Thursday, February 24, 2005


I saw this little note on television this morning-

It is better to live one day as a Lion that 100 years as a sheep!!!

I believe this statement suits me just fine!!!!

As I wrote in the past, we live in a very small Province so therefore Billionaires such as the Irvings can get away with murder.
The first step is to hire opinion makers to spread their views on certain issues such as what’s going on as we speak at Universite de Moncton and Saint Thomas. The Irvings gave 2 Million dollars to train these young journalists so they will be brainwash the Irving way.
The second step is to educate or brainwash the public with their views so they will side with the Irving way!
For example - The time that I protested in front of the Evil Irving Empire, the Irving reporter wrote a story that I was fired on three different occasions which was a lie and I was allowed to write a letter to the editor but the damage has already been done. The readers were brainwashed by the Irvings lies!!!
The third way

is to make certain that the bureaucrats or Politicians are on their side! What the Irvings are doing is very simple. They made up a section in the Moncton Transcript call - Sleuth! This is a section of the paper that will crucify anyone who dares to go against the Irving Empire!
You will be surprised how many readers can be brainwash by the opinion makers of a newspaper?
Speaking of opinion in a paper. I got my little view printed in the Daily Gleaner < Irving paper > yesterday!
This is the only Irving own paper that will allow me to write my views freely in a democratic system!
Here’s the little comments from me. It’s a comment from 15 different people. The question was - Will you miss the NHL? My answer-
Nora Valentino, Fredericton.

Personally, I will not miss the NHL.

I used to love hockey but after watching a bunch of
millionaires play a sport, it went on a downward
trend. I like football.

It's a risky sport and if they made $10 million a year
- no problem.

As an outspoken citizen like me, what I will miss is
Don Cherry. Don Cherry is my hero.

- Charles LeBlanc, Fredericton.

Do you miss the NHL??? Let me know???
Ok….The issue of Ritalin might find some closure in the very near future.
Yesterday, I bumped into a P.C. MLA in the Legislature. I love the Legislature, politicians cannot go nowhere without bumping into their worst nightmare and that would be me! …lol…
I won’t disclose the politician name but he told me that there’s talk of the Education and Health Standing Committee to study the issue of Ritalin in New Brunswick!
The individual told me that he had to leave the meeting once my name was mention?
I replied- What? You left when my name was mentioned??…
Anyway…things are looking good.
Around 15 minutes later, I bumped into another P.C. MLA outside of the Legislature.
I guess these politicians are not safe outside either.
I won’t mention the politician name but I will admit that it was a bad place to chat because of the cold winter winds gusting between the buildings.
Anyway? He told me that my name was mention for a committee to study the issue of Ritalin!
I quickly said- My Name??? My name shouldn’t be mentioned for the need of a committee!
The 10,000 people who signed my petition should be mention but not my name!
He quickly answered- Good point!
Well? It is a good point because this has nothing to do with me! This is an issue for the 10,000 kids around this province who are forced to take Ritalin! This has nothing to do with me!
I pray that these politicians don’t even think about me once they debate if a committee should study the issue of Ritalin because lets be honest here.
It’s not every elected officials who likes Charles LeBlanc! Some Politicians hate my guts but that’s ok with me because if everyone had the same way of thinking? It sure would be a boring world!
I guess just maybe the Lord Government might study the issue of Ritalin but lets see what’s going to happen during the next few days.
From what I gathered - The Premier has the final word on this issue!
I said it before and I will say it again! If Frank McKenna would have been the Premier, the issue of Ritalin would have been studied a long time ago.
Speaking of Premier? Bernard Lord will be a guest on Voice of the Province this evening at 8:00pm and I suppose myself and the Premier will go at it again!!!
My God? We must have debated this issue on 30 different occasions on live Talk show since the first time he was elected Premier but tonight I’m going to use a different approach with Mr.Lord!!!
Did you know there’s 8 million Bloggers in the information Highway????
Read this story? I hope this doesn’t happen to me? It’s a story from the BBC!!!!

Last Updated: Wednesday, 23 February, 2005, 19:47 GMT

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Iran jails blogger for 14 years

Millions of Iranians view the internet as a place to express themselves
An Iranian weblogger has been jailed for 14 years on charges of spying and aiding foreign counter-revolutionaries.
Arash Sigarchi was arrested last month after using his blog to criticise the arrest of other online journalists.
Mr Sigarchi, who also edits a newspaper in northern Iran, was sentenced by a revolutionary court in the Gilan area.
His sentence, criticised by human rights watchdog Reporters Without Borders, comes a day after an online "day of action" to secure his release.
Iranian authorities have recently clamped down on the growing popularity of weblogs, restricting access to major blogging sites from within Iran.
A second Iranian blogger, Motjaba Saminejad, who also used his website to report on bloggers' arrests, is still being held.
'Illegal and incompetent'
A spokesman for Reporters Without Borders, which tracks press freedom across the globe, described Mr Sigarchi's sentence as "harsh" and called on Iranian President Mohammed Khatami to work to secure his immediate release.
"The authorities are trying to make an example of him," the organisation said in a statement.

The eyes of 8m bloggers are going to be more focused on Iran since Sigarchi's sentence, not less

Curt Hopkins,
Committee to Protect Bloggers
"By handing down this harsh sentence against a weblogger, their aim is to dissuade journalists and internet-users from expressing themselves online or contacting foreign media."
In the days before his arrest Mr Sigarchi gave interviews to the BBC Persian Service and the US-funded Radio Farda.
Iranian authorities have arrested about 20 online journalists during the current crackdown.
They accused Mr Sigarchi of a string of crimes against Iranian state, including espionage, insulting the founder of Iran's Islamic Republic, Ayatollah Ruhollah Khomenei, and current Supreme Leader Ayatollah Ali Khamenei.
Mr Sigarchi's lawyer labelled the revolutionary court "illegal and incompetent" and called for a retrial in a public court.
Web campaign
Mr Sigarchi was sentenced one day after an online campaign highlighted his case in a day of action in defence of bloggers around the world.

Around 8m people write blogs on websites based around the world
The Committee to Protect Bloggers designated 22 February 2005 as Free Mojtaba and Arash Day.
Around 10,000 people visited the campaign's website during the day. About 12% of users were based in Iran, the campaign's director told the BBC News website.
Curt Hopkins said Mr Sigarchi's sentence would not dent the resolve of bloggers joining the campaign to help highlight the case.
"The eyes of 8 million bloggers are going to be more focused on Iran since Sigarchi's sentence, not less.
"The mullahs won't be able to make a move without it be spread across the blogosphere."

Pretty scary stuff eh??? Hey? The Bloggers are the way of the future and that’s the way it is!
I went to the Soup Kitchen last night and the place was full! I am sorry that I can’t give you the amount but it must be over 100!
Ok…enough writing for today. Excuse the style and grammar of this update because I just write the darn thing and send it along the information Highway! Here’s some comments from some readers, I received during the last 24 hours!!!!!

1-Very interesting discussion. Nothing is sure in life.Liberals could be bad too.Let us face it that Liberals are no saints even if they would like you to believe when in opposition.However, indifference and inhumanity shown by Lord and his government on numerous issues is unprecedented including Ritalin issue.That is why Lord and associates are unworthy to be government.One can only hope that Liberals will not be that dumb to completely ignore the wishes of those who elected them.

Posted by Anonymous to Charles LeBlanc ADHD Activist at 2/23/2005 06:06:54 PM

2-I Like it pretty cool


Hope this doesn't happen to you.

Look at this site...

4-Look at the number of children who died under the care of the province as it was reported in The Daily Gleaner.
John Ryan Turner, a Miramichi toddler, starved to death. Jacqueline Dawn Brewer, a two-year-old Saint John girl, died from lack of water. Courtney Summer Grimmer, a three-year-old from Fredericton, was shaken or squeezed to death.

Then of course Heather White committed suicide. These are the high profile cases. There may be many more cases because of Ritalin,other drug abuse and neglect. Part of the problem is that social workers are overworked. A report suggests 177 more social workers are needed. Huntjens says he took care of the problem by hiring secretaries for social workers. Can you believe this? What a way to take care of the problem.

Posted by Anonymous to Charles LeBlanc ADHD Activist at 2/23/2005 06:06:54 PM

5- I think this is a much better format than before. It looks very
professional and the information is easier to find. YES, YOU ARE A

6- Sure,,,something different and professional looking!

7- Yep..!! Can u help me with a little French-to-English
Baiser de L'Hotel de Ville....." I get City Hall, but Le Baiser has me

8- Charles,

j'ai pas le temps de visiter ton site longtemps, mais comme on dit à
Memramcook, "ça look nice".

9- WOW! that's alot of Ritalin! ******** bunch of Ritalin junkies!? When will they ever learn!? Are these the future drug, addicts???????

10- 10,000 signatures are lot of signatures in a small province like ours. Lord government ignored them all. You spent 6 months in a tent and towards the end in bitter cold and yet no movement by this government on the issue of Ritalin. What happened to compassion and humanity? You must be commended what you did. Sorry cannot commend Lord and his Government.

Posted by Anonymous to Charles LeBlanc ADHD Activist at 2/23/2005 03:51:41 PM

11- Like it a whole bunch...
Can check out your updates whenever I like without having my e-mail
clogged up..
Good concept..

12- works for me:)

13- yes, much easier to read.

14- You seem to be defending Bernard Lord and his government saying that all politicians are alike. Did he not tell you before 99 elections that he would do something about Ritalin and after elections it was up to the doctors. That is a very poor reflection on the character of a leader. When you ended the protest you were given assurances that something would be done about the issue of Ritalin. Nothing is done so far. Again very poor reflection on the leadership qualities. If a person does not keep his words then you are saying it is ok because the person in question is a politician. We must hold our leaders to the highest standards because they are role models for our society. If a leader lies then what kind of role model that will be.

Posted by Anonymous to Charles LeBlanc ADHD Activist at 2/23/2005 03:28:01 PM

15- Just like you this person wishes to remain anonymous for some very definite reasons. However, do notice some very serious problems in this province. There is a lack of leadership. Our finances are a mess. Our healthcare is a mess. Our senior care is in a crisis. Poor, homeless are being ignored. Then of course there is serious drug abuse problem and Mr. Leblanc will give you an earful on that one, people committing crimes and suicide. There is general mismanagement. It is a one big nightmare. The gentleman who has the site may be interested in a new site as he has serious problems with Lord Government and by the looks of it very genuine problems. Do not know the person just guessing from his site that he may be interested. Who knows you may make history although sometimes real heroes remain unknown. You have chosen to remain unknown.

Posted by Anonymous to Charles LeBlanc ADHD Activist at 2/23/2005 02:55:25 PM

16- I am interested in helping someone with the time and energy to create a site. It takes a great deal of my time so anyone willing to put fourth the commitment must treat it as such... Here are some questions that I have though...

-Let me know why you are interested in taking on this venture?
-How much time do you realistically feel you can contribute to this
site on a daily or weekly basis?
-How comfortable are you with using computers?
-Let me know a bit about you...

I have already registered the domain but as is commented on above willing to use a different blog address as well. My first committment is Charles and making sure this site is a success but can be convinced to administer another blog. Please feel free to email me with your ideas, comments, concerns and anything else that may interest you...


Posted by Anonymous to Charles LeBlanc ADHD Activist at 2/23/2005 01:50:01 PM

17- To: VCIE

To have another site is a great idea. If Mr. Leblanc does not agree then there is another site the contact information is on the site and may be that gentleman will agree to be the moderator. His site is neat with very humorous and short blogs but with a dead serious message.

This site is neat. Mr. Leblanc is very dedicated and persistent advocate for proper treatment of ADHD and for study of Ritalin use. But it is a single-issue blog. To find comments is quite difficult as updates are very long.

By the way you do create great sites. Keep up this outstanding work.

Posted by Anonymous to Charles LeBlanc ADHD Activist at 2/23/2005 01:41:59 PM

18- Charles, I just read the first part of your message about your friend who 'prays' you'll do something useful with your life. I hope you let her know that you already have done more than many people accomplish for their society in a lifetime. Your work is admirable and you really can't be blamed if we live in such a f****ed up society that the most important work recieves the least pay (or no pay-just ask any mother).

Also, you've really inspired me to 'get off my ass' and join some of the many organizations out there that are doing wonderful work and financially supporting them when possible. The worst thing I find about the internet is even though 'the message' gets out, it is still an isolating medium and people haven't gotten around to get organized to confront our many problems.

You're an inspiration to ADD sufferers everywhere!

Posted by Anonymous to Charles LeBlanc ADHD Activist at 2/23/2005 01:02:45 PM


20- Going to start a web site www. hope u enjoy it

Pour diffusion immédiate

Moncton-Sable s’attaque à une des histoires les plus anciennes au monde avec sa nouvelle création, Alors, tu m’aimes? de Monique Snow.

Pourquoi aime-t-on? Comment aime-t-on? Chacun a son idée de ce qu’est l’amour et chacun aime à sa façon. En complicité avec les membres du collectif Moncton-Sable, la jeune auteure Monique Snow pose un regard sur la vie à deux, la notion de couple et les différentes façons de parler d’amour avec la nouvelle pièce de théâtre, Alors, tu m’aimes?

Construit sous forme de tableaux qui s’entrecoupent ou se succèdent, le spectacle s’est développé au fur et à mesure que l’équipe explorait et improvisait les différentes dynamiques qui animent la vie de couple.

"À cause de la grande ouverture du texte, le plus difficile a été de s’arrêter sur certaines propositions tellement les possibilités s’offraient", explique Philip André Collette, qui en est à sa première mise en scène, "et c’est justement l’universalité du sujet-même qui nous a donné la direction du spectacle." Selon lui, l’immense plaisir du texte de Monique, autant pour

les spectateurs que les comédiennes, réside dans le potentiel des variations d’interprétations possibles.

Quatre comédiennes se partagent la scène dans un décor de la sculpteure, Gerry Collins. Il s’agit de Marie-Pierre Valay-Nadeau, Brigitte LeBlanc, Anika Lirette et Annie LaPlante, toutes finissantes du département d’art dramatique de l’Université de Moncton. Les éclairages sont de Louise Lemieux, tandis que Lynne Surette assiste Philip André à la mise en scène.

Le spectacle Alors, tu m’aimes? sera présenté au Théâtre L’Escaouette,

du jeudi 24 février au vendredi 4 mars à 20h. (relâche les 28 février et 1er mars). Spécial deux billets pour le prix d’un le vendredi 25 février.

Le collectif Moncton-Sable reçoit l’aide financière du Conseil des arts du N.-B.


Renseignements/ réservations: 506.854.3336
Contact: Philip André Collette

22- Hey, thanks, we're getting ready to go at, however, we thought we'd try to get hold of the original guy to find out why he stopped, any ideas how to find him? Also, I can't find the story on the rude photo journalist?

23- Charles, I'd be interested in starting my own blog, closely related to yours and with the 'recall bernard lord' theme. Since you have so much on your plate I'd be willing to 'chip in' and do a blog similar to yours for recall bernard lord. However, a new name would have to be used since I"m not sure whether the owner of would give it up. Mind you, I could always use or something like that. Anyway, I was wondering if you could forward this message to your anonymous friend to see if he's interested. However, since he doesn't know me then perhaps I'm better off on my own (although I don't know whether I'd be motivated enough without some help). If he is interested of course his anonymity is safe, I was once an irving employee too! Anyway, if you could just pass this email along to him with my email address then I'd appreciate it. This isn't 'for publication'. Thanks,

Sorry charles, it's starting to get confusing...why are there TWO different places? Where should replies be going?


Anonymous said...

Your readers comment about how many people have died under the Lord's government came up a little short. There was 2 inquest done, one on the Beshara fellow whom was made a drug addict from his Doctor and OD"D, the other was the Mailman fellow who died in the drunk tank in jail, he also OD'D. They were the only two said publicly but I know at least 6 more that died because of the Prescription Drug problem in my City alone and that is Saint John NB, they are 6 people that I knew and how many more didn't I know. This government has failed terribly when it comes to the people who need them. They rate a BIG 0 in my books and many other people feel the same

Charles LeBlanc said...

I'm affraid that you are correct and I stronly believe that this Government will o down in history for inorin the prescription dru problem in this Province!!!

Charles LeBlanc said...

I hope that the Irving White Employee fixe the proble...looks like some letters are missing and for once it's not my fault!!! this is what I wrote-

I'm afraid that you are correct and I stronly believe that this Government will go down in history for inoring the prescription drug problem in this Province!!!

Anonymous said...

New site looks good. It is hoped that anonymous comments will be accepted. Great work guys. New Brunswick needs people like yourself.

Anonymous said...

I would rather read your Blog then read the Irving owned paper anyday,
least we know that you are giving us facts and not making yourself look
like a hero. How many stories were not reported in the Irving paper
should of been,,,,,,WAY TOO MANY FOR MY LIKING!!!!!! We will never
the true goings on in our own Province and that is very sad.

Anonymous said...

Let me tell you something Charles. You must have heard that God has mysterious ways of doing things. You never know God might have entered the arena to help you out. It is good to hear that you are finally having success to get Ritalin issue studied. Good causes never die it just takes times sometimes.

T.S. Saint John said...

I would like to point out a massive misprint in comment#4 Little Dawn Brewer Died at the hands of her parents...

Anonymous said...

If the article in the Fredericton Daily Gleaner concerning children who lost their lives at the hands of the Province (According to comment number 4)actually says that 2 year old Dawn Brewer was one of those victims,Then it would seem that the(Irving run Newspaper)Owes the Province an Apology it seems that the facts are poorly presented which leads me to wonder what other facts have been wrong in past issues???
Will be looking for correction & Public apology in future paper.

Charles LeBlanc said...

I'm glad that you enjoy my updates! Keep on reading!

Anonymous said...

It is good to see that folks are catching on. Bernard Lord won the 1999 election by fluke. Bernard Lord, by winning big majority in 1999, concluded that he was The Lord. From then on he thought he would issue commandments after commandments and downtrodden public have no choice but to obey those commandments. If they did not obey the commandments this Lord shall punish them. Very dark days in the history of New Brunswick, indeed. Patience of the people is running out. Mr. Leblanc has pointed out many times that you can push people so far and someone will flip. Hope not and one can only pray that this nightmare will end peacefully.

However, too many people have been hurt and harmed. The incompetence of Lord government is unbearable. Lack of compassion has been the hallmark of Lord Government. This horrible saga in New Brunswick history must end.

Anonymous said...

Why weren't you on the talk show last night? Very strange not to hear you so is there anything wrong?

Anonymous said...

Did watch Bernard Lord on talk show last night. When pressed about economy, jobs and social programs he said it is an evolutionary process. You know, he is right. It took last Neanderthal some 40,000 years to become full blown human being. Do you think this Neanderthal, Bernard Lord, will grow up to become full human? Nay! Fat chance.

People were calling that they cannot find jobs: do not have means to put food on table, have a shelter over their head or provide education for their children. Guess what? Bernard Lord tells the host that New Brunswick is a great place to live, as there is lot of golfing available. Wow! What a solution, these poor folks who do not have jobs, food and shelter must take up golfing. Yes! We have a damn Neanderthal for a premier.

Anonymous said...

Did watch Bernard Lord on talk show last night. When pressed about economy, jobs and social programs he said it is an evolutionary process. You know, he is right. It took last Neanderthal some 40,000 years to become full blown human being. Do you think this Neanderthal, Bernard Lord, will grow up to become full human? Nay! Fat chance.

People were calling that they cannot find jobs: do not have means to put food on table, have shelter over their head or provide education for their children. Guess what? Bernard Lord tells the host that New Brunswick is a great place to live, as there is lot of golfing available. Wow! What a solution, these poor folks who do not have jobs, food and shelter must take up golfing. Yes! We have a damn Neanderthal for a premier.

Anonymous said...

Did you watch "Voice of the Province" last night? I did because you told me that you would be on at the beginning of the show! You said that you would be the first caller! And I waited and waited and waited.... and you never did come on! How come? Were you in some kind of accident or something? Are you hurt or injured? I hope that you're okay. And if you are, then why weren't you on? That's my favourite part of the show is hearing your comments and questions, you always seem to set the tone for the show. Or is it that Bernard Lord shunned you on purpose? I know you would have been on.... you may be able to accuse them of Discrimination, tell it to the racist members of the "Human Rights Commision"! Or maybe Rogers Cable and Bernard Lord have connections with the Irvings.... Well, what ever the case, I happen to think that your opinion counts, I am really disappointment that I wasn't able to hear you on the show. Do you know who I would contact about this? Would it be Rogers? Or the Premier's office? Let me know, because I missed you on the show, I have some opinions of my own that I would like to share with a few people. Have a good one!

Anonymous said...

Good morning Charlie;

If what you got out of the meetings with the MLAs is right it looks like your hard work may be finally paying off. It will be truly rewarding for you and the thousands of children throughout the province. You have learned something about Premier Lord and his government that a lot of we citizens of this province tend to turn a blind eye on. Congratulations.

Premier Lord’s government is wholly one-sided when it comes to aiding the larger communities or big businesses. He knows where his financial backing is coming from and he is not hesitant to shaft the smaller communities, small businesses or the poorer people of our province. Look at all of the construction going on in Moncton for example. One thing that you have learned is that Premier Lord does not like to be pressured and you have surly be applying a lot of pressure on him. The sad thing about it is that everyone, including the Premier and his zombies, knows the harmful effects of Retalin on our children and it is still taking the Premier eons to correct the problem. Isn’t it too bad that our young children are not voters? If they were Premier Lord would have acted long ago.

I am trying to find my way around my blog site at . I am trying to add links so do you mind if I add your site to my sidebar? Also if you do not mind perhaps you can add a link to my site also.

If not it is no problem. You have your reasons for fighting for your cause and I have mine but both appear to point at the same thing. Premier Lord’s inability to look after the poorer and rural citizens of our province. Now if only you or I had millions of dollars our Premier might pay a bit of attention to what we are trying to tell the citizens of New Brunswick. In your case it is the inability to investigate a drug that is being used to control the harmful effects on our younger children instead of finding a healthy solution. Mine is because of Premier Lord’s inability to take action on causes such as yours, for his inability to stop the harmful effects that his health plan is having on our rural areas, and his overall display of ignorance that he has show towards the poorer citizens of NB.

Thanks Charlie and sorry for ranting on.

Again have a good weekend.

Bev Stack