Wednesday, January 12, 2005


I have too many people on my list so I addedanother account! Some of you will received my updatesfrom and others will just takes me too long tosend my update with only one account! Ok..yesterday, I phoned the editor of the Localpaper and asked him where do I send the bill for mystomach Transplant? The Irvings????? This is what got me very upset-Daily Gleaner Brent TaylorAs published on page A8 on January 11, 2005 Robichaud made an impactBrent TaylorREALITY CHECKThis morning in Moncton Louis Robichaud was given hisfinal farewell.He had not been well in recent weeks, but maybe noteverybody knew that. Journalists knew, and had beenpreparing for some time. So, when the sad news finallycame last Thursday, New Brunswick's media was ready toretell the story of the "father of modern NewBrunswick."All of the papers had extensive coverage, as did theelectronic media.In helping to prepare a little of that preliminarywork myself, I spent quite a bit of time researchingthe career of Louis Robichaud. The more I found, themore fascinated I became. Being a resident of Quebecfor the entire 10-year reign of Robichaud, I never sawin person the changes he brought to the province. ANDIT GOES ON BLAH BLAH BLAH…. For you people who’s not familiar with BrentTaylor? He’s a former MLA from the C.O.R. Party! I usedto debate Acadian issues with these bigots for yearsin the letters to the editor! The C.O.R. Party was to the Acadian populationlike the KKK is to the Blacks! Brent Taylor ran forthe Leadership of the C.O.R. Party in the early 90swhile in Campbellton he made a very very veryAnti-French speech! We all know that a leopard never changes it spotsand it makes me sick to my stomach seeing thisheadline in the Daily Gleaner and of course I neverread this BS anyway but there’s something that Ifound very interesting yesterday. Someone told me that Brent Taylor will run underthe P.C. Banner during the next Provincial Election! Well? I’ll tell you one thing right now!!! IfBernard Lord allows that Bigot to run??? Well? I’mgoing to be front and center with this issue! The P.C Party shouldn’t associate themselves witha man like Brent Taylor. Mind you, I met and have somegood friends from the C.O.R. Party! As a matter of fact, I had a good chat with MaxWhite during the P.C. Annual meeting in Fredericton afew months ago! But I’ll never forget Brent Taylor speech and I’mvery surprised that he has his own column in theIrving Papers??? Why is that now??? The Telegraph Journal stop printing my lettersbut they allowed a bigot to spread his views? Why isthat now? Who knows? I crashed their first annual convention in 1991when Danny Cameron held a news conference telling theGovernment of the day <> to removed theAcadian flag from on top of the Legislature. My actions went across Canada. There were 1,000members at that convention and I am not afraid tospeak out against hatred!!! I was very surprised to see J.K. Irving at LouisRobichaud Funeral yesterday! Of course, I always like J.K. anyway but it’s hisson J.D that I don’t care for! Hey? Any Billionaire who supports Racism? There’sdefinitely something wrong with this Picture. I told J.D. himself that he had a very racistSupervisor working at Gulf Operators and he goes on awitch-hunt against the Blacks and Acadians! He makes certain that everyone knows his views onMinorities. His name is Brian Grant and he goes around sayingthat no niggers of Frogs should work within the IrvingEmpire! After tell J.D. Irving of this Racist? I guessthat he gave the guy a raise and a promotion! Totally ridiculous but then again he has theSupport of those racist members of the New BrunswickHuman Rights Commission!!! Hey? Ii read in the HEREpaper from Moncton <> that they’relooking for a freelance reporter? Maybe I shouldapply? But then again I’ll have to give my heart andlife to the dedication of the Irving Empire??? Nahhhhcan’t do that!!! Speaking of those racists at the Commission? I’mgoing to make a presentation in front of the personwho’s appointed to review the issue of inclusion inour schools! Thank God? These people are not allowed to make apresentation! They are the same group of people whotold the Government that adults with ADHD are close tomental Retardation. If you’re new to my list? Here’s the orders thatcame from Management of the Irvings aWhen Mr.LeBlanc was interviewed by Gulf Operators he informed us he had ADHD and was taking Ritalin there were medical limitations placed on Mr.LeBlanc.We accommodated Mr.LeBlanc disability by ensuring thathe was given jobs and duties that complied with his medical limitations. Sherry Merssereau <> Supported by the racist members of the Human Rights Commission of New Brunswick > Can you imagine if these people were allowed tomake a presentation? It would be terrible! These racist C.U.P.E appointed people at the NewBrunswick Human Rights Commission would order theappointed individual who’s in charge of the reviewthat kids with ADHD should be ignored at any cost! I’ll say more on these people in the next coupleof weeks after the Ombudsman investigate an issue Ihave with those people! I’ll wait and see what’s goingto happen! Sh@t!!! Close to 1,000 words already!!! Ok…this story was in the Nation Post last Friday!Health Canada approves new ADHD pill with small liverdamage riskOTTAWA - Health Canada has approved a new drug forattention deficit hyperactivity disorder that U.S.regulators warned in rare cases may cause severe liverdamage. Strattera is a non-stimulant drug approved foruse in children six and older, as well as adults. Thedrug is promoted as a once-a-day pill that can treatsymptoms of ADHD from morning to bedtime, so childrencan avoid the "stigma" of taking a midday dose atschool. "I remember a mother who was very angry that ateacher announced [her son's] name to go and see thenurse during the noon hour, and all the kids teasedhim later, saying, 'What are you on?' " says Dr.Atilla Turgay, chief of medical staff and director ofthe ADHD clinic, training and research institute atthe Scarborough Hospital in Toronto. Dr. Turgay, oneof the principal investigators in Canadian tests ofthe drug, said Strattera is safe and effective. Lastmonth, the U.S. Food and Drug Administration adviseddoctors about the drug's potential side effectsfollowing two reported cases of liver damage in a teenand an adult who had been taking Strattera for severalmonths. Both recovered. Strattera has been on the since 2002 and has been prescribed to more thantwo million patients. According to Eli Lilly CanadaInc., no evidence of liver injury was detected inclinical studies involving about 6,000 patients,including 200 Canadians. Now? I tried with another individual to locate thewhole story on the information Highway but to noavail! Here’s the scary part-The warning also states severe drug-related liverinjury may lead to acute liver failure in a smallpercentage of patients, : resulting in death or theneed for a liver Transplant : Dr.Turgay, who has been a paid consultant and speakerfor Lilly! Now Health Canada has approve this new drugbecause a lobbyist says it’s ok but a few kids willdie????? COME ON NOW!!! GIVE ME A BREAK!!! The amount of Ritalin prescribe in this Provincehas reach sky high during these last few years andBernard Lord always tells New Brunswickers that if theDoctor prescribes the pills??? Then it must be ok!!! A few children will die with this new drug butit’s ok because it’s much cheaper to drug our kidsthan to treat them with Dignity! I must approach Elvy Robichaud in this issue! Now? The Government don’t mind kids to die????Something isn’t right with this picture!!! Sh@t over 1,200 words and I have many more viewson different issues! Ok…excuse the style and grammar of this updatebecause I just write the darn thing and send it alongto you people on the information Highway! Send this toall your friends on your list so they can continuereading the going on in this Province! Here’s a fewcomments that I received during the last 24 hours!Don’t be afraid to send me yours!!! Bye bye…For you people who’s getting up there in age??? Readthis one, it’s pretty good!!!---Charles,Speaking of being 65 and over...well I am there as youknow. And so far so good. I still put in a good day's work, I still put inon the average a 45 to 50 hour week and I usually do not take my completeyearly four-wek vacation. Plus I cross-country ski as often as I can(five times already this winter); plus I ride a bike and do kayakingduring the summer. So do not be afraid of the number 65...because that's all itis...a number. I do not feel older than I did twenty years ago. Do notlook at the number 65 as a threshold for losing your energy, passion, etc. andfor getting old!Bonne journée.Here’s the comments-1-I hope this Michael comes to meet/help you! 2-Charlie, I am not sure why I am on your list to be honest. This is my personal email, and by the way, I am inMoncton3-Yah Baby Yah!!!!Still to long Charles, Better to send a little eachday.My attention span is not as long as it once was. 4-The Simpson's is a satire.....(to make fun of) andnot an accuracte view of American's for tomake people laugh because it is stupid and not real5-All Americans are different....that's why it iscalled a melting pot.......and the white people aregetting to be more scarce...............But, people do not act like that all the time.....And, non of my friends act likethat............Homer is a jerk!!! My kids used towatch that show also, but they grew out of it..and Ibought my daughter all the dolls to go withit............The show is just a joke.......andfunny..............Like the Rosanne show..!!! Or thethree studges.....Carol Burnett,,,,etc. I myself prefer, a romantic comedy with Meg Ryan andTom Hanks in it.........6-Charles,I believe that ADHD is both over and under diagnosed.I feel the sme way about ritalin use--it may over-perscribed but it isalso under perscribed.A study published national Insitute of Mental Healthfound that Ritalin, far from harming kids' brains, actually helped themgrow and devlop. This study was printed in 2002 in an issue of theAmerican Medical Association. Another study recently found that thatappropriate ritalin use actually lessens the likelihood of later drugabuse.I do not think we should be asking the government ofNB to do research on this area. There is already tons of research outthere. The government should be using its resources to meet otherneeds.Respectfully,7-over 1000 people were there, several streets wereblockaded from 7am toabout 1 in the afternoon8-But Charles you are a caring guy, are you having abad day. Regards9-Who's Michael Moore, not everyone is as educated asyou on these politicalthings.10-Charles.Happy New Year.I am not sure who sent youthe last email but onething is clear to me is that they don't know BernardLord very well to makethat kind of comment. Regards