Wednesday, October 05, 2005


The saga continues at 114 Brunswick Street.


Maurice < caretaker > kicked the two guys from the building.

It was so bad that this guy also had to leave to escape the ugly atmosphere in that building.


As I write this blog? There’s nobody living in that building. In the evenings it so dark that it looks like the house of death.

Just as in this picture. Maurice would come out with new rules every day. The bottom line of these new rules? If a person dared to fart? He was evicted!!!


This guy hasn’t been seen for a couple of weeks. He’s in Newfoundland visiting a friend.

Charles 04_07_05 083

He’s going to find it very quiet once he arrives home but it doesn’t matter anyway because he wasn’t allowed to have any visitors anyway.

There’s a sign outside the door that says - Employees only!


The only way that friends or family members can visit this guy is by this window.


The only individuals who would rent a place like that would be the drunken individual who lives at the shelter but the word spread that the caretaker is a nut so therefore they won’t go near the place.

Charles 04_07_05 090

Lets go back to the guys who were kicked out?

Saturday, Maurice took all the stuff and put it on a curb but there’s only one problem?

The garbage trucks are not going to picked up garbage such as sofa’s or mattresses.

A few hours after this picture was taken someone from the City stopped by and left a note telling Maurice to remove the items from the curb immediately.

That evening all the stuff was gone, I was surprised that he followed these orders from the City official because he sure didn’t pay attention to the Fire Marshall.

Maurice wants to make the Landlord happy so he came out with a plan.

He took the bed and sofa and put it on a shopping cart and carried them to a dumpster that’s located a few doors down the street.


It’s the office of Robert Hatheway.

He’s a dentist and he has his office on Brunswick Street. There’s a few tenants upstairs in his building.

So Maurice decided to take all the stuff and dumped it in the Dentist’s dumpster.


Here's the evidence.


I am not a rat and never will be but in this case? I’ll make it an exception.

Monday morning, I went to chat with Dr.Hatheway and he recognizes me from the guy who always called in the Melanson Live talk show. < the good old days >

Anyway he told me that he would looked into it!

Yeah Maurice main goal is to make the Landlord happy by saving him some money. This caretaker is so bad that he always checks the readings on the meter. Well, he doesn't have to worry about electricity because there's nobody in the building. It was cold last winter in that building and the former homeless guy told everyone to wear some extra clothes. This is the reason that I had to move out fast.


That evening, the guys who got evicted took whatever they could from the garbage bags on the streets.


The little good items they had in their possession, Maurice locked them in this storage room so he can keep them.


I was told by some caretakers that they would keep the stuff for a few weeks until the tenant locates a room but not in this case.

Bernard Lord must introduce some kind of protection for boarders or roomers rights in this Province. This is the pictures of the stove the roomers are force to use and the other picture is the stove downstair of the stove the caretaker used. The Health Department told me there's nothing they can do. Look at the difference?


I just got word that the New Brunswick Human Rights Commission are moving on my complaint and the landlord has till October 26th to reply to my complaint.

Lets see what’s going to happen there???

As for the guy who was force to sh#t in a garbage bag because Maurice wouldn’t allow me to use the washroom?


Well, he has to make a complaint on his own.

As I wrote in the past, this has nothing to do with me any longer.

The Fredericton Police Forces sent me to the Commission and lets see what’s going to happen? < They must have been called over 30 times to 114 Brunswick Street >


The question is this? What the hell is going on around this province to other roomers that we don’t know of?