Monday, March 07, 2005


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I just had a chat with someone who recognizes me from my protest.
He just arrived from out west and began telling me his personal problems.
From what I’m told, he lost everything after a divorce and went to the Welfare office for help but they denied him! < Haven’t we heard this kind of story before? >
Anyway? He’s not too impress with the open cubicles system and he told me that they are asking him some very private questions so the whole floor can hear them!

So? He told me that he might crack up during the next few days! Hey? This guy worked for NBPOWER for years and now he’s down to the dumps and it doesn’t look good!
I pray that it doesn’t happen but what did I tell you readers in the past?
One of these days, someone is going to crack up and cross that thin line. You can only push a human being so far! So read on!
Hey? These bureaucrats have a sense of ha ha!!!
One bureaucrat told me to stay put for a minute. This individual had a present for me! Behold in front of me were writing papers with the Irving Oil Emblem on each pages!
The bureaucrat began to laugh and I guess they were old papers but I did tell the bureaucrat that there is a different between Irving Oil and J.D. Irving!
You really haven’t seen me write against the refinery because I always had good face to face debates with Arthur or Kenneth Irving!
But J.D. Irving is totally out of control! He’s denying New Brunswickers the right to speak out against the Evil Irving Empire and this is what gets me very very very upset!
I heard over the weekend that the reason that Peter Huggert is the new Publisher of the Daily Gleaner is because Jamie Irving got along with Mark Tunney so therefore Peter was transferred but this move could be disastrous for the citizens in the area of Fredericton because our voice our going to be cut short!
Mark Tunney gets along with the son of a Billionaire so there Peter is shown the door!
But Peter dedicated his life and soul to the Irving empire so therefore this guy from Ontario will dictate what New Brunswickers will read.
Ok..I bumped into a student from the Journalism course during the weekend and I asked if one of the Irvings showed up in their classroom yet?
I told the student- It wouldn’t surprise me that once an Irving walks into the classroom that all the students like good little train soldiers will quickly stand up and salute –IRVING!!!
Didn’t we see this kind of act a few decades ago?
The Irvings must take back the millions of dollars they gave to Saint Thomas and Universite de Moncton because these young journalists are just being brainwash the Irving way!
This is not right!
Speaking of spreading the news? There’s a new blog in New Brunswick! Check out this site! I guess this blogger is just like moi? He believes that it really don’t matter which political party is in power! It’s the Bureaucrats who runs the show! Check it out at

By the way? I just found out that the building that I’m living in is contaminated!
Anyone out there knows a place they have a room for rent?
Send me a note! It wasn’t a bad place and I seen wrost places in Saint John! It is very hard to find a room in the Capital because they are so expensive!
I just heard that the Methadone Clinic isn’t for everyone! It’s a clinic just for the Rich addicted people!
Read the comment below my update for the whole story!
So I guess the prescription drug problem in Saint John is still going to be bad! People are going to die over the next few months and the Lord Government don’t seem to care!
During the weekend, someone approached me and praised me for my blog site! He told me that it’s very educational and it’s better than the Irving papers!
He really enjoyed following my updates went Tim Smith was protesting in front of the Legislature against the VLT’S!
Speaking of Tim Smith? He’s going to be a guest on Melanson Live Tomorrow night at 8:00pm!
He’s coming to the Capital so therefore I’m going to dedicate tomorrow’s update to his cause.
He emailed a letter to the Premier and I will paste it here in the morning!
Hey? This Blog site isn’t all about me me me me me!!!! It’s for other issues only! Can you imagine if I only wrote about Ritalin and ADD/ADHD??? Sure would be a boring site!
Ok…Excuse the grammar because I just write the darn thing and send it along on the information Highway! Here’s an email that I just received!!!!

Here’s another poem for Bernard Lord-

This was sent to me! I didn’t write the darn thing because I don’t have the patience!

Mr. Lord And a Bush Accord!

My name's Bernard Lord and if I were Prime Minister.
I'd act on my plan, although it be sinister.
To have by my side, my idle with pride.
My friend from the south , He too a big mouth.
Neither one of us care and we don’t like to share.
We take all of the credit ,leave nothing to spare.
He’s hated by many , I as well at home too.
Putting voters aside to do what we do.

You can tell as I speak ,We show the same cheek.
We take care of ourselves ,To hell with the weak.
Together we will rule the shores of the west.
We treat all our own as if they are guests.

Use up all our resources as told we’re so bold.
Get rid of the weak, the poor, and the old.

With missiles in pockets, our loved ones in lockets.
Killing our soldiers, our system we mock it.

We go and invade on all foreign soil.
Killing their men and stealing their oil.
I tell other leaders afar and abroad-
This man is my hero, this man I applaud
And when we got home I say this to you - I sold us all out to the red,white and blue!
I love you George
Yours Truely Bernie...