Tuesday, June 14, 2005




tim and charles


Anonymous said...

Well! Unfortunately the first one proved that he cannot be trusted. He is dead now and one is not supposed to say anything ill about the dead.

Are you saying Mayor of Saint John cannot be trusted either? He does seem to have a lot on his plate. L.N G-ate is one of the items on his plate.

Charles LeBlanc said...

I never said that I didn't trust the Mayor. I just asked a question?

Anonymous said...

How can a person trust a Mayor when we in Saint John pay the highest taxes in the Province and the idiot gives the richest family in New Brunswick a 25 year tax break. Mayor MacFarlane is an insult to the Saint John people. He needs to retire or he might as well get use to the BOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO's because thats what he deserves!

Anonymous said...

I'll trust the ones on the end either end will be fine,if they are willing to throw themselves out to public opinion and critisizim to issues of importance outside their own self interest I would trust them to stand up for me!

Anonymous said...

I certainly don't trust Norm. I made the mistake of voting for him, and although I know he won't run again, he wouldn't get me to make the same mistake twice. Thanks for Nothing (at all) Norm!!!

Anonymous said...

Well we’ve already seen what the man in the middle is capable of
doing especially when you’ve got your back to him.
According to the majority of Saint Johners trust is not one of his
strongest attributions these days

And it would be a toss up from there because the two that are left
both have a great cause and should be proud of who they are
regardless of anyone else's opinion!

It takes a lot of courage to stand up and be counted in today’s
world and to have enough compassion for the convictions in
which those causes hold.

Also to stand-alone and to take on the very governing body that’s
trying to protect millions of dollars over the protection of life or a
fair shake,

By at the very least giving addicts (of which they have created)
a rest period throughout the day from the madness of thinking
about nothing else from their waking moments to the time they go to
sleep, just to get up and relive it all over again or die trying.
(Life or Vlt’s)

Or give the proper respect to our children by using some of the
millions in ill-gotten vlt prophets to at the very least, implement
changes for the badly needed upgrading of today’s Healthcare
and Education staff to help these children through proper vision
programs at a slower speed and a drug free process.
Also to better equip them for this very new time with which they
now try to cope. (Proper funding or Ritalin).

With a new society that can no longer cope with themselves as an
average citizen financially (Mostly through governing cut backs of
things we had gotten accustomed to having)
The truth is the children of today are growing up faster then the
generation before them and are learning of their surroundings at a
very fast pace( By the way I’m willing to bet) if a study was done
the majority of the children on Ritalin would be those in low income

I’m also willing to bet the psychological reasons for the hyper
disorder is from those children of the parents who cannot supply the
diversity of activities in a very busy and changing world.
Guidance cannot be taught through disorganized and dysfunctional
change by the ciaos of the parents with which they learn,

And then take those causes and try to prove to the everyday person
that these convictions are real and this is not just two persons with
nothing better to do than to try and help those who seem to be
struggling to get someone, anyone to listen on a large enough scale
to make an effect in this fast and busy time of change and uncertainty

Also trying to explain to the masses that “hey, we have a couple of
major life threatening issues here and the scary reality is these are
government run programs on the backs of a percentage of the population

and trying to find resolve for the many deaths in the one hand and
the many needlessly neglected children in the other for the health of our
communities with which we elect those responsible for in the first place.

With two voices both trying to speak out to the sleeping masses and to
holler as loud as you can the depth of the problem from the way it really
is, but is being hidden and exploited by this very Government for human

Two people are able to see the destruction that's taking place within
and try to get it out above all the interference and blocking by their
own government leaders (and friends) that seem for sake of prophets
over proper humanity to believe that they might lose some of that
money from the purse, gathered in the first place from programs gone
totally out of control on the backs of the weak (as in the children) and
obsessive compulsive behavior (as in the addict) and put some of it to
use to reverse this black eye on society in New Brunswick as a whole.

So overall I think it’s safe to say I would trust someone that puts trust
in themselves to do the right thing for others regardless of the outcome
of how they will be perceived or judged and stand tall above it all to
try and put proper balance back into our communities for a chance at
an equal outlook for the weak as well as the strong.

Anonymous said...

Now that's the way to answer a question on trust! very nicely put! keep up the fight boys and hopefully you will eventually get resolve for those very people of which this speaks of,we need all the voices possible these days to combat the huge amount of coruption within the walls of our government,A shake up is definitly long over due.

Anonymous said...

I have not felt like writing anything lately. too busy here, not getting enough sleep.

Perhaps you might ask publicly if it is possible to sue the elected and municipal reprensentatives for breach of contract and malfeasance on the topic of the tax-breaks for the lng plant. at the worst, all thoise bureaucrats will look like bad guys, and incompetent ding-dongs.

After all, how can the people who wrote the rules not know they exist, and further, why would a city or provincial government want to pay an international company to sell their product to a third country?

Since the government is determined to waste money on boondoggles, why not put the plant in coleson cove, where it could be used to run the generating station for the province, now that orimulsion is ?

Why is it that the oil company that supplies the oil for the power generating station now wants to build a generating plant equal to coleson cove?

But on private land, for private purposes. perhaps there is something else going on.
and a further thought: how much of the orimulsion fiasco was involved in the irving panoply of interests.

I would think that the refiner in the local area would be objecting to this change, and fight against the idea as soon as it surfaced!

But hten again, the oil for the refinery comes from venezuela, and the orimulsion idea and money was spent in venezuela. is there a connection?

And of course, if the permission is give to build the lng plant and the new generating plant is built, when will the irving companioes start asking the government for permission to sell electricity directly to the general public?

What will the price be? higher than the government monopoly? and, as soon as the irvings have permission to sell to the general public, how long before the price of oil goes up to the government generating station, causing the price of government electricity to rise higher than the private utility?

Which brings up another question:

Why is this being debated in municipal arenas? why is this not exclusively in the public utilities board?

After all, they are the only public body allowed to make and enforce rules about electricity and phone and road transportation (busses: smt, etc)

I am a little out of touch these days with all the changes in n.b., but is there not already a natural gas pipeline in the province? and is there not already a supply of natural gas off the coast of nova scotia?

Another question: if irving is concerned with the supply of crude oil in the future why is there no evidence of irving participation in the oil sands out west? even the chinese government is buying out there, would it not make sense for irving to be looking to secure some access to a relatively secure source of crude for the future? and do not be disturbed by the argument that it is far away and expensive to ship, china is a lot farther!!!

Now for the important stuff: make up a sign and wear it in front of the parliament buildings:
wanted: financing for vacation to inexpensive hotel on beach in mexico.

Benefit: will be gone for 2 to 3 weeks during winter, relative peace and quiet for that time. is it worth something to you? (p.s. this is not a registered charity, no tax receipt will be issued!)

Anonymous said...

Oh come now charles you know it's gotta be Tim Smith hands down!!lol

Charles LeBlanc said...

Tim is indeed an honest individual!!!