I have been listening to the debate unfolding in this Chamber this morning. What
is clear is the lack of discipline and focus on the side of the opposition. To begin with, this morning,
they had the audacity to waste five members’ statements, complaining that they did not have enough
time to debate yesterday, meaning that they have nothing to debate today.
What is clear today is that our government is committed to helping the most vulnerable in our
society. For seven years, the residents of the hospital in Campbellton, in the mental health facility,
were left without hope, because their government failed to bring forward a new facility that would
provide them with the services that they required.
Today, we have firemen in this Chamber. For seven years, the former government said that they
would not be eligible for workers’ compensation benefits, if they fell ill, due to cancer-related
illnesses. Our government is committed to standing up for people. Our government is committed
to putting forward the programs that are going to bring forward social justice in New Brunswick.
Clearly, while they are lacking discipline on that side, we are providing action on this side.
Mr. Speaker: The time for question period is now over.

Question Periode at the New Brunswick Legislature!!!!! BS STYLE!!!!!

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December 13, 2007 Not finalized / Non finalisé le 13 décembre 2007
S:\HANSARD\HANSARD DAILIES - FASCICULES\2007-2008 56-2\11 2007-12-13 BL\11 2007-12-13 BL.wpd 1/11
024 14:40
Protection des renseignements personnels
M. Volpé : Ma question est pour le ministre de la Santé. Alors que le premier ministre de la
Colombie-Britannique a reconnu l’importance et le sérieux de la perte d’information médicale et
cherche les victimes pour les aider, le ministre de la Santé du Nouveau-Brunswick cherche les
coupables et les victimes sont laissées à elles-mêmes. Étant donné l’importance de l’enjeu, le
ministre de la Santé de la Colombie-Britannique a agi immédiatement comme s’il s’agissait d’un
vol d’identité en contactant les victimes immédiatement.
Ma question pour le ministre est celle-ci : Pourquoi a-t-il été aussi négligent et n’a-t-il pas agi
immédiatement pour aider les gens du Nouveau-Brunswick, comme l’a fait son collègue de la
Colombie-Britannique pour les gens de sa province?
Hon. Mr. Murphy: As soon as we were made aware, this past Monday, that these records had been
absent for two months, directives were given. The information was put together throughout

afternoon of this past Monday. On Tuesday morning, the administrative support branch of my
department contacted the RCMP in Richmond, British Columbia, advising them of the
circumstances. They called us back later that day. A file was opened. The next day, we notified the
RCMP here in New Brunswick that a file had been opened in the jurisdiction of British Columbia.
We acted immediately when the critical mass of information was in our hands.
As I said earlier today in my statement, we have acted in a multipronged fashion. The procedure has
been in place since 1989. We are proceeding toward the area of e-health, and privacy is of the
utmost importance. This is a very serious matter, and we take it seriously. We are acting with all due
diligence, and quickly.
M. Volpé : On en apprend chaque jour. Hier, le ministre disait que l’information n’était pas perdue.
Yesterday, the minister said that the information was not lost, not stolen, just misplaced.
Le vol d’identité est un crime très sérieux — très sérieux. Oui, 485 personnes au Nouveau-
Brunswick ont potentiellement été victimes d’un vol d’identité, mais le ministre ne peut pas réaliser
l’impact. L’information aurait dû être traitée comme si elle avait été volée. C’est ce qui a été fait en
La nonchalance et les actions irresponsables du ministre de la Santé ont brisé la confiance des gens
du Nouveau-Brunswick envers le système actuel.
December 13, 2007 Not finalized / Non finalisé le 13 décembre 2007
S:\HANSARD\HANSARD DAILIES - FASCICULES\2007-2008 56-2\11 2007-12-13 BL\11 2007-12-13 BL.wpd 2/11
Ma question pour le ministre est la suivante : Pourquoi avoir attendu sept jours avant de prendre
contact avec la GRC, lorsqu’on sait qu’il s’agit d’un vol d’identité potentiel, et que c’est de cette
façon que cela a été traité en Colombie-Britannique? Pourquoi cela vous a-t-il pris sept jours avant
de réagir et de prendre contact avec la GRC?
Hon. Mr. Murphy: As I have indicated, senior management, after their very short review, as of last
Thursday, when they advised me, were under the impression that the document had been misplaced
and that the courier service was looking for it. They believed it had been misplaced for a number
of days. Documents leave the Department of Health and other government departments, and there
are literally hundreds of thousands of them. Anytime one of them is not received in a few days, we
are not going to call the police, because that would be all that the police would be doing across this
country and in New Brunswick.
When the critical mass of information was obtained, we immediately stepped forward and dealt with
the police and with containment procedures by way of copying the federal protocol. This procedure
has been in place since 1999.
I want to make sure that New Brunswickers know that there is no evidence that this information has
fallen into inappropriate hands or that there has been any type of misuse of it. As I have indicated,
we have started a credit monitoring program. There are many multipronged efforts we are making.
M. Volpé : Franchement, étant donné ce que nous entendons cet après-midi, c’est une honte pour
les gens du Nouveau-Brunswick qui, potentiellement, ont subi un vol d’identité, d’avoir un ministre
comme celui-ci pour les représenter. Il a dit hier qu’il ne considère pas cela comme un vol. Il ne
considère pas que l’information a été perdue ; il considère qu’elle a été mal placée. Il ne sait pas où
est l’information.
He doesn’t know, and I don’t. That is why I am saying here today that this should have been treated
as if the information had been stolen. Identity theft is what this is.
Ce que la Colombie-Britannique a fait, c’est qu’elle a traité cela comme un crime. Au Nouveau-
Brunswick, le ministre de la Santé n’a pas encore réalisé le sérieux de ce qu’il vient de dire. Pour
lui, c’est encore un jeu ; peut-être que c’est nulle part, actuellement.
025 14:45
Pour les actions irresponsables suite à l’information reçue, pour la façon nonchalante dont le
ministre a traité ce dossier très dangereux, pour sa façon cavalière de dire que l’information n’était
pas perdue, pas volée, juste mal placée, pour toutes ces raisons qui ont un impact majeur sur la
confiance des gens du Nouveau-Brunswick envers le gouvernement qui doit les protéger, croyezvous
sincèrement que vous méritez de continuer à remplir votre rôle de ministre?
December 13, 2007 Not finalized / Non finalisé le 13 décembre 2007
S:\HANSARD\HANSARD DAILIES - FASCICULES\2007-2008 56-2\11 2007-12-13 BL\11 2007-12-13 BL.wpd 3/11
Hon. Mr. Murphy: When the cassette went missing, we acted under the circumstances where we
do not know where it is. We then instituted immediate procedures, as I have indicated, by contacting
the police. Ads are going in the paper. We have made an effort. We have called all 485 names, and
letters are going out. New Brunswickers should also know that, with respect to access to that data,
if it were to fall into inappropriate hands, if that were the case, one would have to have a mainframe
computer with obsolete technology, and there is no support for that. This was mainstream in the data
centres of the late 1980s and early 1990s. That is so that New Brunswickers understand the risk.
At the same time, even though the risk appears to be minimal, the reality is that we have acted as
if it were major. As you know, we immediately instituted new procedures and reviews, and asked
the Ombudsman to review. We have also brought forward all the information to the House. The
public knows at this time as much as I know with regard to this. I think New Brunswickers should
know that we are acting proactively. It is very serious, and we take it as such.
M. C. Landry : J’ai de la difficulté à comprendre le ministre quand il dit que c’est minime. Il utilise
le terme « minime ». Ici, on parle de l’identité des personnes, des gens du Nouveau-Brunswick, soit
de 485 personnes. Le ministre de la Santé nous dit que c’est minime. Il a dit :
New Brunswickers are being advised to watch out for any suspect misuse of this information.
Pourquoi le ministre a-t-il attendu une semaine avant de mettrer les services d’une firme de
surveillance du crédit à la disponibilité des 485 personnes du Nouveau-Brunswick qui se posent de
nombreuses questions? Pourquoi avoir attendu une semaine?
Hon. Mr. Murphy: Despite acting, as a government, as if this did fall into inappropriate hands just
a few days ago—I believe my department has acted so quickly and so efficiently—the reality is that
this tape has been missing now for two and a half months and there is no evidence that we are aware
of. We have called all 485 names, we have a call centre going, we have spoken with several dozens.
Nobody has indicated that there has been any interference in their credit or anything suspect, but we
have a credit monitoring program that is starting up. We also know full well that these New
Brunswickers are not responsible for anything that might ever come of this. We are acting quickly
and efficiently.
M. C. Landry : J’ai de la difficulté à comprendre. On sait que les cartouches qui contiennent de
l’information privilégiée des gens du Nouveau-Brunswick sont perdues depuis deux mois. Comment
le ministre peut-il dire que c’est minime et que l’information privilégiée qui concerne l’identité des
personnes n’est pas grand-chose? J’ai de la difficulté à comprendre le ministre. Il sait qu’il y a un
risque présent pour les 485 personnes du Nouveau-Brunswick. Êtes-vous prêt, Monsieur le ministre,
à prendre la responsabilité des coûts financiers qui pourraient être occasionnés à cause de cette perte
d’information privilégiée des citoyens qui sont touchés par cette situation? Le gouvernement doit
prendre ses responsabilités, et le ministre doit garantir que les gens qui pourraient être lésés seront
December 13, 2007 Not finalized / Non finalisé le 13 décembre 2007
S:\HANSARD\HANSARD DAILIES - FASCICULES\2007-2008 56-2\11 2007-12-13 BL\11 2007-12-13 BL.wpd 4/11
Hon. Mr. Murphy: I have indicated that if anything untoward occurred to someone’s credit rating
because of this, of course they are not responsible. A courier company and another private company
are involved, and the government of New Brunswick is involved. We take this very, very seriously.
My friend opposite referenced “pas grand-chose” as if it were not a big thing. It is a big thing, and
we have acted by way of a review, an invitation to the Ombudsman, and by contacting two police
departments. We also have a new courier company in place now. We have also given directives with
regard to people advising senior management and their superiors about anything suspect.
026 14:50
A multitude of actions have been taken. This policy was in place since 1989. We are going forward
to the e-health era. There is going to be privacy legislation, and the e-health initiative will be built
around that privacy legislation. New Brunswickers should know that we take this very seriously.
Mr. Fitch: In the Daily Gleaner today, Stephen Llewellyn wrote that UNB law professor Dave
Townsend, an expert in privacy and security issues, said that the missing health records are an
important issue, and so is the way they were handled. He said that the controversy was handled as
if it were a lost box of nails. Mr. Townsend said that there should have been immediate notification
when the records went missing so that an investigation could begin right away. He said that, adding
to the delay, the delay was unacceptable.
These are the reasons that we have been calling for the minister’s resignation. We have been calling
for the minister’s resignation because there was a lack of action when the situation became apparent.
It is because of pressure from this opposition that you have now done some of the things you have
done. It is you, your actions, your delay, and your incompetence that have broken the trust and
confidence of the people of New Brunswick. That is why we are calling for your resignation. Will
you resign?
Hon. Mr. Murphy: Probably the foremost expert in public administration in this country, with
global recognition, Donald Savoie, has spoken very eloquently with regard to ministerial
responsibility. The term that he used this morning . . . I am not sure it is parliamentary, so I will just
leave it to the readers of New Brunswick as to the action of the member opposite.
The reality is that New Brunswickers should know that the review procedure, on a multitude of
fronts, is under way. The Ombudsman’s Office was advised in writing and in meetings, and there
is another meeting today. Mechanisms are being put in place, and we await further word from the
Richmond police regarding the courier service. A depot manager was interviewed, and I am sure that
other aspects have been followed up by the police.
Mr. Fitch: We know what is going on now, and it was only through the prompting of the opposition
that some of these actions took place. The MLA for Lamèque-Shippagan-Miscou said that the
December 13, 2007 Not finalized / Non finalisé le 13 décembre 2007
S:\HANSARD\HANSARD DAILIES - FASCICULES\2007-2008 56-2\11 2007-12-13 BL\11 2007-12-13 BL.wpd 5/11
RCMP should be called in here in New Brunswick. It was this opposition that said that British
Columbia is already moving forward on a number of issues, such as credit protection. The future
of 485 people is now in question. It is not just one year; it is their future livelihood and future
identity. If I were one of those 485 people, I would certainly be calling for your resignation.
I will ask again. The inaction of this minister when he found out what was going on, and the action,
only prompted by this opposition, again lead me to the conclusion that the minister needs to resign.
Will the minister resign today?
Hon. Mr. Murphy: I want to make it clear for New Brunswickers who may be watching or who
have been made aware of these proceedings that the comment indicating that people’s future
livelihood is at stake is not correct. The reality is that, in order to access the information on those
cassettes, one would have to have a mainframe computer, obsolete data. It is something that has not
been used for the past many years. It was basically used in data centres in the mainstream at the
With regard to the awareness that this was missing, the impression provided to me last Thursday
afternoon was that the information had been misplaced, and the courier service was looking for it.
We were made aware of critical information, critical mass, on Monday. However, hundreds of
thousands of documents leave the Departments of Health in all governments across this country.
When something is delayed for a few days, naturally the police are not called.
Mr. Fitch: On Terry Seguin’s show this morning, an RCMP officer said that the information that
is available would cause it to be easy to commit ID theft. That is not verbatim, but that was the gist
of the conversation. That idea could lead to problems in the future for these 485 people, beyond one
year. The point of the matter is that, on Thursday, when the minister was informed of the situation,
instead of picking up the ball and running with it and doing what he should have done, he sat on the
sideline and wondered what was going to happen and what he should do.
027 14:55
In hoping that the thing would just go away, the minister caused more damage to those 485 people
in New Brunswick. The delay is unacceptable. This delay and inaction is why we need to call for
the resignation of the minister today.
Hon. Mr. Murphy: I think it is important for the people of New Brunswick to know that in a
conversation I had with the Minister of Health of British Columbia, and his officials and my
officials, we reviewed the process in place that had been ongoing for several months prior to the
disappearance of these tapes. That was a process between those two governments, our departments,
our operations, and our Medicare departments. We had in place, and coming to a conclusion, an
encryption process for a DVD with password.
December 13, 2007 Not finalized / Non finalisé le 13 décembre 2007
S:\HANSARD\HANSARD DAILIES - FASCICULES\2007-2008 56-2\11 2007-12-13 BL\11 2007-12-13 BL.wpd 6/11
We have also put in place consultations now with Quebec, Saskatchewan, the Northwest Territories,
and Nunavut to see how they would be more secure in receiving information. They receive
information by way of paper. Some of it with Quebec is hospital to hospital, but it is primarily
through the department. We are moving toward the e-health initiative. Privacy is of utmost
importance. The initiative will be built around the privacy legislation. I will have more to say with
regard to the stakeholder group on the drafting of it.
Postsecondary Education
Mrs. Blaney: It is clear that this is a government in crisis management mode. It is crystal clear today
that it will do absolutely everything and anything it can to avoid discussing issues that it does not
want to deal with, such as postsecondary education. This government is doing everything it can to
delay discussion and debate on that issue. We have students who are actually running a tally. This
is day 90 since the Post-Secondary Education Commission released its recommendation. The
students have not heard one whisper of support for UNB, and, in particular UNBSJ. In fact, the
media has taken to calling the five ministers in the Saint John region “the silent five”.
There is one minister who has never, ever been silent on anything in his life. He has never backed
down from a fight. I would like to know why the political minister for the Saint John region—the
Minister of Supply and Services—is not standing up and fighting for UNBSJ, and why he is not
standing up and fighting for Saint John.
Hon. S. Graham: I would like to remind the member opposite of the rules of question period, that
a question must be directed to the minister responsible. Yet, she did not take that responsibility
today. Therefore, I felt it was appropriate to respond on behalf of government.
I will remind the member opposite that we accept the responsibility of this debate. That is why we
launched an independent commission on the future of postsecondary education, the first such review
that has been undertaken in over 40 years. Where the previous government failed to act on this,
where it avoided its responsibilities, we on this side want to take the time to get this right. It has
been over 40 years. That is why we now have four university presidents, and four community
college principals, working collectively together on how the implementation of the report can be
brought forward that best meets the needs of the student, the marketplace, and also sees better
integration of the system.
Mrs. Blaney: The Premier is clearly not familiar with the rules. There is no rule that we have to
direct questions to any particular minister, or to the minister responsible for a file. This is, in fact,
the senior minister for the Saint John region, who has never backed down from a fight in his life.
Obviously, he has either been muzzled, or he does not care about what happens to UNBSJ. Can the
minister tell us, which is it? Has he been muzzled, or does he not care?
December 13, 2007 Not finalized / Non finalisé le 13 décembre 2007
S:\HANSARD\HANSARD DAILIES - FASCICULES\2007-2008 56-2\11 2007-12-13 BL\11 2007-12-13 BL.wpd 7/11
Hon. S. Graham: After question period, we will have the member look at the rules of question
period. Very clearly, ministers are not to comment on constituency issues. The minister responsible
is to comment on matters pertaining to that file. As Premier, I am standing today, very clearly
focused on the needs of the future of our students. I know that, by working cooperatively together,
we are going to build a stronger post secondary education system. We are going to deal with the
issue of student debt load.
Our actions speak for themselves. Where the former government—and I want to reiterate this
message—failed to deal with the issue pertaining to the student loan and access to student loans, we
eliminated the parental contribution requirement. That means that, today, more students have access
to funding than ever before in our province’s history.
028 15:00
Mrs. Blaney: The rules of the House are clear. Questions can be directed to any minister of the
Crown. The rules are very clear. Again, my question is for the minister responsible for the Saint
John region. You are the senior minister. Obviously, you have been muzzled. I cannot imagine,
because you have never been muzzled in your entire life. You have never been muzzled, maybe with
the exception of your wife. However, I cannot imagine why you are not standing up. You have
received hundreds, if not thousands, of phone calls and e-mails from people in our region. Why are
you not standing up and fighting for the people of Saint John? They elected you to fight for them,
and you are not fighting. Why not?
Hon. Mr. Doherty: I would like to assure the member opposite that none of us has been muzzled,
but we do, in fact, have the courage for innovative change. We have the courage to address issues
like student debt, such as $30 000 per year. We have the courage to address issues such as
transferability of credits. Who would think of buying a $30 000 car without any guarantee? Students
at universities pay $30 000 without any guarantee that their courses can be transferable to another
program. Who would think that the labour market in Saint John . . . The unemployment rate in Saint
John is at its lowest ever.
Mr. Speaker: Order.
Hon. Mr. Doherty: Who would ever think that we would not provide training?
Mr. Speaker: I will tolerate some banter back and forth, but we are getting to a point where we can
hear neither the question nor the answer. You have a few seconds left.
Hon. Mr. Doherty: To the member opposite and a former Minister of Post-Secondary Education,
I might add, our desire is to see that our students have jobs here in New Brunswick. We provide the
December 13, 2007 Not finalized / Non finalisé le 13 décembre 2007
S:\HANSARD\HANSARD DAILIES - FASCICULES\2007-2008 56-2\11 2007-12-13 BL\11 2007-12-13 BL.wpd 8/11
proper training for them, so that they can fill these jobs. We will insist that the university in Saint
John is improved and enhanced.
Mr. Holder: My questions are also for the Minister of Post-Secondary Education, Training and
Labour. I am wondering if the minister can tell us if he has personally talked to any recruiters with
the university, on the ground, and gotten any feedback with respect to how recruitment is going this
year, compared to last year? What specifically have they told him with respect to how that job is
Hon. Mr. Doherty: Thank you for the question. As you know, the university in Saint John is very
dear to our hearts and dear to the heart of the member opposite. I had discussions with the registrar
as of last week, and as far as we can tell, there has been no change in local student recruitment this
year over last year. It is a little bit early to tell, but I was assured that, probably, there has not been
any change.
Mr. Holder: I am getting different information. My colleagues and I have spoken with recruiters
who have been on the ground this fall, and they told us that they are having an incredibly difficult
job recruiting. In some cases, they are even being laughed at. They are told: Is that not the place that
is going to close in a couple of years? We need to end this uncertainty in our 90th day. We need to
decide, once and for all, whether there will be a liberal arts program at the University of New
Brunswick in Saint John. That is the question, and we need that answered sooner rather than later.
Will the minister end that uncertainty today?
Hon. Mr. Doherty: I can assure you that there will always be a university in Saint John. Our desire
is to improve the facility of the university, and we are going to enhance it to meet the labour market
needs in our city. As you know, this is a great time for Saint John. We are experiencing record
economic growth, and this growth will be driven by our educational institutions.
029 15:05
Mr. Harrison: The Premier says that he is student-focused and that the PSE report is studentfocused,
but the students of UNB have said differently. Two weeks ago today, they passed a motion
refuting the Premier’s claim. They said it was not student-focused. The Premier will not even allow
the students to access the working group on PSE. So far, the Premier has ignored the students’
request for access to the working group. Now, the students have put it to him in a motion. Will he
give them access? Will the Premier commit to making this a student-focused process by supporting
their motion, or will he whip the caucus into rejecting the claims of students? Will the Premier and
his caucus vote for students and vote with the opposition when the motion comes to the floor today?
Hon. S. Graham: I want to make it very clear that our government takes the issue of improving the
system of postsecondary education very seriously. That is why, early on our government’s mandate,
when the members opposite said that a $2 000 grant for first-year university students was not
December 13, 2007 Not finalized / Non finalisé le 13 décembre 2007
S:\HANSARD\HANSARD DAILIES - FASCICULES\2007-2008 56-2\11 2007-12-13 BL\11 2007-12-13 BL.wpd 9/11
appropriate, we, on this side, voted in favour of and actually implemented that program. We also
eliminated the parental contribution requirement, something that members on that side of the House
voted against year over year. On the first day in office, we gave access to better student funding for
our students in the province. Our actions speak for themselves. An independent commission was
promised by the former government for three years, and that government failed to implement it. We
moved expeditiously to put in place this independent commission. We have now received a
comprehensive report. In fact, many student groups across the province were instrumental in the
development of that report. Many student groups were also on the advisory committee and provided
input to the independent commissioners. I would have to say that since that report was received by
the government, we have met with student groups at the Cabinet table. The minister continues to
meet with student groups. I have also instructed the community college principals and presidents
to meet with student groups.
Mr. Harrison: There we have it. He will not commit to supporting the students’ motion. Is he
saying the students are wrong? They have deliberated over this, considered it, and concluded that
this Premier has failed in his mandate to include students in the process. Will he support their
motion? We don’t want any waffling. We don’t want equivocation. Either the Premier agrees with
the students or he does not. He will not commit to supporting them, so he must disagree with them.
Amending the motion today, on their part, if that is what their plan is, will be voting against
students. Is the Premier prepared to say today that the students of UNB are wrong in their
assessment of his government?
Hon. S. Graham: As I stated previously, our government is committed to improving the system of
postsecondary education for students and the future of this province, toward the goal of selfsufficiency.
Very clearly, we feel it is wrong that students who are taking courses at UNBSJ in Saint
John have some difficulty transferring those credits to UNB in Fredericton. That is why these
programs have to see greater integration of the system, especially as it pertains to community
colleges. Today, certain community college programs are accepted by other universities, but
students have difficulty transferring those credits to our universities in New Brunswick, as was
identified by the independent commission.
We are now working with the working group. We are waiting for a model to be proposed that will
allow better integration which is more student-focused and which, at the same time, will help those
students to be able to receive the training that will allow them to have jobs in our province when
they complete that training.
L’hon. P. Robichaud : Le rapport sur l’éducation postsecondaire a été porté à l’attention du
gouvernement du Nouveau-Brunswick il y a maintenant 90 jours, et il n’y a toujours aucune action
de la part du gouvernement jusqu’à ce jour.
December 13, 2007 Not finalized / Non finalisé le 13 décembre 2007
S:\HANSARD\HANSARD DAILIES - FASCICULES\2007-2008 56-2\11 2007-12-13 BL\11 2007-12-13 BL.wpd 10/11
L’hon. P. Robichaud : Si le ministre des Finances voulait se lever et répondre aux questions, il
aurait peut-être plus de succès que ses collègues, parce que, jusqu’à présent, on n’a pas beaucoup
de réponses de la part du gouvernement.
Le ministre de l’Éducation postsecondaire, de la Formation et du Travail vient de confirmer à la
Chambre il y a 5 ou 10 minutes qu’il y aura toujours une présence universitaire à Saint John.
Cependant, la définition des termes « présence universitaire » reste très vague dans les paroles du
ministre et du gouvernement.
030 15:10
Le ministre de l’Éducation postsecondaire, de la Formation et du Travail peut-il prendre le même
engagement, aujourd’hui, pour les composantes de l’Université de Moncton, à Edmundston et à
Shippagan? Peut-il prendre exactement le même engagement qu’il y aura également une présence
universitaire à Edmundston et à Shippagan? Que veut-il dire par une « présence universitaire »?
Hon. S. Graham: I think it is important to set the record straight, today, once again. The member
from Shippagan has the audacity to say that we have waited approximately 90 days to work with the
working group, when his former government waited over 1 150 days to actually implement an
independent commission to study and to move forward on these reforms. While the members
opposite waited three years, we are working decisively now, and we are anxiously awaiting the
working group’s recommendations in the new year. At that time, we will be working to better
integrate the system. We will also be reducing student debt load and meeting the needs of the
students. Finally, we will make sure that the workforce requirements of the marketplace are met.
M. P. Robichaud : Le premier ministre et son ministre ne semblent pas réaliser que les 90 jours en
question touchent énormément le recrutement de l’Université de Moncton, campus de Shippagan
et d’Edmundston, et l’Université du Nouveau-Brunswick, à Saint John. Comment pensez-vous que
ces gens-là peuvent recruter des étudiants quand ils ne connaissent même pas l’avenir de leurs
établissements d’études postsecondaires? C’est ce qu’ils se font dire toutes les fois qu’ils recrutent
des étudiants. Voilà l’importance de donner immédiatement une indication claire, nette et précise
aux établissements universitaires du Nouveau-Brunswick. Le premier ministre, son ministre ou peu
importe qui, du côté du gouvernement, veut répondre à la question est-il prêt à prendre un
engagement semblable pour les composantes de l’Université de Moncton, à Edmundston et à
Shippagan, et à rassurer la population qu’il y aura bel et bien une présence universitaire à
Edmundston et à Shippagan, dirigée par l’Université de Moncton, oui ou non? La question est
pourtant simple.
Hon. S. Graham: Again, I will remind the member opposite that their three years of inaction
affected tens of thousands of students who did not have the ability to have a better integrated system.
I will be very clear today, as we have been from day one, that we are working with the university
presidents. In fact, all four university presidents have very clearly stated that the process is working.
December 13, 2007 Not finalized / Non finalisé le 13 décembre 2007
S:\HANSARD\HANSARD DAILIES - FASCICULES\2007-2008 56-2\11 2007-12-13 BL\11 2007-12-13 BL.wpd 11/11
They are engaged. We take the word of the university presidents that the work that is being
undertaken now will lead to a better system that will meet the needs of the students today.
Le président : Le temps est échu.

Une tres bonne lettre a propos des enfants d'un individue de Memramcook!!!

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« …l’être humain est un produit de la société dans laquelle il vit . »
Nous envoyons plein de gens dans les différentes parties du monde pour
aider soit en leur donnant à manger, les défendre contre un régime
quelconque ou combattre à leur côté. Mais si ça va si bien au Canada, pourquoi avons-nous besoin de tant de prisons si pleines et pourquoi cherchons-nous à avoir des lois plus dures pour les jeunes contrevenants?

Les jeunes en prisons deviennent institutionnalisés.

C’est-à-dire qu’ils subissent le code et doivent le suivre à une
intensité telle qu’ils se reconditionnent à ce mode de vie seul et
perdent la faculté de vivre dans la communauté. « À l’intérieur », ils
s’endurcissent, en apprennent plus sur les façons de faire
criminelles. Et lorsqu’ils en ressortent, ils ne peuvent plus « dealer
» avec la communauté. Ils se sentent rejetés et ressentent un sentiment de revanche.

Moi, je dis aidons nos familles. Aidons les parents et les enfants à
vivre en une famille sainement fonctionnelle où règne l’Amour sain qui favorisera l’attachement sain. L’attachement sain est la base du
développement sain du cerveau de l’enfant qui deviendra un individu
actif dans le développement sain de sa communauté et des gens autour de lui. (Lorraine Fox, doctorat en psychologie clinique et en développement organisationnel et intervenante à l’enfance)

L’enfant apprend en jouant d’après Jean Piaget. Pour que l’enfant
joue, il est préférable qu’il soit avec des gens (sa famille) avec qui
il se sent bien et dans un environnement et une atmosphère propice au jeu.

Alors si nous pouvons aider la famille de cet enfant à le lui
offrir nous contribuons à long terme au développement sain de notre
société. Pour une meilleure idée de ce qui contribue au développement sain de l’enfant jusqu’à l’âge adulte, l’organisme Jeunes d’abord/Youth First au parle des 40 acquis. «

Notre communauté du Grand Moncton et du sud-est du Nouveau-Brunswick a toutes les ressources nécessaires pour s’assurer que les jeunes gens ont "les bonnes choses" dont ils ont besoin pour grandir sainement, poser des choix positifs et ne pas se laisser abattre quand les temps sont difficiles: les acquis développementaux!

Les messages clefs, ou les idées qui soulignent cette approche, sont:

● percevoir les jeunes et les gens comme des agents de changement plutôt que des problèmes à régler;

● insister sur les forces et les ressources que nous avons, plutôt
que sur les problèmes et ce qu’il nous manque;

● bâtir et partager une vision commune du développement de la
jeunesse dans les secteurs multiples de la communauté;

● chaque personne est capable de contribuer au renforcement des
«acquis ». »

Alors posons-nous la question : « Qu’est-ce qui fait que l’enfant
n’a pas tout ce qui lui est propice ou bien pourquoi il est si
difficile pour les parents de le lui offrir? »

Je crois fermement que chacun de nous peut aider jeunes et familles.

Premièrement tout simplement en leur faisant une place dans la société et dans nos cœur. Un sourire de temps en temps ne peut que leur faire du bien.

Même si nous ne recevons pas la réaction escomptée, soyons
confiant que nous les avons touchés.

Une autre façon dont les parents ont besoin qu’on les aide à voir au
développement sain des leurs est de les aider avec leurs nombreuses responsabilités dans différents aspects de leur quotidien.

Nous avons déjà beaucoup de gens et d’organismes qui les aident.

Par exemple les parcs, les restaurants avec coin des petits, la banque alimentaire pour les plus démunis, etc. Ils doivent partager temps, énergies et argent entre enfants, coût de la vie présent (garderie, essence, bouffe, etc.) et futur (études, retraite, rénovation, voiture, maladie, etc.)

Ils doivent se partager entre la famille, le couple, la maison, les
courses, la garderie et le travail. Du côté de la famille et du couple,
nous pouvons tous aider des amis qui sont parents en gardant ou même en les invitant à une activité ensemble.

Maintenant, l’inévitable, le côté monétaire. Beaucoup trop de parents
vivent dans l’incertitude de la fin du mois. Il faut les accompagner
dans ce quotidien. Ceci m’amène à mon introduction « Mais si ça va si bien au Canada, pourquoi avons-nous besoin de tant de prisons si pleines et pourquoi cherchons-nous à avoir des lois plus dures pour les jeunes contrevenants? »

Lorsque le gouvernement augmente les impôts et que le coût de l’essence augmente, se sont nos familles qui en sont le plus
touchées. Tout en gardant tous les autres projets d’ici et d’ailleurs dans le monde, ne pouvons-nous pas aider nos bâtisseurs
de sociétés en allégeant les coûts de garderie, d’université,

Nous avons subi une hausse d’impôt provincial l’an passé car la population néo-brunswickoise baisse avec l’exode vers l’Alberta. Trouvons des moyens pour garder nos gens ici et ces gens-ci aussi paieront de l’impôt.

Et nos chères et précieuses éducatrices en garderie, elles sont les models de nos enfants de 8 à 10 heures par jours. Aidons-les en leur donnant les outils et le salaire qui leur permettront d’être à la hauteur du potentiel de nos enfants et d’avoir eux-mêmes des enfants.

Au lieu d’avoir des hausses d’impôts, des coûts de la vie ou une
loi plus dure sur nos jeunes, pourquoi ne pas tout simplement aller voir nos familles qui sont à la base de la société et de donner la main à un enfant.

Sylva McLaughlin

Parent, citoyen, intervenant et animateur communautaire, mais
par-dessus tout un être humain avec ses sensibilités.

Memramcook, N.-B.

Sylva McLaughlin
Préposé au prêt
Bibliothèque Champlain
Université de Moncton
Moncton, N.-B.


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Prayer and Devotions

To Whom Shall I Compare You?
by Father Jason Smith, LC

Resolution: Refuse to participate in gossip the next time the occasion arises. Instead, say something positive about the person.

December 14, 2007
Saint of John of the Cross, memorial

Matthew 11: 16-19
“Jesus said to the crowds: To what shall I compare this generation? It is like children who sit in marketplaces and call to one another, ‘We played the flute for you, but you did not dance, we sang a dirge but you did not mourn.’ For John came neither eating nor drinking, and they said, ‘He is possessed by a demon.’ The Son of Man came eating and drinking and they said. ‘Look, he is a glutton and a drunkard, a friend of tax collectors and sinners.’ But wisdom is vindicated by her works.”

Introductory Prayer: Lord Jesus, I place myself in your presence. I have set aside this moment for you so that you can speak to me and I can listen to your words. Speak to my heart! I believe that you are present, bringing all the graces I need right now in the current circumstances of my life. I hope in you, Lord, because I know I cannot place my hope in the things of the world. I love you, Lord, and I know how much you love me.

Petition: Lord, help me to speak well of others always and never be envious.

1. Children at the Market Jesus’ words about the children in the market seem a bit strange to us today. He is alluding to the popular children’s games of that time that mimic the festive dances at weddings or the crying at funerals. But when they should be dancing for a wedding, these children cry; and when they should be crying for a funeral, they dance. Now, even worse, they’ve stopped playing altogether and sit idle. Their only game has become slander. Jesus statement is that “this generation,” like these children, has done the opposite of what God intended. They should have received the Messiah with open arms, but they have rejected him. They should have been faithful to the covenant and worshipped Yahweh, but they preferred to sit idle in comfort. Jesus is making a very strong critique of the people of his time.

2. Our Generation This leads to an interesting question: What would Jesus say about our generation? He became man, but people are offended by Christmas. He invited the children to come to him, but prayer is not allowed in schools. We could go on and on. Christ’s lamentation in this Gospel is directed to his contemporaries, but Jesus’ message is for every generation, for mankind is essentially the same now as then. Some will accept his message, others will reject it. Some will follow God’s plan, others will not. This did not stop Christ from preaching. In a like manner, we shouldn’t give up either; being a Christian will always be countercultural. What matters is that Jesus’ words find an open heart in us.

3. An Enemy of Slander There was much gossip about Jesus in his day. After reading this passage, I imagined Jesus just leaving the market place. There, next to the checkout counter at the fig-stand, he saw the latest tabloids: “Follower tells all: Jesus is a drunkard;” or, “Shocking pics of Jesus dining with tax-collectors reveal where he really gets the money to fund his ministry;” and, what surely enraged him, “Exorcist exposé: proof that John the Baptist was possessed by a demon.” Gossip, a fruit of envy, comes when people are not happy or at peace with themselves; their first reaction is to make sure others aren’t happy either. Jesus’ dignity while enduring gossip reminds us not to gossip about others: It should have no part in the life of a Christian. It also reminds us that true happiness and peace are found in Christ, not in slandering others.

Conversation with Christ: “Lord, all that we have in both soul and body, whatever we possess within or without, naturally or supernaturally, come from you and shows forth your bountiful goodness. Persons who have received more cannot boast as though they had gained them by their own merit; those who, through humility, consider themselves least, are worthy of all and fit to receive still greater blessings. Those who have received fewer gifts should not be sad or envious. Instead they should look up to you and praise your goodness because you bestow your gifts generously without respect of persons” (Thomas à Kempis, Imitation of Christ, Book 3, Chapter 22, 4).

Resolution: I will refuse to participate in gossip the next time the occasion arises. Instead, I will say something positive about the person.

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Mary Keith and the Fredericton Train Station - TRUST ME!!! I DIDN'T KNOW IT WAS GOING TO SNOW IN DECEMBER????

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